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Quick Looks At VGK’s Six New Free Agent Signings

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

July 1st was a tough day for Golden Knights fans as the team said goodbye to multiple Stanley Cup champions and fixtures in the organization. Jonathan Marchessault, Chandler Stephenson, William Carrier, Alec Martinez, and Michael Amadio all cashed in with other teams leaving the Golden Knights searching for the next group of players to step in and step up.

Vegas didn’t completely sit out the opening of free agency though. While they didn’t make any splashy moves like many did signing former Golden Knights, VGK looked to the bargain bin in pursuit of the next diamond in the rough.

They signed six unrestricted free agents, all to contracts valued at less than $2 million a year. Here’s a bit more info on each of them.

Ilya Samsonov – G
Former Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Contract: 1-year, $1.8 million

Like most goaltenders in Toronto, Samsonov was a polarizing figure in Canada’s biggest market. Talent-wise, Samsonov has everything and more that is necessary to be a true starter in the NHL. However, he hasn’t been able to put it all together, often due to mental lapses and technical flaws. Despite posting a solid record of 23-7-8 in the regular season, Samsonov’s save percentage finished at .890 and he allowed more than three goals per game at 3.13. The advanced metrics were even less kind to Samsonov as well. He ranked 87th of 98 goalies with -8.1 goals saved above expected in the regular season and 22nd of 27 in the playoffs with -0.8 GSAE.

Victor Olofsson – F
Former Team: Buffalo Sabres
Contract: 1-year, $1.075 million

The soon-to-be 29-year-old took a while to break through to the NHL, playing his first full NHL season at the age of 24. However, once he got there he burst onto the scene as an offensive dynamo and a legitimate power play weapon. He received Calder Trophy votes in his 20-goal rookie season and went on to post 28 goals a few seasons later with the team that drafted him in 2014. This helped ink him a pair of sizeable contracts netting him $3 million a year for two seasons and then nearly $5 for the last two. The challenge with Olofsson has been his status as a one-dimensional player, often struggling in his own end. It has led to massive decreases in minute load and ultimately many healthy scratches on a team barely competing for a playoff spot. He improved on three consecutive seasons of -15 or worse ratings to being just -1 in 51 games last year, but to earn Bruce Cassidy’s trust, he’ll have to show a lot more defensively than he has to this point in Buffalo.

Tanner Laczynski – F
Former Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Contract: 2-years, $775k AAV

One of the leaders of the AHL’s Lehigh Valley Phantoms, Laczynski has excelled at the minor league level but has never quite broken through in the NHL. The 27-year-old has played 38 career games in the NHL and scored just two goals and two assists. He’s defensively responsible and has shown to be a strong forechecker in his limited time on the big stage.

Robert Hagg – D
Former Team: Anaheim Ducks
Contract: 1-year, $775k

The Golden Knights will be Hagg’s sixth different organization in the last five seasons. After spending most of his career with the Flyers, Hagg went to Buffalo, Florida, Detroit, and then Anaheim. He has racked up a ton of NHL games but his production is limited as a defense-first defenseman. The 6’2” 210 bruiser has scored 16 goals and 63 points in 343 NHL games but has recorded more than 1,000 hits and 500 blocks.

Zach Aston-Reese – F
Former Team: Detroit Red Wings
Contract: 1-year, $775k (2-way)

There was a time in which Aston-Reese was a regular in the lineup of the Cup-contending Pittsburgh Penguins. Then, two years ago he played 77 games with the Toronto Maple Leafs. In all, he’s racked up 310 games in his eight-year career and shown to be a usable bottom-six center. But, last year saw a massive step back as he dressed for just three games with Detroit averaging a little over five minutes per night, instead spending most of his season in the AHL. He’s your classic fourth-line energy center who forechecks, hits, and starts in the defensive zone. He’s not good in the faceoff circle, doesn’t generate much offensively, and hasn’t really been used to penalty kill recently.

Callahan Burke – F
Former Team: Carolina Hurricanes
Contract: 1-year, $775k (2-way)

An undrafted free agent, Burke has racked up 39 points in the AHL each of the last two seasons with the Colorado Eagles. He has played just three games in the NHL and has yet to record his first big league point.


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  1. jeffrey m sutton

    B u t t h o l e

  2. VGmmmK

    Well when you put it that way…

  3. Jake

    One thing I trust – Vegas has a keen eye for “hidden talent” that inspires new production for cast aways.

    Looks like a talented group of new “misfits.”

    I look forward to watching the “new surprises” that everyone else overlooked.

    • David T.

      I hope you’re right. VGK lost a lot of talent. Hate to see them take a step backwards and find themselves in rebuild mode.

    • Terry Gamett

      Looks like a bunch of low tier talent in this group. No one is going to be able to replace the scoring of Marchy, Stephenson or Amadio. This includes Thompson, if Adin Hill gets hurt, the VGK is doomed. Let’s not forget the last Misfit Carrier.

  4. Richie-Rich

    A diamond in the rough isn’t marketable. There’s a reason why this term is used, and there is a reason why these “misfits” didn’t make the cut and have been shopped around. The use of the term “misfit” is a slam on guys like Smith, Marchessault and Karlsson who simply were not protected by their clubs in the draft. Most, if not all, of these “rough diamonds” are going to go the way of Nolan Patrick, remember him? Probably not.

    I would have liked to have seen a blockbuster move that could have brought Stamkos in, while also keeping Marchy for the 2024 – 2025 season. Yes, that would have meant moving Theodore and possibly Whitecloud or Korczak along with prospects.

    Instead of shopping at Tiffany’s, McCrimmon went to the Dollar Store.

    Asking these guys to over perform is like asking a Volkswagon Beetle to win an F1 formula race. It’s simply not going to happen.

    The VGK finished in 4th place in 2023. While the VGK has regressed on paper all the other teams in the Pacific upgraded their rosters, including the Kraken who will likely move up in the Pacific to overtake the VGK for 4th place.

    My last comment is on the Captain, Mark Stone, a player who has played half a season for the past two years. He obviously has physical issues, there’s no question about it. Will he be able to play at a high level for a full season? He will have to, because without him in the lineup for the entire season the team has no chance whatsoever of making the post season.

    I am not slamming McCrimmon. The situation is what it is. The VGK is nearly at the end of the line in terms of competing for the playoffs. Contending for the Cup has already passed and we are grateful for the Cup in 6.

    The rebuild begins now. Limiting losing seasons and getting back into playoff contention within a few years now becomes the objective.

    • Jake

      My bet would be that Vegas will “surprise” again.

      Defensive talent is the most difficult to find. You keep that as your strength, keeping your powder dry for future trades, of the Vegas variety.

      Two cents

  5. Vic

    Hagg will be playing at Lee’s Family Forum for a while, but it could be good to have a D man who actually hits people. His other numbers aren’t far off from Hutton, Whitecloud, McNabb, or Hague, so a cheap alternative at times to give the opposing forwards some aches and pains.

    Time getting closer for us to forget the guys who left (just like we have forgotten all the others who moved on…okay besides Suzuki).

  6. knights fan in minny

    nothing jumps off the page

  7. knights fan in minny

    good luck to cassidy putting this mess together

  8. JB

    Butch is a good coach. He can take a players talent and it it into the style he wants. He spent a lot of time converting Marchy into a better player on both ends of the ice. But it wasn’t easy as his big ego got in the way at times doing what Butch wanted. In the book “It Hurst to Win”, there’s a whole chapter about Butch and Marchys relationship. At time they went weeks without talking in the Cup season because Marchy didn’t like any critique . He was a handful for Butch trying to mold him into a better all round player!

    • TS

      Jb, good insight about Marchy/ Cassidy. Helps me understand the team reasoning behind the situation.

      • Rashaad

        It’s much simpler than that. First of all, they didn’t get rid of him. They offered him a contract worth the same value as the contract that Nashville offered him. This is a fact, and literally exactly what Marchessault stated. Monetary Values of both offers were the same, but the term structures were different. Marchessault chose Nashville which was his right to do so. THAT’S IT

    • ThG

      Better all around player?

      Strat rated him 4/2 O/D that is in 2017
      again 4/2 last two seasons, no progression or improvement at all.

      Dream on

      Live the Dream
      Dream to Live.

  9. JB

    Should be: It HURTS to win

  10. jake

    Should be:

    “It Is Easy and Painless to Win – if you post on SinBin!”

    • Theresa Soles

      Jake, you should said “It’s easy to get blasted, mocked and offended if you post on SINBIN!”

  11. Knights fan in minnie

    Marner oiled up hot pride Yom b trailer

  12. I wonder if VGK is looking at Nikolaj Ehlers of Winnapeg. He will be a restricted free agent at the end of this year. Winnapeg is shopping him and they need top 4 defenseman they have plenty of scorers. He has outstanding speed and creativity and should fit well with Eichel. Consistent 25 goal and 60 point player. He just turned 28.

  13. Emmanuel

    1. Id take Laczynski over Howden anyday.

    2. I had no idea Hagg the Harribul had been signed, my type of player…

    3. Samsonov will be a litmus test regarding whether VGK is a legit good defensive team that can plug in any G.

    4. I hope the “we roll 4 lines” BS finally comes to an end, last year we had 10 good F (at best) its gonna be thinner this season.

  14. Donald J Trump

    well this article proves once again, yet again, and again, that the writers` pool in Vegas hockey is missing a few lug nuts around the ole tire.

    Completely fails to mention:
    “Between Jan. 21 and March 30, Samsonov’s record was 15-3-1 with one shutout and through March he recorded save percentages well over.925.”
    Failed to do homework on this signing.

    Regarding Olofsson
    Completely fails to mention:
    Buddy of Eichel, played with Eichel, put up points with Eichel.”It has led to massive decreases in minute load “. Wrong again, and not full story. Had covid related disease much of second half of last season that kept him on sidelines for most second half of year. .

    Tanner and Hagg and Reese and Burke are organizational depth pick ups, fails to mention
    that HSK also had players leave, and needs to fill slots.

    • Pistol Pete

      Why Donald you old 78 year-old fart you, with each passing day your writing is looking more and more like Old Joe’s speech.

      And P. S. Old Guy:

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      • TS

        PP, his logic in blasting Harris is so hypocritical, just as most of his political crap is. Btw: he recently admitted there should be NO politics in Hockey! Of course, he was referring to his FAV guy Bettman and HIS perceived political moves, but he simply cannot cherry pick what political CRAP is OK( his), and what is NOT. ( everyone else’s). He said it here..
        He can’t put it the bottle!!

        • Pistol Pete

          TS he’s a Nazi sympathizer. A stormtrooping smelly old fart of a hypocrite who will snitch on his neighbor at every turn.

          • Donald J Trump

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          • TS

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          • TS

            Pp, yet he accuses Dems of the same NAZI bullshit! His projection skills are well- honed, thanks to the Far Right lies. His Nazi comments are especially offensive, given their DEAR LEADER and all his Dictator-sucking, anti- American, Book- ba ning/burning, promises to imprison all immigrants in deportation camps, and also prosecute and imprison his Political enemies..This is textbook NAZI doctrine!! I know my German History, and Trump is a NAZI protégé, NATO Hater, Putin-licker, NO
            Korea Un- lover.
            The NAZI Doctrine has a home in the Repub Party, NOT the Dems.

          • TS

            Pp, I’m just glad I’m not HIS neighbor! lol

        • Donald J Trump

          I made no such post, you are confusing me with THG.

          DumbA$$ can’t keep one thing straight at all, it appears by all your ranting and raving all the time on this forum. No street cred, none whatsoever.

          • ThG

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            What a twisted pyscho stalker.

            Ignore the sick fuck, the poster obviously needs therapy, and lots of it.

          • Betty Boop

            Hilarious!! So NOW Trumpty himself is defending THQ??. Wow, now THAT is impressive!! The REAL DEAL, here on Sinbin, guiding us all through NAZILAND, FASCISM and the like!!

      • ThG

        PP I already posted on this, and once again you miss the point. Kamala is hypocritical to use this. And BTW the American people knew all about this and still voted Trump in as President. He called out Clinton’s hypocrisy too, and if Harris gets the nomination he will do the same. And Willie Brown was still married. That is called adultery, moe.

        BTW I don’t see Harris getting the nomination, she doesn’t have support. If Creepy Joe drops out it will be a brokered convention, like in 1968 I believe.

        Furthermore did you see the “cheap fake” ABC interview last nite, edits and awkward cut out at end. Mush brains had so many gaffes in last week too many to list here.

        wrong PP he was married and doing heels up BEFORE he allegedly split up.

        I post facts, there is no credibility lost here except in minds of lib tards who don’t want to hear the truth.

        :Brown was married at the time he and Harris dated, but – because he had been “allegedly estranged from his wife” Blanche Brown since 1981, according to People magazine –the relationship was not kept secret. A Sacramento Bee reporter told People that Brown got back together with Blanche several times.

        He was married at the time, that is adultery. Stop with the fake news bull shit.

        • TS

          Are those ” facts” you refer to the same kind of ” alternate sets of facts” that Kelly- Ann Conway enshrined in the Trump Legacy??

          • ThG

            brown stain
            it was from People magazine

            and it was well known to everyone who lived in California at the time.

            Take your bull shit elsewhere, you have no credibility here. Go target and harass someone else, creepy psycho nut job stalker.

          • knights fan in minny

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        • Pistol Pete

          “Kamala is hypocritical to use this. And BTW the American people knew all about this and still voted Trump in as President”

          Harris has pointed to Trump’s adultery?

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          Bill or Hillary and for what and what will he call out Kamala for?

          “wrong PP he was married and doing heels up BEFORE he allegedly split up.”

          He was doing Kamala pre-1982? She was a teenager.

          “He was married at the time, that is adultery. Stop with the fake news bull shit.”

          I would agree she exposed herself and thus would not point to Trump’s adultery but the neither would he to hers so obviously the point is moot.

          • ThG

            the big difference PP is that heels up harris slept here way to the top, like a whore

            trump did not

            Harris won’t get the nomination if DEMS have any brains, anyone, she’s polling terribly. But when do DEMS do anything that comes close to common sense?

          • TS

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  15. Tim

    Here comes Nashville or should I say Smashville the central division looks pretty strong. Objectively the Pacific looks like Edmonton, Vancouver, and the rest. We look to be part of the rest.

    • Jose

      Tim, can you please give me your thoughts on the Cleveland Indians not winning the World Series in the last 76 years? I am interested to know what you think about that? Or do you ignore the question and facts.

      • ThG

        Jose , give him some time to process the question/information, 100 year old brains have tendency to stop and start. Like creepy Joes.

      • Tim

        Jose it has been a while and with all the great players we’ve had in my childhood the Yankees were one step ahead of us every year. Snake bitten at times like Herb Score getting hit in the eye ending what would have been one of the best pitchers of his generation. Bad management anyone who would trade Roger Maris, Rocky Calavito, Norm Cash, should have been shot. Cleveland American League first black player Lary Doby, first black manager Frank Robinson, I also had the pleasure as a kid to watch Satchel Paige pitch for the Indians. How many of you can say that? We’ve dealt with wait til next year for 76 years but when your history includes so many Hall of Famers it’s something to be proud of. Shoeless Joe Jackson, Cy Young didn’t they name some award after him, were long time Cleveland players. Tommy John brought up by the Indians I think they named a special operation after him. Ray Chapman the only player to die from getting hit by a pitch another Cleveland player. Besides the Yankees no team has anywhere close to the history Cleveland has. How about the famous Willie Mays catch in the 1954 World Series a catch you see over and over year after year on TV. There are so many connection to Cleveland in baseball history that most people don’t realize.

        • ThG

          so you admit it, you are nearly 100 years old then !

          Comparing the Indians to the Yankees? How many world series have the Indians won ? Two ? And the Yankees ? Come on MAN! Even creepy Joe wouldn’t make that comparison, well maybe he would on a bad cheap fake day, with 14 day jet lag, a bad cold, and spousal abusing wife, and Donald Trump “yelling” at him on a debate stage.

          Wasn’t Shoeless Joe, sort of like creepy Joe, banned from baseball in Black Sox 1919 betting scandal in which Arnold Rothstein the hood fixed the world series.

          The best thing about the Indians was the MAJOR LEAGUE movie, admit it. Great movie spoofing one of the most inept baseball franchises in history of the game.

          Live the Dream
          Dream to Live !

          • Betty Boop

            You are truly a SICK man. Why do they allow a mean and nasty man on a Hockey site??

        • Jose

          They have a terrible baseball history. They have lost more then they have won. They have played 123 seasons and have 2 championships. They are one of the worst franchises in the history of all of professional sports. How dare you compare them to the Yankees. That’s disgusting! You can love the Indians / Guardians and admit they are hot garbage. That’s actually healthy. I’m not telling you to not be proud of or love your Cleveland franchise. To each their own. I respect history but their history is shit. In 123 seasons you should win at least 5 championships by mere accident. Anyways thanks for answering my question by there is no evidence that the Yankees were just one step ahead. Come on!!!

          I saw a game in Cleveland a few years ago. The ballpark is great! I really like the city as well. Good restaurants. A hidden gem. An underrated city. They presently have a great team. Steven Kwan is one of my favorite players to watch. There is no denying that. They always have great pitching.

          That 1995 team was incredible. The 2016 team that destroyed my Blue Jays was great too but in the end the Guardians don’t get it done. They lose when it matters.

          You should have more respect for the Vegas Golden Knights who actually got the job done and won a championship.

          The Yankees have 27 championships. Cleveland has 2. They are not a step behind.

          Have a great weekend. Maybe the Indians get it done this year but history says they choke.

  16. ThG

    Lucas Van Vliet
    July 05, 2024

    I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day here in Vegas, it’s been such a great week seeing the city and learning what it means to be a Golden Knight.

    Yesterday we visited T-Mobile Arena, it’s a super nice place to play. Some of the stuff that the arena has not a lot of other rinks have, and it’s so big. You can tell they spent a lot of money to make sure they could give the players and the fans the best experience possible. We learned about all the different things that go on during games like the dragon which I had never heard of before, it sounds really awesome. I’m sure having different features like that brings even more fans in because it’s so unique.

    It was really cool seeing the locker room too, I’m sure the guys had a great time celebrating the Stanley Cup together in there. When we were in the stands it was crazy to think that they had just raised the Cup in there a year ago and now I’m standing here a part of the organization. It was a crazy feeling. I’m sure it was awesome to be here in Vegas and experience them winning the Cup, I’ve heard that the fans are loud and they can get under the visiting teams’ skin.

    After our tour of T-Mobile we got back to the hotel and had some downtime. Then a couple of us went out to get some burgers and fries, some good 4th of July food, followed by some ice cream. Probably not the healthiest dinner for me but oh well it’s my one night. I watched some fireworks from my room which was fun at first but then I felt like they just kept coming. They were really loud and went on for probably a little too long for me since I was pretty tired and wanted to get some sleep.

    We have one more scrimmage tomorrow and I’m going to keep the same mindset I had on Tuesday to stick with what I’m good at. In the first game, I thought I did a good job of showing my skills, my skating, and my shot. Hopefully this time, maybe a puck goes in the net. I’ve been playing with really good players, some of them are a little bit older than me which has been cool. The older guys have been able to teach me stuff and they talk to me on the ice which has been pretty special.

    It’s cool to hear about what their experience has been making the transition from junior to going pro. They’ve said that it was really hard because now you’re not just playing for fun, you’re playing with guys who are in their 30s and 40s and this is their full-time job. The veterans don’t want to lose their spot on a team to a kid, so you have to put in the extra work. Everyone is fighting to be in the lineup and everyone is also fighting to keep their job so it’s extra competitive but you’re also still going to be friends off the ice. That’s been a really interesting dynamic to learn about from the pro guys.

    I don’t feel like I’ve had to change too much of my game to keep up with the older guys, I think my skill and skating are still able to work well for me which is a good feeling. I think those are both things I’m naturally good at, but I think it’s just kind of weird playing against ‘02s and ‘01s, but they’re not just ‘01s in junior, they’re ‘01s with pro hockey experience. So, it’s super weird but also a really great feeling because I feel like I can compete with them.

    While I’ve been here, I’ve seen a few of the Golden Knights players come in and out to do their summer training which is really cool. I think it’s important to see that they’re still coming to work, even when it’s summer. It’s obvious that they want to come in and keep getting better, they know they can always be better. Some guys might take vacation, but there are also guys going to the gym to work.

    I can tell by the guys who are there that they really want to get better because they’re spending every day in the gym, whether it be training or stretching or maybe getting out of the ice to work on stuff. It’s also really cool that I’m in the same gym as them also trying to get better. I think about how someday I can be here and be able to come to the rink whenever I want to skate and work out. So that’s something I really want to work for.

    It feels like it just keeps getting hotter and hotter here, I don’t know if I could even golf in this heat. Hoping for an awesome last day tomorrow, this week flew by!


  17. ThG

    David Birch
    There are currently 29 volcanoes spewing out 120,000 tonnes of CO₂ a day into the atmosphere, but – cow farts** are changing climate?


    **include the brown stain here

    • TS

      What hpnd, thq— another accident?? Brown stains define you, Mister Depends!! You are truly a SICK human.

      • TS

        …or maybe it’s MR. PAMPERS!! That’s it— MR. PAMPERS!!

        • Betty Boop

          I think i’m.going to sick my doggie on him!! He is so mean and nasty! What is wrong with this man??

  18. ThG

    It’s been over a week since the first presidential debate and the White House is still in the process of coming up with just the right excuse to explain away Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

    Thanks to some tough undercover journalism, we at the Babylon Bee have managed to acquire a copy of the top eight excuses currently floating around the White House. Take a look!

    He had already put in a tough 2-hour work day: He was exhausted!

    His earpiece malfunctioned: He kept picking up radio chatter from passing truckers instead of answers from his team. Unfortunate!

    The sun got in his eyes: It’s hard debating with the sun in your eyes, okay?

    No one told him there was a debate until a mere six months ago: Also, he only had nine days to prepare for it. Can anyone say “rigged?”

    He had to debate a convicted felon: You’d be distracted and terrified too if there was a dangerous convicted felon a mere 10 feet away from you.

    Climate change: That would explain everything.

    Mercury was in retrograde, thus throwing off his aura: The Feng Shui of the CNN studio was completely wrong, too.

    Mid-stage dementia: Wait a minute…this excuse was provided by the office of the Vice President — never mind.

    Well, when you put in that light, maybe Biden’s debate gaffes weren’t as bad as they looked after all. Cut the man some slack — he’s doing the best he can with what he has!

    Bob Boeing, the founder of Boeing, explains how the number 1 priority for the airline manufacturer is diversity.>>>that explains why Boeing is having all sorts problems.

  19. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    Per the Bee:
    Trump prepared for the debate by going to nursing homes and arguing with dementia patients.

    Walt Disney was posthumously fired by Walt Disney Company for being white male.

    President Biden Says He Is Still
    Proud Of His Son For Getting Away
    With Everything Else He Did

    DOJ Authorizes Postal Workers
    To Use Deadly Force 0n Trump
    When Delivering His Mail

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