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Playing Oddsmaker On First Golden Knights Captain

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He hinted at it months ago, yesterday he made it as clear as can be.

We’re not going to name a captain before we go back. We will have one prior to the start of next season. -Pete DeBoer

Normally, we leave the oddsmaking up to the best sportsbook in the world, William Hill, but today, I’m going to take my shot at setting the odds on who will wear the “C” when the Golden Knights stitch it on a jersey for the first time.

Mark Stone 

Stone is the massive betting favorite for a number of reasons. First, he’s the best player on the team and it’s not really all that close. That’s not always a prerequisite to be the captain, but it certainly helps. Next, DeBoer has lauded his leadership qualities since the moment he got to Vegas (Gallant did too when he first got Stone). He’s the right age, has an extended contract with the team, is clearly invested deeply in the team’s success as illustrated by his over-the-top celebrations, and he’s been an alternate captain during the entirety of the 2019-20 season.

If it’s anyone other than Stone, it’ll come as quite the surprise, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other worthy candidates.

Nate Schmidt

Most Golden Knights fans know Nate Schmidt as the loud, goofy, jokester that he comes across as in interviews, commercials, and skits, but Schmidt is, and has been, a real leader on this team for a long time. He was named the Golden Knights Player’s Association representative, he’s been an alternate captain at times during each of the first three seasons, and whenever anyone mentions the leadership group of the team he’s included.

He’s incredibly talkative on the ice, both in serious and joking manners and he’s even more talkative when you stick a microphone in his face after the games. He’s not your quintessential captain, but he certainly represents the Golden Knights.

Max Pacioretty

While Schmidt is not the quintessential captain, Pacioretty is. The long-time captain of the Canadiens was happy to shed the label when he came to Vegas. That being said, when considering who is most likely to get the nod, he has to be in the mix as he’s the only player on the team to have ever done it in the NHL. All the things you look for in a captain, Pacioretty has. He was an excellent captain in Montreal and he’d be great at it in Vegas as well. If he wasn’t so vocal about being relieved of the burden when he became a Golden Knight, he’d probably have much better odds.

Reilly Smith

Smith would be your classic “lead by example” type of captain. There’s never a moment when he’s not busting his ass on the ice. Whether it’s in practice, in a game, or even before or after practice when he’s just getting in a few more reps, Smith is always working to get better. He’s been an alternate captain for three seasons for that exact reason and if DeBoer wants someone who has been with the team since the beginning, Smith could be that guy.

Jonathan Marchessault

While he’s the player who would get the nod if I was the one in charge of picking the captain, Marchessault’s leadership style doesn’t quite seem to match up with DeBoer’s. He’s loud, abrasive, sometimes out-of-control, and never afraid to share his opinion even when he probably shouldn’t. To me, he defines what the Golden Knights are when they are at their best, an absolute pain in the ass to play against and annoying because they seem to be enjoying how annoying they are.

Marchessault has always been the voice of truth when times are tough for the Golden Knights too. He’s the first to step up and challenge the team, including himself, to get out of the rut and play to their capabilities. He’s also proven he can walk the walk, specifically when he was disgusted by the team’s play in Game 1 against Winnipeg and he came out and took over in Game 2.


The leading candidate in the “field” would be Deryk Engelland. He’s been the closest thing they’ve had to a captain, and if he’s around for another year, maybe DeBoer makes it official. Other options include Shea Theodore, William Karlsson, Paul Stastny, and Brayden McNabb.


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  1. VGK 2018

    That looks just about right but would expect Stone to still receive most of the money at that price.

  2. Tim

    Stone is a stone cold lock on wearing the C.

  3. Doktor Hockey

    Sure can tell it’s a slow news day, for the Knights! 😉 There’s not a sliver of mystery here. Since he joined this team, Stoney has played and acted like a captain. He will be a great captain and among the best in the NHL. So, in real news, IS flower going to be on the ice Friday????

  4. Stone may be the choice not really sure why – as he doesn’t really represent who the Knights were or can be when they are playing to their potential. That is not taking anything away from him as a player as he has a lot to offer. There are a number of Knights that get a lot of attention – probably the most under rated guy on the team is Smith – just watch him -leads by example and has since the very beginning – always engaged, always doing what’s necessary to win – never seems to be on “vacation” which unfortunately you can’t say for all. I like Marchessault because he tells it like it is which probably doesn’t go over real well with everyone all the time. He is not the politician that some of the others mentioned are which of course is a great thing as the world has way to many – all talk no action. The question that comes up with naming a Captain is how do you think that effects others that you mentioned that really believe they deserve the HONOR – if in fact they consider it an honor. They have operated pretty well for three years without an official one so what is the need for the immediate future as far as that goes? Just a question which I am certain will generate a reply of some kind or another.

  5. Stats


    Jack Dugan signs with VGK

    The Vegas Golden Knights have signed a top prospect, inking Jack Dugan to a two-year entry-level contract. The deal will not burn his first year this summer and instead starts with the 2020-21 season. He will not be eligible for the Golden Knights’ playoff run this season.

    Dugan, 22, will forego his last two years at Providence College and join the professional ranks after an outstanding college career.

    the deal will be worth the entry-level maximum ($925K) and will include Schedule A performance bonuses.

  6. A VGK Fan

    Reilly Smith is gonna get it. I can bet my house on it. He’s an original Golden Misfit, and leads by example and not much of a talker. Played first line , second line, goes anywhere you tell him and wont whine about it. 200ft player and not afraid to get in the dirty areas. Yea Stone is all awesome and all, but Smith EARNED it.

    PS, Ken your writing still needs work.

    • A VGK Fan – Amen for Smith – glad I am not the only one who recognizes his value – I would not bet my house on it however – I am sure you read my thoughts about him above. Good guy gives it all and very deserving of the title. Like I said before they have done fine the last three yrs without an official captain so really don’t know they need one.

  7. Doktor Hockey

    Ok guys ””’ What does being an original “misfit” have to do with naming a captain four seasons later? This is not an honor for the past. It is a direction for the future!!!!! A lot of you still live in season one. It was great, magical, amazing AND a one time thing! “HD” this is not a popularity contest. “AVF” better start looking for a new home, as you’ll lose yours with that bet. I love all the guys mentioned, but Stoney is by far the ultimate example of a NHL team captain!!!!!!!

    • DH – just for the record what exactly are the requirements and qualifications for the ultimate NHL team captain????? Also for the record this has nothing to do with living in the past nor a popularity contest. Stone is a well paid (maybe more than it should be player – good for him ) and a great hockey player I might add – that doesn’t make him a team a captain by any means. I would hope your not equating most money, skill etc to leadership.

      • Doktor Hockey

        Listen biker … I said nothing about money. I also said I loved the other guys mentioned. Stone is MY choice. If not yours, fine. But don’t start twisting words around because you disagree with me. IF Stone was not on the team, then sure, there would be 2-3 other guys to be considered. Stone takes care & tutors younger players. (even gives them a place to stay, when they need it). He leads on the ice and off the ice! Saying he will be a great captain for the Knights, is not saying anything negative about other players.

        • I don’t believe l said you said anything about money – l simply said l hoped you didn’t equate leadership to most money. Conversely l did noticed you didn’t address the qualifications and requirement for an ULTIMATE NHL team captain you eluded to. Maybe l missed that!!!!

          • Doktor Hockey

            ” I would hope your not equating most money,” <<<<<< This is what YOU said about my post. You are just an idiot that just wants to argue and try and bully others. Not gonna bully this old man pal! Go somewhere else with your constant bullshit!

  8. Mike StG

    Interesting read Ken, as usual. It’s most likely Stone, but if not I’d like to see Reilly. He seems to fit DeBoer’s mold, very similar to Pavelski and Couture. Reilly only has two years left on his contract, although I think they’ll resign him. Max, who is extremely well-spoken and doesn’t give canned responses to media questions, would be great. His frustrations as C in Montreal seemed to be more due to the highly critical media and fans there.

  9. Doktor Hockey

    A last point … if I may. If everything else WAS equal, say between Stone/Smith. Who do you think would be named captain. A player that is signed long-term (Stone 7-8 yrs) or a player who is only signed for 2 years (Smith)? It is common sense who they would go with.

    • DH – Your assumption is they would not resign Smith – not a good argument. And for the record I hope you noticed I didn’t lower myself to your level calling someone who doesn’t agree with your way of thinking names. I would think someone of your age, as you refer to yourself, would have been raised better than that which apparently is not the case.

  10. rvk

    Ryan Reaves. And not because of BLM.

    Sticks up for his teammates, plays hard, leader, humble.

  11. Karlsson has my vote, but I dont think we could go wrong with Stone or Patches

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