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Playoffs On The Mind

Let’s face it, the Golden Knights are going to the playoffs. You know it, I know it, every player in the locker room knows it, and despite his best efforts, Gerard Gallant knows it.

You two, Turk would like to see you in his office. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen) 

They lead the Western Conference on New Year’s Eve, have won seven straight games, are on a 12 game point streak, and just completed the month of December at 11-1-1 with wins over Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Washington, Anaheim, and Toronto.

Multiple players mentioned how the team is improving every day, especially when looking back on where they were a few months ago when they lost in Toronto. Then, one Golden Knight, who shall remain nameless for reasons you will soon find out, said this.

We cannot stop. How can you get satisfied with just playing the regular season and winning, that’s nothing. Look at plenty of teams that just make the playoffs every year and they can’t pass the first or second round. It’s awesome obviously, but the real teams show up in the playoffs. For us I think it’s time to start thinking about it and being ready for that for sure. -Anonymous Golden Knight

Then this happened in Gallant’s post-game press conference.

Today is the first time I heard the word “playoffs” mentioned by any player in the locker room. At what point do you start looking towards that and shaping the team towards that.

Who said that? -Gallant

I’m not going to tell you.

You said it? -Gallant

No… I’m not telling you.

Honestly, we aren’t worried about the playoffs. Playoffs will worry about themselves in April. When I find out who that guy is I’m going to fine him. -Gallant

I’ll never tell him who it was.

You too, Turk’s office. Now! (Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

But all kidding aside, it’s a serious question. The Golden Knights have proven they are good enough to beat anyone in the league… in the regular season. The playoffs are a different animal and everyone knows it. Vegas’ story is going to be incredible no matter what, but if they win the Pacific Division and then lay an egg in the first round, what does any of this matter?

Will the Golden Knights simple, quick, transition-reliant style carry over when the games actually have meaning? Drew Pouty doesn’t think so. Randy Carlyle isn’t so sure, and we just found out Phil Kessel isn’t a believer either.

(Kessel) did say this, he doesn’t think they have enough high-end talent to win in the playoffs. He didn’t feel like that was there across the board, but he definitely thinks they are good and they are tough to play against. –Daniel Negreanu on Rink Rats Podcast

It’s time to start thinking about it, even if Gallant won’t.

You know what I’m talking about. We’re one game at a time. That’s what the message has been all year, and it’s not going to change. It’s not changing. We’re going to play one game at a time, work hard and compete and have some fun. And we’re having fun. -Gallant

That is until Turk finds out who talked to me and the fun turns into wind sprints at practice and a donation to Gallant’s “one game at a time” fund.




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  1. Brian


    Nuf said

    Great way to close out 2017. Amazing team. Amazing story. And as always, GREAT coverage from the Sinbin’ers. Keep it up in 2018 !!

  2. Richard Evans

    What everyone is saying is spot on. The Vegas Golden Knights do not have the top-shelf talent to compete straight up with the best. They have to win with smarts, dedication, teamwork and effort.

    As soon as they start getting tied up with the “best expansion team in history” and “we’ll be nothing if we don’t do real damage in the playoffs” and they start to believe in the circus then focus disappears and this thing we are enjoying will evaporate.

    I’m getting to love GG more and more each day. Watch out Sinbin. GG might have you sent to the dungeon if you stir the pot too much! 🙂

    • He doesn’t scare me!!! (Honestly, the more you get to learn about Gallant, the more you will love home. He’s an incredible coach and a fantastic guy.)

  3. Julian

    Ken maybe you can answer me a question.i ha e season tickets but was away for 6 weeks and went today.Why in God’s name do they reset stats each period.No arena does this.I know it’s meaningless but I don’t like it

    • To my knowledge they were having issues with the scoreboard today. They’ve never done that before and if it happens again I’ll make some noise.

  4. Brian

    Sinbin to the pit of dispar “Dilley Dilley”

  5. Chitown El

    As a transplant from Chicago, I’ll ALWAYS love my Hawks. But the way VGK have done what they have done – impressive. I’ve been to 5 games so far (sorry – couldn’t spend the $$$ for season tix), and the energy in the air is unbelievable. Hell, even watching the games on TV is great! What the organ-I-zation has done is commendable. GO KNIGHTS GO! Playoff bound for sure!

  6. Doug

    I am a transplant from Alberta Canada living in Vegas and a season ticket holder. After growing up addicted to the sport and worshipping Gretzky and the Oilers, I had drifted away from seriously following hockey for decades after the “trade”. However, since the start of this year I have rediscovered my love of the game. Yesterday ‘s game was simple unbelievable. With my daughter and future son in law ( both of whom are visiting from Toronto) cheering for the Maple Loafs in Toronto uniforms, I acknowledged that I have rediscovered my love of the game. The whole experience is first rate ( ok ok – the beyond cheese “sword in the stone opening sucks hard and is emabarressing – really? Can’t Vegas think up something better than that elementary school crap?) I love hockey again and as a Canadian, that is a big thing!!!

  7. Patrik chmel

    Am from Czech republic but I love Vegas golden knights team…this is great team…go knights go

  8. Ray

    I’m a Jets fan, but I love the Knights’ style of play. Hard D to break down, brilliant in transition, and rolling four lines and three pair spreading the attack around over the full 60 minutes. With their hard nosed play, discipline, and spread out attack they remind me a bit of the 2011 Bruins, without the high end talent.

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