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Power Play Variety Paying Off Early For Vegas

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Through three games the Golden Knights power play is averaging one goal per contest. A success rate that Vegas fans haven’t seen in several seasons. While it’s premature to celebrate, it’s better than shouting obscenities after failed man-advantages like fans had been used to.

You are running through different people including the more accomplished offensive defensemen here, so you may see more action from there. -Bruce Cassidy

We explained in-depth, VGK’s new look power play under coach Bruce Cassidy. One element of the strategy was getting everyone on the ice involved. The Golden Knights have three PP goals and all were scored by a different player. Not only that, seven separate players have a PP point. It’s been a cast of characters contributing on 5-on-4 situations.

VGK Power Play Points
Nic Roy (2 Assists)
Alex Pietrangelo (2 Assists)
William Karlsson (Goal)
Jonathan Marchessault (Goal)
Reilly Smith (Goal)
Jack Eichel (Assist)
Mark Stone (Assist)

Both of Cassidy’s power play units have had success, creating game-tying and go-ahead goals. Against LA, William Karlsson evened the score 3-3 midway through the 3rd period. Up in Seattle, Jonathan Marchessault and Reilly stretched Vegas’ lead on man-advantage opportunities.

Another sign Cassidy’s directions are quickly catching on is the variety of ways each power play goal has been scored. Karlsson’s PPG was a deflection from a superb Alex Pietrangelo shot-pass. The sequence began with Karlsson winning the faceoff and ended with Pietrangelo using his offensive creativity.

Get pucks to the net from very close to the net so you are getting second chance goals. I think we have the guys with the IQ to play in there.- Bruce Cassidy

The two power play goals in Seattle were shot from opposite sides of the net and were assisted by different players. Nic Roy served a perfect cross-crease pass off the rush to Marchessault in the opening period and Smith flipped a loose puck past Martin Jones in the 2nd frame. Two types of goals with six players collecting an individual point.

There has been one challenge that has continued for the Golden Knights, and that’s entries. VGK have struggled to get into the zone consistently on the power play despite their early success and it’s killed off a few of them on its own. Cassidy says there’s a simple way around that.

Faceoffs. We’re winning more now than we were on Opening Night. -Cassidy

Vegas went 5 for 6 in the circle against Seattle on the power play. They went 4 of 7 against the Kings and 5 of 8 vs. Chicago.

That being said, winning the puck in the offensive zone is only half the battle, they’ve been better afterward too.

I think moving the puck a little crisper and identifying our outlets has certainly helped. It’s always typically about execution on the power play. When you have top-end skill and you execute well, it’ll usually go well. -Cassidy

Considering the best unit (Toronto) in the league last season scored 27% on power play opportunities, Vegas’ 25% will likely drop over the 82-game schedule.

However, if Vegas can maintain 20-25% success rate by season’s end, we’re looking at a team not only qualifying for the postseason but fighting for a top spot in the Pacific Division.



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  1. Roberto

    Even if guys like Theodore could thread the needle sometimes, I do not miss the long-distance spray and pray power play. At all.

    And with the D on PP, concur on how nice it is to see Pietrangelo’s creativity being integrated more now to great results. Not only on PP, but elsewhere. Paid a lot of money for the man, so let him cook with his recipes.

  2. Jeff

    Faceoffs don’t matter……

  3. A former season ticket holder


  4. THE hockey GOD

    there is NO JOY in Toronto tonight, they are rioting in streets, calling for heads of coaches, GM, players as the yellow dogs of Phoenix ripped the loser leafs 4-2
    in highly anticipated match up to two power NHL teams Boston Tea partied all over Florida tonight 5-3
    montreal philleted the flyers 3-2 in OT
    Washington Ovichkined the Vansterdam canucks at home 6-4, the mad russian got two goals
    the Avalanche over ran the Wild 6-3, both canucks and wild start season at 0-3
    Dallas (3-0) at home grounded the Jets 4-1

  5. THE hockey GOD

    the kings clipped the wings in OT, perron had two goals and larkin may an incredible high light reel save of the season, worth a watch.
    montreal downed the pens in OT
    the canes are keeping the kraken below the sea leading 2-1
    and is it duck season or rabbit season or duck season ?
    it’s duck season as rangers wing the ducks 6-4 at Madison Square Gardens –
    or did they change the name to something woke ? Like the Ganji weed station or
    the litecoin arena, or BLM rink ? say what ? We can’t call them rangers any more, ok New York Guardians? Commanders ? X- men ?

  6. Jailbird

    First game against a SC contender tonight. Flames are big and tuff. Can we stand up to their size. Play hard boys!

  7. Sorvino

    Milan Lucic will want to impose his will on us. I don’t think we have someone to counter that savage.

  8. We have a couple size wise but they are pussies unfortunately.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    Jake Leschyshyn | #15 is not a pussy !

  10. THE hockey GOD

    “he National Hockey League and its 32 teams today released their inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Report, a comprehensive document that”
    That destroys hockey, there goes the neighborhood !! Diversity = perversity of the highest order.

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