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Projecting The Probability Of Golden Knights Offseason Moves

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights could add a few pieces around the edges. They could go for the blockbuster and trade for Jack Eichel, Seth Jones, or Vladamir Tarasenko. They could do absolutely nothing. The options in Vegas this offseason are endless.

I, like all of you, have absolutely no clue what is actually going to end up happening, but I, like all of you, have fun trying to figure it all out and making guesses.

Next week we’re going to be publishing a series of articles giving our final guesses. Jason and I will take turns playing GM for a day and coming up with our perfect offseason if we were in charge, and then we’ll collaborate for what we think the guys who are actually in the front office will do.

But before then, let’s play the guessing game using percentages.

Will a goalie be traded?

Yes – 15% (10% Lehner, 5% Fleury)
No – 85%

For a variety of reasons it didn’t happen last season and many of those same reasons still exist now. Plus, unlike last year when they were two years away, the Golden Knights are now one year away from lowering the $7 million cap number on Fleury and having both goalies under contract at a much more affordable price. Biting the bullet for one more year seems like the runaway favorite, but 15% isn’t nothing.

Will the Golden Knights trade for Jack Eichel?

Yes – 5%
No – 95%

In the end, it’s just going to cost too much. Too much to get the player, too much to pay him, and too much to get the rest of the roster under the cap. The Golden Knights are doing the right thing checking in, because if the price drops as low as it did on Mark Stone they should absolutely do it, but it probably won’t. And, there’s always that neck injury lurking in the shadows which ups the risk and thus lessens the probability even more.

Will Alec Martinez re-sign in Vegas?

Yes – 50%
No – 50%

Yeah, cop-out, I know. It’s just so hard to call this one because the motives of Martinez are unknown. He has two Cups, he’s made a ton of money, and he’s never really lived in Vegas when Vegas wasn’t under COVID restrictions. Who knows what he really wants and who knows how much another team might offer him after they lose a decent defenseman to the Expansion Draft.

Will a member of the Misfit Line be traded?

Yes – 20% (Smith 14%, Marchessault 5%, Karlsson 1%)
No – 80%

The question will surround the value they’d get in return and how they can use it to go about replacing that player. Smith being on the last year of his deal makes him the most likely to go but it weakens his trade value as well. I don’t think they’ll actually do it, but I do believe they’ll be fielding plenty of calls on all three of them.

Will the Golden Knights add a new player worth at least $5 million against the cap?

Yes – 10%
No – 90%

The Golden Knights love the blockbuster move so they are obviously going to be poking their head into every room asking, but in what might be a wild offseason it’s much more likely VGK are left out this time as opposed to being the center of attention as they usually are.

Will Mattias Janmark remain a Golden Knight?

Yes – 25%
No – 75%

His press conference following the playoffs certainly made it seem like he was under the assumption that this was simply a rental. However, history has told us that the Golden Knights are not huge fans of giving up assets for a rental. They moved a 2nd and a 3rd round pick for him and while he was good on the ice, they ultimately didn’t achieve what they were looking for when they got him. They probably don’t want to throw those picks away for a player that walks, but they may not have a choice.

Will a former Golden Knight return to Vegas?

Yes – 30%
No – 70%

There are a few of them out there. Erik Haula and Paul Stastny are UFAs, James Neal might get bought out, Nate Schmidt wants a trade. Familiarity can be a powerful thing but the Golden Knights haven’t gone down this path yet. Maybe this is the year.

Will the Golden Knights add a player from the Montreal Canadiens this offseason?

Yes – 20%
No – 80%

When they lost to the Capitals they went out and got Chandler Stephenson. Lost to the Sharks, they took their coach. Lost to the Stars, Mattias Janmark was brought in. Heck, even the team the Chicago Wolves lost to in the Calder Cup Final led to Nic Roy and Patrick Brown. There are going to be plenty of options out there for them to choose from and eventually, there probably will be someone from that team on the Golden Knights, it just may not happen before October 12th.

Will the GM, President of Hockey Operations, or head coach be relieved of their duties?

Yes – 2%
No – 98%

First off, it probably would have happened already. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t still. It just almost certainly won’t.

**If you have any other questions you want me to put percentages on, put them in the comments or send them on social media. I’ll answer as many as I see.**


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  1. Richard Santomauro

    Assuming Lehner is traded (Nashville seems like a potential market with Rinne possibly retiring), what’s the percentages on #29 and #36 as the goalie tandem next season?

    • ulf

      I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Jusse Saros has been the de facto #1 in NAS for a while now and NAS has no need of Lehner.

    • Julie

      If Lehner follows Rinne, Howard will be spot on with his assertion that Lehner is another Pekka Rinne. It would be great to see Logan Thompson come up.

      • Don

        Just because your good in the Minors does not meant you will be good in the NHL

  2. Richard Santomauro

    I think the power play was much better with Stasny, so I am a yes on trying to bring him back to Vegas at the right price. Bringing back Nate Schmidt for Holden or McNabb is also a yes vote from me.

    So, the chances on coaches and/or McKinnon getting fired are 2%? That’s a bummer because I think that this is the real problem with the team. The coaching sucks and McKinnon hasn’t earned anything at this level for the position he is in.

    • Cassandra Tutson

      I heard that Pittsburgh is inquiring about a goalie and as a long time Pens fan the one I would want is 29(meaning it will be Lehner). I also wouldn’t mind seeing 88 or 26(either Stastny or Janmark) but for the right price as well.

    • Don

      Been trying to figure out who the McKinnon guy is?? It’s McCrimmon the GM.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Yes, that’s it. The guy whose major claim to fame is being the GM of the Junior Hockey champion Brandon Wheaton Kings.

        • Steve

          You are all crazy. First, McCrimmon and McFee do everything together. And in 4 years have gone to the playoffs all 4 years, conference finals twice and Cup finals once. That’s an amazing assembly of personnel that have been doing.

        • VGK fan in Canada

          It is the Brandon Wheat Kings. And what is your claim to fame?
          How challenging is it to spell peoples names correctly and show them some respect for what they have achieved?
          Every time you among others disrespect a player, coach or anyone else either intentionally or lazily, you devalue any opinion/statement you make.
          But as someone will tell me that is the nature of social media which is a sad state of affairs!

          • Richard Santomauro

            McCrimmon has no NHL pedigree or fame. Junior Hockey GM. I will give him that until he proves himself at this level.

          • Richard Santomauro

            There is no disrespect. I am simply stating that McCrimmon has no NHL pedigree yet. Just sticking to the facts. A Junior Hockey GM is what he is and he has not proven anything at the NHL level yet. That could change, but from my perspective keeping Reaves, and bringing in Lehner and Deboering were major mistakes.

      • THE hockey GOD

        welcome to jungle DON

        Vegas Golden Knights’ George McPhee, NHL’s general manager of the year in 2018, concluded that the only acceptable way to prevent right-hand man Kelly McCrimmon from leaving was to give up his own job.

        He quickly realized the idea wasn’t a radical as it first seemed.

        If he shifted to president of hockey operations and promoted McCrimmon from assistant to general manager, he believed he could keep the hottest candidate in the managerial marketplace.

        If McPhee hadn’t made this gesture, McCrimmon was going to end up as either the Edmonton Oilers’ GM or GM of the still unnamed Seattle expansion team.

        McCrimmon is highly respected executive, someone known as both a strong talent evaluator and an administrator.

        coGMGM ! Mac is a good guy !

        • Richard Santomauro

          McCrimmon! Strong evaluator? Administrator? He fired the Coach of the Year and brought in Coach DeBoering who has failed the fan base everywhere he’s been.

          • THE hockey GOD

            failure is not in reaching the semi finals two years in a row !!

            only four teams make the semi finals

            i would count that as a success, plus they are getting closer each year ever since GG and his debacle in SJ. Not calling a time out ?? Come on. That is coaching 101. GG hates russians too.

            Good riddance GG, couldn’t get a real NHL coaching for longest time. that says a lot there.

    • Deb Coleman


    • No, no, no. I loved Nate Schmidt’s personality but every single time he handled the puck he’s stressed me out, Nate Schmidt is a turnover machine, Nobody gives away the puck more than Schmidt does. I would MUCH rather have McNabb.

  3. Richard Santomauro

    I don’t think Fleury will be moved. With one year left on his contract and a desire to retire in Vegas, I think he will take less money after next season. He has a lot of tread left on his game, likely 3 or even 4 years. Logan Thompson is NHL ready and will be a great back up that can win games when MAF needs a rest. McKinnon should be fired for bringing Lehner here.

    • Very well said, though I think Fleury would only go for 1-2 years before he calls it a career. IMO, Thompson is the future of this team, not Lehner

    • THE hockey GOD

      he left a lot of tread on the ice in the playoffs, flubbing two goals

      his crunch time play is over

      time to move billy buckner while you can sell high, then again FO blinders won’t do it.

      I expect no goalie trade this year (even though that would be a smart move) as the lowest GA goalie tandem of Wallenda and Marc Andre Buckner returns. But next playoffs Wallenda will get most of the duty. Assuming he doesn’t end up at Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous (ref. Mel Brooks, high anxiety, Dr. Richard H. Thorndyke)

      • Richard Santomauro

        I am not sure the Buckner moment would have mattered this year. Tampa used the LTIR to pack its team with stars. I hope the NHL will address this “loophole”.

        Tampa was a lock to win the Cup regardless.

        • THE hockey GOD

          the only way they can address the “loophole” is to prove that that player can play , so what you are suggesting is that the league step in (under like circumstances) and conduct a realty check on injured player.

          Much like they do in horse racing where they stewards say you must prove that your horse is gate ready by passing a morning work out.

          I don’t see that happening because it makes too much sense for bettman to get his fat head around.

          • Richard Santomauro

            Yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting. Tampa “cheated” and was unethical in its use of the LTIR. Everyone knows it. Why not close the loophole?

            You’re right, Bettman is a fat head.

  4. Tim

    Paul Stastny to expensive, Nate Schmidt 5.9 to expensive, Neal to expensive. Haula possible. Janmark 2.5 million how low will he go? Alex Martinez looking for 5 or 6 million how bad do you want him? Riley Smith trade depends nohow much confidence they have in Krebs, Dugan, or Glass. Smith would be over 5 million of the cap. I guess would you rather have Smith at over 5 or Martinez at over 5?

    • I wouldn’t go after any of our former Golden Knights. Neal is washed up, and there was a reason why Schmidt got traded other than a cap issue (he wasn’t producing). Trade Smith for draft picks and roll the dice on Krebs. Glass? Throw him in the trade package with Smith

    • Richard Santomauro

      Smith used to tilt the ice and was very dangerous in the NZ to steal a puck and reverse the flow. That was before Coach DeBoering. If VGK is keeping DeBoering then I would choose Martinez over Smith because his talents are wasted with this Head Coach.

      • THE hockey GOD

        coach deboar didn’t cause this player to be two years older and two steps slower

        • Richard Santomauro

          Two years older at Smith’s age? If he is slower it is because he isn’t putting in the time to maintain. He’s not on the wrong side of his career … yet.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Smith is one of the hardest working VGKers, he often works after practice on many aspects of this game. I have seen him come to practice before hand and after it is done he sometimes works on his shot. But he’s three, going on four years with organization. And time stops for no one. I would rather they keep smith, than trade him, 81 is the one although a scorer, his complete game is lacking.

        • Julie

          No, he just refused to fix the power play – all year long. More costly than “flubbing two goals”. I know we differ here, it’s all good. 🙂 Hope you are doing well, Hg, did you move to CA yet? Watch out for the taxes there.

          • Neal

            Kinda hard to fix anything in a season where you play a game at least every other night. This was a real tough season for coaches and adjustments with no time to have practice at all.

  5. I met Haula a few times and chatted briefly. Told him that we loved him, that he always has a home here. A cool guy, he loves it here. I think he would fit at the right price. Stastny is a possibility too, I know he loved it here too and taxes in Canada suck. For the right price, he could be a possibility. Alot of these guys have to want to play here, give a little. They must know we have a shot at a Cup, we are just a couple of pieces away. Martinez is a must, he’s as game as they come, he constantly stepped up, if we lose him, it’s a step backwards. The 2 Mac’s want a Cup too and so does Foley. One thing we can’t say Is the owner is not putting out, giving it his all. He’s older, he knows he probably won’t be around for another 20 years as many of us won’t be, we are lucky to have Foley, we wants a Cup !

    • sb

      I like Stastny. Always have. BUT, he’s too slow to play in Vegas. He was too slow in 2020 and found himself playing out his days on the third line. The GM’s pulled a minor miracle unloading that contract.. Vegas is a team with speed. That’s winning hockey. He’s a playmaking center whose best days were a decade ago. Too slow, too slow. Wrong, wrong guy for Vegas.
      All of this “let’s put a little inexpensive patch on this.” Baloney! Vegas won’t win the Cup by putting a cheap patch on it. The problem is crystal clear …… has been for three years. Vegas needs a hi-end, playmaking, assist, center. Thinking 60 assists. That’s what’s needed for Stone/Pac and then move Stephensen to Tuch/Roy. Who can produce 60 assists? A short list – Eichel, Kopitar, Kane and Malkin. It’s not Kane because he’s a true winger, not a center. Vegas’ one and only problem is fixed by bringing in one of the remaining three. I’d be pushing for a Fleury for Malkin straight-up trade, both on final contract year deals. Fluery can come back in 2022, sign for two years and retire. Malkin is a one year fix, but if healthy, might do the trick.

    • ulf

      with family in Canada I can say taxes in Canada may be higher, but in no way do they suck – universal health care alone has saved my family countless amounts of dollars, compared to the DIY health care that has been common here in the States for some time – first bill I got I almost filled my pants. Such a strange thing to not have the same thing here.

      • THE hockey GOD

        all my canadians friends used to come to USA to 1) get better care 2) avoid long lines*. Those that didn’t had to pay to beat the idiotic Canadian nationalized health care system to get quicker and better health care on the side by paying out of pocket. Nationalized health care or whatever you want to package is it as with your fancy BS names. IS no more than socialized pre packaged BS. And everyone knows socialism sucks big time.

        *until obama f’d up the whole health care system here under the guise of “universal health care”. Look how that turned out. Now we have worse health care and long lines. . People that have JOBS have good health care coverage for their whole family. People that earned degrees and worked hard, worked for good companies. Got great health care plans. Until obama screwed them.

        Nationalized health care sucks, it provides no incentive for individuals to get good health care by working for good companies or starting their own companies in order to provide themselves good health care.

        My advise to you is to get some incentive and work for a company that provides good health care coverage. and don’t be an entitlement idiot who thinks that the gooberment is responsible for wiping your butt 24/7.

        • Richard Santomauro

          THE hockey GOD and I are in agreement. Socialism sucks and is only a strategy employed by tyrannical leaders who seek to subjugate the population and make them dependent. They demonize those who are productive, innovative and help communities to expand and grow. Socialism can only survive as long as the demons have a source of wealth to steal from. The Soviet Union, for example, collapsed in just over 70 years. In Venezuela, a much weaker economy, it took only a few years to destroy the lives of its citizens. You wonder why education fails under gov’t control? Health care (long lines, high costs)? Pharma? You only need to look at the elitist politicians who are raking it in on the back end. Prime examples of the worst human beings on this planet are Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Bushes, Obama, and the Clintons. All scum, every single one of them. They don’t care about people. Okay – end rant.

          • THE hockey GOD

            nice work RS, yes we are in agreement. You left out what happened to Argentina, once the fifth largest economy in the world. They blew up their own country and it has never come back.

            Then you have people who say they like Canada or UK, both of which have worse health care than USA. IF they like it so much , then they should go back there. They are citizens aren’t they ? Or else how would they have gotten the healthcare in the first place.

            Another thing. nearly all these “universal health care” nations have voter ID. Yet in USA one party does not want it , and I quote “because rural areas don’t have copy machines.” Yet heels up said that.

        • Ulf

          Wow, hit some tempers. This whole thing of socialism = evil is so tired and overdone I’m loath to respond – I lived in the UK for a while and their NHS is even better than Canada’s health care system .
          This whole thing on lines is a simplistic read. My mom-in-law had terminal cancer. She was front of the line all the time in the two years she was fighting it. My mother had a hip replacement. She waited 3 months. If there were pain issues in the meantime or more severe things flared up, they were dealt with.
          Meanwhile my brother in law had cancer in the states and paid through the nose because his company said they wouldn’t cover him. This was a respected multinational American based company.
          I love a lot of things here but really reductive arguments and lack of real analysis of looking at how other places make things work can be mind-numbing.

          Now to see what the VGK do in the off-season…

          • Richard Santomauro

            The receivers of redistributed wealth are always happy and grateful, are they not? Or do they simply continue to cackle at the heels of the Marxist leaders until the golden egg is completely gone. It took only 70 years for the Soviet Union to collapse, Cuba’s citizens never stood a chance and Venezuela’s population didn’t last long either as the wealth quickly evaporated. Sure, the USA, Canada, and UK have been wealthy nations.

            One only needs to wonder just how long it will take before the bottomless pit of socialism sucks these nations dry as well.

            In the meantime, socialism will definitely help some people. God Bless those who are lucky enough for it. Enjoy the socialism while you can because once its gone —— Venezuela will be everywhere and there is no where else to go (Maximo Alvarez quote).

          • Richard Santomauro

            Let me also give you an alternate story. When the so called Affordable Care Act was passed in America, Obama promised that the premiums for the average householder would be reduced by $2500 per year AND that if we liked out doctor we could keep our doctor.

            Those were lies. Yes, lies. Today we now know that they purposely lied about these things.

            The average household had their premiums triple and they lost their doctors. Making matters worse, Americans under ObamaCare had to accept lower levels of “government insurance” just to be able to afford the basics.

            My Aunt, who had a great insurance policy before ObamaCare lost her doctor and the gold standard plan she had. When cancer struck, her plan was worthless. She died without the benefits of the insurance that she previously had before.

            So, I am sure there are stories on both sides of this equation. Those stories don’t matter at all because at the end of the day socialized medicine will ruin the industry.

            The cost of any product or service is directly related to the supply of it, the quality of it and the demand for it. You simply cannot raise the demand for any product (health care, education, whatever) to 100% of the population and expect costs to remain the same or go down if you don’t address the supply and quality part of that equation. To put it simply, this is why dirt is cheap and gold is very expensive.

        • ViveLesHabitants

          You’re a typical American twat blowing smoke out of your ass without knowing a single thing about what you’re talking about.

  6. He wants a Cup I meant !

  7. Herby

    VGK simply need to take advantage of the expansion draft. All teams will lose a good 3rd line player for no return to the Kraken. VGK can offer a 4th or 5th round pick and can pretty easily upgrade their 3rd line which is necessary.

    They can also make a deal with the Kraken. They pick a guy that Vegas wants and than trade him to Vegas for a pick or a player.

    Lots of options. I am pretty sure the front office will make a few moves.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    How’s Paulie?

    Oh, Paulie… won’t see him no more.

    • Hey, is PAULY finally expelled? After he called me an old, fat donut-eating C, I DECIDED TO STOP posting anything. That guy was all CRASS, and.NO CLASS.

      • THE hockey GOD

        welcome back TS

        to the JUNGLE

        • Thanks for the welcome back. I may be relatively new to the Hockey Jungle, but I’m not new to common decency. Appreciate it!

          • THE hockey GOD

            i treat people the way they treat me, if they respect me I respect them

            i never attack people , unless they attack me first

            i try to avoid going out of my way to personally attack people.

            btw I like donuts.

      • ulf

        hola TS – differing opinions make for great debate but throwing tomatoes at posters for no reason like P did just makes you wonder what they’re doing with their life…

        now back to hockey…can we add “No Glass” to your sentence? Not the greatest draft pick:)

  9. THE hockey GOD

    I rate every VGK regular season performance, excludes playoff (I give them all a better performance overall playoff than last year’s Dallas performance)

    Comparison based upon prior year, imp= improve, I =incomplete, S =same, D= decrease, (my opinion), inj.

    Fleury- imp
    lehner – imp
    smith -d
    marchesault – s
    71 (Karlson) – s
    whitecloud- imp
    holder – d
    14 – imp
    brown INC
    roy imp
    nosek – same to slightly improve (gets injured too much)
    janmark- I (don’t like him, only got one goal if I am correct)
    martinez- imp
    no 7 – inc
    theodore- S (slightly decrease, I think that the bubble sucked
    a lot of energy out of his game. Needs to reset)
    mas patch – s (injuries taking a toll on play time)
    stone – s (improved plus/minus over prior year)
    tuch – imp (comeback year, after soph jinx year)
    carrier -inconsistent, some times he shows up , some times not, goals down
    kolesar- Inc., thought he got stronger and more confident as season progressed
    mcnab- S , got hurt, took awhile to get game back going
    glass -d
    coghlin – inc., rookie got his beak wet, needs more NHL experience

    VGK got a solid number of rookies into league this past season, they should improve. On perennial contending playoffs teams , it is very difficult to get new blood into the lineup and give them needed experience. But with ROY, Kolesar, HAGUE there are three players coming up. WHITECLOUD continued to improve. I expect Coghlin to do the same next season.

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Let me jump up in here, and throw done my thing, ya feel me!

    Goalie trade: YES (50%) Fleury
    Eichel: NO (100%)
    Re-sign Marty: YES (75%)
    Misfit trade YES (50%) Smith
    5M player added: YES (the McGMs can’t help themselves)
    Janmark back: NO (100%)
    Former VGK return: NO (100%)
    Player from Habs: YES (50% – #11)
    Fire coach or GM: NO (100%)

    Fun stuff!

    • THE hockey GOD

      81 is the one who needs to go, not 19

      19 has very little trade value right now, the fan base above does not realize that at all.

  11. Richard Santomauro

    81 has been a clutch winner at every step in his career. He’s been underestimated and undervalued his entire career as well. If anyone goes it should be Smith with his contract.

  12. Mikegron32

    What’s the percentage either Tuch or Theodore gets traded? I think both those guys have hit their ceiling and are at peak trade value right now. Also both on very friendly contracts

  13. THE hockey GOD

    be safe out there people the media mob is not reporting the truth

    from CDC website

    According to VAERS data released by the CDC showed a total of 411,931 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 25, 2021.

    VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before a causal relationship can be confirmed.

  14. Dean

    I really wish that 2% number was bigger. Our window of opportunity to win a Cup is probably 3-5 years at most. Wasting another year with DeBoer as coach (who has never won one and never will) just seems foolish to me.

    • THE hockey GOD

      scotty bowman never won one, until he did, either

    • Julie

      I am with you on PDB. Sometimes, I like to think of who would replace him. John Tortorella – that probably wouldn’t last long, but it would be entertaining. If just one of the McBoys would go, that would be interesting. They haven’t produced an SC either with their decisions. PDB is stubborn and doesn’t believe the power play was worthy enough to address according to him. I noticed Fleury didn’t thank him for helping him with the Vezina, at least not in the interviews I saw. If history serves a pattern, PDB should be gone soon. He had two chances to get to the SC and failed. Gallant got them to the SC first year and playoffs the next and that wasn’t enough to keep him.

      • THE hockey GOD

        TB won the cup and only scored 2PP goals in 17 attempts in the finals. PP is over rated in the finals. Need a better PK team.

        PP didn’t kill the VGK in regular season,and they still ended up in semi’s , only four teams make it. And only VEGAS and TB and NYI have made it to semi’s two years in a row.

        The NYI fans are not calling for their coach’s head on a pike.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Come on man! 0-15 on the PP in the semi-finals? If they make just 1 or 2 of those they would have been moving on the SC finals. Sorry, but I disagree.

          Not only do I want DeBoering gone, but he never should have been hired in the first place.

          • THE hockey GOD

            the PK matters more than PP, and 2 for 17 in finals for TB says
            you don’t need a PP to win the finals

            the bad ice helps PK more than PP, also they hit the goal posts a few times too

          • THE hockey GOD

            doesn’t matter who the coach was or who the PP coach was, the VGK
            crew were completely out matched by the MTL

            the bad ice did not help their cause either.

            as TB showed in the FINALS, you don’t need a PP to win a series. Five on five match ups matter.

          • Richard Santomauro

            The PK and PP are both important. They weren’t as important for Tampa because the difference in talent was obvious. Tampa used the LTIR to stack their post-season team. The Vegas/Montreal series would have been entirely different had VGK even scored 1 PP at a critical juncture. They didn’t. I love Fleury and think he should stay but that Buckner flub is something that will mar his legacy.

    • ulf

      good call Dean, I think the window is more like 2-3 years myself – Patches is 33 this fall and the current team just isn’t getting it done in the playoffs – plus VGK have basically zero prospects that look interesting as key players, so I’m getting ready for the tear down rebuild…

      If they’re going for it though, need a center at least, and ideally a new coach. PDB runs his teams down over time.

  15. Don’t bring Schmitt back! No, No, No, No, No, No, we like him, we really, really like him, BUT,. No, No, No, No, A thousands times NO!!!!

  16. After signing Martinez and since the power play was awful and now that Gallant is in NY he is familiar with the Knights roster why not trade Kreider of the the Rangers who was top 5 in pp goals, one of there rookie defensemen and a draft choice for Carrrier and Mc Nabb,salaries might match up and the Rangers are looking to trade a top 6 forward so they can get there last 2 #1 draft choices to move up.

  17. And, for the record: I am NOT FAT. Or a C.

  18. knights fan in minny

    coleman only makes 1.8 mill he should be a consideration how much more he will want who knows does he want to play for a winner bye reaves

  19. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Some above have no idea what “trade value” means to any other team.

    This place is full of those that think their comments are actually fact.

    All of us can put out “assumptions” or guesses really. But most don’t present them as a fact.

    But some do present as fact, something they can’t possibly know. And have done so for a long time!

    • THE hockey GOD

      money for nothing
      chicks for free=

      say it doc
      i know you want too .

  20. Blitz

    What’s the percentage on Steve Spott running the PP next year?

    • THE hockey GOD

      doesn’t matter who the coach was, there was no way that VGK crew would ever score on they MTL PK

      due to
      = they were gassed
      = bad ice
      = too many posts hits
      = out matched by MTL muckers

      • Blitz

        It was literally a question about coaching and the future and in no way did I ask about last year or the habs series etc, but since you brought it up and blame it all on non-coaching things, I am curious. So you think the PP is well designed and adjusted/adapted well over the past two playoffs and this reg season? No coaching related changes necessary for this coming season?

        Don’t get me wrong, there are player changes that could be made to get better results (I would think), but those are getting well covered right now.

        • THE hockey GOD

          they could hire the best PP coach on the planet, and this crew , against the MTL PK would have had much of the same chance. The TB PP , which went 2 for 17 is proof of that. Well they didn’t do well against the Wild.

          The schedule was rigorous this past season, the team had little time to practice the PP. The playoffs also didn’t afford them the opportunity to practice. The failure of Theodore to consistently come up also played a factor. No 7 was still coming up to speed.

          I am sure the coaches were telling the players what to do on the PP. But they failed to execute. It was pretty obvious what the issues were. Even the NBC “experts” pointed it out, more than once. They also failed to go to 23 who repeatedly scored on the PP at top of circle, because the other team took it away. Plus he was injured.

          Sounds like a bunch of excuses, I know it does.

          I would give the power play some time next season to perform. IF they don’t fix it over a longer season, with more practice time then I would raise the red flag.

  21. Blitz

    What about a guy like Getzlaf? UFA! Sure he long in the tooth, but he did say at the deadline this year he would come to VGK, because it is close enough to so cal that family could stay where they are. No way he goes for old 8mil contract. Maybe he would take 4 or less to stay close to home and be on a cup contender for a final year. I have always liked his play. He is a 1c (maybe less because of age). Almost no talk of him, but I think there is a possible win/win here.

    We would rather talk about a 10 mil guy that has a serious neck injury and would cost us half our team.

    • THE hockey GOD

      always good to have a captain and SC winner on the team, and his bald which the teams need more of.

  22. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    YAWN ;0

  23. THE hockey GOD

    this guy is really pushing the envelope

    “Here’s what Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman wrote in his “31 Thoughts” column posted Saturday:

    “There were rumours Jack Eichel backed away from the disc replacement surgery and would consider a fusion instead, but several sources refuted that. Not true. There was a time I thought a trade might happen sooner rather than later, but after the expansion draft looks more likely. Who’s in there? My guess is Anaheim, Calgary, Minnesota and Vegas, with Boston, the Rangers and possibly Los Angeles on the periphery.”

  24. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ok, lets root for: Anaheim, Calgary, Minny, Boston, NYR & LA!

  25. For 2 years in a row, before DeBoore, Smith and Karlsson led or were very close to the best two players for takeaways and short hand goals. This last season we only had two and Smith had both of them. Obviously it is not part of DBs game plan. Maybe he thinks it is too dangerous.

    • Richard Santomauro

      DeBoring sucks, period. He’s awful and the team will only get worse under him.

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