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The Golden Knights continued their four-game road trip with a matchup against the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Vegas got off to a good start, scoring two goals in the opening period. Jack Eichel opened the scoring with his 12th goal of the season and Reilly Smith doubled Vegas’ lead on the power play. The Golden Knights held a 2-0 road lead heading into the 1st intermission.

Pittsburgh worked their way back in the middle frame, outshooting and outscoring Vegas. The Penguins evened the score 2-2 after 40 minutes played.

Special teams would come into to play in the final period for both teams. Shea Theodore regained the lead for Vegas with their second PP goal is the game. However, the Penguins would score on the man-advantage as well and eventually took the lead for good minutes later.

The Golden Knights record drops to (17-7-1) losing 4-3 in Pittsburgh. Vegas will make a short visit in Detroit for a matchup with the Red Wings on Saturday. Puck drop from Hockeytown is scheduled for 4P PT. (Recap by Jason)

(Analysis/Tweets by Alex)


Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 9 – November 30, 2022




  1. Pistol Pete

    Special team performance averages are meaningful over all the games but funny how some games you win with lousy special team results and others the opposite.

    VGK this game:
    PP 2/3 (67%) PK 3/4(75%) = 142%

    Unfortunately the final VGK PK ended up losing the game.

    Busy night for LT 43/47 = .915

    Sure would be nice to generate a streak and get out of this 4-5-1 slog. Kraken only 2 points back with 3 in hand! Have to give them credit. Kept their streak alive at 7 coming back against the Caps at home from first period 0-2 to win it in OT on a Matty Beniers goal. Excellent. Flames and Oilers continue to suck at this point, both losing including the Flames 0-1 vs. Habs at home!

    • Pistol Pete

      Come to think of it 3/4 PK is probably borderline. Best PK’s are a little north of 75%.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Really suspect VGK was serious about doing a deal for Alex Formenton whose deadline passed and he’ll miss the season. Could be the recently completed investigation on the sexual assault was incriminating. When I saw Hayes was traded to create a roster spot and Miromanov was called up, I thought it possible they would trade Hague for Formenton as they are a similar valuations. The young Formenton, who’s listed on Elite Prospects at 6’3” 194, had 18 goals in a 79 game season for the Senators last year including a league leading 5 shorties. Mike McKenna said he was the second fastest skater in the AHL. Would have been perfect at the badly needed 3LW.

    • Pistol Pete

      Could be too that Formenton just wanted too much money.

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK doesn’t have the bullets in gun to deal with these issues. Odds are he’s hotter than potato in middle of august on black pavement in Death Valley.

  3. Richie-Rich

    It’s quite obvious that when pressed the VGK lack’s toughness and falls completely back into the Cassidy system regardless of whether it’s 5v5, or on the PK. In their zone they’re either too aggressive at the wrong time or completely the opposite. I believe McNabb was out of position on the game winner being overly aggressive when he should have been defending Logan’s week side.

    The team, otherwise, is competitive but this needs to be fixed.

    • Danny

      effin’ McNabb was weak shit on both the tying goal and winning goal against….both scored on his side and he was not covering close enough on his man.

      but the whole thing started downhill in the 2nd period when McNabb twice allowed Pens players to get behind him for breakaways. LT stopped both of them, but it was a sign of the Vgk defensive collapse beginning to happen.

      and then there was McNabb missing the net on a wide open shot from the slot in the late third period, after Jack Eichel set him up perfectly at a key moment in the game.

      It is about time that #2 gets the deserved scrutiny on this board that others get.

      • Danny

        obvious typing error….#3 of course

      • THE hockey GOD

        no 2, no3, and no14 did not have stellar games, but LT let in easy goals and his boneheaded penalty cost the team dearly as they could never get out of the hole that was dug once they lost the lead.

        • THE hockey GOD

          as well as no 17, i doubt the rookie they brought up to replace howden who is on IR will not help. IT is telling on WHO they called up , a d man, in place of a forward who is on IR. Instead of calling a forward they called up a d man. Either they don’t have confidence in no. 17 or no 7 may be out longer than expected. Normally if a forward or center goes down, they call up one in return. Not this time. Something is up.

    • Pistol Pete

      On balance the Cassidy system has been good. I recall seeing positive fan feedback on it during the win streak. We’ve been in a slog the last ten games. Hard to say if the slog has anything to do with needing more than 25 games for the system to produce more consistent results.

  4. TS

    Another 2nd period letdown. Can’t win with only 40 minutes’ effort. But the guys know this.
    I may be a simple observer, but…. Hague is a liability lately…..

    • TS

      Also, the “Mad Scramble” at our net was a comedy of errors…LT splayed out on his back, way out of position…YIKES, WHAT A MESS!

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ TS how many times did LT lose his stick in this game ??

        No 23 smashing his adam’s apple didn’t help.

        On another note CAM TALBOT was color commentary on the Pittsburgh broadcast for most of the game. For half the game you thought he was a homer for the VGK ! (he said he would have played for VGK, with his “buddy MAF”). Some of the best and most engaging commentary all year long from any city (except the ones in french, because those commentators get excited when
        the play the Canadian National Anthem in French at beginning of game and
        are worse than idiot SOCCER (not a real sport, and boring) announcers.. This guy has a career. He reminds me of MIckey Redmond of the Red Wings telecast. I hope they keep him on. If there is a selection of game to watch, I would tune in to pens just to hear him.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    VGK out shot (Pens nearly had 50 SOG)
    out hit
    and Pens had best quality chances by far
    If it wasn’t for LT they could have scored 8 or 9 goals.
    then again if it wasn’t for LT they probably would have had a tied game.
    If that was RL out there, the haters on this board would be spewing down
    their BS non stop.

    MEANWHILE in SEATTLE , the Kraken came back from two goals to win in OT and are only two points behind the fading VGK with two games in hand. They have all the momentum.

  6. Jailbird

    Pathetic ! Can’t clear puck out of our zone! We lack toughness! We lose most puck battles! Look out, here come the Kraken!

  7. Blitz

    To me it’s the passing that destroys this team offensively. Tape to tape is not something this team does. Pay attention to this. 1/2 the passes are off the mark. Doesn’t always mean turn overs etc, but it does take the fluidness out of the play and gives the defense a split second to adjust. PIT can flat pass the puck. A couple of real nice tick tack toe goals that would never happen if the puck was in any of the players feet or just out of reach. Vegas does this all game long.

    • THE hockey GOD

      not only that some times they are too slow to pass, other times the player messes up the pass, and some players if they handle the pass are quickly knocked off the puck.

    • Pistol Pete

      VGK has been in a slog the last 10 games. Their passing is better when they’re in a win streak.

  8. Vic

    Good comments today pointing out the trouble as the train is clearly off the track. Latest Stanley Cup odds see the VGK around the 3rd spot in the 8 to 1 vicinity. Taking off the rose colored glasses, I see the VGK around the 8th or 9th spot at best. I see Seattle at anywhere from 25 to 60 to 1. Dallas is anywhere from 18-25 to 1, just to mention two. The VGK are clearly in the second tier despite the points, and the 1st tier is getting more crowded. If Ken was in the house he would be pointing out how coach C gets teams off to good starts and then stalls out, and he would already be questioning making the playoffs. Remember how it was a guarantee? No longer. Team needs to play like life and death every night like many teams are doing.

  9. TS

    We won the first period! We get a point for that, right?

    • knights fan in minny

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      • TS

        Does that mean we didn’t get the point?

        • knights fan in minny

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          • Knights fan in minnie

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        • REAL TS

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        • knights fan in minny

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          • Knights fan in minnie

            Oh I’m not leaving! I’m just liking TS more. She is a good sport and her comments on the actual hockey are getting better. But Minnie mouse guy and bad ice THG are prime for mockery

  10. THE hockey GOD

    Jason is working over time, Ken should give him a raise !!

  11. Tyler Durden

    Knights have had the easiest strength of schedule so far, and now they are gonna get the tougher schedule for here on out, (but still in the middle).

    Let’s see how that goes, if it’s like the last few games, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  12. Pistol Pete

    So called “weak “ teams win (and on the road):

    OTT 3-2 (OT) @ NYR
    CBJ 4-1 @ WPG

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