When asking a source close to Black Knight Sports and Entertainment about when  the last second would be before pulling the plug on the fantasy of Las Vegas dropping the puck in 2017, he quickly reminded me to focus on the recent quotes from The Creator in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

He stated he expects it to be March or April before “we can start putting one foot in front of the other.” The tone of the email was not to indicate that this would be the final months before a 2017 start wouldn’t happen instead it sounded as if this would be the time when we will finally get an answer.

I may be trying to hear things that I want to but I can’t imagine “one foot in front of the other” means packing up the U-Haul and leaving town. I think The Creator knows it’s close and I think he’s trying to tell us it’s happening this Spring.

If it doesn’t at least we can find some solice knowing how uncomfortable Gary Bettman will be this June as he hands out awards in a city he just said wasn’t good enough for his league.