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Q&A w/ Sean Shapiro on Dallas Stars

Before every playoff series, we like to check in with a reporter from the other side to get a differing perspective on the series. In this Q&A we have Sean Shapiro of EP Rinkside, the D Magazine, and his own site Sean has written multiple books on the Stars and has covered them for years.

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  1. JB

    Poof! They are all back! It’s magic. Stoney, petro, will, but we knew didn’t we. We knew! Now, if we get the goaltending we will go far!

  2. JB

    Mantha in, Pavo out?

  3. arnold rothstein

    let’s see we have petro, carrier, mantha , hertyl , stone likely in

    and amadio, davo, cotter, and one d man out

    that is nearly a quarter, five new players. expect some snafu s

    stars in my eyes

    arnold the brain

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