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Pete DeBoer’s Time Is Now

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When Kelly McCrimmon called Pete DeBoer to talk about becoming the next head coach of the Golden Knights, DeBoer’s reason why he was the right man for the job rested on one thing.

I’ve taken two teams to Stanley Cup Finals. I went to a Western Conference Final last year. We’ve played 60 playoff games in the last four years in San Jose so I think probably my biggest pitch would be I feel like I know what buttons to push to have success at that time of year. -DeBoer at VGK intro proess conference on 1/16/20 in Ottawa

It’s that time of year and there plenty of different buttons for him to press.

Whether we’re talking about tangible or intangible decisions, DeBoer has to make the right ones in Game 7 tomorrow night, or the castle the Golden Knights have built for themselves will instantly look much more like a house of cards.

If the Golden Knights lose this game, everything will be questioned. From the decisions made in Game 7 itself to those made across the series back to the ones made in the regular season and as far back as the offseasons before it that have brought us here. How good is this team actually? Is the whole thing a mirage? Have they gone completely in the wrong direction from where they were when they lifted the Campbell Bowl in Winnipeg in 2018?

It’ll all be on trial… if they lose.

But, if they win, the blown 3-1 series lead vanishes, and everything looks just like it did less than a week ago with the focus on upending a great Colorado team and continuing on towards the ultimate prize.

So, quite simply, the man who sold himself on knowing how to win these games has to do it.

His resume speaks for itself in this situation. DeBoer boasts a perfect 5-0 record in Game 7’s, he’s never been on the losing side of a series in which his team has led by two games, and he’s won 11 of the 17 series in which he’s coached. Plus, his team in Vegas, in this very same situation, blanked the Vancouver Canucks 3-0 in Game 7 last year and played an excellent game in doing so.

The past is the past though, the only thing that matters now is this very next game, and he must be perfect in every choice he makes.

Which goalie does he pick? Keep the lines the same or mix them up? Force the injured guys back in? Look for different in-game matchups? Balance the time on ice or keep leaning on the stars?

Every single one has to be right, and the only way to make them right is for the Golden Knights to score at least one more goal than the Wild at T-Mobile Arena on Friday night.

This situation is exactly why he’s here. This is the moment Pete DeBoer sold the Golden Knights on and now he must once again deliver. He must deliver off the ice in preparing his team to be at their best, and he must deliver on the ice with the right answer to every question posed above.

It is unacceptable for this team to lose in the 1st Round, as it was in 2019 when they were robbed against the San Jose Sharks. A lot has happened since then, a lot that was supposed to make the Golden Knights better. The time has come to prove they are better. Win and move on. Lose and the house of cards collapses.

Welcome to Game 7. They hired the savior, now he must save them.




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  1. Tom

    He certainly shares some of the burden and will take a ton of heat if they don’t win. At the end of the day people like Shea, Petro, Smith, Marchy and others have to be help accountable as well if not more so. Their lackluster inconsistent play has put them in this spot…..not the coach. Playing without Patch, McNabb and Nosek hasn’t helped and noone has really stepped up….I smell changes ahead unless something drastic happens (like playing up to your talent, a novel idea)

    • I’m not necessarily making this argument, but isn’t it fair to ask if the reason these guys aren’t playing up to their potential is because of the coach?

      • Ya Ken, because like VGK has some really good centers who are strong up the middle, oh wait!

        Top 2 centers here are bottom 2 on any other real Cup contender. Not on PDB, it’s on a poorly constructed team with a front office who went after wants instead of needs, akin to what a 12 year kid would do with a lot of money.

        • I’m with you that I’m more inclined to blame the front office than the coach. It’s just that right now, the coach has decisions to make, not the front office. He’s been given a team good enough to beat the Wild. They need to do it.

          • Frank

            Yes Ken, spot on. We are better than the Wild. However, for whatever reason, they seem to be our Kryptonite. Hopefully this game seven will get over it and beat them.

      • Ken – Just an observation from a business owner – when you have such a huge differential in pay scale for the guys doing the same thing ask yourself what motivation is there for the lower pay guys to put themselves out – zero and for what – that’s the box mgt has painted themselves into. Is that on Pete I don’t think so. The contract on the two recent additions Petro, and the walrus, not only the money but the terms Vegas is stuck with about 14mill cap hit for the foreseeable future with marginal if any, at the moment, ROI – questionable if that will change. That is just not smart business. IMO that address your question “isn’t it fair to ask if the reason these guys aren’t playing up to their potential is because of the coach?” I am not a big Pete fan but that said I think he has done some good – any better than Gallant questionable as he took the team to the brink of winning the cup. That team had something to prove – not to management but themselves and had the attitude to carry it off – from watching the Knights I believe that is some of what is missing.

        • THE hockey GOD

          as a former owner of many successful businesses, coach, player, and lengthy life experiences i take exception to “the guys doing the same thing ‘.

          They are not doing the same thing, they all have varying skills and levels of seniority and experience. Some skate fast, some stake slow, some have a high intimidation factor, some do not, some get face planted in front of their own net , some do not, some check hard, some do not, some are excellent at back checking some are not, some are excellent in face off draws some are not, some can execute a game plan some can not, some hold their cool some do not. It is like at work the same thing applies in a general fashion but to the skills needed for that companies varied work tasks.

          Just trying to educate the new fan base here in some of their misconceptions about NHL hockey and hockey in general.

    • Jinklu

      I find it interesting Tom that you did not include the vaunted captain in your list of those players who should be held accountable for “lackluster and inconsistent play.” I would put Stone at the top of that list. Where is his leadership? Where is his scoring? Also, I strongly disagree with you on giving PDB a pass. I hold him equally as culpable if not more so.

    • Howard

      Tom; what you mean “Play up to their talent?” VGK is, they aren’t a Cup contender – they are playing up to their talent. On NO REAL cup contenders would Karlsson and Stephenson be your top 2 centers. Centering is VGK’s big issue. The other guys can’t really do much when you half board cycle everything without a center who has the strength and know-how + some balls to skate the net.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    OCTOBER 12TH 2020 and MAY 10TH 2021

    The two dates that could very well define this season.

    ** In October, our McGMs huge egos, “made” them go for another big splash in the FA market. Regardless of actual need or financial culpability, they just “had” to sign the “most desirable” player available. It of course, set the Knights on a journey of “CAP HELL” for the season.

    ** In May, that decision, led us to have to play the most significant game of the regular season, THREE SKATERS SHORT! THE game to decide the Western Conf. The boys played their guts out but lost by one. Instead of 1st and playing the 4th place Blues, (which we had much more success against), we had to play the Wild, (a team that we have had big problems with for 3 years).

    Making matters even worse, is the huge disappointment in the play of the guy, paid the big bucks, in that FA signing.

    To me this season falls directly on the backs the McGMs. Period! It is ridiculous, to make your team play short-handed in so many games and the most important one of the regular season.

    I hope this WON’T be the definition of our season, but am afraid it just might be!

    • Woah! This is the kind of Doc I can have a conversation with! Well done my man.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Thank you Lord Ken! 🙂

        • Mike

          The Golden Knights weren’t robbed in San Jose. They allowed 4 goals in 4 minutes. Regardless of the penalty, that is a choke job.

          • (Admits they were robbed in a comment saying they weren’t robbed.)

          • NARKS

            bs pal. the league CHANGED the RULES and APOLOGIZED to the Knights because they were ROBBED. dipshit.

    • Richard Santomauro


      I go beyond the CAP Space issue and to the actual “superstar” himself. #7 hasn’t even come close to living up to expectations of the fans. $8.8 million dollars for an over 30 defense-man, and the loss of a solid fan favorite #88!

      This series should have been over in 4 or 5 games. I could care less if we haven’t had a lot of success against the Wild. Did you see the absolute trashing we gave them in the 2nd period of I think game 5? 22 shots us, and 1 shot them. When the Golden Knights turn on the afterburners they can play with any team out there.

      Personally, I think #7 may have a bit of an attitude because #61 is wearing the “C” and he isn’t with that big fat bloated salary.

      Sorry, but I wasn’t in favor of bringing this guy in. The VGK had struck the lottery in year 1 with the Misfits and began dismantling a Stanley Cup playoff caliber team in year 2.

      The time to win is now. McGMs have stacked the roster with over 30yr old stars that don’t have much time left in them to produce a Cup.

      • THE hockey GOD

        he better show up for game 7 for the fans will have his head on a platter or banished to the lowest, dankest, darkest dungeon of the fortress !!

      • Berenice Warner

        Letting Schmidt and Hula go was a very Bad choice on the men that hold the purse strings…kick a person when he’s down,bad choice!!! Then spending that kind of money on Petro….ridiculous!!

    • Stephanie

      Totally agree with this statement

  3. Richard Santomauro

    Indeed! Welcome to Game 7!

    The 2019 SJS collapse was the turning point for the VGK FO that resulted in massive changes to personnel as well as the coaching staff. The McBros dumped a Coach of the Year, Perron, Bellamare, Haula, Schmidt and others. Some of the moves have proven to be good ones (acquiring Stone, Stephenson and Martinez).

    Win Game 7 and the VGK FO and PDB move on to Round 2 and another chance to prove that decisions made were the right ones. Lose Game 7 and exit early in Round 1 and all of those decisions, especially the one to dump Gallant in favor of PDB become certified failures, at least in the minds of most of the VGK fan base.

    Let’s face some facts, the VGK is skating with quite a few basic young rookies in Roy, Hague, Brown, and Whitecloud. #7 Putridangelo has been the most disappointing piece added this year. He skates well and is a decent defender, but gives away too much space, and he is a turn over machine who lacks aggressiveness in the offensive zone. I believe the thinking was that #7 would give #27 more freedom to shoot and be more aggressive. That simply hasn’t come to fruition at all. Personally, I don’t see the major difference between #88 and #7 on the ice. #7 may be the better skater, but in terms of puck handling and turnovers #88 is my choice. I’d like to see the stats on these two compared side to side, but it’s just my perspective right now.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I don’t see the major difference between #88 and #7 on the ice.>>except no. 88 spent most of Dallas , and previous year playoff games, face planted to ice, which no.7 has yet to do.

      • THG is right, Nate was a suckass Dman. Fan Fav? Lol, shows us how ignorant VGK fanbase really is.

        • THE hockey GOD

          they nearly booed him out of vancouver this year for some very poor bone headed plays, just saying.

          I liked Nate but then again I try to see the positives too. He was a likeable person. And year one with Knights STRAT O MATIC gave him a 5 rating, a very high d rating. But that fell off in next two years.

        • Daryl

          McNabb wasn’t much better… How many To and penalties to McNabb cost us. He’s looked a lot better this season though

          • THE hockey GOD

            McNab rating stayed about the same, here are all the o and d ratings from last year so Jonathan is offense 4 and defense 2, and 1 when short handed from STRAT, higher number the better. Note I looked at Wild strat stats from last year, and they are playing lights out above them now.

            KARLSSON WILLIAM VEG C 4 4(3)
            SMITH REILLY VEG R 4 4(3)
            PACIORETTY MAX VEG L 4 3(1)
            STASTNY PAUL VEG C 3 2
            STONE MARK VEG R 4 5(3)
            CARRIER WILLIAM VEG L 2 1
            REAVES RYAN VEG R L 1 1
            COUSINS NICK VEG L R C 3 2(1)
            NOSEK TOMAS VEG C 2 2
            McNABB BRAYDEN VEG LD 2 3
            SCHMIDT NATE VEG RD 3 3(2)
            MARTINEZ ALEC VEG LD RD 3 2
            THEODORE SHEA VEG RD 4 3(2)
            HOLDEN NICK VEG LD 3 2

            ENGELLAND DERYK VEG RD X 2 3(2)
            TUCH ALEX VEG R L X 4 2(1)
            GLASS CODY VEG L R C X 2 2(1)
            HAGUE NICOLAS VEG LD X 3 1
            ROY NICOLAS VEG R L C X 3 1
            PIRRI BRANDON VEG R XX 3 2(1)
            WHITECLOUD ZACH VEG RD XX 1 2(1)
            ZYKOV VALENTIN VEG R XX 2 1
            BISCHOFF JAKE VEG RD XX 3 1
            QUINNEY GAGE VEG C XX 1 1
            BROWN PATRICK VEG C XX 4 1
            KOLESAR KEEGAN VEG R XX 2 1

  4. Vic

    I agree with Doc. To go further, losing tomorrow or winning tomorrow and then losing to the Avs should result in major changes starting with top management and coaches. As for the players, it will be time to say goodbye to some key pieces, and hopefully hello to some playmakers and scorers. Think big but clean up the cap issue. I consider very few as untouchable for possible deals.

    • rgangue

      You can’t move Pietro and that big contract because the management gave him a No movement Clause. Stuck with an 8.8 million cap hit for 7 more years. OUCH

      • Steph

        I just about died with the nmc! Didn’t think Vegas would make those same kind of disasterous mistakes the Blackhawks made all these yrs

  5. Vic

    Ditto to all the comments on here today.

  6. Daryl

    My counter to his claim is that his teams always get worse. He had a stacked, and I mean stacked NJD team and he couldn’t win the Cup. What happened the following year??? He had a good run with the Sharks, but this Division is as a whole is a bottom feeder. I’m not talking about this year, even though I do think they are the worst Division, I’m talking more about the past. It isn’t hard to finish near the top in the Division. He had some very good players with the Sharks and he couldn’t win the conference

    Now, as for the playoffs. Even if VGK wins, fans will rightfully so still be talking about the moves being made and not being able to close out with a 3-1 lead. And right now, PDB is stuck in a no win situation. If he starts MAF and they lose fans will say MAF is gassed. If he starts Lehner and they lose, fans will say Lehner never should have played. IMO, if Lehner was going to play at all, it should have been in the last game. They win great, they lose, they still have MAF for game 7.

    • THE hockey GOD

      not entirely true, and apples to oranges analogy >>
      “facing a team seriously injured with key players missing, the VID infection, and a roster riddled with NHL imposters and AHL call ups. Their star players MIA or AWOL. Their sole bulwark a cast away goalie in middle age of his hockey career.<<this statement refers to VGK not NJD or SJS which did not have this same set of circumstances to play under.

      Now if you are saying they always get "worse' because he gets players injured, or on the VID, or due to lack of organization depth than that is a different argument, and I don't think you are making that one at all.

      • Daryl

        Can’t use injured players as an excuse… VGK is basically missing one star player

        • THE hockey GOD

          Using non NHL roster players vs. NHL rosters . PDB did not have that situation , as well as season long salary Cap issues to deal with these other teams. Completely apples to oranges. VGK is missing five NHL roster slots – they are playing the following non NHLers in these slots . GLASS, Hague or Holder, Brown, Kolosar, and Roy in these playoffs. Pick and choose which ones you want, five or six of them on any given night play like AHLers more often than naught. You can’t deny that, the play on the ice proves that.

          • Daryl

            All excuses. Hague has ple ty of NHL experience and is a decent 3rd pairing. Brown probably should have been called up earlier in the season. Holden is an NHL Dmen. You are just giving excuses.

          • Howard

            “they are playing the following non NHLers in these slots . GLASS, Hague or Holden, Brown, Kolosar.”

            Is the above intended to be funny?

            All of the above are NHL players with the exception of Glass who was demoted and rightfully so. Holden been in the league for years and VGK shit FO over paid him. Brown as well. Hague has been on team most of the year. Kolasar as well. While these guys aren’t ‘ankle breaking good,” they are still NHL players.

            However, this goes to the point I keep making – VGK DOES NOT HAVE THE DEPTH TALENT TO WIN A CUP. In other words, this team while good, is a “Cup Pretender.” especially without an injured Max and/or a limited Max as he was last year.

            I believe VGK will lose game 7 and that’s ok as I really don’t want to see AVS annihilate them.

            Those players you mention are seeing the time because of VGK’s piss poor front office decisions in which Foley needs to fire them straight away after another exit this year. They are the ones who created the issues here.

    • Actually Daryl; The time to have played Lehner was game 5, with a 3-1 lead and at home so, if he lost he could have MAF for final 2. I’m not saying PDB should have played Lehner I’m saying that was the right time if any.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    NEWSFLASH -part 1

    The Wild are encircling T-mobile riding a wave of momentum and optimism. The desert vultures are circling T MOBILE as the WILD close in and the hot sun beats down. The smell of the scent of blood in the air after surgically dissecting the Knights with one wound after another in the last two games. Winning two out of three on away ice, they can’t help but feel confident. Especially after their coach vigorously implored the gods to change the puck luck into their camp. Obvious the gods have listened. After all they approach with seasoned veterans, a highly skilled rookie (albeit proven with years of KHL experience) facing a team seriously injured with key players missing, the VID infection, and a roster riddled with NHL imposters and AHL call ups. Their star players MIA or AWOL. Their sole bulwark a cast away goalie in middle age of his hockey career.

    Never the less push button Pete never waivers insisting these are only minor flesh wounds digging deeper and deeper into his magic bag of tricks.

    In a series fraught with significant momentum changes mainly hanging on BETTMANS’ NHL memo to REFS to CALL more GOALIE INTERFERENCES not seen during the regular season. One has yet to wonder if the last game will be decided BY THE PLAYERS on the ice rather than OFFICIALS in some far off studio reviewing gnat’s a$$es for infringement upon everything BLUE on the ice. Whether it be the BLUE line or the BLUE paint in the crease.

    Will they let them play HOCKEY the FANS plead? Will the real best team be proven on the ICE and not on a replay tablet or studio far far away?

  8. Tom N

    No one has said anything about Cody Glass’s horrible failure on that Hartmann goal….Theo and Petro were BOTH caught up ice (the first unforgiveable error) and Glass was the only one back on the 2 on 1…..He looked very slow but was in position to block the pass….he could/should have thrown his body at it …but didn’t….go back and watch it… Flower played the shooter and was helpless….. Glass had the opportunity to be a hero and failed, ultimately costing VGK the game…… Glass …our first ever pick…looks more and more like he will not live up to expectations…..while Nick Suzuki had 15 goals & 41 pts in the regular season as the 2nd line center for Montreal…. Mad Max….while absolutely worth the trade…has proven pretty delicate…. Once again our “Mr Game Time Decision”…… Disaster looms ???

    • THE hockey GOD

      i said it in post in the prior story

    • Glass is a softy – every VGK with half-a-brain knows this so him not diving there is pretty much in line with him as a player.

      • Bent Hermit

        If he had the work ethic like Krebs, Roy, Kolesar or Brown he would be putting up some good numbers because he does have skill. I think that’s what is so frustrating. PDB should not have broken up the 3rd line to put Glass on it. Roy-Janmark-Kolesar had been consistently good the entire series no matter who they went against.

  9. Bent Hermit

    This is some stats from the 2018-2019 to the 2020-2021 season. these are the top 5 forwards that are expected to carry the team.
    reg season playoff ATOI ATOI
    G per game G per game reg season playoffs
    Karlsson 0.26 0.21 18.8 min 19.5 min
    Marchessault 0.29 0.24 17.6 min 17.3 min
    Smith 0.30 0.21 18.0 min 18.2 min
    Stone 0.34 0.51 19.0 min 19.4 min
    Pacioretty 0.42 0.43 17.6 min 17.8 min
    Tuch 0.27 0.36 16.2 min 16.2 min

    This makes it pretty clear where the production is falling behind. You might be saying that the 2nd line has great corsi #”s and I would have to point out that corsi has never won a Stanley Cup. The 2nd line is a place where DeBoer needs to look at getting improvement out of, whether it’s breaking them up or changing the way they play. Somebody please buy Tuch some more ice time. Tuch’s #’s include playing with some really bad players like Eakin. The Misfit line is a good regular season line but struggle in the playoffs. The time of year where your top players should be raising their game they fail. Whatever happens this year it should be the last year of the Misfit line. They should trade anyone of the Misfit line players to form a new 2nd line around Tuch for next year.

    • Bent Hermit

      #”s got all messed up
      Karlsson 0.26 G per game reg season, 0.21 g per game playoffs, 18.8 min ATOI reg season, 19.5 min ATOI playoffs

      Marchessault 0.29 G per game reg season, 0.24 g per game playoffs, 17.6 min ATOI reg season, 17.3 min ATOI playoffs

      Smith 0.30 G per game reg season, 0.21 g per game playoffs, 18.0 min ATOI reg season, 18.2 min ATOI playoffs

      Stone 0.34 G per game reg season, 0.51 g per game playoffs, 19.0 min ATOI reg, 19.4 min ATOI playoffs

      Pacioretty 0.42 G per game reg season, 0.43 g per game playoffs, 17.6 min ATOI reg , 17.8 min ATOI playoffs

      Tuch 0.27 G per game reg season, 0.36 g per game playoffs, 16.2 min ATOI reg, 16.2 min ATOI playoffs

      • THE hockey GOD

        ur ok

      • Stephanie

        Stop smoking so much pot bent hermit
        Ooooo yea let’s make the whole team around Tuch ! Are you an idiot ?!

        • Bent Hermit

          The stats speak for themselves. I said a 2nd line around Tuch not the whole team. He is stats are the 3rd best on the team. No other team would bury their 3rd best player on the 3rd line. He has shown he can play against the best players in the league. We all saw how great he was when he played against McKinnon. I like the misfit line but hockey is constantly changing and they have reached their shelf life.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    The rabble rousers are rising with a louder and louder vocals throughout the valley.

    “Where are the mis-fits, we miss the misfits?” They question.

    Jose from North Vegas laments ” Knights?? Knights? We don’t see no stinkin’ KNIGHTS! Not even squires, more like court jester and fools. BAH ” !

    Julia from Mountain Edge ” The fans will never give up, but we have been led to believe in shiny golden baubles packaged as Golden jewels with Stanley Cup material, will they be the goose that lays the golden egg or rotten eggs”?

    Mark from Providence cries ” GOLDEN KNIGHTS ?? MORE LIKE GOLD DIGGERS”

    With game 7 on the line Vegas natives Roy and Millie ” Last nite we saw the Islander fans as number three star in the game, Friday night we fans need to be the No. 1 star. We don’t need no siren, or fancy loud signs saying make some noise or clap our hands. We can do a lot better”.

    Custodian Matt from Venetian” Whoever planted that ice in the last home game needs to be fired. We are supposed to be a Class A organization. Pathetic.”

    Mary Ann from Henderson “I hope the real Golden Knights show up, not Gold Brickers.”

    Some millennials were seen around T mobile from UNLV were seen passing a petition with a poll to change the name of the VGK from Golden Knights to A) Golden Chicken Chokers b) Golden Showers or c) Gold Brickers if they lose game 7.

    Another group of students had a petition to move the team to San Diego AND change the name to San Diego Chickens.

    A third group was walking around with a small caricature of PDB with a noose around his neck with a sign on front saying win Game 7 or leave town!

    A homeless man on the strip crafted a small guillotine and was slicing melons and small fruit with names of FO personnel in magic marker , saying over and over “heads are going roll, heads are gonna roll”. When asked for his name, he said they just call him biker on the strip.

    However, hope springs eternal in many; as noted, word around town is that a small elderly man in a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck , with a gang of followers, was seen last night late after the game chanting around a fire of dying golden embers “go knights go, go knights go, go knights go.”

    Come on people let’s be the no. 1 star in game 7 !!

    • THE hockey GOD

      i left out the following, it didn’t fit in exactly with above, but in spirit of expert reliable, and excellence in journalism , going far and beyond the low level set by some working for fake news outlets, I felt it necessary to add:

      My buddy Dan (blitz) Blitzerian was seen driving around town in his (car) with three ladies (chicks, oh boy I age myself) and another man from Summerlin driving his
      three wheeled Spyder (at the Costco) asking where they could score (scalp) some tickets for Friday’s game.

      End of news feed. THG

  11. Steve

    The only remark I would make is if you have a winning game such as the 4-0 win, why play with the 3rd and 4th lines? I understand if there are injuries but play the winning team.

  12. J

    PDB has been a over rated HC his entire career. He’s had talented teams with SJ and NJ and never could win. The issues run deep besides the massive overpay for some of these players its the owner and FO that I find the biggest issues with. The worst thing that happened to this Franchise was getting to finals in Year 1. Foley is running this team like GS ran the Yankees. He wants the biggest FA all the time and went through managers like running water. McPhee is another issue. He had talented teams with Caps but always choked or blew series leads there. To even get to game 7 is inexcusable. They had the Wild dead after game 3/4 and couldn’t close the deal not because of Fluery its cause nobody steps up and puts the puck in the net. The Max excuses need to stop cause up to 3-1 lead it was fine but now it’s a issue. They are lucky they will play by far in the worst division in hockey for years to come with the 3 Canada teams coming back and losing AZ for Seattle. Are you kidding me? To go along with the 3 California teams which are bad they will continue to win division and make playoffs but flame out unless make moves are made which includes the FO and HC gone to start.

  13. A VGK Fan

    Although PDB may be 5-0 in Game 7s, i would like to think one of those is an asterisk because of #NotAMajor call with Eakin.

    There is a reason Oilers suck even with one of the best top lines on the ice. Too top heavy. We have slowly turned that way ourselves, save for having a good goalie (Oilers goalie sucks imo).

    I agree with all that Petro isnt playing up to his paycheck. I do believe he is a better Dman than Nate, but offensively they are producing about the same.

    I also do think Patch being injured and Nosek being hurt, along with Mcnabb being out, significantly hurts our overall lineup. We have too many young guys playing this series and its starting to show with the lack of scoring opportunity. that being said, I think Pat Brown is awesome and should stay on 4th going forward, pushing Nosek/Kolesar up to 3rd with Roy and Tuch

    Anyway this is one of the rare times I mostly agree with Ken’s writing so I will give credit where it’s due. However, I am still waiting for Ken to admit VGK can still lose just as bad without Reaves on ice, as we saw last night.

    • Of course the can lose without Reaves. Of course they can win with him.

      He’s the worst player on the team. I’m not sure why it’s a crazy opinion to want him out of the lineup every night.

      • Stephanie

        Ok sooo I’ve been wondering with this idea if Reaves is going to be on the team annnnd since they have no net front presence which is a huge mistake .why not use Reaves like the Hawks used Byfuglien? That was a game changer for them and helped get them a cup .they don’t have an Andrew Shaw type of player .need to change that area of their game as in yesterday or last yr .No one drives to the net or in bball terms drives the lane .someone needs to be at the net for screens or rebounds tips etc .Its worth a hard try if you ask me

        • Daryl

          They probably could use him for screens but he’d rather hit and push players than try to screen the goalie. He also doesn’t rwally have the stick skills to knock in rebound pucks on a consisted basis

        • Brian Z

          I’m also a Flyers fan. Yrs ago the Flyers had a player named Tim Kerr who got 40-50 goals a yrs camped in front of the net. VGK is missing that one player who can get those “dirty goals”.

  14. Deboer is not the savior, and he actually should field the blame for the demise along with McCrimmon and anyone else involved in signing the cocky and arrogant Pieceofshittrangelo…
    It started last year with DeBoer benching the heart and soul of the team in MAF for the newly acquired RL… That was a kick in the balls to the entite team and the lack of energy and success in the bubble was the resut.
    It is annoying to listen to every commentator in the Knights orbit, afraid of facing the wrath of “the all mighty vgk management”, unable to state the obvious about the play of their 2 top D Men??? State the obvious instead of stating how great #7 and #27 are… state the facts… THEY SUCK!!!

    And if you don’t believe in “THE CURSE” you will… Look at how they have unraveled every year since screwing over those fans who committed before any success. There is no doubt they should have won a cup in any of these following years but they won’t…
    Greed kills… And this organization is all that!

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like to watch the Curse of Oak Island with Marty and Rick Lagina. Don’t you ?


  16. THE hockey GOD
    Ryan Reaves and Peyton Krebs have joined Brayden McNabb on the Players Unavailable Due to COVID Protocol list.

    The curse continues it seems.

    I am still waiting on call back from Miracle Max.

  17. THE hockey GOD


    All excuses. Hague has ple ty of NHL experience and is a decent 3rd pairing. Brown probably should have been called up earlier in the season. Holden is an NHL Dmen. You are just giving excuses.

    ???Strat ratings posted above say otherwise.

    1’s are terrible. First rating is offense, next one d, and (x) when short handed.

    GLASS CODY VEG L R C X 2 2(1)

    Holden 2 on Defense is barely passable for a d man. These players are mostly AHLers, There is no denying it. Hague may be upped to a 2 this year, but no more . Check back in about six months when they release the new ratings.

    • Daryl

      These ratings are nothing more than someone’s opinion and how they want something to look. If you look at those ratings Engo should have been a head of several players and still part of the starting crew in VGK. Sorry, but Holden isn’t an AHL player. Neither is Hague. As limited sample as we have on Brown, exactly how does he get such a bad rating?

      It reminds me of the Corsi score where a player gets a negative for a shot attempt at the blue line that wouldnt go in net even if the goalie wasn’t there.

      • THE hockey GOD

        that ‘someone’ is not a person it’s a company and they put a lot of time and effort into their ratings, and they are not based on Corsi ratings.

        the bottom line is the VGK needs to step up to the plate and play beyond their ratings in game 7.

        • Daryl

          It’s a company who set the parameters for the ratings, just like Corsi. I know it has nothing to do with Corsi, I was using that as an example of how skewed some of these ratings are.

          Agreed VGK needs to step up

  18. Hey Hermit… Do you realize that the “2nd line” also has been tasked with stopping the “#1 line” of Minnesota… So shutting dowm that line has allowed vgk #1 line to focus on scoring…

    And you other idiots who don’t realize what happens when Reaves is out of the lineup… Thank god Martinez stood up and didn’t get hurt in a bad fight match up… Reaves prevents goons like Dumba from taking their shots at Tuch and others without facing an answer…
    Those who don’t understand the game should not use a platform until you get educated in the sport…

    • Daryl

      Sorry, but completely disagree with you. Those shots took place when Reaves is in the bench also. Everyone knows that Reaves likes to chirp a lot but he doesn’t drop the gloves often. Kolesar will fight before Reaves does. And as for his fights, they’ve been a joke this year.

      Sorry but Reaves’ presence didn’t prevent anyone from doing anything

      • THE hockey GOD

        Fans used to yell “one two clyde” “one two clyde” at Reeves. But he’s so slow now they just yell “one clyde”, “one clyde” ‘two back to bench”

    • You speak Truth to power.

  19. Didn’t expect “The self proclaimed Hockey God” to understand a sports curse… Probably kept stats in high school and never put a jock on ever….

    • THE hockey GOD

      hey THE CURSE , I played GOALIE in high school !! What is in your wallet ??!!

      My pal the old testament GOD is very familiar with curses, just read the curses on generations, heavy stuff. Especially when God got ticked off at that Isrealites for building a golden calf at foot of Mt . Sinai (which is in Saudi Arabia, btw, modern
      archeologist have discovered Moses encampment there.

      As for hockey curses I am sure you heard of the curse of 1940 and New York Rangers ? Or the curse of Muldoon ? Or the curse of King Clancy? I remember King Clancy in old days, he went to every game at the the Maple Leaf gardens. He had a ‘cubby hole seat” behind the red line. Every game hockey night in canada TV announcers Bill or Foster Hewitt would show him and make a comment.

  20. If any of you have ever been in the locker room at a high level as a player you would understand the realities…
    Heart matters, personalities matter, work ethic matter, compete level matters… It’s more than the stats you idiots keep inking…


    • THE hockey GOD

      THE CURSE, you left out curses , superstitions, and jinxes ! Many players like yourself wouldn’t change your jock strap if you kept scoring game after game. You know it !

  21. Tim

    Ken I hope you can get a refund on your airline ticket to Denver. In my opinion we’ve got a nice entertaining team that can’t get over the hump in the playoffs. We’ve shown it 4 years in a row if we didn’t beat them up 3-1 at home in game 5 that’s all you need to know about our killer instinct. Foley 75 and wants to win there could be big changes coming if we lose.

    • Mike StG

      Tim, you need a reality check. ‘Four years they can’t get over the playoff hump’? They were an expansion team. What the hell do you expect?? They broke records and had an unbelievable first season. They have made the playoffs every year of their existence. They’ve gone to the WC final and the cup final in their first 3 yrs. They don’t have a deep prospect pool because they’re only 3 yrs old. And they haven’t gotten high picks because they haven’t sucked. No McDavids, MacKinnons, Makars, Hughes, for Vegas. So, why don’t you cut the team a little slack? It took the Caps and Blues 40+ years to win their first cup. Have some patience and enjoy the ride. Jesus…

      • rgangue

        Very true Mike, Its called the hardest trophy to win in sports for a reason. The Vegas fans were spoiled by getting to the Finals in year one. They are good enough to recover and win this whole thing but it often is just a few breaks that separate an exit from a Championship.

      • Tim

        Mike if your going to talk the talk then you better be able to walk the walk. For 4 years they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. I really don’t care how long it took St.Louis or the Caps with management doing a great job in the expansion draft unbelievably get to the finals win the first game lose 4 straight. Year 2 have San Jose down 3-1 and lose, year 3 lose to Dallas in 5, year 4 Wild down 3-1 come back to beat us. If those aren’t big time chokes I don’t know what is.

        • Mike StG

          Tim, you are clueless. I guess the 30 teams who didn’t win the cup are all a bunch of chokers too, eh? What a stupid take. Maybe you should consider becoming a Sabres or Sens fan, so you can be perpetually disappointed. Then you wouldn’t have to be upset that they “choked” when they didn’t raise the Cup.

          • Tim

            Mike who cares about the other 30 teams is that your excuse for choking every year. Everyone except a few of us realize were a good team but not a Stanley Cup team but to lose another series when your up 3-1 that’s not a choke. Clueless facts are facts but let’s hope we win tonight and get the monkey off our back. If we lose it will be interesting to see what happens.

  22. Really Daryll… Watch the games toward the end of the year when Reaves is out… Minnesota, St Louis, San Jose… I bet Patch is out with concussion during time without Reaves… Kolesar??? Seriously
    What does he have… 1 fight

    • Daryl

      Kolesar has more fights this year than Reaves…. And yes I’m serious, nobody is scared of Reaves. Teams play us with the same style whether he is there or not

  23. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I just don’t understand all the hate directed at PDB?

    Coaches get consulted on possible trades, FA players, the like. But, they have nothing to do with salary’s or cap compliance. That’s upper managements responsibility.

    PDB was dropped into the middle of the cap problem caused by the McGMs moves. He wasn’t even able to have a full roster to play in numerous games.

    Don’t know what else you want from the guy. He can’t go on the ice and play!

    • Mike StG

      Doc, all good points. And if I’m not mistaken PDB doesn’t even determine what AHL players are brought up when injuries happen. Mgmt just says ‘here are your players for the next game’. I think Pete has done pretty well with the team he has to work with.

      Maybe they do need some changes in the roster, but Foley and GMKM will decide that. This team as constructed probably has 2 more years to win a cup, unless Krebs and other prospects outperform expectations. Unfortunately the One that mgmt rested their hopes on (Glass) looks like a future bottom 6 NHLer at best. That is disappointing and a setback.

      • Daryl

        You are only kidding yourself if you think any coach does t have a huge say in who gets drafted, moved up, re-sign Ed…. any of that

      • Tim

        Mike talk about not having a clue do you really think Kelly dictates who we bring up without consulting with DeBoer thats absurd.

    • Daryl

      How about changing up your schemes when they don’t work. Getting a new PP coach instead of hiring your friend.

      I don’t out everything on PDB. No I don’t like him but there is also only so much he can…. But he can do more

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, so PDB hired his “friend” Spott for the PP. So it was friendship that was the qualification for hiring him? How about the fact that the previous year the SJS had the 6th highest PP% in the league at 23%. How about the fact he coached the Marlins to a championship, he was an assistant coach to the Leafs? Coaches don’t have the right to bring in assistants they are comfortable working with? Ryans Craig & McGill are still with the team. Why didn’t he replace them with “friends”?? It’s like you go out of your way to nitpick and find fault with everyone and everything related to VGK. I’d be willing to bet you could find plenty of faults in Gretzky, Lemieux and Orr. Well, except for Engo – he was pretty much the second coming. 🙂

        • Daryl

          And it’s like you go out of your way to make excuses for PDB…. I guess he can do no wrong. I just don’t get it, with this great “friend” I don’t know why our PP is tops in the league. I’m sure it’s not the coaches fault, they don’t ever do wrong

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, don’t put words in my mouth. All I’ve said is he’s doing a pretty good job. Look at the team’s record since he took over, which I’m pretty sure you’ll say is only because they’re in a shit division, or had an easy path in 2020 playoffs.

            My beef with your comment is that it implied Spott was hired due to friendship. I think that’s an insult to both of them considering his history. Can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip if you don’t have the players that can execute a high % PP. He has changed schemes, put Patch on the left side, moved Stone to the goal line (and Glass when playing). If they had Stamkos & Kuch their PP would be great. But they just have Max and he’s been out. They’ve used Marty, and he’s been pretty good from the right circle. They should put him on PP1.

            As far as PDB, I’d put him probably somewhere in the 8th to 15th best coach currently employed. But he can only work with what players he has. And what others have said regarding the youth and inexperience on the team is true. Basically Whitecloud, Hague, Kolesar, Roy – regulars in their lineup – have all played one season or less. Patrick Brown is a perennial AHLer. Coghlan has only played 29 NHL games, and Sikura only 53. If you don’t think that’s an issue then we have vastly different definitions of “playoff ready”. Part of that is due to the cap issues, but mostly it’s due to Vegas being a new team with only 3 years of drafts and only one top 10 pick in those 3 years. I think in the next 2 years how good or bad a coach PDB is will become clear.

        • Daryl

          You are right, I would put a lot of this year’s record into being in this division. I love hockey and watch just about any game. From watching all these other teams is why I say this division is so weak.

          As for the PP coach, you don’t think them being friends didn’t have anything to do with it? Do you think any other coach would be allowed to stay or be kept with the record this coach has had? And switching players isn’t switching schemes. He had the same problem PDB has, he will run something until it works. That’s great they try different personnel but if your don’t have the personnel you need to try something different and neither coach does that.

          As for the personnel, Whitecloud and Hague are legit 3rd pair Dmen. Yes they are inexperienced but they have done a good job. Same with Brown and Kolesar. They aren’t losing because of those players, they aren’t winning because of the star players. One of the so called best Dman in the league game for squat. Theo hasn’t looked good. Stone can’t put together k or than one consistant game. Tuch would be great if he could lean to control the puck. Smith hasnt played great. They aren’t winning because we aren’t making adjustments. If your watch one game to the next they are doing the same thing over and over again

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, whatever the problems are they won’t likely be solved this year. We may be watching our last game of the season so we can only hope they can find what it takes to win. Hopefully VGK has been sandbagging the Patch situation trying to get him healthy as possible for Round 2. If so, they waited too long to put him back in.

            After living here for 25 years it’s great to have local pro sports teams to root for. VGK’s success has made that even better. Still warming up to the Raiders though. 🙂

        • Daryl

          The only think I like about the Raiders are their uniforms. Being stuck on the coast in NC I’ve learned to root for Carolina but they will never replace the Pens

          • Mike StG

            Darryl, I like the Jerks. Bought the T shirt immediately when Cherry criticized their surges. That kind of fun approach is what the game needs more of. I think VGK has gotten too serious in their cup quest after Year 1. I really like the Pens too. Sid is a magnificent player, and I don’t think a lot of their fans appreciate how lucky they’ve been to be able to watch him play there his whole career.

            Good luck to us tonight!

  24. THE hockey GOD

    Ken / Jason / All

    yesterday one VID, today THREE with VIDS, this is growing exponentially !

    How many more needed on VID protocol to postpone this game no. 7??

    Worst NHL playoff nightmare may be brewing.

  25. No… Playing in the same jock strap was never a thing for me… I preferred a clean one… At least I wore one for many years in many sports… I don’t write without knowledge and claim to be “a god”.

    • Bent Hermit

      The stats are from the 2018/19 season to the 2020/21 season. It’s not just from the Wild series this year. A good #2 line is supposed to be able to go against another top line and win that battle. The last game was the 1st game that they were actually played against a specific line (Krill line). Looking at #’s from natural stat trick the misfit’s minutes were spread across all 4 Wild lines with 2 or 3 minutes more against their top 2 lines in games 1 thru 5.

      • Stephanie

        To be fair Hermit .the misfit line on quite a few shifts were saddled with clueless defenseman making it even harder to score or defend .actually I was cringing every time they were stuck with them .if you watched when Holden was brought in they actually had better chances

        • Bent Hermit

          As I have stated those stats are not just this series. I understand fans can be attached to players but when something stops working teams have to change. Your best players should never get worse when the playoffs start.

    • malachi b

      sounds like it bud

  26. Mike StG

    So, who would be good roster adds next year? Any suggestions that are actually doable? (so, not Eichel). I’d like to see Vegas try for Zach Hyman – UFA, LW/RW, great forechecker, can score. Not much available in centers. RNH (EDM) probably looking for a big payday. There’s Copp (WPG), Haula. Might be some trade possibilities before the Kraken expansion draft takes place. Also like to see them re-sign Marty. They’ll have to resolve the goalie situation, so either buy out Fleury’s last year or trade Lehner. Backup will be Logan Thompson or Dansk.

    I think it’s pretty safe to say this roster, esp without Max, isn’t going too deep in these playoffs. So, how do we get better for a run next year?

    • malachi b

      bring up someone from the minors

      • Mike StG

        Malachi, hoping Krebs will be as good as he initially appears to be. I think he’ll make the jump. I like Jack Dugan also – big, physical, good hands, great vision. Glass will probably make the roster as well, but don’t think he’ll ever crack the top 6.

  27. Oh… ThG… You’re Canadien, and played hickey at the high level of high school… I am sorry you must have all the answers with that in “your wallet” lmao

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Curse at least I don’t claim to be a curse or THE CURSE, and if I had all the answers I would not be asking what’s in your wallet ?

      Your whole “curse” identity is just plain silly and baseless. No one with a BRAIN is buying it.

      I played goalie and I coached hockey in the 90s, I don’t want to be rude and crude saying something like that old cliche “i have forgotten more hockey than you will ever know”. But I don’t go trolling on internet looking for fights like you do when you pick on people here. But if some AHole like you starts harassing me, or someone else, I will stand up and call you for what you are. So far I have seen very LITTLE VALUE added in your posts. I also played forward and defense after high school and into my 20s. In my 30s and 40s I coached all age groups from youth hockey on up. So just because you played in a “stat-less” era were goals, wins and losses, didn’t matter I would say you are about 90 years old or maybe 8 year old playing in one of those “woke” leagues with a bunch of lib parents who either haven’t 1) taught you how to count yet or 2) don’t care about winning and are just in it for the fun and diversity.

      In today’s game, like baseball, stats matter, ever see the movie moneypuck ? That is Canadian version of Moneyball.
      and it’s GOD ,all capitals, get your keyboard fixed, putz.

  28. Contact Tracer


  29. Vic

    The Hockey God….Mandatory daily social media reading. I have to put down my Dostoyevsky and H.L. Mencken books to zero in on THG.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ok smart guy, but just long enough to watch GAME 7 !!! I am rolling the dice in my strat o matic hockey table top game. At least the puck doesn’t get stuck in that spot where the forwards can’t get to it and you have to tilt the whole game (like pinball).

      take care buddy, I am waiting for blitz to post.

  30. Tom

    WhEn ThEy WeRe RoBbED

  31. malachi b

    This is all relatively new to yall but sometimes you lose. straight up. count your blessings for having a team that makes the playoffs. you guys are good.

    • Mike StG

      Malachi, it may be relatively new to many, but a lot of Las Vegans came from the East and Midwest, or California. So there is a large part of the fan base that is very knowledgeable and has been following hockey for decades. Personally I’ve been a fan since the early 70s, lived in NYC and followed the Isles in their 4-peat cup wins, etc. An unfortunate result of VGKs early success is the unrealistic expectation that has created for the team. I’m just happy we have a team that is fun to watch, competitive, and (so far) always makes the playoffs.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @MIke STG Ranger and Islander fans are amazing ! (Crazy and loud, but fanatical )

        I remember going to one of the first Knights home games at T mobile and in the first period the chant of LETS GO RANGERS.. LETS GO RANGERS rained down from the peanut gallery in the rafters (and the Knights weren’t playing the rangers)

        • Mike StG

          Hg, that is hilarious about Rangers fans. They a fun team to watch, especially these days. I guess the last Pens game was the final one the Isles will play at the barn. At least that’s what the broadcast team said. Lotta history in that place.

          Going to a Rangers-VGK game at MSG is on my bucket list. Maybe next year. 🙂

  32. Big Mike

    Stop. Listen to yourselves. Talk about Monday morning Quarterbacks, Armchair Quarterbacks and/or backseat drivers…smh. The house of cards is the one your sitting in. If you all knew a tenth of what you think you do, you’d be making a lot more money. I believe the Knights will advance. They won the series in game 4. You’ll just have to settle for being the last to know. Stirring the pot too early is never good. When they win big, you are all fired! Lol

    • THE hockey GOD

      you got that right Mr Donald Trump ! opps, I mean BIG MIKE !

  33. No one of consequence

    And apparently the Sharks are still in Vegas’ head.

  34. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    I wanted to write this, before we actually know who will start tonight. If I’m “all wet”, so be it, but here’s what I think:

    Having bypassed giving Flurey any rest, I think he will be in net tonight. It’s either Hero or goat. (plus, if we do advance tonight, then they can throw Lehner to the wolves (AVs) in game one). In what might be almost a “throw-away” game. I will explain that if we advance.

    To win tonight, Flurey must regain some of the magic we saw earlier in the series.

    For some reason, I am not nervous. In fact very calm. What shall be, will be!

    • Tim

      Doc spot on I’m relaxed and let the chips fall where they may. We had a sizable advantage in this series and if we lose we didn’t deserve it. It’s that simple. This may be Fleury’s last game as a Knight so enjoy watching one of the greats one last time.

    • Mike StG

      Doc, I agree and think they should just let Fleury play the last game out. And oddly enough I feel that same calm you do. Maybe it’s resignation, and that this might be it for us this year? I’m okay with whatever the result is.

      If we do advance I agree the first game is probably a “gimme” for the Avs. A Sunday game after a Friday game 7. Between the emotional drain after winning game 7, the Avs well-rested comfortably at home, and the altitude adjustment in a day and a half time – they would probably get smoked.

      We will have that to talk about if we live to see another playoff day tomorrow. 🙂

      • Richard Santomauro

        The FO rolled the dice and it now it comes down to a single game. A source I have says Pacioretty will be back in the lineup. But who knows how healthy he is? As far as next year goes, the VGK do have an option to trade MAF and bring up Logan Thompson. The VGK is likely stuck with #90. I am not a fan of #7 Putrid-angelo. The only way he gets off my Sh*T list is to score a couple of game winners and stop being such a turnover machine. These two players are tying up a ton of cap space.

  35. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Marc-Andre Fleury is the first goalie off the ice at morning skate.

    • Can’t even find my tweet about it to post on my website?

      I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

      • Mike StG

        Ken, I think there’s a pretty good chance they buy out Fleury’s last year. So, this could very well be his last game and last home game.

        • Daryl

          I hate to admit it but I think you are right. It is stupid to keep both goalies. That money could be better used elsewhere. VGK record will drop quite a bit next year but they will still easily make the playoffs

      • THE hockey GOD

        i found it first ! it’s there !

  36. THE hockey GOD

    they should buy out the panda mimicking the walrus instead, just saying. dun dun dun

    and to everyone wanting to make deals for next year, let’s wait 1) for season to end and 2) wait to see what teams protects protect in expansion draft before going nutso, ok ?

  37. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    You expect the “folks” on this site not to go nutso? Not gonna happen. But hopeful thought anyway!

  38. Richard Santomauro

    12 minutes in and Putrid has allowed two quality chances on goal already, one on a stupid turnover just to right of Fleury. He sucks. What a waste of CAP space.

  39. Richard Santomauro

    17 minutes in, game tied 1-1. Why? Nobody is back checking just allowing the Wild to skate free and take shots. No one willing to step up and challenge a Wild skater in their zone. AWFUL.

  40. Richard Santomauro

    At 19:50 of the 1st period PUTRID (#7) just skates with the Wild attacker all the way to the front of the blue paint and allows a shot on goal without challenging, without poke checking, without even using his body at all to deflect the skater. PUTRID!

  41. Richard Santomauro

    On the Wild goal, I could see Parisi sitting in front of the blue paint unchallenged IF the VGK were back checking and closing space. But nope, they weren’t doing any of that. The Wild were just circling and had at least 10 to 15 feet of space when that shot was let loose. Parisi had an easy time of it. BACK CHECK! POOR DEFENSE. VERY POOR.

  42. Richard Santomauro

    Great play in the Neutral and Offensive Zone. A+ grade by VGK. They get a solid F in their Defensive Zone. No back checking, not closing space and turn overs leading to quality chances for the Wild. A recipe for disaster and an early exit from these playoffs. The VGK cannot put in a 100% effort in the offensive and neutral zones and then go to sleep in the defensive zone. If that isn’t cleaned up right away the Wild will be going up a goal very soon in the 2nd period.

  43. Richard Santomauro

    15:25 of the second period and 2 power play goals for the Wild.

  44. Richard Santomauro

    14:47 of period 2. The $8.8 million dollar man #7 Putridangelo has a clear shot on goal and shoots it WIDE! PUTRID!

  45. Richard Santomauro

    12:16 of period 2! #67 STRIKES! Not too long after #7 got outplayed, outskated and flipped upside down at the blue line. PUTRIDANGELO SUCKS!

  46. Richard Santomauro

    12:16 of period 2! #67 STRIKES! Not too long after #7 got outplayed, outskated and flipped upside down at the blue line.

  47. Richard Santomauro

    Through 2 periods, Wild are down by 2 goals. VGK still giving away too much space and too many grade A chances in their own zone. They have to clean that up in period 3 — and stay out of the penalty box. Don’t retaliate! Keep the fore check going and don’t start playing defensive hockey!

  48. Mike StG

    Hey Richard, please keep all this negativity going. It seems to be working great! Nice reverse psychology! We need you to really dial up the criticism in the 3rd, okay? We don’t want the Wild to get any momentum started in the final frame. 🙂

    • Richard Santomauro

      I am using reverse psychology! Not going to change it up now! 20 MORE MINUTES!

    • Richard Santomauro

      That 1st line really missed MAX! They’re back in the groove. #61 is due! I want to see it!

    • Richard Santomauro

      I guess you can tell that I am no fan of #7.

  49. Richard Santomauro

    The lack of a back checking defense is going to burn VGK. Too much space being given.

  50. Richard Santomauro

    Big shout out to #10 Nicholas Roy for that lone fore checking opportunity and assist on the Janmark goal! The future is bright with some of these younger Knights (#10, #14, and #2). We also have a fantastic goalie on the HSK #36 Logan Thompons, Jack Dugan, Jimmy Schuldt, Cody Glass and others.

  51. Richard Santomauro

    All that negativity paid off!

  52. Mike StG

    Well done Richard! Are you available for the Colorado series? 🙂

  53. Richard Santomauro

    I am a STH and will be out of town. Will return for round 3 but will be on line spreading negativity wide and far!

    But I have to give kudos to the boys tonight (except Putrid, he’s awful), especially Janmark, Hague, Roy, Stephenson, Patches, and of course MAF.

    Just think, MAF was depicted in a meme at the end of last season with PDB shoving a sword through his back. Glad to see that the FO kept both goalies.

  54. Oldrich

    De Boer has shown he cannot win the big games. He is weak when it is crunch time. Can’t win the Cup which is what we want. An O fer in the elimination games. Get rid of De Boer. He thinks he’s some kind of savant with the goalies — Fleury and Lehner. But while he’s deciding who gets the next start, the entire team suffers. He’s not a genius, indeed he hurts the team with his “brilliant” decisions leaving the players, and fans, in limbo. Everyone is emotionally suffering for his supposed learned decision, which a coin flip would outdo. We deserve better than this guy.

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