After the rumors from former NHL badass Georges Laraque insinuated Quebec City is out of the running for an expansion franchise, Brian Mulroney (essentially Quebec’s Bill Foley) went on sports radio, and he didn’t sound like a man expecting to get what he wants.

We work well with the National Hockey League and the case, quietly, (might) not advance quickly, but (will) advance as it should. Will it be for tomorrow morning? No, I think not. But I think we are high up on the list of important applications to remember in the future. – Brian Mulroney, Quebecor Chairman

He also went on to site the struggling Canadian dollar as an inevitability of the uphill battle his bid is facing compared to Las Vegas’.

Obviously, you know that with the Canadian dollar where it is, it is an extraordinary challenge not only for Quebec, but for all of Canada vis-à-vis the United States. So we must deal with this reality.

The NHL quickly and definitely denied the reports from Laraque, but these quotes from Mulroney seem to confirm the fact hockey in Quebec City is not looking good.

What’s nice is through all of the rumors of Quebec having trouble, the word that keeps popping up for Las Vegas is “lock.” Laraque said Vegas is getting a team, mention of the weak Canadian dollar indicates the league would rather take The Creator’s money instead, and the NHL’s instant reaction indicates they are still focused on expansion as well.

We can all feel a bit sad for Quebec City, but things are continuing to look very promising here in Vegas, which here at, is really all we care about.