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Poll: 70% Will Attend Golden Knights Games

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Last week Seton Hall University conducted a poll asking fans their level of concern attending a sporting event after the threat of COVID-19 is gone. The Stillman School of Business canvassed what fans would do if the leagues resumed play before there was a coronavirus vaccine? The results were lopsided.

72% of those who responded to the poll said they would not feel safe attending games until a vaccine for the novel coronavirus is developed.

Asked what they would do if the leagues resumed play before there was a vaccine, 12 percent said in the poll released on Thursday that they would attend but only if social distancing could be maintained.

Only 13 percent said they would feel safe. The poll run by the Sharkey Institute within the Stillman School of Business was conducted over April 6-8 with 762 respondents. -Steve Keating, Reuters

The university polled under 800 sports fans who overwhelmingly showed hesitation about returning to a venue without a successful vaccine. Something, we’re all concerned with. However, the numbers seemed broad, and possibly too regional. Seton Hall is in New Jersey, a state devastated by the coronavirus, and the poll participants were mostly sports enthusiasts from the NY/NJ area.

So, we decided to get a little more precise and ask a similar question to Golden Knights fans. The results were optimistically different.

With over 2300 votes, the poll found a much different response than the one conducted back East. Surprisingly, 48% clicked they would feel safe returning to a Golden Knights game after the league resumed and 70% said they would be willing to attend a game. Compared to the 13% of respondents from the Seton Hall poll.

Locally, Vegas residents are proactively isolating and keeping their distance as the governor told us to. However, many believe this is only temporary and the poll positively reflects that.

Some were shocked by the enthusiastic, almost cavalier-type attitude by the majority of voters that would return to a Golden Knights game with zero to little fear.

It may come off to some that Golden Knights fans are ignoring the current state of affairs, but to the contrary, certain models suggest social distancing is working here in the valley.

By no means are Las Vegas locals naive to the coronavirus, they’re simply optimistic about their safety when the T-Mobile Arena reopens. When the government, league, and franchise deem large gatherings are no longer harmful, fans should feel comfortable attending a game. There’s too much risk opening up to the public prematurely.

Hopefully, that’s sooner than later, and the conditions will settle the concerns of every fan.

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  1. Pasta

    Slim chance of games, and even slimmer chance of any fans in the stands. I’ll be surprised if 20-21 season starts on time.

  2. "DOC"

    This pole simply reflects “hopeful thinking” NOT common sense. IF they opened up games to fans in say 60 days, (or really whatever time period), AND this virus is not COMPLETELY contained WITH full testing & viable preventive treatments ….. then I think the bottom will fall out on that 70% that said they would attend. (Lets see now … live hockey or our lives). Not close!!!!!

  3. Looks like some seats will be available as some indicated not till a vaccine was available. This could take better than a year. Does the 19% think they will be testing at the door – you could be negative today and positive tomorrow. While l would like to see the season completed if safe I seriously question if that will happen. They have already told the AHL players to return to their primary residence and if I am not mistaken cancelled the rest of the year if the T V was correct last night – the N HL channel.

  4. Mark A Gonzales

    The employees of TMobile Arena are still waiting for the NHL to make a decision on home games not to be played and the Donated money to help the employees still have not received the help while the bills keep coming the knights are not playing any home games it’s not fair to wait for the NHL to announce we need help now Thank you

    • Pasta

      100% agree. Pay them now and if the season resumes, don’t pay them later. Simple solution. Some of those folks are getting crushed right now.

      • "DOC"

        Yes Pasta & Mark ….. These people are in limbo and should be helped out NOW. All the owners have enough money to do whatever they need. The workers at T-Mobile might just be the most helpful & courteous in the NHL. Just help them please!!!!

  5. D. Moran

    I bet the 30% are lower bowl

  6. Daryl

    I would show up for a game tomorrow… I’m young and healthy (45y/o). I’ve got a 99.4% chance to overcome the virus. I would take those odds any day of the week. They should resume the NHL and let the fans make the decision to attend themselves.

    • "DOC"

      Yea that would be “real” smart. Maybe you WOULD survive it ….. but what about YOU infecting someone else who wouldn’t?

      • Daryl

        Thats the risk each individual takes. I have just a good a chance of getting or passing going to Walmart or any other store. Again, if you do not have pre-existing health conditions, you have a 99.4% or higher chance of living. Pretty good odds.

        You have a right to your opinion, and I have mine

  7. THE hockey GOD

    only if everyone wears a “bubble boy” suit !!!

    yeah !!

    BBT – bubble boy/girl technology !!

  8. JR

    I’m gonna be selling all my season tix if there is not treatment or a vaccine when and if they restart hockey. Just looking at some of the comments here where the attitude is I’m going , and if I get sick or get someone else sick, well f-you.

    • Daryl

      Wished I live in Vegas… I would buy them off you in a heart beat. Watch out for the flu, you have a better chance of dying from that than this… or better yet, hide all your blunt objects since they are more dangerous than this virus

      • Doug MacLeod

        Sounds like you have no one you care for who is at risk! I am 68, my wife is also and is immunocompromised. We have been season ticket holders since day 1 and want to get back to watching the sport we love and the team we cheer for. But first, we need this to go away. People with attitudes like yours are one of the reasons this will go on for longer than necessary!

        • Daryl

          Actually, I do have loved ones who are at risk, I just don’t live with them or have seen them in this time. They take the chances they must but do what they can to protect themselves.

          As for your other comment, that is only your uninformed opinion. People think if they walk by someone with the virus they will catch it. It doesn’t work that way. Even if it gets on your skin, as long as you do not expose it to an open/moist orifice, like your nose, mouth, or eyes, you are safe. And like I said above, as long as you are healthy there is a 99.4% survival chance. I understand those who are at risk take precautions, but for someone who is healthy, there is no reason why they should be shut down for months.

          Not to make this about politics, but you sound like a Democrat (coming from an Independent).

  9. Daryl

    I’d also tell you to take a look at states like Iowa and Wyoming which did not participate in these lockdowns. I believe there were a total of 7 and they weren’t affected much differently than those who did a complete lockdown

    • Doug MacLeod

      Your earlier post said you were entitled to your opinion. Apparently I am not or if I disagree I am uninformed. And I am not a Democrat so quit with the stereotyping!

      • Daryl

        Yes you have the right to your opinion…. never said you didn’t. I just said your opinion was ill informed which it is. This virus has a mortality rate of .07% There is so much misinformation being given out that people are freaking out and scared, more scared than they need to be. I think the social distancing is great but you won’t catch this just by walking by someone who has it. Wash your hands and keep to your hands to yourself and you will be just fine.

        And I didn’t say you were a Democrat… I said you sound like one. They are the biggest pushers for extending lockdown and feeding information that is not 100% correct

  10. Where is that money the Las Vegas knights said on national TV to help the employees this is Absurd why even say anything especially if on national TV this is going to be addressed one way or another this is not good Karma Watch

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