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Playoff Pace For Vegas Is A Manageable 91 Points

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Before tonight’s action, the Golden Knights are on pace for 93 points and sit two behind Vancouver for the Pacific Division lead. The Pacific is commonly referred to as the worst division in the league, which it is, but the Central isn’t much better. With the exception of St. Louis, the rest of the division isn’t exactly lighting the league on fire.

Based on points, the Blues are the only Western Conference team in the top seven in league standings. Going deeper, if the league simply used points percentage regardless of conference, 10 of the 16 future playoff teams would be from the Eastern Conference (VGK is #16). Golden Knights fans should be happy that the league is split in half.

The current pace to make the postseason in the West is 91 points. It’s a whopping 99 in the East. Currently, Vegas is sitting three points ahead of the last team in the West. In a make-believe world where the Golden Knights were playing in the East they would be out of the picture entirely. At 63 points, Vegas would be fifth in the Atlantic and seventh in the Metropolitan and fifth in the Wild Card standings with at least two more games played than everyone else.

To ensure Vegas gets close to that cut line of 91 points, they’ll still need to rack up points in the majority of their remaining games. Including tonight, the Golden Knights have 26 more regular season contests. They’ll need to win at least 14 games or earn 28 points to get back to the playoffs. That means they need 53.8% of the available points, which doesn’t seem like a lot until you consider they’ve only cashed in on 56.2% to this point.

Vegas should be aiming for more than 91 points, and I’m sure they are. You don’t fire a coach and have the expectations of limping into the playoffs.

Like we mentioned yesterday, despite having 10 of the next 12 games at home, the Golden Knights are playing four of the league’s top six teams and six out of seven games against teams currently in the playoff picture.

There are so many layers to the imbalance of power. With the East being statistically and noticeably better, it sets the stage for a Western champion underdog. Also, the race to the finish is so hectic it could create a bit of a messy trade market. A storm of bubble teams battling for playoff spots could end up helping the Golden Knights deadline pursuit.

Starting tonight Vegas will have seven Eastern Conference teams left to deal with, allowing them to worry mostly on their conference and division. Which we all know could be the only way to make a serious run. By finishing with 95-97 points, it could be enough for first or second in the division.

They can worry about the mighty East after they pass the first three, much easier, tests.


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  1. Ken you must have study math enjoy your deductive logic. If they play like they did Thursday there’s hope anything less it’s anyone’s guess. They need to keep the winning attitude.

  2. DOC Williams

    IF they continue to play, like they have last 4 games, we WILL most likely win the division. I hope they don’t fall for the “first home game” after a road trip curse. They MUST come out flying for the home folks tonight. MUST!!!
    If I may comment on the AHL (Silver Knights): I put down the deposit first thing. Now, I don’t have the health (to attend a whole season) nor the bucks. What I am hoping is that they will offer smaller packages of 6-8 games. Hey Ken, with your influence, please tell them that’s what us great (poor) fans need, so we can attend some live hockey!!!! 🙂

    • Doc don’t hold your breath this whole thing is about $$$$$$. I want the knights to win as much as anyone but if they lose t mobile seats could become cheaper to fill the place. I am not sure an AHL thing from a business point of view is the best thing. Time will tell.

      • A Fan

        I believe the AHL team is a smart idea. Sounds like the new arena they will play in will have about 6,000 seats. This way there will be the ‘Cadillac’ option (NHL) and the ‘Chevy’ option. (AHL) A lot more Chevy buyers out there vs Cadillac. If the arena is built near the M or Raiders practice facility, it may be on the south end of the valley, but it will be pretty easy to get to via I-15 and St Rose Parkway.

        Even Jason won’t get lost trying to find that location in Henderson.

      • DOC Williams

        Yea HD, that’s what I am afraid of. I think Mr Foley will be making a big mistake if he only looks at the AHL Knights as more money grab … instead of using them to keep the total Knights fan nation a chance to stay engaged with live “Knight” hockey!

  3. Sorry jason guess you are the debuctive logic guy my mistake again will try and not make that mistake again. Keep up the stats were you the one who developed points to elimination

  4. 17-8-1

    if they only win 14 and lose 12, I consider it a total failure. that would mean mostly road games in the playoffs, and look what happened last season with game 7 on the road, and the sj fans definitely influenced the bad call that cost the Knights the season.

  5. I think they land around 96 to 100. When they jell, the Knights are intimidating, ask Florida, the dismantled that team, just embarrassed them. The beat St. Louis, Philly, Carolina, outplayed Tampa Bay, shutout Nashville, so #16? When their hot, we can beat anybody !!

  6. knights fan in minny

    if wild bill is back tonight who gets the bench I say eakin

    • DOC Williams

      Just heard they sent Glass down to Chicago?! This might be it for him on the big team, unless more injuries????

  7. Mike G

    VGK has to get their home ice mojo back! I personally think that last home stand is the reason there is a new coach behind their bench. Starting the games with no energy at home is unacceptable. I like how they’ve started games thus far under PDB. (8) home games against very good teams will be a massive test. The last 6 games of the season will be crazy as far as playoff seeding goes.

  8. Jake

    I think your analysis of the Central division is a bit off. In addition to wiping the ice with the Knights every time they’ve met this year the Avalanche have 3 games in hand on the Blues and would be tied for the lead by winning those. Either of those top 2 teams would be a nightmare matchup for VGK, so they better kick it in gear and start racking up some points

  9. Carl

    This team should end the season with 105 points. A 93 point pace shows just how crappy they’ve played much of the season. Let’s hope the great play since DeBoer took over continues. If so, next season looks better.

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