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Rebuilding Forward Depth Imperative In VGK Offseason

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

As the NHL playoffs roll on, scoring depth has continued to prove paramount for the teams still alive. Golden Knights nemesis Barclay Goodrow has been crucial in helping the Rangers take the lead in the Eastern Conference Final while Connor Brown, Sam Steel, and former VGK Evgenii Dadonov have come up with key points in the Dallas/Edmonton series.

When the Golden Knights walked off the ice after Game 7 in Dallas they did so with arguably the deepest group of forwards in franchise history. There’s quite a bit of uncertainty with that depth though as the league calendar turns to 2024-25.

Atop the list are Conn Smythe winner Jonathan Marchessault and two-time Stanley Cup champion, Chandler Stephenson but William Carrier, Michael Amadio, and Anthony Mantha are all set to become unrestricted free agents in 35 days, Pavel Dorofeyev still needs a new RFA contract, and Henderson standouts Byron Froese and Sheldon Rempal are also on expiring contracts.

This past season the Golden Knights used 21 different forwards in the regular season. They used 14 in the playoffs and 76-game starter Paul Cotter was not one of them. The current roster has just 13 forwards under contract who have played in an NHL game.

Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, Tomas Hertl, William Karlsson, Ivan Barbashev, Nic Roy, Brett Howden, and Keegan Kolesar are all under contract and make up eight of the 12 forward spots Vegas need to fill. It’s those other four where it gets a bit dicey.

With the cap space available, we can assume at least one of Marchessault or Stephenson will return. Whichever one, or both, will eat up a majority of Vegas’ flexibility though. This will leave them with nine, maybe 10, forward slots filled.

Here’s a mock lineup with Marchessault re-signing and every other UFA leaving for another team.


That bottom six is nowhere near good enough to compete with Dallas, Edmonton, Colorado, and the rest of the Western Conference powers. And this is if everyone is healthy. In reality, about eight or nine more forwards will be needed for what already looks like a thin forward group.

There’s no way the Golden Knights will be able to solve this problem with established NHL players. There just isn’t enough money with the stacked defense and hefty top-six contracts. So, it’ll be up to the VGK front office to find some hidden gems.

They’ve done it in the past with trades to acquire Chandler Stephenson, Nic Roy, and Brett Howden. They’ve used waivers to bring in Michael Amadio and Ryan Carpenter, and they’ve hit on an older free agent in Phil Kessel. With limited spending capital, building out the depth of next season’s forward group may be the most important aspect of the entire offseason for the Golden Knights.

No matter how many superstars you have in the top six, the stable of defensemen on the back end, or the pair of proven goaltenders between the pipes, no team succeeds in today’s NHL without a deep group of forwards. Vegas currently do not have it, nor do they have a ton of room to work to get it back. But, they’ve been in this position before and they’ve figured it out. If they want to get back to where they want to go, they need to do it again.


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  1. Tim

    Forget forward depth you better get someone who can put the puck in net. Last years dismal production ain’t going to get it done.

    • Emmamul

      Thats why I think Stephenson should NOT be resigned. He’s not a goal scorer.

    • knights fan in minny

      stick to boring baseball the only thing you know

    • Emmanuel

      Stephenson is a passer not a goal scorer, he’s not the solution.

  2. Alex

    They don’t score enough and both minor league goalies let in far too many soft goals…that is the problem

    • knights fan in minny

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  3. Lean years could arrive a lot sooner than anyone of us care to realize or accept, our saving grace is a Front Office that will do everything in its power for that be put on hold as long as possible.

    They are obviously willing to make the tough decisions and face whatever derision we as a fan base hurl at them.

    We will never be able to afford Stephenson who was on a very friendly contract which he outplayed, at least until last year in my humble opinion, but he is sure to get more money elsewhere.

    The best course of action teamwise and long term is to let Marchy find a greener pasture, and sign a couple of more NHL quality forwards, though as Ive posted in the past I dont think teams are going to be coming with wheelbarrows of cash for him, and that he will resign for $6 million per on a 3 year contract.

    Our farm system is barren, from what I saw, Brisson is not an answer unless he can be stronger and quicker, he certainly does not have at this juncture what it takes to be a 4th liner, and not sure he has the skill set to be a 3rd liner. I wouldnt mind at all if Morelli was given a long and hard look during pre-season.

    As much as Cotter took a major step back in his development this season, I believe that he has the tool set and desire to be a consistent 20 goal scorer, and I think Howden falls into that category too.

    The window is still open for the next few years, lets see what the Front Office can do, I for one cant wait until the puck drops for the 24-25 season!!

  4. ThG

    larry I agree with most of your post.

    I would like them to trade cotter, and another player for better forward. I like Howden, I wouldn’t trade him at this point.

    Funny how everyone was saying how much depth the VGK had on defense. YEt in the playoffs Marty fell falt on his face, Hutton didn’t do squat. Marty made a few very odd plays, and allowed in some goals on his watch. He definitely played better last year.

    FO needs to figure this out, because with the rise of other teams in VGK division, they face a likely prospect of missing the playoffs next year if FO doesn’t get their shit together. IMHO they made only one good trade. They panicked with MANTHA trade, he was a known lard butt in Detroit, and Hertyl is likely damaged goods. Maybe the FO is striving to have a LTIR cap match their SAL CAP? ? ?! !? Stranger things have been known to happen. Like JB making an intelligent post once in 100 times.

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  5. I think Hertl will be just fine after a summer of conditioning and finding the right linemates as well, I dont believe there would be much of a trade market for Cotter , and he is one of our few ‘reliable’ young players we have, as far as mantha i truly believe he will not be in the NHL next year, and we sure could have used a player like DuClair instead of him!!

    • ThG

      i hope and pray you are right. Also, Stone needs to be healthy, as too the goalies. That is answering a lot of questions.

      Petro has to come back to 100%, and he’s getting old .
      Theo has to come back to 100% also.

      A lot of pieces to the puzzle need to fit. Is that possible ???

  6. Richie-Rich

    I think Hertl will fit in nicely. It is Mark Stone who I worry about. During the Cup run Stone keep back off LTIR and almost immediately was playing great hockey. That didn’t happen this year. He’s missed too many games the past two years. Does anyone actually think that Stone won’t need to go back on LTIR again this year? I think Marchy is a year or two older and has only missed 12 regular season games the past 3 years. In my opinion, Stone’s great when he is 100%. When he’s not the team tends to struggle. Stone needs to talk to his doctors and his family about his back issues. I’d rather see him retire during this off season rather than play 3 or 4 months only to go back on LTIR and placing the lines back into chaos again.

    The Golden Knight were unable to replace Reilly Smith, just one additional factor in the 4th place finish and 1st round exit.

    Hanifan was a great pick up. Mantha was pretty much a bust.

    As for Paul Cotter? He’s not going to be any worse than Carrier on that 4th line. Both players have pretty much the same skills and the difference in points isn’t worth talking about. In any case, Cotter has had a rather poor sophomore showing. He gets another chance on my scorecard. He’ not going to put up as many points at Dorofeyev.

    Brisson and Dorofeyev? No one can say at this point whether or not they can make a positive impact on goals scored. There’s not enough data, but from what we’ve seen the potential is there.

    Many of you complain about the goaltending, but I am not in that camp. I think we have two fine goaltenders. The question I might ask is how much we lose if Hill is shopped and we give Patera a shot as the B goaltender. The defense remains very solid (when healthy), which makes the goals against even better.

  7. These guys are professionals and veterans, they have been to the promised land , and they know the window is starting to close on championship aspirations as well as their careers, so whatever they have left in the tank will be put forth to the maximum to stay away from an 8th place finish next year and to the hope of another PARADE!!

  8. ThG

    back by popular demand, you asked for it, here it is


  9. DeezNutz

    I’d like to see some player who can score goals like actual NHL players. I’m sick of watching this team struggle to put pucks in net night after night it’s embarrassing. I mean even knights fan in minny can score with Rashaad in a swanky motel 6

    • knights fan in minny

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    • knights fan in minny

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  10. john brown

    B.S. Economics
    40 years HR, Finance, Marketing and Accounting

    1. 900,000 cap space remaining

    2. Trade Theodore, get $5,200,000 more capspace.

    3. Trade Marty/Retire

    4. Walrus aka Lehner with LTIR money of $5,000,000.

    Have $10,200,000 to work ,with

    CAP trackers says Marchy matches forwards making $6,000,000

    That leaves $4,200,000 to keep Carrier, Stephy and/or Amadio.

    We have Silver Knights to fill a offense hole
    and a defensive hole

    2025/2026 will be a bloodbath

    • ThG

      welcome to jungle JB

      smart post,
      HSK has big shoes to fill, FO prefers to trade for veterans than rely on youts. You think they are ready? Their play in AHL says not yet.

  11. I think Hertal was brought in to replace Stevenson. Hanny was brought in to replace Theo this year or next year. I think they don’t resign Marshy. They want someone around the age of Eichel and Barbs to form a strong front line for years. If they trade Theodore they have 14 million to fill in the pieces.

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