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Practice Facility Construction Begins… Sort Of, City National Arena,

The dirt plot next to Downtown Summerlin is officially on it’s way to becoming a the new practice facility for the Las Vegas NHL franchise. Kinda.

At this moment the only thing that can be done is to move dirt, but hey, you’ve gotta start some where. Actual construction is still a few weeks away and a true groundbreaking ceremony is expected to be sometime in the next month or so.

As for what the facility will look like, we’ll still have to wait on that. (Those renderings floating around are maybe just a bit too similar to another place.)

Quite possibly the coolest part of the new building is the plan to have one of The Creator’s signature restaurants on the second floor overlooking the two sheets of ice down below. The menu at MacKenzie River Pizza looks delicious. I can already envision myself with some Buffalo Mack n’ Cheese and a Branding Iron pizza kicking back watching some hockey. Please give me free food. 

Also, the entire staff will have offices inside the building which will give media folks like me a one-stop-shop to all the info my little blogging heart desires, and will give fans an opportunity to interact with staff members from time to time as well.

Senior VP Murray Craven promised on the Podcast the facility would be done in time for training camp next season. It’s a tall task, but with round the clock construction crews planned, the building should be functional by September of next year.

Here are some very very unexciting pictures of the area.

img_3839img_3840 img_3842 img_3850 img_3851 img_3843 img_3844img_3841img_3846img_3847img_3848img_3849

**The pink pin on the last picture is T-Mobile Arena**


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  1. Dwayne Lucyk

    Thanks for the practice facility update. Any update on the construction of the dressing room in T-Mobile that Murray Craven is in charge of? The Edmonton Oilers unveiled their magnificent new two story dressing room(s) yesterday. Talk about spOILing their hockey players. Well, their should be no excuse now for free agents not wanting to play here in the frigid north because their is a two story fireplace in the middle of the players lounge to warm them up. But the real point I want to suggest here, is for Murray Craven to hop on a flight to Edmonton and meet with his construction pilot counterpart, Barry Stafford, to get a tour, to gain more ideas for his version of a best in class construction project.

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