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Postponements Bail Out Reeling Sharks

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By now all Golden Knights fans know the NHL announced there are four members from the organization that are isolating and complying with the league’s COVID-19 protocol. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, Vegas was forced to postpone at least three games.

The National Hockey League announced today that the games currently scheduled for February 1 and February 3 between the Vegas Golden Knights and the San Jose Sharks have been postponed and will be rescheduled for later in the season in San Jose. -NHL PR

It’s news Golden Knights fans were dreading but knew was always realistic possibility this season. Now, Vegas is without an opponent for another week, when they hope to host the LA Kings on February 5th. The club the Golden Knights were supposed to play beforehand quietly doesn’t mind.

The San Jose Sharks have had an up and down season, and may have seriously lucked out. Lately, they can’t keep the puck out of the net giving up 17 goals in their last four games. Dropping the two more games to the Golden Knights might have been devastating for the Sharks.

Vegas vs San Jose Regular Season History
VGK .792 Winning %
VGK (8-1-3) 19 Points
VGK Goal Differential +19

This season the Sharks haven’t won two consecutive games and are allowing the third-most goals in the league. In the past, the Golden Knights have devoured San Jose in those conditions. That could’ve been the case this week.

The Sharks goalie tandem of Martin Jones and Devan Dubnyk have let in a total of 31 goals. The Golden Knights haven’t scored nearly that many, but they have scored at a time the Sharks have struggled. Out of Vegas’ 23 goals scored, 13 were in the 3rd period. That leads the West Division. Meanwhile, San Jose has given up the most with 10 final frame goals.

When the games are rescheduled, the series will likely be in San Jose not Phoenix as it would have been this week. Home cooking, cushy expensive mattresses, the Sharks will take whatever gives them a better chance at their rival. This is a 56-game season with no fans, only seven opponents, lengthy four-game series, and Covid-19 postponements. It’s not normal for players in any sense.

If Vegas ended up winning the two postponed matchups, it would’ve been a tough blow to San Jose’ season. With a nine-point advantage, the Golden Knights might’ve closed the door on the Sharks chances for a top seed, or worse. And I’m sure Pete DeBoer and his crew wouldn’t mind.


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  1. Daryl

    Let’s be honest here, the Sharks are not a very good team at all. They weren’t a good team when PDB was the coach and they haven’t been a this team since he was rightfully let go. I want to see how good VGK actually is, I want to watch them play a legit team

    • Julie

      Daryl, which matchup are you interested in seeing? I was thinking Washington or Boston or one of the leading teams, but I would like to see VGK play Dallas and see what changed +/- from the playoffs last season.

      • The Noodle King

        I think the 2 games against CO coming up on 2-14 and 2-16 should be a good test. And I agree 100% about DAL—–would love to see VGK get another crack at that one.

      • Daryl

        Some of the top teams in any other Division but the Western… Dallas, Avs, Caps, Flyers, Pens, some of the Canadian teams… In other wards, some good teams

    • Pistol Pete

      That was a good performace vs. the Blues, a good team. We should have won that game if not for a bad night by Lehner. We really looked the better team against a good team that game way out shooting by a huge margin. Fleury looks like he’s returning to pre his father’s death form and refining technique as well ie. staying more in the crease.

  2. Tim

    Daryl only a small sample size but listening to Sirius 91 the other day surprisingly they said our game with St. Louis was the best game of the year I guess from a viewers standpoint. No doubt in that game we clearly outplayed them but with doubling there shots and 7 posts and there goalie playing outstanding the hockey gods were not with us.

    • Daryl

      You realize almost every game we’ve played the same comment is said…. “their goalie played on his head.” At some point maybe we will realize that it’s not so much how great their goalie played and more about how we play. Maybe our play is at least half the problem

      • Tim

        Daryl there’s a lot of truth to what you said. Our last 5 opponent goalies all shut us down, Vancouver, Dallas, Anaheim, Arizona, and ST. Louis. In fairness they are all rated high on the list of goalies but still your right we double there shot and lose more times then not. It could be worse just heard today that Jack Eickal and jeff Skinner have one goal between them and there combined salary is 18 million so you could look at the glass half full or half empty in the case of the Knights.

        • Pistol Pete

          Scoring four goals on Binnington is not exactly being shut down, plus seven posts.

          • Daryl

            They gave up 8 to the Avs, 4 to the Sharks, 6 to the Kings and 4 to us. But yes St Louis is a good team. I don’t think they are on par with some of those other teams I mentioned.

            BTW we lost to them, the only good team we faced. Don’t get me wrong I think VGK is a very good team I just think they really screwed up with the goalie situation and paying to much for a defenseman when what they really needed was a Center

  3. Smoke

    You describe the postponed games as an unfortunate situation and I agree but it’s also something vgk did to themselves as they obviously didn’t take enough precautions.

    • We don’t know that for sure. The precautions only do so much. It’s certainly possible someone stepped out of the protocols, but it’s also possible the virus snuck in with everyone doing the right things.

      • Smoke

        Better stick to hockey. The virus didn’t enter by itself. It entered in someone and was spread to one of them by a respiratory aerosol by being to close to someone. They are to blame.

    • EK

      Do you even know how this virus works? You (people in general) can do every thing you are supposed to and still get it. Don’t cast blame Medical doctor Smoke cuz obviously you don’t know shit.

      • Smoke

        If you don’t come in contact with someone with the virus you won’t get it. Obviously they came in contact with someone with the virus and thus they got infected. They took risks, even if only the slightest and even if they think they were following precautions… There are degrees of precautions and they didn’t take enough to not get it.

  4. Smoke

    If you don’t come in contact with someone with the virus you won’t get it. Obviously they came in contact with someone with the virus and thus they got infected. They took risks, even if only the slightest and even if they think they were following precautions… There are degrees of precautions and they didn’t take enough to not get it.

  5. Tim

    Bad enough the Golden Knights are dealing with the virus now the Silver Knights may have issues with the virus. If you as an individual are social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hand regularly, keep away from restaurant, grocery stores you should be fine. Now I’ll bet some people haven’t followed the rules because the old adage it won’t happen to me bit them in the ass. Unfortunately it’s a tough time for everyone 2020 sucked now it looks like 2021 is going to suck until everyone is vaccinated and then we have to hope there’s not another strain that can cause havoc.

    • Daryl

      Tim, I wish that were true. My neighbor and friend, has several medical issues and he wears a mask and gloves anytime he has to go out in public. He even wears his mask while driving which I don’t get. He keeps hand sanitizer in his pocket. The only thing he doesn’t use is a face shield and he says he doesn’t b/c he wears glasses. The only grocery store he’s gone to is a small Lowes Foods around the corner. Somehow he still got covid. He spent a little over a week in ICU and none of us thought he was going to make it. Luckily he is fine now. He continues to do the same things as before. He says he can’t take anymore precautions so what else is he supposed to do

      • Tim

        Daryl as we all know is that we don’t know. I’m 75 had a kidney removed from cancer, I’m A-Fib so I’m as careful as can be and lucky to not have caught the virus. We do go to the Village Pub on Sunset and play video poker a couple times a week. This particular Village Pub has 45 machines so we can spread out. It’s just not in me to be house bound 24/7 and I can understand how hard it is for these young kids. When your young you think your invincible.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    no one knows how this virus is spreading, not even the so called “experts” at the deep state CDC-populated by a bunch of ivory tower government bureaucrats who don’t have any real world experience. All book learned peeps. They say one thing and then another, when they get called out they turn into political hacks (e.g. Dr Fear). A vast majority of people are taking the measures in hand. Everywhere you go in this state people are wearing masks. Yet it is still spreading.

    Now there is another problem that the lame stream media (aka media mob) isn’t reporting and doctors know about it. The vaccine is causing side effects and a number of people are dying. Doctors have been ordered not to say anything about rising cases of chicken pox/ measles, shingles, and other diseases that this new vaccine is canceling out . Mainly impacting the elderly.

    be careful out there.

    • Daryl

      Don’t forget the increase in bronchial infections caused by people wearing masks for hours on end. And then you have the adverse reactions for those with injectable facial enhancements.

      It’s still odd we’ve had less than 5 deaths due to the flu for the first time in history

    • Tim

      Well Hockey God I’m proud of you a very reasonable post. Sometimes not so much so lets make this new post a first of many more objective posts.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ty for kind words, i always stick up for you !

        check out doctor jd farag site for more information on this vaccine that is not really a traditional vaccine. It starts getting interesting at 25 minute mark. To date a government site tracking adverse reactions to vaccine has recorded over 300 deaths through mid January.

        PS who know who won !

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