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Periscope Audio + Twitter Space – Pacioretty Trade And Free Agency 2022

Following the first day of free agency and the blockbuster trade where the Golden Knights acquired future considerations for Max Pacioretty and Dylan Coghlan we talk about all that went down.


2022 VGK Free Agency Tracker


McCrimmon Shares Four Ways VGK Can Make Up For Lost Offense


  1. THE hockey God

    from rotoworld

    Reilly Smith has signed a three-year deal worth $15 million with the Vegas Golden Knights.
    Smith and the Golden Knights reportedly had the three-year deal in place three weeks ago, but needed the Max Pacioretty deal in place to make the deal and stay cap compliant. He had 16 goals and 38 points in 56 games last season and will look to get to the 55-60 point mark next season if he can stay healthy.

    so vgk ges rid of patces, damaged goods who is fragile and can’t take a hit anymore, for reilly smith. Welcome to bettman’screwy louie NHL

  2. Obvious

    Fat bastard mcrimmon has pissed away every single advantage Vegas started with upon joining the league.

    All those draft picks completely pissed away and for what in return? Not a dam thing

    And now they will be lucky to make the play offs for years.

    2 faced foley either is a complete idiot or could care a less cuz tickets are still being sold

    How mcPhuk up and fat bastard have jobs is a miracle

    • Tim

      Obvious, It’s Obvious you have no use for management and rightfully so but there not going anywhere so our hope is they’ve learned by there mistakes and they have been plenty. As you and I have both commented many times is we’ve given draft picks away like candy. Now for MAF, Dadanov, and Patch it’s all salary dump no draft picks coming our way. As your preferred name for Kelly Fat Bastard as with Hank Willians song Praise The Lord I Saw The Light.

  3. Tim

    Not interested in listening to a 2 hour and 39 minute podcast but enjoy commenting on most of your articles. I’ve said it since the season ended Patch has to go and surprisingly management agreed with me. What I did find interesting was we signed a couple of Smucks for our bottom 6 that I’ve never heard of. What makes that interesting is they must not have much faith in our prospects to go out and sign those players. Glad to see Reilly Smith back and the Misfit line lives on and I think or at least hope will be much more productive under Cassidy’s tutelage. Next big question do we need Martinez’s 5.9 million contract for two years I think not. The mistakes that have been made are history now righting the ship is what counts. Petro, Eichel, and Stone aren’t going anywhere so that 30 million we have to live with. The Knights are taking flack around the country on how there bad decisions have put them in this position and I’m sure they don’t like it. Maybe if they get embarrassed enough they’ll change there mindset to what made us successful in year one and mold this team into a winner.

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