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Reaching Three Goal On Connor Hellebuyck Will Advance VGK To Next Round

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If the first night of the playoffs is any indication of what Game 1 between Vegas and Winnipeg will be like, get ready for an emotional evening. In four games, two home and two away teams won and all but one went under the total. Betting numbers aside, the play was low-scoring, nasty, physical, and tight. If tonight’s game trends the same it could benefit the visiting Jets.

Look at the history of our sport. How many Conn Smythe winners have been goalies? Whoever is going to win the Stanley Cup is going to get outstanding goaltending from the first playoff game on. We know Connor is going to give us that. -Rick Bowness, Jets coach

Without a doubt, goaltending is Winnipeg’s biggest strength. Historically, Vegas has had success against Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck, including three victories this season. In 11 total games, the Golden Knights averaged 2.99 goals per game against the 2020 Vezina Award winner. It’s important for Vegas’ offense to continue their scoring average on Hellebuyck. The numbers are clear.

VGK Offense vs. Connor Hellebuyck

  • VGK Record When Offense Scores 3+ Goals: (47-3-2)
  • WPG Record When Hellebuyck Allows 0-2 Goals: (32-4-0)

Fans hear it every postseason; the team that scores three goals will likely win a playoff game. Vegas should feel good about their ability to average three or more per postseason game. The Golden Knights pulled it off 52 times in the regular season and won 47 of those games. However, it’ll be a bigger challenge to average three goals a game in their opening-round matchup with Winnipeg.

Hellebuyck Record Per Goals Allowed

  • Exactly 3 Goals Allowed: (1-12-0)
  • 4 Or More Goals Allowed: (4-9-1)
  • Total Record Allowing 3+ Goals: (5-21-1)

Three out of the four winning teams last night scored three or more goals. Dating back to last season, seven out of the eight Game 1 victors registered 3+ goals. That key number is even more crucial for both Vegas and Winnipeg.

We’re capable of winning. There is no question. We’re here to win. We’re not here to give these guys a little workout and move on to the next round. We’re here to win. -Bowness, Jets coach

Tonight’s game will likely be exciting, intense, and with little room to shoot on net. If Vegas can solve Hellebuyck and get to their three-goal mark, past results suggest success. Hellebuyck’s numbers are outstanding when a game is low-scoring and tight but when a game becomes offensive and open the Golden Knights hold an enormous edge.


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  1. Ken – Vegas will have their hands full. Look what happened last night to Dallas and Edmonton. If my memory serves me correctly, Bowness coached a team that eliminated Vegas previously. Frankly l was happy to see Dallas beat as many believed they are a team that could go all the way. It’s a new season starting yesterday and results show anyone of the 26 teams could win. My hope is Vegas will be that team. Notice the pp was a determining factor in winning and unfortunately that doesn’t speak well for Vegas.

    • TS

      Hdbiker, getting Stone back is huge, even if he plays limited minutes. If I recall, doesn’t he play on the PP? If so, those PP numbers should go up. As should our goals- per- game. I think we’ll be ok!

      • VGK fan

        Yes both PP and PK. His departure is the main reason both feel off a cliff since his injury #26 and #28 in the league while he was out.

        I really hope he is actually healthy I would hate to see him further injure his back.

  2. hockey devil

    Hopefully by cheating the cap the way we are with Stone we will have enough firepower, especially if Eichel is interested in playing with his over the top salary…

  3. Jailbird

    If Helle gets hot, could be a long night for us. Stone will be rusty but think he can do something to help. As always, the effort we put forth will tell all. Go get em boys!

  4. Richie-Rich

    I am happy to see Stone back, But with Carrier out and the possibility of Barbashev and Bleuger being scratched, are we not going back to the same old same old team that just launched shots from the blue line or perimeter. I simply do not see Stone coming out and planting himself near the paint. Put Barbashev on the line with Eichel and Stone.

    The VGK is is favored by 1.5 tonight.
    Goals VGK 3.26 (14th), WPG 3.00 (21st)
    SOG VGK 31.6 (15th), WPG 30.3 (21st)
    PP% VGK 20.3 (18th), WPG 19.3 (T 22nd)
    GAA VGK 2.74 (11th), WPG 2.73 (10th)
    PK% VGK 77.4% (19th), WPG 82.4% (17th)

    If one were to just look at these teams head-to-head you would think that they were both Wild Card teams. Yet, our VGK is the #1 seed.

    Last time we played WPG was 13 Dec with a VGK 6-5 victory.

    Let’s hope our D and goaltending does a better job of it tonight.

    • John W

      Stop following the VGK slamming train.

      How about RESULTS.

      VGK – 111 Points (1st in West)

      WPG – 95 Points (8th in West)

      VGK – 22 – (2nd in the West)

      WPG – 33 – (10th in the West)

      Head to Head this year
      VGK 3-0-0

      Shall I go on? WPG is a middle of the pack team, with a strong Goalkeeper (needed, due to their pathetic defense). VGK is a borderline elite team with top of the league results. If VGK plays their game, 5 Game series, max.

    • knights fan in minny

      babashev wont get scratched

  5. Tim

    Is Stone 40% or 90% no one knows so all the shit house lawyers lets hold off until we see him play. I personally think he’s in better shape then most think. Cassidy hasn’t listed his lineup yet and were all interested in what he thinks his line combo’s..

    • Tim – I hope you are correct about Stone being in better shape than most think. I unfortunately seriously question if that is the case having had numerous back operations, but one never knows. I do know being around hockey a lifetime the minute he steps on the ice he’s open game which could very well turn ugly. I want to see him on the ice at 100%, anything less than that is a huge risk for him personally and an unacceptable liability for the team. IMO

  6. knights fan in minny

    the second season starts tonight seeing stoner out there should fire up the squad

  7. THE hockey God

    Whoa, we’re half way there
    Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer
    Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear
    Whoa oh, livin’ on a prayer

    the boys are going to need it , a lot of pressure playing on home ice

  8. THE hockey God

    and living on thin ice has caught up to VGK in game 1

    so far the coaching staff has not had VGK prepared for this game,

    as the jets are exposing them to be pretenders. This series is going
    to be short if VGK don’t put on their skates and start playing.

  9. THE hockey God

    stone is s’ucking air for most of this game

    only good looking thing in rink are new hot pants
    on the “cheer leaders”

    boo birds coming out in full force

    pathetic display of unpreparedness and being out coached and out worked

    pathetic like the our leadership in white house, is it our power play or theirs ? Hard to tell.

  10. the hockey God

    west is wide open

    eichel = stone = minus three


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