As the general manager meetings set to wrap up, stories a plenty are pouring out about what was discussed and what changes may be coming soon. Obviously, here at we have our eyes and ears pinned on one specific topic, that of course being expansion.

As we’ve discussed many times before, any expansion news that does not flat out close the process is great news for Las Vegas. So, rather than break down all the news and tell you why it’s all good, I’ll just hit you with a bunch of tweets, quotes, and even a video to get you up to date.

They should have a full year. We’re only getting close if we’re going for 17-18, doesn’t mean we have to do it by July; we could do it by July 15th, but it might be for 18-19.

We might talk to the (general managers) in broad strokes as to what conceivably it might be, but we are not ready to give them a specific set of rules. – Gary Bettman (told to ESPN)

I’m assuming the worst. They’re coming in at $500 million. The league is going to give them every advantage they can. – Unnamed Western Conference GM (told to ESPN)

“If you are going to bring a new team, or two new teams, into the league you want them to have perhaps a level of competitiveness that’s a little greater than we’ve had in the past from expansions. – Gary Bettman (ESPN Video)