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Philadelphia Flyers Senior Advisor: “None Of Our Scouts Wanted Nolan Patrick”

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The Golden Knights and Nolan Patrick have always been connected, even if it took until 2021 for Patrick to finally become a Golden Knight.

As a top prospect for the Brandon Wheat Kings, it was understood that Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon would want him in Vegas. Heck, we even wrote an article on this site nearly six years ago considering the possibility.

But when the ping pong balls fell the way they did before the 2017 Draft, it became fairly clear Patrick was going to go well before the Golden Knights had a chance to make their first pick.

In the end, Patrick went #2 overall to the Philadelphia Flyers sandwiched between Nico Hischier, Miro Heiskanen, Cale Makar, and Elias Petterson, before the Golden Knights selected fellow WHL standout Cody Glass at #6.

Patrick went on to play at the NHL level fairly quickly, racking up 73 games in 2017-18, while Glass didn’t make his Golden Knights debut until opening night of 2019-20.

We now know the history that neither Patrick nor Glass flourished with the team that drafted them and they were eventually traded for each other in a three-way deal that landed Patrick in Las Vegas. So far, it hasn’t been a great start with their new teams for either player.

Yesterday, appearing on the Cam and Strick Podcast, Philadelphia Flyers senior advisor, and legendary former player, Bobby Clarke, shared some enlightening details into the draft process that led the Flyers to select Patrick.

(Flyers GM Ron Hextall) shut his door. He locked the doors, he was boss and nobody else was part of it. We end up drafting, with the 2nd pick in the Draft, Nolan Patrick. None of our scouts wanted Nolan Patrick. I don’t know where Patrick should have gone after his performances in Brandon, he’s a pretty good player, but our scouts wanted Makar, of course, he went next, and now he’s a superstar and Patrick hasn’t played much. –Bobby Clarke on the Cam and Strick Podcast

Pretty damning stuff about a player the Golden Knights currently have in their everyday lineup.

Patrick has played just nine games this season, missing nearly two months with an undisclosed injury. He’s been noticeable at times on the ice in Vegas but has just tallied three points while averaging 13 minutes a night.

In the end, McCrimmon finally got his guy, but hearing from Clarke has to make you wonder what might have been had the Flyers listened to their scouts and selected Makar.




Goalie Interference – Episode 14


  1. Michael

    I wouldn’t say this is particularly damning for a guy playing 4th line…what; that the flyers scouts wanted Makar? Yeah, I’m not an NHL scout but it’s clear now Makar is better

  2. THE hockey GOD

    bobby clark ??? monday quarterback, easy to BS now.

    never liked him, only time I liked him was when he
    played the Russian Red Army.

    A very dirty player.

  3. NedRyerson57

    Clarke is a jerk. Keep your mouth shut. That does absolutely no one any good.

  4. Blitz

    Kind of a douchie article built from a douchie podcast interviewing a douchie “senior advisor”.

    I think Patrick could have been a superstar, but he has weak parts that breakdown easily. Some people aren’t built to withstand it. I run 3 miles and I die. My cousin runs ultra marathons (75 miles or something like that) and his toe nails come off and what not. Its weird shit, but it is what it is.

  5. Vic

    Hated Bobby Clarke as a Rangers fan, but it was mostly out of envy. Two cups, over a point per game, +507 career, 3 Harts, a Selke, a Masterton and a Pearson. Averaged 90 penalty minutes a year as well. He had grit and determination, and was a dirty son of a gun. Lucky he was protected by goons (except when they played the Islanders). He’s right about Patrick but it’s easy to Monday morning QB about Makar. We knew the VGK lost big time in year one when the ball dropped down to #6. Who knows who the VGK would have drafted with the #1 pick, but Glass and Patrick are washouts. Despite the horrible draft pick that year, the VGK are a dream franchise. One only needs to look at the Kraken to see what expansion usually means. By the way, Ron Hextall was the real jerk as a player. He did score a goal, and had 569 penalty minutes. His management career is better, and the Pens are doing well. Clarke flaming up the Pens-Flyers rivalry.

  6. Tim

    Cody Glass wasn’t working so trading for Nolan Patrick wasn’t a stretch unfortunately he has his issues. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain but it looks like it didn’t work out. Funny Kelly M. new him well at the Wheat Kings so he felt comfortable giving him a shot.

  7. The hockey GOD

    Media mob trying to stir up something out of nothing. Real story of day is how VGK nearly beat one of the best , if not the best team in NHL. And on short notice without Patches, Roy, 27, Marty, Hague, um Patrick, etc. Can t wait to see a game when all there best players come back. Don t give me all teams have injuries, VGK has worst spell.

    • The hockey GOD


    • Tim

      THG No doubt we’ve had more injuries this year then any team and we still chugging along. Looks like the AHL guys have been sent down except Jonas R. he may be on the cusp of staying on the team. I like him hope he gets more playing time.

      • The hockey GOD

        I like him too and 15, despite last game. Can t spell his name. Lichin . Forget it. I am optimistic with this team and hope to see what they do with full squad. Unfortunately their veteran players are starting to break down sooner than projected.

      • Pistol Pete

        Tim, yesterday I posted that Rondbjerg is my preference among him, Leschyshyn and Cotter. He’s taller and heavier than Leschyshyn and gets more points than either of others. His two way game is probably better as well. Looks to be a solid 4th liner, for starters. Smart player. He’s also from the home country of my favorite band Volbeat…just a coincidence lol. Have a ticket for the March 4 concert at Virgin. For those who really like to rock check out this cut from the just released album. Use ear plugs…not the speaker on your laptop!

        • Tim

          Pistol Pete on AHL personal we’ve been mostly on the same page. Jonas R. is a keeper, we both like Pavel D. and Paul C. I’m curious to see how this Branden B. from Michigan does when he joins the Silver Knights also looking forward to seeing Ivan The Terrible M. when his KHL season is over this year. There’s others but that’s my top 4.

          • Pistol Pete

            Sounds about right Tim. It will be cool if they rank Rondbjerg #1 as I do. Might show I have learned a thing or two!

          • Pistol Pete

            And Miromanov the D. I think he’s just about ready. You can be sure he’s working on his defense as obviously the coaches are. 20 pts in 22 HSK games this season…that’s strong.

    • Daryl

      Didn’t know they played on short notice… And yes, every team has injuries so stop using this as an excuse. Nearly beating is still not beating. In fact, VGK doesn’took very good record wise against good teams… And they just lost to the Hawks. But if course, RL isn’t at fault for any of it

  8. donal

    Lets face it the Golded Knights have drafted poorly ..except for N Suzuki,, and maybe down the road you might see Kreabs turn into a good player .. they Have done crappy year after year…

    • Tim

      I don’t agree I watch a lot of the AHL games and I see some talent but we all have our opinion.

    • The hockey GOD

      If you include non drafted they have done well. Hague, Thompson white loud kolersar all NHL starters. It takes the and luck in draft. I know Hague was no 4

  9. Patrick is injury prone and will never live up to his selection.

  10. Daryl

    Is it Monday morning QB when he says they had these thoughts at the time of the draft even though it’s just now its being talked about???

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