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Practice Facility Construction Pictures – December 20th, 2016

Had a chance to stop by the Practice Facility in Downtown Summerlin and was pleased to see the progress is coming along quite rapidly. From the pictures below you can see a few walls are up, a lot of the interior skeleton is in, and there are constructions workers all over the place.

The plan is still to have the facility operational by training camp of next season which is around late August. Construction crews are working double shifts to try and make it happen, and if you compare what it looks like now to what it did a month ago, envisioning the final product in eight months isn’t too difficult.

Also, our buddies over at Vegas Helicam sent the drone up again to take some pictures a few weeks ago.


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  1. Michael

    Now THIS is exciting! Thank you for the leg work, Ken. We tend to think of arenas as the home of NHL teams, but in reality, the Knights don’t own T-Mobile, but they will own this, so in a sense, this is the real home!

    • Couldn’t agree more my man. The good news is that with Murray overseeing the whole project, we’ll have much better access to this one that we did T-Mobile. At least once a month from here on in we will be sure to update the progress. I can’t wait to get inside and check it out.

      Going to be an absolute masterpiece when it’s all said and done. First Foley pizza is on me!

      • Michael

        Great stuff! I can’t wait to have lunch while the Knights practice below. I look forward to more of your reports from here. As ever, SinBin is the #1 source for Vegas Golden Knights!

  2. RJ

    Love these pics! Keep them coming!

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