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Reaction To Lineup Changes Before VGKvsDAL Game 5

The Golden Knights are making changes on every level of their lineup for Game 5. Three new forward lines, two new defense pairs, and a goalie switch. Ken breaks down every one of the moves and talks about the impact they might have on this game and series.


Alec Martinez’s Playoff Presence Stabilizing In Relief For Vegas




  1. Richie-Rich

    Pulling #55 for 16? Not sure I like that plan. If Wild Bill is really hurt then he’s the logical choice. Otherwise, Dorofeyev should remain scratched unless you maybe put him in for Howden. Amadio earned another start.

  2. VGK fan

    Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t understand the goalie change. LT has been doing really well. Last time I saw Hill he was not looking good.

  3. NAM

    It’s almost like Cassidy and McCrimmon got into it about who to play and Bruce is like “oh yeah you think I should play X, well hold my beer”.

    It is going to be either genius or a fucking trainwreck. It will not be somewhere in-between.

    • ThG

      really ?
      source for these obvious rumors ???

      Shades of PDB bull shit when RL was goalie, I smell bull shit.

      • NAM

        No rumor, nor am I trying to spread one. Just my brain rationalizing why a boat load of changes for game 5 and came up with this.

        Another thought is that Cassidy is convinced we will lose if we keep doing what we are doing. So why not be extreme.

  4. Emmanuel

    I think the previous article’s posted lines changed a bit, especially the 3rd pairing.
    The bottom 2 lines seem like dedicated checking lines.
    An offseason upgrade a LW is def needed.

    Tomas Hertl — Jack Eichel — Jonathan Marchessault
    Pavel Dorofeyev — Chandler Stephenson — Mark Stone
    Brett Howden — William Karlsson — Michael Amadio
    William Carrier — Nicolas Roy — Ivan Barbashev

    Alec Martinez — Alex Pietrangelo
    Brayden McNabb — Shea Theodore
    Noah Hanifin — Ben Hutton

    Adin Hill
    Logan Thompson

  5. stats

    Vgk need more inspiration, more perspiration, and more desperation.

  6. Hope, Hertl clicks with first line but is a risky move. Glad Doro is in, 2d ,3rd and 4th lines look good. Surprised he changed the whole d core but Petro and Hanafin wasn’t working. Very surprised at goalie change if it’s last years Hill great, but extremely risky given his play this year. Plus Thompson has been good.

  7. Frank

    Line changes are fine and needed to happen. Not a fan of yanking LT in favor of Hill, especially how he played during the end of the season run (not good). I hope for our sake, Hill reverts back to 2023 playoff version Adin Hill – but it’s a dicey proposition….

  8. Your podcast wouldn’t open for me on my phone so a little late in listening to your take on the moves.
    Well Ken you were close on the score unfortunately for the wrong team. Dorofeyev did nothing, Petro lost the game for them by a stupid penalty as he did in game four – the rest is history. Not sure where they go from here or if they are capable, but anything could happen. A miracle would be a nice touch.

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