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Playoff Alec Martinez As Advertised In Game 1

When the Golden Knights acquired Alec Martinez, the first line of every article about him included his postseason successes. Prior to arriving in Vegas, he’d won two Stanley Cups, played in 64 playoff games over six different seasons, and scored game-winning goals to clinch both the 2014 Western Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

It’s always been about the playoffs with Martinez, and just one game into the actual playoffs as a Golden Knight, it’s already evident why.

Martinez logged 20:58 of ice time, the most of any Golden Knight, and was on the ice for three Vegas goals without conceding any. He added one assist, had two hits, was responsible for two scoring chances, and had four shot attempts. His main contribution, as advertised though, was his shot-blocking.

I thought (Alec) was great. Particularly some big blocked shots on our penalty kill. He’s just so solid. You can put him out in any situation. He’s a versatile guy. He’s been a real good addition for our group. -Pete DeBoer

Martinez blocked four shots including one big one on a dangerous chance on the penalty kill.

Of the team leading 20:58, he played two minutes on the penalty kill, 1:13 on the power play, and had a 173 second shift late in the 2nd period of a one-goal game. Plus, nearly nine minutes of his ice-time came in the 2nd period, when the game was being decided.

Martinez also spent the majority of his night (more than 11 minutes) sharing the ice with the Blackhawks’ most dangerous offensive line of Patrick Kane, Kirby Dach, and Alex DeBrincat. At even-strength, the Golden Knights allowed just five shot attempts, two shots on goal, and zero high-danger scoring chances with Martinez on the ice vs the Hawks 2nd line. He and Theodore posted a 70% Corsi against the high-skilled line and held them to a dismal 0.09 expected goals.

All in all, Game 1 was everything the Golden Knights could have hoped for when they were in the market for a defenseman at the deadline, even if the price was steep.


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  1. Daryl

    I said since day one that Martinez would be a great addition defensively… I was just worried about his offense. I’ll be the first to admit I was pleasantly shocked by what he did offensively. Now I’m not so sure he can continue that success or if it was contributed to being on a new team but either way he’s been a good addition.

  2. Mike StG

    I was lobbying for Marty since January, though most of the Vegas hockey media was tepid or highly skeptical about acquiring him. Given he is with the team for another year (hence another shot at the cup) I don’t think the price was steep at all. His passing, shot blocking, always circling around to guard the front of the net. He has a good shot, and actually scored on a point shot against Vegas this year in a Kings game. His game also allows Shea to activate without fear, unlike when he was paired with Deryk.

    • Daryl

      That offensive mind set almost cost us a couple times the past few games. I’ve never had an issue with Theo jumping in offensively and he has gotten a lot better at when to do it, but when we are struggling, he resorts back to his old ways and does it at questionable times. At least with Martinez, he is able to get back better than Engo, but it still leads to odd man rushes. Which is one reason I didn’t really like Engo and Theo together

  3. Who starts in goal on Sat?
    I hope its MAF. Keep him involved
    or losé him altogether. Robin has been ok but not spectacular.
    What happens to Derek his last hooray.

    • Daryl

      You are not allowed to bring up Engo’s name on here lol. People will start yelling at you saying he is too old and too slow (even though the stats don’t support that). I was also hoping Engo would get one more game this year, like you said a last hooray. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      When PDB was hired there was a player, reportedly a defenseman, who was very against it and spoke out against it. That person was never named so it’s only speculation but I believe it was Engo…. and I think PDB has something against him. He played a couple games when PDB was first hired but that was it. It didn’t matter how bad Holden, Merrill or Whitecloud played, Engo never got another chance. Our PK has suffered for it as well.

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