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Recapping The Golden Knights’ Trade Deadline History

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Sometime between now and Friday at noon the Golden Knights roster will change. It’s been widely speculated Vegas will be in the market for a high-end forward to maximize their cap space with Mark Stone on the shelf for the rest of the regular season.

Who that will be and when that deal will go down are a mystery. But, as they always say, the best predictor of the future is the past. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane to the previous six deadlines the Golden Knights have participated in.

2022-23 (Deadline: March 3rd, 2023)
March 2 – Jonathan Quick for Michael Hutchinson and 2025 7th round pick
March 1 – Teddy Blueger for Peter Diliberatore and 2024 3rd round pick
February 26 – Ivan Barbashev for Zach Dean
February 22 – Dysin Mayo for Shea Weber’s contract and 2023 5th round pick (Justin Kipkie)

The eventual Cup champions were red hot heading into the deadline and the front office was not patient. They pulled the trigger on their biggest move, Ivan Barbashev, a week in advance and then supplemented the roster with a penalty killer and a backup goalie in the days before deadline day.

2021-22 (Deadline: March 21st, 2022)
*REVERTED* March 21 – John Moore and Ryan Kesler’s contract for Evgenii Dadonov and 2023 2nd round pick
November 4 – Jack Eichel and 2023 3rd round pick (Mathieu Cataford) for Alex Tuch, Peyton Krebs, 2022 1st round pick (Noah Ostlund) and 2023 3rd round pick (Riley Heidt)

This deadline was one of the weirdest days in VGK history. With Eichel back on the ice and Mark Stone’s return right around the corner, the Golden Knights had to shed some salary to make room for everyone to come off LTIR. So, they agreed to send Dadonov to the Ducks while also giving up a 2nd round pick and taking on a boatload of extra LTIR money. After a nearly five hour delay, the trade was approved by the NHL and Kelly McCrimmon held a press conference discussing the deal. A day later, it would be reverted and Dadonov would come back to Vegas and go on to be one of VGK’s best players down the stretch. Injuries to Robin Lehner, Reilly Smith, Max Pacioretty, Nic Hague, Keegan Kolesar, William Carrier, and Brett Howden allowed the Golden Knights to remain cap compliant.

2020-21 (Deadline: April 12th, 2021)
April 12 – Mattias Janmark and Nick DeSimone for 2021 2nd round pick (Colton Dach) and 2022 3rd round pick (Samuel Savoie)

The shortened season had the Golden Knights in a battle for the top spot in the Western Conference with the Colorado Avalanche on deadline day. Vegas made a minor move that proved to be major in Game 7 of the first round that year. Mattias Janmark scored a hat trick in that game and eventually went on to sign a one-year contract to remain in Vegas the following season.

2019-20 (Deadline: February 24th, 2020)
February 24 – Robin Lehner and Martins Dzierkals for Malcolm Subban, Slava Demin, 2020 2nd round pick (Drew Commesso), and 2020 5th round pick (Kasper Puutio)
February 24 – Nick Cousins for 2021 4th round pick (Dylan Duke)
February 21 – 2021 4th round pick (Redmond Savage) for Cody Eakin
February 19 – Alec Martinez for 2020 2nd round pick (Will Cuylle) and 2021 2nd round pick (Ben Roger)
December 3 – Chander Stephenson for 2021 5th round pick (Ty Murchison)

The most active deadline in franchise history was the season in which the Golden Knights made their first coaching change. After firing Gerard Gallant, the Golden Knights added a player on all three levels while also shedding Cody Eakin. The league would be paused for three months a few weeks after the deadline and the Fleury/DeBoer battle would ensue in the Bubble when games resumed.

2018-19 (Deadline: February 25th, 2019)
February 25 – Mark Stone and Tobias Lindberg for Oscar Lindberg, Erik Brannstrom, and 2020 2nd round pick (Egor Sokolov)
January 21 – 2019 5th round pick (Isaiah Saville) for Brad Hunt and 2019 6th round pick (Nikita Nesterenko)

Clearly the single-most important deadline for the Golden Knights as they essentially plundered their future captain out of Ottawa. Stone had made it clear to the Senators that he was unlikely to re-sign with them that summer so Ottawa was looking to cash in as big as they could in a compromised position. The Golden Knights pounced and it will go down as one of the most lopsided trades of the decade.

2017-18 (February 26th, 2018)
February 26 – Tomas Tatar for 2018 1st round pick (Joe Veleno), 2019 2nd round pick (Robert Mastrosimone), and 2021 3rd round pick (Aidan Hreschuk)
February 26 – Philip Holm for Brendan Leipsic
February 23 – Ryan Reaves and 2018 4th round pick (Slava Demin) for Tobias Lindberg

For weeks the Golden Knights were trying to pry Erik Karlsson away from the Senators but that deal never came to fruition so VGK had to pivot. Moments before the deadline, the Golden Knights sent a massive haul of picks to the Red Wings for Tomas Tatar. The goal scoring winger never quite found his footing in Vegas and went on to be a healthy scratch at times in the playoffs. He did score a goal in the Stanley Cup Final though. The other move, adding Ryan Reaves, was the Golden Knights acting as a third party to complete a bigger deal sending Derrick Brassard to the Penguins. The Golden Knights received a 4th round pick and a rental in Reaves.

So, as you can see, the Golden Knights have been active (or at least tried to be) at every single deadline. They typically look to add players and are willing to send out picks, prospects, and even roster players if necessary. They have waited all the way until deadline day but have also made moves in the days prior.

Keep those phones ready. The deals are coming.






  1. Henderson Knights

    the Stanley cup team of last season was acquired almost entirely from other teams….that is a fact.

    Trades=Stone from Ott, Stephenson from Wash, Roy from Carolina, Howden from NYR

    Barbashev from St Louis, Eichel from Buff, Martinez from LA
    Hill from SJ, Quick from LA, Brossoit from Winnipeg

    Exp Draft= Marchy from Florida, Smith from Fla, Karlsson from Columbus, Carrier from Buff, McNabb from LA, Theodore from Anaheim

    Petro from St L (UFA)

    Amadio from Tor on waivers
    Hutton from Tor as free agent

  2. Jim

    TSN’s Darren Dreger is reporting that the Pittsburgh Penguins are hoping to have a trade-in place for forward Jake Guentzel by tomorrow evening. The news is significant as it confirms that the Penguins are committed to moving out Guentzel to bring younger pieces into the organization.

    it does not say which team he is going to

    • Jim

      In the report, Dreger indicates that the Penguins are looking for a first-round pick, a young NHL-caliber player, as well as prospects. TSN’s Chris Johnston is also reporting that the teams looking to acquire Guentzel are not interested in pursuing a contract extension and are purely viewing him as a rental.

      The news comes only a day after reporting indicated the Vancouver Canucks and Vegas Golden Knights were two primary suitors for Guentzel’s services. Without a doubt, Vancouver can create the best trade package between the two in terms of prospects they would be able to send to Pittsburgh, but the Golden Knights still have a 2024 first-round pick to send to the Penguins, with Vancouver not having a draft pick until the third round of this year’s upcoming draft.

      More to come…

      • Jim

        a first round pick, a young player, and prospects for a RENTAL?

        that is too high a price for a rental.

      • VGK Fan

        High price to pay for a team who may not even make the playoffs.

  3. Emmanuel

    Adding Erik Karlsson = Cup Miracle!

  4. Jim

    maybe it will be Reilly Smith AND Guentzel with a 3rd party facilitator? hah, just kidding

  5. Jim

    Updates On Jake Guentzel, Elias Lindholm

    One month ago, the Vancouver Canucks acquired forward Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames in a trade to bolster the organization’s top-six. Now, it appears that Lindholm’s days in Vancouver may be numbered, as Chris Johnston of TSN is reporting that the Canucks have spoken with the Boston Bruins about flipping Lindholm in order to acquire Jake Guentzel from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    More to come…

    bye bye Jake

  6. ThG

    some outlets are reporting Mantha to vegas

    return unknown

  7. knights fan in minny

    mantha a big boy

  8. Rashaad

    Yep. Just came through my phone.

    I’m not a big fan. He’s a bit flaky. Huge motherfucker though. I hope they didn’t give up too much for him. Like my statements yesterday I don’t want them to give up too much future on this deadline, so maybe this is the type of deal that I want. Let’s see what the return for Washington is.

  9. Jim

    Vgk acquired Mantha. slow and lazy defensively. a UFA

  10. Jim

    Highlighted primarily by the numerous injuries suffered throughout his career, Mantha has been unable to suit up in a full season since 2017-18.

    Because of those injuries, Mantha has been unable to procure any sort of sustained success in Washington, failing to score more than 11 goals in each of his first three seasons with the organization. This disappointing stretch of play from Mantha has led to numerous trade rumors surrounding his exit from Washington over the last few years.

  11. Jim

    However, Mantha has taken his offensive game back up to his previous expectations, already hitting the 20-goal mark through 56 games this season. Even while averaging just over 14 minutes of ice time each night, Mantha currently sits second on the team in goal-scoring.

    22.8M 4 year deal ending UFA

  12. NHhell

    If Wash is not retaining 50%, then it is a dumb deal.

    Why? because it would then give them enough cap room to add more help.

  13. Jim

    Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet is also reporting that Washington will acquire a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick without specifying the draft year for either of those selections. It is important to note that the Capitals do not have a second-round pick in the upcoming 2024 NHL Draft, and could potentially have eight selections in total.

  14. B-Rad-Lee

    Washington Capitals Acquire:
    2024 2nd round pick (VGK)
    2026 4th round pick (VGK)
    Sum: $0
    Change: -$2,850,000

    Vegas Golden Knights Acquire:
    Logo of the Vegas Golden Knights
    Anthony Mantha ($2,850,000 retained – 50%) · $2,850,000
    Sum: $2,850,000
    Change: +$2,850,000

  15. Jim

    Jason Zucker scratched for trade reasons tonight.

  16. NHhell

    then it is an ok deal if they got 50% retained.

  17. Rashaad

    Don’t be fooled by his 20 goals and think he is a typical first line winger like Guentzel or Buchnevich. He averages 14:09 per game, 9th among Washington Capitals players. Good player. 3rd liner. Barbashev isn’t really a first liner type either and he slotted in nicely with Eichel so we shall see.

  18. vgk21

    I am sure that Vgk is reluctant to give up their #1 pick in 2024 because the draft is in Vegas this summer.

  19. Rashaad

    This is what an analytics “expert” JFresh has to say about Mantha. Actually calls him a fourth liner.

  20. B-Rad-Lee

    CapFriendly is placing Mantha on the Karlsson (shutdown) line.
    He’s way too slow for that line.
    Move Amadio from the Roy line to Karly’s
    Move Mantha to Roy’s line as a net front presence.
    Unfortunately, there’s no sniper on that line (Cotter?)

  21. Henderson Knights

    a big guy who can score goals, but has trouble getting motivated, and is defensively not a hustler? gee, he fits right in.

  22. Rashaad

    Even though he isn’t physical, I like that he is a massive human that goes to the net. The team does lack that.

  23. Jim

    He should help a little on the PP. he has 33 PP goals over his career, and 3 this year.

  24. ThG

    strat rating for mantha last year

    offense 3
    defense 2
    short handed defense 1
    penalty D
    intimidation 5
    skating 1-7

    mostly middling , pedestrian ratings

    VGK going to need more than one addition to kick start team out of this funk

    gene scott preaching on sins of the flesh

  25. Jose


    • Jim

      With the Coyotes able to retain two more salaries, they could get Zucker’s salary down to $2.65MM without a third team getting involved. With no trade imminent, Zucker could be an enticing piece for the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Vegas Golden Knights, or any contending team looking to bring more defensively-minded forwards into the mix.

      so, maybe 3rd line ends up

  26. Rashaad

    Jake Guentzel is an amazing playoff performer and we would be mentioning that if we landed him so it is fair to also mention that Anthony Mantha has 0 goals in 11 playoff games.

  27. Rashaad

    They have been getting pushed around a little bit lately, so on the positive side here is a video of Anthony Mantha beating the shit out of that rat Nick Cousins.

  28. Donal Moore

    You missed Patches…. Max P..

  29. Rashaad

    I don’t want my opinion ever challenged again when I say that this is the best front office in the history of professional sports.

  30. Rashaad

    Last year Vegas went 22-4-5 in their final 41 games without Mark Stone. I took a random game down the stretch (Game 76 vs the Minnesota Wild) and this was their lineup. They were also missing Reilly Smith, William Carrier and Shea Theodore.

    Barbashev – Eichel – Marchessault
    Cotter – Karlsson – Roy
    Amadio – Stephenson – Kessel
    Howden – Blueger – Kolesar

    Martinez – Pietrangelo
    Hutton – Hague
    McNabb – Whitecloud


    Scratches: Dorofeyev, Pachal
    Injured : Stone, Carrier, Hill, Smith, Thompson, Theodore

    So if that lineup was kicking ass then they should be fine with tonight’s lineup.

    Barbashev – Eichel – Marchessault
    Stephenson – Karlsson – Mantha
    Cotter – Roy – Amadio
    Morelli – Froese – Kolesar

    Hanifin – Pietrangelo
    McNabb – Theodore
    Hague – Whitecloud


    Injured: Stone, Dorofeyev, Carrier, Martinez, Howden


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