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Power Play Futility Stat Dump

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

June 6th, 2021, in the 2nd period of Game 4 against the Colorado Avalanche. That’s the last time the Golden Knights have scored a power play goal. Since, they’ve played eight playoff games and five regular season games for a total 826 minutes and 12 seconds of hockey.

It’s gotten so bad, and doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any better any time soon, I figured it was time to look up every power play stat I can think of so we have the answers ready as the streak continues and for the moment it finally comes to a close.

Because this is all so pathetic, instead of trying to make this a composed article, you get a series of bullet points.

  • VGK have started the season 0 for 11 on the power play.
    • 0 for 28 on the power play dating back to last postseason.
    • 19:18 of PP time this season, 34:03 in the playoffs last year for 49:21 since VGK scored a PP goal
  • VGK have recorded 43 shots on goal since last scoring on the power play
    • 20 this season, 23 last postseason
  • Current streaks
    • 0 for 28 (0%)
    • 1 for 36 (2.78%)
    • 2 for 41 (4.88%)
    • 4 for 54 (7.41%)
  • VGK have experienced 0 for 16 droughts twice, both in 2018-19
    • The first one was to open the season. They went six games without scoring a power play goal.
    • The second one was in the middle of the season, they went 6-0-0 while going 0 for 16 on the PP.
  • How many power plays to start season before VGK score (counting the one they scored on)
    • 2017-18: 13
    • 2018-19: 17
    • 2019-20: 1
    • 2021: 11
    • 2021-22: 11* (and counting)
  • Power Play percentages by season
    • 2017-18: 21.0%
      • Playoffs: 18.5%
    • 2018-19: 16.8%
      • Playoffs: 27.6%
    • 2019-20: 22.0%
      • Playoffs: 18.2%
    • 2021: 16.7%
      • Playoffs: 9.3%
    • 2021-22: 0.0%
  • Not only is VGK the only team to have failed to score a power play goal this season, but every other NHL team has at least 2.
  • The longest recorded power play drought in NHL history is a bit of a mystery but is believed to be 51 by the Toronto Maple Leafs
    • In 2014 the Florida Panthers reached 43
    • The San Jose sharks reached 41 in 1997

*If there are any other stats you’d like me to look up to add to this, please post them in the comments or tag us with them on social media.*



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  1. George L.

    This article is Spott on!!

  2. Alex

    No no no…according to the dumbest fan base in sports history, its all ok and its all the fault of bad ice

  3. Pistol Pete

    Let’s face it, DeBoer has brought success to the VGK. It’s hard to argue with making the conference finals both of his seasons here. Most glaring problem has been the PP. Zero PP goals vs. MTL cost a trip to the finals. The PP travails continue. Foley is a smart guy. He understands the PP is a big problem and that DeBoer MUST solve it. DeBoer is a smart guy too. I remain hopeful.

    • LVsc

      give me a break. DeBoer’s SJ buddy Spott is the main problem from a staff standpoint, but he refuses to even give the job to someone else, or make any significant changes to copy successful teams PP

      DeBORE is more interested in his little buddy’s hurt feelings than the PP success of the VGK team. period. That ain’t smart.

      • LVsc

        and let me add this. everyone says the NHL is a business… and yes it is, and coldhearted at times, see Fleury.

        But then how do they square that with a refusal to dump a shitty, low level, asst coach? it makes no sense, but then recent front office moves since the summer are evidence that the f.o. are not on their A game any longer

        • THE hockey GOD

          fleury made his own bed, i have posted his failures many times.

          • Richard Santomauro

            I am done talking about #29. This is #90s goal now and so far he is on track for a mid-January replacement if not sooner. No agility, poor glove and zero mobility left and right. Once he’s on the ice – it’s Walrus time.

          • Daryl

            I’m with Richard here… THG keeps talking about MAF and how he has failed this team but let’s remember it was RL who failed 2 years ago. It is RL who is failing this year. And if it weren’t for MAF last season, we never would have gotten where we did.

            As for Pete’s comment, making the playoffs in the worst conference in the NHL is not much to brag about.

            The PP has taken a step back each season. There is a problem there but it doesn’t seem like PDB or the FO want to do anything about it

      • Pistol Pete

        But Foley has to know the PP is THE problem. He’s not dumb so how do you figure that in? There could be something more to this than Spott. What would another PP coach do to fix it? Not saying another PP coach is not the solution.

        • LVsc

          they could hire Adam Oates as an advisor for the PP, which he has done with other teams over the years….but then that would hurt the feeeewwings of little SJ Sharkie

          • LVsc

            It is time for Bill Foley to become Shakespeare and say ” OUT, damn Spott”

          • THE hockey GOD

            BS comment, coaches did see advisors over the off season regarding their PP issues.

          • Pistol Pete

            Just not sure Spott is the problem. Hard to believe if he was Foley would not have required DeBoer to make the change. Spott is why they did not make the finals? Hard to believe they would not replace him.

        • Daryl

          If it’s not the PP coach or PDB, then it must be the players which means it’s the FO fauk since they bright in the players. I wonder who THG would blame? For me, the PP went downhill with the new coach so that is who I blame…. And who hires the new coach? The FO

    • THE hockey GOD

      @pete ^^^^^

    • Vlad


      The shit pp doesn’t help but it’s hard the only weak link in this rickety 3 legged stool mcrimmon has cobbled together.

      For example…. Disappearance of stone and pac in playoffs.

  4. Contact Tracer

    Through 5 games

    Goals for: 10
    Goals against: 19

    2 goals per game PP or not = big trouble

    You need at least 3 goals per game to hoist the cup ….

    Edmonton has 4+ goals per game … they will be unstoppable if their goalie can hold the opponent to 2-3 goals ….

  5. THE hockey GOD

    another fluff piece completing doing an end run around;
    1) many injuries
    2) lack of players who can execute or better yet the types
    of players’ skills needed on power play unit
    3) x factor- like existing elite power play unit and how long
    they have been together
    4) PK ability
    4) and yes bad ice in 90F weather.

    more appease the whiny , wagon jumper, idiot fan base who know very little about hockey, and can’t follow simple instructions like WeAR YoUr MaSks at all times.

    best fan base?? More like dumbest.

    Come on every body CLAP YOUR HANDS !

  6. Galdom

    I have no idea why the power-play has been as bad as it has been. It is very depressing. Seeing Kelly McCrimmon freaking out on TV during the playoffs when they were struggling on the power-play was a bad look. I’m doing the same thing at home pounding my first on the table at the end of each futile power-play. I have not the slightest clue why this is the case but it could possibly be a player issue. Gallant and DeBoer teams both have not had the greatest power plays so I don’t think it’s coaching. Other than a brief blip in 2019-20 their power-play has been subpar. It doesn’t seem to be a confidence thing although I’m sure it would help if they go out on a run but it’s not like this team has lacked confidence for five years. Dadonov and Patrick have been good power-play players in the past so maybe the team has been trying to address this.

    If anybody’s got the solution I’d love to hear it.

    Vegas Power Play Ranks by year
    2017-18 14th
    2018-19 25th
    2019-20 9th
    2020-21 22nd

    • THE hockey GOD

      ok let me try to answer your question ” i don’t know what it is ” (about their power play). if you have access look at the OILER’s PP unit in last few games, or the Black Hawks (another good PP unit, despite their win/losses). What do you SEE ?
      Then look at the VEGAS PP unit (what do you see). Do you see crisp puck movement into the zone ? Do you see puck control in the o zone ? Do you see crisp , fast, stick to stick passes when in the O zone? Do you see players screening the goalie in the o zone? Do you see movement around the perimeter or movement to players ? Do you see players standing still or moving around? When players shoot the puck, do they a) hit the net or fling it wide b) shoot it at goalie crest etc

      What do you see ? What is your conclusion ?

      • Pistol Pete

        Pretty much don’t care for your politics but like a lot of your hockey stuff lol. That was an insightful summary!

      • Galdom

        Great Point Hockey God! The Boston Bruins power play has always been good. Marchand, Bergeron and Pastrnak are always constantly in motion.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @galdom and Bruins as well as caps PP unit, the core, have been playing together for years. Much longer than VGK PP unit

          • Daryl

            That’s funny b/c those untis wish just fine when they have players missing. Look at the Pens, they have several star players missing and yet their PPstill works. So maybe it’s not about playing alongside each other for years. At what point is long enough? 2 years? 3 years? 5 years?

      • Vlad

        No what you see is Krebs turning the puck over. And over and over and over

  7. Contact Tracer

    Even with the new cross checking rule, VGK not getting her done. What’s the next rule change to give them a helping hand?

    • THE hockey GOD

      you realize nearly half the team is injured ?

      • Contact Tracer

        thank you captain obvious, dumbest fan on the board ….Must be the bad ice or billy buc huh??

        • Alex

          Well done, contact tracer! This idiot spent half of last season claiming bad ice is a thing! In a sea of dumb fans, this god cat is the dumbest of the bunch

          • THE hockey GOD

            only idiots here those who think having nearly half the team injured expecting the same winning results over the past few years. Morons both of you.

          • THE hockey GOD

            never said half the season idiot, said in playoffs with 90F+ weather. Try to get it right.

            and bad ice is real, I even listed a rating guide on scale of 1 to 5 on how one can ascertain whether it existed or not. Included in it were outdoor games/ conditions, and dreaded fog ice. It’s real , you know it, players know it. Our fan base, not so much. You can’t talk playoff 90F weather impact without talking about muckers either. know the score before you spew hate and evil.

            Get your head out of your zamboni where it seems to reside most of the time. And don’t put words in my posts that are not there ! Putz

      • Daryl

        The Pens ate missing half their team and yet they are still winning???? Other teams have inhuries also and are still winning

  8. THE hockey GOD

    this article pretty much blows away the prior sh it stirring article about attendance (although people in the stands is not they same as capacity who showed up, the author obviously was not attending the games in person or was relying on false feedback.

    Jesse Granger
    Interesting piece from @seanshapiro
    on attendance being down across the NHL early in the season.

    Also in this piece: The Golden Knights lead the league with 103.4% capacity at their 4 home games to this point.


    • Contact Tracer

      Diving ticket prices will help … should be low for this AHL squad anyway ..

      or Petro billy buc turnover that will haunt hem forever ….

    • Thg – enough BS 104.3% capacity if you accept that math you very well could be the. xxxxxx. If in the blank. With out being g under the allusion you are god.

      • THE hockey GOD

        yes biker you are correct, maybe the fire department should be notified of that obvious blunder, I was going to post that at the time, but since you responded. Pretty obvious by looking at all the empty seats they were talking about something other than maybe ticket sales or actually looking at all the empty seats.

        I remember that the old Olympia, as well as other older stadiums back east, had SRO – standing room only. These seats were high above the barn, in the last row of the last seats, and they would usher people in “files”. The announcers would say the FIRE MARSHALL has set five rows of SFO for this game. Those were the times were the stadium seats were arranged on steep incline so the fans were right above the players. The SRO were not that bad, unless you had some tall schmuck wearing a big hat in front of you. The SRO allowed you to look right down on rink, not off into horizon like today’s rinks are designed. Anything in second tier are horrible viewing seats at T Mobile in my opinion.

        • DC

          THG, Agree on the second tier seating. I drove 6 hrs for a VGK’s game and sat in the second tier. Never again. Only lower bowl for me given the time and effort it takes to get to games.

  9. Tim

    To me the PP obviously is non-existent so when were one goal down at the end of the game pulling the goalie to me lessons our chances of tying the score. If you can’t get a PP your not going to score 6 on 5 at the end of the game and all you do is give the other team an empty net. Like I’ve said before think of your team and there capabilities before you do the conventional thing other teams do. I’d rather push hard with my best players the last two minutes being down one 5 on 5 because our chances I believe are better then pulling our goalie. If 27 missed PP’s in a row doesn’t tell you it’s time for a change then your just foolish. I can’t wait for the Anaheim Ducks game that could be a game changer.

  10. Alex

    Only the dumbest fan base in sports history would think bad ice is a real thing…HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • THE hockey GOD

      alex wouldn’t know a roller blade , from a roller skate, from a ice skate. Never
      put on a pair, never skated on pond ice, or river ice, or rink ice. Has trouble getting his head out of his zamboni.

      • Contact Tracer


        Round and round in “The Hockey Turds” head like a BB in a basketball 24/7/365 ……

      • Alex

        No such thing as bad ice in all indoor NHL stadiums…that shit show Lake Tahoe debacle must have got you going on an internet conspiracy rant (like your politics)

        There is not such thing as bad ice in the NHL, you idiot

        • THE hockey GOD

          even the players mentioned it, and you know it’s real when players say the ice is bad out there.

          why do you think the refs stop play, and fix the ice with their hands, and rub puck over ice.

          in your feeble mind, they lost a contact lens ? eh??

          get lost misinformed loser.

          • Alex

            HAHAHAHA – there is no such thing as bad ice in the NHL, you ignorant moron! You are just a lonely old man wearing your ex wifes granny panties

    • DC

      Alex, Time to find another hobby, dude!

  11. Vic

    Grab Phil Kessel. 115 PP goals, 197 PP assists and 1127 points. Yes, he’s a liability on the +/- side, but he can be useful in what is lacking right now…..which is how to score a freaking goal.

    • Galdom

      Another thing about Phil Kessel is that he does well in the playoffs. So many things I don’t like about his game but no doubt he could snipe. I knew once they got Dadonov that Kessel would not be an option. At least not for now.

  12. LVsc

    March-Karl-Smith misfit line combined total=

    2 goals-3 assts- and MINUS 18

    top offensive Dmen PP point men Theo and Petro combined total=

    1 goal- 0 assts and MINUS 11

    thus, your best players have to be your best players mantra means total failure this season in Vegas so far

  13. Contact Tracer

    $1,000,000 in salary per game out on the ice …. $ per goal is very expensive currently … PP or not

  14. Dylan

    Good Drugs in this site’s comment section, I see.

    Must be a Vegas thing…

  15. Tim

    Personally I dread when we have a PP all it does is create more animosity for the fans, players, and coaches. I don’t see it changing which will make for a long year.

  16. Bad Vlad

    I think “the hockey DONKEY” was let out of mommy’s basement and contracted a case of verbal diarrhea

    How is it the penguins who are missing their top 5 players are managing to not skip a beat yet in Vegas the wheels have completely fallen off the cart

    • THE hockey GOD

      anyone with a brain knows that pens have more depth because they have been around a lot longer to develop it, what is your issue ?

      no brains.

      got it.

      • Daryl

        They didn’t develop all those players. Those players cane from trades and acquisitions just like the ones VGK made

  17. Vlad

    Even when stone and pac get back every team will know….shut down those 2 down and the rest folds like a tent in the wind.

    But I’m sure the hockey DONKEY will still be thinking Pylon Krebs will continue to carry the team cuz “minuses” just don’t matter

  18. Interesting – NY Rangers have had 2 top guys out, yet Gallant has coached them to 4-2-1, much better than PD and VGK!

  19. Contact Tracer

    Vegas Goalnone Knights

  20. Somebody recently bashed DeBoer (some posters historically have) suggesting that VGK needs Trotz claiming he is a way better coach. So I looked into it and found that DeBoer stacks up pretty well. Naysayers may point out that the Pacific division where DeBoer has been a little more than half his career is weaker and may also point out (as listed below) that Trotz has a higher percentage of making the playoffs (.636 vs. .538). In many respects DeBoer’s record is the equal or better than Trotz with one caveat that Trotz has coached 1730 regular season games to DeBoer’s 933. That is true. Trotz has maintained his positive points percentage over a much longer span than DeBoer although their points percentages are identical at .57. Of course Trotz has the one Cup, his only final, compared to DeBoer’s loss in both of his finals. Otherwise, Deboer has three semi-finals to Trotz’s two, two finals to Trotz’s one and coincidentally (or not so coincidentally because they are both excellent coaches) both made the conference finals in the last two years of their new team assignment.


    Regular season points percentage: 1055/1866 = .57
    Playoffs win percentage: 56/103 = .538
    Playoff appearances: 7/13 = .538
    Playoffs: (2) Finals (lost both)
    (3) Conference finals
    Conference finals/ Finals: 5/13 = .385

    Regular season points percentage: 1972/3460 = .57
    Playoffs win percentage: 83/162 = .512
    Playoff appearances: 14/22 = .636
    Playoffs: (1) Final (won)
    (2) Conference finals
    Conference finals/ Finals: 3/22 = .136

    Trotz, although his playoffs appearance percentage is excellent and edges out DeBoer whose also is excellent, he struggled to get past the early rounds especially early in his career (I know, I know it was the Preds). This is where DeBoer has the clear edge; his percentage of getting to the conference finals and finals is much higher. Also note that DeBoer’s playoffs win percentage is higher. Yeah, Trotz won his only final. Hip hip hooray. Kudos for that. It takes some luck. They’ll all tell you that.

    • I will add this. DeBoer needs to fix this slump. Trotz IS in a little better shape at this early stage in the season including what would appear to be a pretty solid win against the VGK on Sunday.

    • Daryl

      There is more to it than just the overall win/loss record. PDB took over for a decent to good FLA team and finished 3rd in his first year. The next two seasons he finished 5th. He then took over for a stacked NJD team and took them to the Cup in his first year. His team finished 5th, 6th, and 7th after that. He then went to SJS and finished but leading them to a Cup. His team went downhill after that season. Do you see a trend here?

      Trotz took over a horrible NSH team and they stayed consistently around 4th until his team improved until his last couple seasons. He then took over a good Caps team who only got better each year he was there. He then took over for the NYI who had a good first year, a dip in his 2nd and imporved in his 3rd. Do you see a trend here?

      I’ve never said PDB wasn’t a good coach, but I don’t think he is a great coach. His teams have consistantly declined each season he was there.

      • Alex

        In a sea of dumb fans, this guy is among the dumbest

      • Pistol Pete

        It DID take Trotz until later in his career to go deep in a playoffs. It was pretty abysmal early on and same with the Caps until the last year when he finally won a Cup.

  21. Vlad

    ^^^dead right. Every team da bore has taken over has turned to shit. Trotz has always started w crap and turned it around.

    Da bore can beat the “injured player drum” all day long but when you look at the penguins who have 5 of their top 6 out and still winning it exposes da bore for the conniving incompetent he is.

    What clown stands in the podium saying we need at least 3 goals and then game after game continues to shove pylon Krebs in the ice…. a player who barely has any shots on net, no goals and is a solid “minus” player every game

    • Pistol Pete

      What becomes of you when Krebs starts to produce lol

      • Richard Santomauro

        Krebs will be fine. He’s developing. Great speed and puck handling. He will develop.

        • Vladimir

          A zit on”the hockey DONKEY’s” ass is also “developing “ but that isnt helping this team

  22. Galdom

    Nice work Knights!!!!!

  23. Richard Santomauro

    If RL can play at this level consistently…….. He did a walrus flop late in the 3rd but surprisingly —- nothing came of it.

    Kolesar needs to shoot as often as possible. I still have hope for this guy.

    Impressed with the play all around. Hague has saved Lehner’s ass a few times now. So, his penalties are forgiven.

    Power play looked a bit better but still 0-fer…….

    Credit this team for playing hard against a stacked Colorado team, minus Grubauer….

  24. Vlad

    Stacked ??? Ha ha ha

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