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Pietrangelo Signing Reaction, The Untouchable Reilly Smith, Kicking The Tires On Taylor Hall, Steven Stamkos And The Ripple Effect Of It All

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It was the biggest signing of the offseason, changing the landscape of the NHL. When Alex Pietrangelo signed his seven-year deal with the Golden Knights the league wildly reacted to the deal and its effect on the franchise.

They don’t lack for boldness. The end of the road map for them, like every team is the Cup. Their path seems to be a lot more direct. I don’t know if it’s going to work. They’re dancing on a wire… The Stastny thing I guess opens the door for Cody Glass. If you take Stastny and Schmidt out of the lineup and just put in Pietrangelo, I don’t know how much better they are. I think Pietrangelo is really good, but you’re taking on two pretty important players. I really don’t know what to think of it.-Ray Ferraro, TSN on TSN1050

Another pundit, however, understood the mindset of the Golden Knights front office aggressive nature.

They’re a no nonsense franchise. They’re all about winning. That’s what Mr. Foley their owner is about. They make no bones about it. George McPhee is all about that. Kelly McCrimmon’s about that… They hate San Jose. They don’t dislike San Jose, they hate San Jose. When Pete DeBoer got fired by San Jose, the team they hated the most and probably the coach they hated the most they hired him because they thought he gave them the best chance to win. They’re about winning they don’t worry about all the other stuff, the window dressing. It’s not everybody gets a trophy in this league. They’re a hard edge organization.-Pierre McGuire, NBCSN to TSN1200

By this point Golden Knights fans are aware of the front office’s hard edge, win at all costs mentality. The massive commitment to Pietrangelo proved that, as well as the difficult decisions to trade Nate Schmidt and Paul Stastny.

I heard the deal in Vegas was going to be 7x$8.5M. It came out 7x$8.8M. It’s got the no move protection. I’ve been told it has the protection that Pietrangelo wanted. The buyout protection later in the deal it’s there, in the form of a signing bonus. I heard it was a grind… I do think there were some other teams that wanted to get in on Pietrangelo but I don’t think Vegas was going to let that happen. No matter how grindy the negotiations got, he was their target, he was the guy they wanted. I think Vegas was always Pietrangelo’s first choice.-Elliotte Friedman, 31 Thoughts Podcast

Friedman relayed some of the information he gathered surrounding Pietrangelo and gave detail to why certain players in the organization were irate hearing their names circling around the rumor mill.

There are some players on the Vegas team who were bent out of shape over this. Some of their agents were and some of the players were. We already know that Fleury’s upset about his situation. Alec Martinez just got traded there and his name was out there in rumors… There were rumors about Pacioretty who’s got three years left in the extension he signed there, and Marchessault who has four-years left in his extension.

Stone got a no-move clause and now Pietrangelo definitely did get one. You just have to know, if you go there this is the organization. They churn, they churn players. It’s not going to be news to the Golden Knights, I’m sure they know that the players are upset. –Friedman, 31 Thoughts Podcast

Another interesting nugget was which players the Golden Knights were willing to trade away and the players that were off the table.

Some teams that Vegas talked to to create cap space they asked for Tuch, who just signed a six-year extension. I don’t believe Reilly Smith was someone they wanted to move. I heard a couple of teams asked about Smith and they were told ‘no we’re not moving him.’ –Friedman, 31 Thoughts Podcast

And lastly comes the hard truth. The Golden Knights were unsuccessful moving Marc-Andre Fleury and his hefty contract, because of that the Golden Knights missed out on acquiring a Hart trophy winner.

I think Vegas was one of the finalist for Taylor Hall. Short-term deal, it was one-year. I would guess they were offering him around $5M but they wanted him. And that would’ve meant they would’ve had to move more… There’s a whole situation in Tampa over Steven Stamkos. I believe Tampa has gone to Stamkos and asked him if he would waive. I think Vegas at least had a conversation about it. Vegas at the end decided not to do it because Stamkos’ health. If you’re doing that you probably have to get rid of Pacioretty. Pacioretty has less term and he’s healthier. –Friedman, 31 Thoughts Podcast

It may have seemed like one mega-deal and two trades, but in reality, the front office explored countless options. They found ways to open up cap space, sign their crush, and build a better team.

Now, it’s time for that hard-edge approach to produce a 35-pound silver result.

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  1. Mikegron32

    I love it! This is what a Vegas team is supposed to do. You go for it., You roll the dice., You land the big fish, your loud, you wear shiny gold jerseys. Players come here because it’s Vegas. It’s the biggest stage in hockey. Same reason a baseball player goes to New York or Los Angeles.
    I get tired of the endless bashing on management and lack of loyalty (talking to you Ken). Go to Winnipeg or Columbus if that’s what matters to you.
    In 3 seasons VGK has established a culture of expectations and winning. There are many teams in the league that are still trying to figure out how to do that after 20 yrs

    • Daryl Taaffe

      VGK is lucky they play in the Pacific b/c there is a very good chance if they played in a good Division, they may not make the playoffs. Sorry, but I don’t believe Pietra is worth the two players they just let go. And there is still one more trade they will have to make to get under the Cap (not positive on that). It’s a long term deal with a no trade clause. I just wonder if there is something in there about his buyout clause as well. That is what he wanted in STL but they would not give it to him

      • Tim

        Daryl like it or not the Splash Brothers keep the excitement coming. Pick at the bottom of the draft year after year and as MGM used to say ( We Have More Stars Then There Are In The Heavens ). Do we over pay at times sure but who gives a shit most teams say Oh we have to cut payroll but in Vegas Bill Foley is all in and I like that. The Splash Brothers are like bounty hunters they always get there man. Strap in Daryl were in for a wild ride.

    • sb

      Absolutely correct.

    • Herby

      The front office did turn the golden missfits into the golden rip-offs within 2 seasons.

    • Steph

      Ken is sssooooo loyal to vgk .shut the eff up man .
      He only spoke truth .and the truth is .they havent exactly been loyal back .to quite a lot of people including stholders .Please kindly back off of Him .hes fine the way he is ! I kind of like that he doesnt kiss ass and bow down

  2. Tim

    Mike it’s hard to not like your logic your spot on. We are a destination for city, climate, facilities, owner, management, no state tax that’s why it’s not to hard to go big game hunting. Everyone liked Nate but sometimes it’s the cost of doing business. If guys were worried so be it as in Vancouver and Dallas series we couldn’t get the puck in the net so they under performed and Nate Schmidt was a big part of that he played give away to many times. I don’t like some things the Splash Brothers have done but you can’t argue with there success. Sitting in there Mommy’s basement bitching about every move is easy anyone can play that game.

  3. They have nearly 30 million tied up in four players that’s suicide with a cap of 81plus. It going to make for interesting reading when they faulted again which on all probably could very well happen. It takes a committed team to win the Cup and IMO they have smashed the necessary chemistry to do that. There are many players on that team that make substantially less than the two 9 mill guys who are equal in potential and talent or make up any difference in effort. Winning at all cost might just be a disease without a cure which ultimately comes home to bite you. Yes winning the Cup would be great but I believe they are blinded by the light. I love the knights as much as anyone but l am also a realist and seriously questions if all the tweeking done thus far will pay off. They have taken a team that had something to prove to themselves and the rest of the hockey world and converted it into comfortable high paid individuals. Teams win individuals don’t.

    • Tim

      Hdbiker let me get this right when we faulter again next year your already in the tank. Now your saying this before the trade season is over, before our practices start in December, before we see how our young guys perform. Lets see Toronto hasn’t won a cup since 1967, Buffalo in 50 years hasn’t won a cup and right on down the line but if we don’t win the cup next year were losers. Do you want to drive a Cadillac or a Chevy the Knights prefer a Cadillac obviously.

      • Daryl

        I think the problem is, VGK is going all in to win it next year…. if they don’t, all these huge moves will backfire and hurt the team for years to come. It’s not so much that I (and possibly HD) am worried about next year but what comes after it. If VGK doesn’t win it all, they will be screwed for years to come. Management is going after the best players thinking 1 player is better than 2 or 3 others. That can possibly be the case if you are looking at a player like Crosby or Ovi, but a defenseman who doesn’t play great defense and isn’t great on the PP but overall a very good player, I just don’t know he’s worth it

      • Stephanie Limperis

        Plenty plenty plenty of teams have won the cup without overpaying so stop it !
        In fact the redwings did it continously during their dynasty which is why they had one .and when the hawks put out those salaries it crippled them .Im not saying they dont have a legit really good shot .but lets be realistic the misfits made it to the final on not any huge salaries . !! And honestly the caps and the blues didnt have bloated salaries either .
        Guess we will find out what happens

        • Mp

          When detroit had their dynasty there was no salary cap, no luxury tax and very little revenue sharing. Not even remotely comparable.

          Chicago won two stanley cups. Who could possibly be mad at that?

      • Tim – l believe if you went back and actually read what was said not what you think it said nothing was said about being in the tank – your words not mine. Concerning a heavy or Cadillac how about a Ferreira- its red if you see me on the road wave me over and l will take you for a ride. Then you wonder why l prefer speed to PDB game.

    • Tim

      Hdbiker let me get this right when we faulter again next year your already in the tank. Now your saying this before the trade season is over, before our practices start in December, before we see how our young guys perform. Lets see Toronto hasn’t won a cup since 1967, Buffalo in 50 years hasn’t won a cup and right on down the line but if we don’t win the cup next year were losers. Do you want to drive a Cadillac or a Chevy the Knights prefer a Cadillac obviously.

    • David

      It’s not going to be 81.5 forever. They’re already (almost) cap compliant for the next two years.

      • Daryl

        Almost but not quite…. and they’re is a good chance they will still have to make a trade to get there. And if they do go after Haula, they will definately have to masks a trade to get under the cap. They are maxed for next season with a couple free agents coming up that they won’t be able to sign. So yeah these deals will hurt them for years to come

  4. Daryl

    It’s easy… WIN the CUP and nobody cares. Don’t, and all this moving around is for not and gives fans something to bitch about!

    • Stephanie Limperis

      Thats not true at all . Win the cup and everyone will want to do it again very hard to sustain a lot of overpays

  5. Herby

    Management did destroy the locker room. The Pietrangelo/Stastny/Schmidt trades will backfire like the Erik Karlsson/Pavelski trades did for the Sharks.

    • Tim

      Herby how do you know they destroyed the locker room do you have insight or are you just talking out of your ass? As Jack Webb used to say ( Just The Facts Mam ).

  6. Daryl – l am not bitching l am simply pointing out the obvious. I am not a big advocate of pissing away dollars and not considering the long term or short term consequences. Any investment has to do with ROI and l simply question the return.

  7. Jerry Crowell

    Let’s let the locker room sort itself out, I’m sure it will. I like STARS on my team. We got a few big ones now….and a few others who are on the way there.

  8. Rob

    The only thing that matters for VGK is what Alex Tuch does next year – as that’s their biggest wildcard variable. If he produces, like he’s shown in the past and how he did during the playoffs this year, everything else will fall into place. If he gets hurt again, and does what he did during the last regular season, none of these moves will matter one way or another.

    • Nathan

      To expand on Rob’s point I think that (assuming no other major moves) what the younger players do is critical – and I believe they are ready. The stars will do what stars do, albeit with the usual ebbs and flows of a season/injuries/etc.

      One thing I don’t see mentioned anywhere is what Petro brings in the form of a “C” from a Cup winner. My biggest concern post playoff exit was the attitude. Wild Bill and some others talked about missing being home, etc. Then you saw Dobby in the Stars room screaming “We’re not going home yet!” in celebration. Look, attitude is not the be all end all, but it certainly plays a major role in it. The knowledge, leadership, and voice that a former Cup winning Captain can bring, I don’t think you can put a value on that, but it’s high.

      At the end of the day I root for the logo on the front and not the name on the back. I also like to remind myself when I get pissed after a loss that we could still be struggling to achieve 50 point seasons had the NHL gone about this process a little bit differently. We are going for it, every year, that’s a good thing.

      • STLBlues

        If you are hopping for a gritty never say die attitude from Petro you will be sadly disappointing. And if you are hoping for a superstar you will be disappointing as well. Steady player but never finished higher than 4th in the voting for the Norris trophy. Almost everyone expects the Blues power-play to be better after he’s gone. He is very predictable and has an uncanny knack to miss the net.


      totally agree because they are most definitely missing a finisher ,scorer,freakin someone to get in there

  9. Tim

    A lot depends on how Glass, Krebs, Dugan, Evelens, Coghlan, Hague mature. I see many teams playing 19 or 20 year old kids and there performing. We’ve had 4 drafts and how many picks have come up to the Knights, Hague and Glass for a cup of coffee and Whitehead for maybe a half a year. I know we slow cook our prospect but let’s not over cook them It’s time to see what we have internally. Most people hate keeping Fleury here’s how I see it. You have car and home insurance that you probably never use well the same with goaltending the most important position on the team. Look at Fleury as an insurance policy if Lehner goes down were still in good shape. Nate ‘s contract is 5.9 million and Petro’s salary is 8.8 million. Now if we can fill Nate’s position internally then looking with rose colored glasses Petro only cost us 2.9 million a year. I always like to look at the glass half full not half empty. I guess bottom line ( This is our Team ) as quoted by Gene Hackmen in Hoosiers and cheer for the team we have on the floor. And quite bitching Gene didn’t say that I did Ha Ha.

  10. DakotaKnightFan

    I recall recently all the controversy surrounding the moves the Lakers made to get LeBron and then later Anthony Davis. Fans in LA were up in arms. “Kupchak is a terrible GM” “LeBron is too old and he’s no Kobe.” “AD doesn’t know how to win.” “It’s those two stars and a bunch of nobody’s on that team now.” And on and on. And on. As of about a week ago, suddenly that all changed and the band wagon is over booked again. Hmmm…

  11. GAPPER

    The misfits made history in Season One. We shook up the establishment and Players saw what an incredible environment playing in Vegas is. The Management Group drafted, created the experience at T-Mobile. Year Two we upgraded our talent but still no definitive leader emerged and the Eakin, Pavelski thing (sorry). Year Three Western Conference Finals. Weak on the backend. Year Four the backend is solidified and we upgraded the goaltender. WE ARE AN EXPANSION TEAM, at least three years ahead of schedule. We replaced a $6m defenceman with an $8.8m, cup champion, 1st round pick, a number 4 or 5 in the league and a proven LEADER and people are whining!!! If we don’t make it to the finals this year, guess what…..more changes WILL come. God Bless Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon……….AND what team in leading the news cycle everyday…..VGK.

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!

    • Tim

      Gapper a man with a brain i agree totally. Most posters are logical and have different opinions but there’s to many loony’s on the sight that pound on the negative and it makes me laugh. We are a good team now and will be in the future and there’s no rebuild coming soon not with Foley and our management team.

      • jason mason

        No rebuild? New coach, new goalie and plenty of player movement in all 3 of their off seasons. Seems like a bit of a rebuild every year.

        Maybe the sports books can start taking prop bets on who gets moved every year we don’t win the cup. Team chemistry is a real thing, not just something made up out of thin air.

        If they win the cup it’s great, but in the meantime I’d be hard pressed to walk into the arsenal and buy a jersey with my favorite player’s name on it.

  12. No mention of Deboooor!

  13. James

    Look at the 2 players vgk dumped. Stasnty who moved up and down the lines. His effort was poor no matter who he was paired with. No coach nor line change could get him to increase his lazy ass. Schimdt had 30 turnovers in 20 playoff games. His lack of focus around the net defensively and at the blueline on powerplays was omg wtf. ***I think we should have sent the picks to trade fluery. That way we could have gotten a better return on Schimdt and stansty. **** its that the better solution.

  14. As it turned out MAF did not need total no trade or no buyout. He had Mr. Foley’s word. That’s all he needed.

    Does Schmidt get paid in US dollars
    On this contract. Lets go. VGK

    • Daryl

      Please, he didn’t have Foley’s “word”, Foley just couldn’t off load him.

      • Flower is the one who said he had Foley’s word he could retire here.
        Why such little chatter considering his trade?

        • Daryl

          I get what you are saying but their intention this whole time was to trade him. Foley can say what he wants but is they could have traded him they would have

  15. knights fan in minny

    time for glass to step up losing nate stinks good guy watched him for 4 years for the gophers everybody has good opinions let it play out i cant wait for the season to start

  16. A VGK Fan

    After reading everyone’s comments, here’s my two cents. In hindsight, most the GMGMs moves have panned out well (except giving up picks for Tatar, and that’s debatable). I was upset we didn’t keep Neal and Perron for year 2, but we did her Patch and Stone instead. Neal ended up regressing horribly and Perron has been inconsistent. If Haula didn’t get injured we might be on a different scope. They kept majority of the team intact for year 2 and got knocked out first round due to few issues (lack of offense to close out, MAF letting in softies). We were looking pretty weak year 3 and after PDB came we started kicking ass. I love Gallant, but he didn’t adjust the team as much as he should’ve. I do like PDB starting 4th line, always thought we should do that anyway.

    In regards to statsny, I was one of the few in the beginning that said he should go vs. MAF, and that’s what happened. I also don’t think we got a good ROI on him. He was injured early and most of the first season with us (last year) and did little towards the end. He was a little bit better this year, but too slow and not as good as his contract is worth. Moving him was wise.

    I love Schmidt, but he was a HUGE liability defensively these past playoffs. He was on ice for most of the goals. His offensive production also dipped. Trading him and getting AP for 3 mil more a year is a good move, regardless of the cap situation.

    I do not believe Glass will pan out. He is too small, and isn’t strong to hold his own. Haula is similar size, but was more aggressive and just better overall player (before his injury). And outside that fluke injury, he was a reliable durable player.

    Roy is good and will hold up. It is clear he is still getting comfortable playing with the big boys. But once he finds his rhythm he and Tuch will kick some serious ass, assuming Tuch stays on the plus side of production.

    Stephenson is great, and as long as he keeps his speed and offensive above 15 goals, he will be great in between Stone and Patches. Yes that’s right, leave the original misfit together, Smith Marchy and Wild Bill. And I would suggest leaving them as the first line, as you got two checking forwards who can play a 200ft game and help defend the star players. Thus leaving Patch Stone and Stephenson to wreak havoc on second line against lower quality players.

    Nosek in between carrier and reaves is still a good move. Another checking line that will grind down the other team.

    For 3rd line, I think if glass doesn’t pan out, we should try Kolesar with Roy/Tuch. Imagine that line, all big fast boys raining down on other teams D. My only worry is their weakness on the back check. They can forecheck the hell out of teams, but tend to get lazy in their own D at times.

    And lastly (and most importantly) this article proves what I have been saying all damn year. REILLY FOR CAPTAIN. He is untouchable right? There’s a reason for that.

    PS I’m still waiting for that long ass article from Ken picking apart APs big ass contract and Ken better say it’s not worth all the terms involved otherwise he’s a hypocrite (aka reaves hater)

    • The Noodle King

      STONE FOR “C”. Get used to it.

    • Daryl

      Just my two cents… Yes Gallant could have done better but I stunt think the team turning things around is on PDB. I’ve never liked him as coach. The team started playing well when MAF finally got his head streat. Yes they lost 4 in a row when Gallant was fired but that was right after they won 4 in a row.

      I personally hate staying the 4th line as I do not believe it helped the team at all. What exactly did that accomplish? I do know that it hurt the team a couple times.

      VGK didn’t get squat for Stastny. That was nothing more than a cap moving trade. Exact same with Schmidt. VGK basically traded away Stastny, Schmidt and even possibly one more trade for Pietra… And I stunt think it das worth it. Especially if VGK is really trying to get Haula as they’re will be another trade coming to open cap for him. To go along with that I don’t think the Reaves contract was worth it. If VGK had paid Reaves for what he was really worth they would be under the cap right now


      i like Smith for captain .but i have a question .why does everyone feel they need a captain ?

  17. Rich Santomauro

    I am one who is not sold on the direction of this team. The entire shift in philosophy on offense. For a team that made the Stanley Cup final in its first year, way too many moves and that includes the Head Coach. There is a lot to be said about locker room cohesiveness, and a commitment to a strategy. Those two things were thrown out the window, completely disregarded. It might just be me but it almost seems as if it is McPhee and McCrimmon who want to win the Cup and take all the credit for it. I am sad that Haula won’t be coming back and I really miss Perron and Bellamare. Schmidt was a major locker room piece to move as well. I am very happy that Fleury will be providing the insurance that I think is needed in goal. God Bless Lehner for being clean and I sincerely hope he can become a HOFer in his own right here. He has to live up to that big contract. I firmly believe that Foley vetoed any decision to move Flower. He’s 36, and I think he has a lot of play left in him especially if he only needs to spot Lehner periodically.

  18. Tim – l believe if you went back and actually read what was said not what you think it said nothing was said about being in the tank – your words not mine. Concerning a heavy or Cadillac how about a Ferreira- its red if you see me on the road wave me over and l will take you for a ride. Then you wonder why l prefer speed to PDB game.

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