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Patience Is The Right Way Forward For The Golden Knights

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Unpredictability, it’s what makes sports the best soap opera in the world. It’s also what makes the lives of the decision-makers so incredibly difficult. No matter what the data and history say, no one truly knows what is going to happen until the humans who put on the jerseys actually step onto the ice and compete.

From 100 points and competing for the Stanley Cup to barely hitting 80 and starting a rebuild and anywhere in between, opinions on what’s in store for the Golden Knights this season range wildly.

There are questions surrounding scoring, depth, health, goaltending, coaching, continuity, accountability, and more. And not a single person on the planet has even some of the answers, let alone all of them.

This volatility is why the Golden Knights must finish the offseason and enter the regular season with a patient approach.

It’s probably an oversimplified way to look at an extremely complex sport, but say you break the teams into a few different tiers. The tiers include bad, average, good, great, and elite. Teams in the bad and average tier will miss the playoffs, those in the good tier will fight for the final spots, while the great teams will compete with the Stanley Cup favorites, the elite.

As mentioned above, it’s not far-fetched to place Vegas in any of the five tiers. Reasonably though, they are likely to fall somewhere in the middle three, average, good, or great.

With the injury to Robin Lehner, Vegas suddenly have a bit more cap flexibility. Lehner’s $5 million can be stashed on LTIR, giving the Golden Knights room to add to the team. It’s possible with the perfect combination of moves, they could leap up one tier. With where we are in the calendar and the limitations of what $5 million can buy in today’s NHL, a two-tier leap is highly improbable. So, if they are average, they can become good. If they are good, they become great, but if they are average, they aren’t becoming great this season.

Here’s where the need for patience comes in.

A jump from average to good is useless. Instead of being a team that’s clearly missing the playoffs, you become one that barely misses. Heck, even if they made the leap from one that barely misses to one that narrowly gets in, the ultimate goal remains unattainable. The only way the extra $5 million can be put to good use is if the team is already good enough to truly compete for the Stanley Cup.

Before they do anything, the Golden Knights must know who and what they are. If they are already in the “great” or even “good” tier, they don’t need the assistance of Semyon Varlamov, Patrick Kane, or whoever else may be available to help them stay afloat for the first 20 games of the season.

To properly utilize the assets the Golden Knights have at their disposal, they must have a clearer picture of where the team is and where they are headed next. Buying a goalie now would look awfully foolish if Logan Thompson turns out to be a bonafide NHL starter. While adding depth forwards does no good if the goaltending can’t keep the team in games.

This is why the best way forward is to tread carefully.

Some of the perceived holes in the roster will turn out to be real ones. And they will likely cost the Golden Knights multiple points early in the season. But that’s a risk Vegas must be willing to take to help them make the best decision for the present and future of the franchise.

Enough mistakes have already been made. They can’t afford any more. The safest and smartest way to avoid the next catastrophe is to allow the team to show their true colors for at least a month into the season. Anything beyond an extremely cheap, one-year, asset-free acquisition is asking for more problems than solutions.

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  1. EK

    I agree. With this “new found money” they need to make sure they don’t waste it. Wasting money has been a huge problem. Things will sort themselves out pretty quickly once the season gets underway and it will be very apparent where they need to spend their windfall.

    • Chuckles

      Au Contraire. By the same token may not get off to the same start as season one. If they don’t plan as the season gets going may have year two in a row of missing out after not make inroads when the getting was good!

  2. Emmanuel

    I think it’s more like three tiers, 1-6, 7-12, 13-20, 21-32. I’d say they’re in the 13-20 tier. This team CAN go deep in the playoffs IF healthy at playoff time. I look at the team as modeled on those Devil teams in the 90’s. They are going to be tough to score against regardless of the G. I say get another 45 point F that plays both ways on a 2 year or less contract. Though it would be a retread I give Stastny a pass because he has local ties, with the caveat NR goes to the W. Kessels 8 G are a red flag, Milano I’m OK with. this team is WAY underrated even without RL.

    • Emmanuel

      Addendum: they might be able to get both Stastny and Milano! I think that’s doable.

      • Ken

        Y’all need to model your organization after the Avalanches, draft picks and smart trades from Sakic git it done

      • Dr Chill

        VGK will go nowhere without a bona-fide top tier starting goaltender. Right now they have none but have a plethora of centers to spare. Best one available for the same $5 mil is Varlamov. Isles need a center. Chandler Sevenson for Varly. C’mon Lou, get off your ass and DO SOMETHING!!!

        • Ryan T

          You cannot be serious. You must be an Isles fan if you think we’d trade away probably our most productive player on a gem of a contract for a rental goalie? That’s the exact opposite thing we need to do

    • Emmanuel

      I meant four tiers of course. Stanley Cup favorites, SC possible/playoff locks, playoff contenders, 4th tier teams rebuilding….

  3. Ken

    What a colossal misstep by this organization ya live an learn I guess

  4. THE hockey GOD

    in mind of the grape stomper, there is only ONE WAY FORWARD !! The PRIME DIRECTIVE !! BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE (not the woke version where they changed man to one). Marching forward toward Lord Stanley’s Cup. GO BIG or GO HOme (Broke?)

    On another note, there has been increasing posts here by long gone DoC. Posting under various aliases including SMH. This has been verified and it is WIDELY KNOWN. He is trying to drive people to his flailing site. Which by the way operates only half the year (I guess when he’s awake, or when he’s taking his geritol). You can tell it’s him because he bashes posts here as being too “political” for his taste. Say what ? By his own admission , when questioned he didn’t even realize he’s a liberal. I can empathize with that. Because I too didn’t even know what a liberal was. Until I lived in Bay AREA for a few years. Then I figured out that I grew up in blue environment. When I told people where I was from, they said “oh you are a liberal, we here in Bay Area are liberals too”. I said “if you are liberals, then I am certainly not you perverted sicko, freaks”. Long story short. Doc’s selling line is “hey we are not political, everyone is same at my site. We don’t allow political speech (completely failing to realize that the Bettman NHL is woke cess pool. Look at entitlement folk kneeling. As a keen poster recently pointed out. Not to mention all politics when USA vs Soviets. Canada vs Soviets. ETC.

    So Doc want a utopian world on non free speech. Sounds eerily similar to a cult. Like Nazism ? Everyone goose stepping in line. No one can say anything as an affront to the leader, Herr Doc. Else they are banished to the witherlands. NEver to be seen or heard from again. Sounds like anti American bull shit to me, and probably stinks just as well.

    Long live the first amendment, long live free speech, long live the constitution, and long live AMERICA. And Fuck the KGB, err, FBI, and it’s GOP hating “leaders” on the “seventh floor”. They do not justice to the hard working FBI agents, who are being used as pawns in weaponization of their agency as political tool to take down a rival. Can anyone say double standard. Rant over, have a nice day. And Doc you are not fooling anyone. You have been exposed, your tactics will fail.

    Capt. Kirk out, long live the prime directive.

    • Stephanie

      So you actually just went on yet another political rant on a vgk HOCKEY site .lol

      • THE hockey GOD

        steph, yes i did ! Hockey is politics. I liked you on the Newhart show, with daryl and his other brother daryl !!

    • What a waste of space

    • Thg,

      You sound like a scorned lover. What did this Doc guy do to you?

      Maybe you can explain what happened.
      As I remember wasn’t he kind like you pro Lehner always bashing on MAF.

    • SMH

      For the record, I am not “Doc”, so not sure how this has been “verified” or is “widely known”. Please find & indicate 1 single post of mine that would ever have indicated this ridiculous claim that I am someone else. If you calmed the f down and listened to more rational posters like Stephanie and VGK Fan in this thread, you might understand that you & I actually have somewhat similar views on the Golden Knights team and both get sick & tired of the posters that simply can do nothing but incessantly bash the team, certain irrationaly hated players (e.g. Lehner), & the front office, in spite of the team’s overall success. But you are correct in that I recently posted that I can’t stand people on this supposed VGK Hockey site who use it as an opportunity to spew extremist political views. I personally don’t care if it’s right wing, left wing, chicken wing, whatever – it simply doesn’t belong on this website, and I am certain that many others on here share this sentiment. As soon as I get to anything political on a post, I instantly stop reading – and on this particular website, you seem to be the only wacko that keeps going down this road. If you would just take that crap somewhere else (there must be a million other psychobabble politcally charged websites for you to prey on) and stick to talking about hockey, this site would be a much better place. I follow website discussion groups for other sports teams which are closely monitored, and where someone like you would have long been suspended for continually talking crazy-ass extremist politics. (And although it is irrelevant, I am a centrist, but life-long republican leaner, who has gradually come to believe that your Saint Trump is a narcissitic psycho – but even if you were spewing left wing political nonsense, my feelings would be exactly the same). I am sure that this response will do nothing to curb your insanity, but at least I’ve set the record straight and stated my viewpoint. Don’t bother replying directly to me, because I simply won’t be reading any future posts by you, in spite of your apparent fandom & support of VGK, which is the one thing we seem to agree on to a degree. Go Knights Go!


      • THE hockey GOD

        SMH , stop lying, you are Doc. Everyone here knows it.

        Touting your lame site again.

      • Lol you believe in politics? You believe that president are elected?, there’s no need to talk about politics, it’s a big show and nothing is real there. Nobody care about politics

    • Dylan

      Ready for Inmate TRUMP?

      Lmao. Straight Scumbag Madman A-Hole Criminal. Always.

      VGK will be lucky to hit 85 points. No playoffs.

      The owner TRUMP’d his own team!

      • knights fan in minny

        dylan you angry moron democrap you have been trying to get rid of the don for 7 years nothing will change

  5. Emmanuel

    According to one of the hockey rumors site “Vegas wants to be kept up to date on Carey Price”. Oh ohhhh……

    • Omg, I hope they don’t go after a guy due 10.5 million for the next 4 years. Also please don’t tell me they’re looking at Bobby in Florida. These kind of moves would just be Mcs trying to save their jobs only to set this franchise into a complete rebuild in 2 years.

  6. Original 6✅

    i think LT will work out. the main focus MUST be the power play! watch film on Tampa Florida Avs on how they position themselves and move to open area instead of staying in one place and send a D guy cutting up the middle ! if u have successfully put a a good power play together i see that as an opportunity to actually win games that normally would be lost ! As for LT. the hawks put no name goalies in after starters failed or got hurt Niemi Raanta When LT played i watched closely and he is in position to make a save and recovers fast for rebound . I think he gets it done. backups tend to be focus on every thing in front of him. I also like to see solid defense that don’t back up on him and attack when there in offense zone.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the PK is more important than PP

      that should be the “main focus”.

      • original 6 ✅

        Petro martinez karlsson stephenson. start it off. then stone eichel whitecloud and take your pik. now there earning there millions

  7. JV

    With the Cone of Silence surrounding Brossiot, sending a 6th or 7th rd pick to SJ for Reimer makes sense without blowing up the cap. (Or wait until they waive a goalie and claim it. Even Hill is better than Hutchinson). Reimer has played in the pressure cooker of Toronto, and would be a good mentor as Logan’s backup for 1 year. Sign Evan Rodrigues and Milano to solidify the middle 6. Invite Alex Galenchyuk to camp on a PTO reclamation project. He had 5 seasons of 40-55 points before falling off a cliff. If Alex or Sonny doesn’t work out, they can be waived( released from PTO) and most if not all salary buried. Alex would be at league minimum anyway.

    Marchy Eichel Stone
    Smith Karlsson Rodrigues
    Galenchyuk Stephenson Milano
    Carrier -Roy -Amadio/ Kolesar
    Waive Patrick, buy him out, or LTIR him.
    Without Galenchyuk, Roy takes his place and Howden is 4C.

    Not the ideal lineup, but it is what is affordable and can work under the cap. Would be tough to play against at a minimum. A break here and there who knows?

    • JV

      While there is not a lot of B2B, 6 maybe, VGK has 2 stretches of 5 games in 7 days both Oct and Nov. plus a lot of playing every other day. Really want Hutchinson getting that work?

    • THE hockey GOD

      jv, there is no cone of silence on crouisant, i mean

      Laurent Brossoit G, Vegas Golden Knights
      Laurent Brossoit’s availability for the start of training camp and the regular season is unclear following offseason hip surgery.

      Robin Lehner, who was also sidelined at the end of the 2021-22 campaign following shoulder surgery, is currently in the same boat with an uncertain timetable. Vegas should have a better understanding of their goaltending situation when training camp begins. Logan Thompson could see his role increase for the beginning of the 2022-23 season.

      Logan Thompson, Robin Lehner

      Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
      Aug 1, 2022, 9:41 AM ET

      • JV

        So just a very vague statement? What type of hip surgery did he have? Total replacement, partial, joint resurfacing,
        synovectom, osteotomy, etc? Knowing what he had done gives a timeline estimate. I would guess it wasn’t a labrum tear, as the recovery time is 6-9 months and that’s for the average person, not an NHL goalie. I suspect Lehner has this injury, just a guess based on his being out for the season.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I heard a rumor that grape stomper hired a man with an eye patch to search for the grave of Gump Worsley and try to recover his bones, to put him in golden knights goalie uniform. Tie him to the goal posts. With mask in place no one would know. Then they would put a no. 1 on his jersey back, with name of J. Biden Sr.

      And when the opposing team scored a new chant in stands would erupt
      A chant used by both home team, and visitors.

  8. Original 6✅

    funny i remember when goalies played 70 games. a year now they think backup gets a gm on a back to back games. LT young and can handle it easy. but hutchinson is to me a better choice cuz he has the experience. but if it isn’t broke don’t fix and put his ass in the next night ! they suit up for a mourning skate anyways ! I’m telling u tho creativity on a power play will go a long way and it just simple to imitate teams like avs and tampa on how they get creative and then get a clean shot of that’s high percentage and for god same plant a damn body the entire time in front of the net that’s not afraid to get pushed around !

  9. original 6✅

    and another thing i think that bulshit drop pass on a power play is bulshit and one bad hop or deflection leads to a shorty against r ass ! why does a guy going full speed to center need to drop it back again.

    • THE hockey GOD

      o6 i hate that drop pass BS, i have said so many times. The Russian Five never did that Chit.


      • Original 6 ✅

        @ThG. the wingers are slow footing to blue line waiting for the trailer to come up and pass it to them almost standing still and all they do is deflect it in the corner. dumbest shit anyone came up with. the dump chase at least has your guys going in full still red and Gretzky would cross the blue line and immediately cut parallel with the blue to be able to make a pass or hold it till D got up there For god sakes it’s a 5 on 4. figure it out and put skaters & shooters out there

        • Original 6 ✅

          oooop meant to type guys going in full speed ! anyways. @ThG. my thought on PK is Stephenson Karlsson Petro martinez. and 2 nd line Stone eichel Whitecloud and who ever is top 4 D. make m earn there millions i think they should be able to attack the puck instead of sitting back. In the Hawks glory years one of the forwards or center would charge a D guy inside the blue line if he received pass late and what came from that was either a breakaway or a turnover to the point that the defense literally was always afraid of forwards getting by them which made them cautious and not aggressive on a power play. either way. they need to challenge puck handler. and be willing to block a damn shot ! As for Stone i think he either plays to his capability or move him.

  10. Original 6 ✅

    knights just locked up 2 of there you gets players to a 3 year deal leaving one remaining piece left

  11. Does a.yone have anything intelligent to post on this site. Stuff is getting real old. None of us l repeat none of us actually have any idea what the twin morons are up to. Hopefully looking for another job some place else would be a start.

  12. Ken

    USA juniors rolling at 3-0! Big game with Sweden on Sunday. Go USA!

  13. FG

    VGK finds itself with a number of question marks and and this point appears to be a borderline playoff team. The #1 issue, however, is the health of Mark Stone, and whether he can be elite. I think it is incredibly unlikely this will occur, and as a result, the FO should exert caution and a forward thinking approach to this season and the future. Stone’s exact diagnosis was unclear for months despite multiple scans and consults. A herniated disc is easily seen on MRI, and should have been diagnosed with ease. To think one surgery will magically transform him back to elite status is not reasonable. He lost significant time, training and fitness over his time off and recovery. After surgery, it takes nearly a year to completely heal, and most patients have significant lifting and activity restrictions for a year, as well as have increased risk for reherniation during that time. If he is not up to elite standards, combined with RL injury, and lack of forward depth, this may be a throw away season.

    The FO has made comments in the past about using cap space to the maximum since it is a resource that is finite and does not carry over, so I would expect them to make some moves.
    If Stone is indeed out, the best course may be sign one or two forwards on a one-year deal with the intent of trading them at the deadline, (along with Martinez), and any other player that fetches a great offer. The question is whether of any of the UFAs even want to play here.
    I doubt the FO will have patience to stand pat with the current forward group. There is little help coming from the Horsies, (Jake L has a 0 %ile WAR) but perhaps play them and see if there is any promise but the approach should be to begin planning for the future.

  14. Original 6✅

    @FG. agree. on stone and the way he played vs Habs. and then last years debacle i can’t see anyone one trading for damage goods at that price so i’m all ready prepared for some season ending injury which should seal the fate of him & GM after 6 years of How to wreck a stanley cup contender to a rebuilding process. and it started with the firing of Gallant and then his replacement twice failed in semi finals which he was brought in for the reason was to win semi finals games and was out coached by lesser coaches.

  15. Mike StG

    A lot of consternation about LT taking the starter’s role on goal. I don’t really understand it for a few reasons. While it’s true he doesn’t have a track record other than a pretty decent end to last season, there have been many who have made the move into the NHL with immediate success: Binnington, Husso, Oettinger, and Swayman to name a few.

    I think the last name Swayman may be telling. He’s on BOS and was in net with Cassidy’s “goalie friendly” system. It will be curious to see whether Cassidy’s system helps LT as well. In retrospect I wonder whether that system also made Rask look a little better than he actually was over the years.

    Add to the above that LT is 25 yrs old and that added maturity over an early 20’s goalie is a plus. We’ve seen younger goalies struggle – Hart, Knight. Having gone in drafted, he’s also had to work harder to get his game to where it is today, since he wasn’t a goalie prodigy who would’ve had an easier path. I think that shows in his game and fierce competitiveness.

    Given the forward concerns with scoring they’d probably be wise to sign a FA, Stastny if possible, who would solidify their 3rd line at center. He could also supplement at left wing if needed due to injuries, or might be a better fit there with this roster. Either way, you have an excellent center available and it just gives BC more options. He’s also very good net front, which is one of the things they hoped to get out of Patrick who now seems destined for LTIR or even retirement.

    Signing one forward (not two) should leave them some cap space assuming all LTIR is used, which they could use in season as needed.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    in world juniors, based upon a cursory review of highlights and box scores:yt
    only player of note is Cormier of Canada.
    The big no. 1 forward they drafted at no. 1 has been delegated to fourth line.
    The goalie hasn’t even dressed in a game for Sweden.
    Demek has been average.

    Meanwhile Red Savage drafted 114th, is having a very good showing for Team USA. Matyas Sapovaliv was drafted 48th.

  17. Ken

    Anyone that knows Doc, realize he wasn’t a basher, he was a defender. Was one of the first to fight back against the thg’s of this place. Once he understood that the owner of this site was not going to do anything about all the bullshit, name calling, intimidation tactics, he started a new great blog where people could talk hockey freely without the crap on here. Him and the others who left sinbin did a tremendous job. Plus, he made it where the thg’s of the world couldn’t access it. So bash away, Doc has nothing to do with this place any longer, no matter how bad you try and make others, him!

    • Tim

      Ken I agree THG likes pulling everyones chain why I guess insecurities but that’s his thing he has to live with it not me. He’ll comeback with some bullshit answer which makes no sense but that’s his trip. Anyone with a brain knows he’s a phony fuck but again I usually ignore his nonsense.

      • THE hockey GOD


        I don’t
        “pull everyone’s chain” . Take your BULL SHIT and LIES and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

        You don’t like what people say here. You don’t like free speech? Then go to North Korea, err, Doc’s site. It would be perfect for you to spout your bull shit posts. Which they are in my opinion, most of the time. Or as Ken Iole said “unsophisticated fan base”, his words , not mine.

        • Tim

          THG let’s get some facts straight first you Know Doc had no use for you and your antics and told you so. Everyone got along with Doc except a few of your followers. Next you clearly don’t know what your talking about. Last week I made a comment about the Cleveland Guardians and how there management team knows how to run, and build a team and minor league system would put the Splash Brothers to shame. Of coarse being the asshole you are you go on a rant about Guardians of The Galaxy totally off base but thats you totally off base or you don’t know shit about baseball. I’ve been on this site since the beginning and I remember when you started a few years ago and same old shit bash people and politics. Like I said Doc wasn’t the problem you were.

          • THE hockey GOD

            my posts below show that you are full of shit

            REmove your foot from mouth.

    • THE hockey GOD


      Spoken like someone who hates the constitution and free speech and first amendment. There is no reason for anyone to ban people. You want banning then go to Twitter, FB, Google. All run by liberal idiots, they ban people all the time. Your ilk can’t handle the truth. You walk around in your panty hose , up to your belly , think your shit don’t smell, and can’t stand it when someone points out the truth to you.

      Doc was treated like royalty here, he was ” Jaxon’s boy”. Then he couldn’t take the heat, stabs sinbin in the back, and takes off in a huff. Spoiled panty hoser, in my opinion.
      sounds like a typical nutzi tactic, and you are pointing out same thing that I did.

      SMH is Doc, and everyone here knows it. If it walks like duck, quacks like a doc, and smells like a doc. Then it is doc.

      First you all say Doc and I supported RL, then you all say that I bashed him. I never bashed Doc. Doc couldn’t take the heat , aka “it you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen’. He couldn’t stand the fact that oTHEr people had different points of view on life, politics, hockey, and the world in general. So he ran away . And started his boot licking sight where everyone is on the same page.

      Sounds like a site more suited to North Korea to me.

  18. THE hockey God

    “Doc never bashed anyone”

    take your lies elswhere, from the archives , copy and pasted

    See my post in this thread about MAF. I am done talking about Chicago’s goalie. My focus is on the VGK goaltending, period.


    The last thing that anyone on this planet needs is to see or read another post from you, so I think I’ll take a pass on that invitation…

    But so glad that you are done talking about Fleury now that I have set you straight with the facts! Period.

    THE hockey GOD
    @DOC- you got that right !

    “Lehner has been one of the five best Golden Knights during the season, though to hear many fans grumble about him, they act as if he were the modern version of Roberto Romano (Look him up; it’s not pretty).”


  19. THE hockey God

    nope DOC never ever bashed anyone here

    another gem from archives

    By the grace of the Gods and my lucky stars, I’m still kicking.

    It’s been right at 100 days since I last posted here. Not much has changed. Still have a number of whiners, complainers and just crazy comments here. But I am determined to grit my teeth and ignor all that.

    I will concentrate on those that coment with sane, positive thoughts and back the Knights as TRUE fans do. It is a miricle to me to still be here and get to root the Knights on to another shot at the cup! It should be a very interesting new season. Getting to play all our Div teams 8 times. Wow!

    My hopes are that we back our coach, our players and especially whomever is in goal on any given night! We need everyone to play well. Just one thing left to say:


    DECEMBER 29, 2020REPLY

  20. the hockey God

    and the post of 2021 year went to

    Mike STG…..Free speech is a killer isn’t it. Read The Gulag Archipelgo by Solzhenitsyn if you want to know where censorship leads the lambs to. Your side can never win a fair battle, so you need to pull the plug on the opposition.

    JANUARY 28, 2021REPLY

    • Mike StG

      ThG – I don’t know how you dragged me into this stupid discussion. Whatever Vic responded to something I said in 2021 likely involved political BS that he or others dragged into comments on this HOCKEY SITE. I have not once EVER initiated a political comment on this site, though I would sometimes respond to others out of aggravation. But since that time I stopped responding to any and all political posts, regardless of their leaning or persuasion. I sort of vaguely recall Vic’s comment, but the BOTTOM LINE is that whatever you and he claim – that this is about freedom of speech or that hockey is political – are merely disingenuous ruses designed to excuse abusive and unwelcome speech.

      The position of myself and many others is that we come to this site and comments to discuss hockey, and several of us have expressed this. I don’t want to know about your political views – right or left. But you are going to do and say whatever you please regardless of our requests since you are obviously self-centered, full of arrogance and self-importance, having little or no respect for others. In order to determine whether a particular post of yours MIGHT be relevant to hockey one has to read at least part of it, and you know that. You also know that Ken won’t remove posts or posters no matter how objectionable they may be. So you keep posting without restraint because you apparently don’t care about anyone but yourself.

      You know, Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself and that his followers would be identifiable by their love for one another. He also said that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another as he did for his followers (and us).

      So let me ask you: what kind of follower of Christ (aka Christian) cares so little for his neighbors that he can’t even cease hostile and unwelcome speech for their benefit? Can’t you curtail some of your own claimed free speech on this site out of love or consideration for others? If you can’t do something that simple and easy, how could you ever lay down your life like Jesus did?

      Be what you claim to believe.

      • Mike, you present a LOGICAL, RATIONAL, REASONED response to the POLITICAL BS!I wish we could reason with this dude. Many have tried, incl me.. He’s such a MEAN, HATEFUL MAN– he hates ANYONE who isn’t a TRUMPER. HE COULD be an asset to this site, but INSTEAD is a REAL DRAG ON IT! He has attacked every single poster who DARES to disagree with him. He is a HATER. PERIOD. HOW IN THE HELL DID WE ALL GET SO LUCKY?? AND HOW DO WE STOP IT??

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS, I don’t hate anyone who is not a trumper.

          Since when is calling out the people above who are obviously lying, HATE?

          Anyone who says my copying of archived posts HATE, is clearly DELUSIONAL.

          Take your bull shit and lies elsewhere. I don’t attack everyone who disagrees with me. I only attack people WHO ATTACK ME first. GEt it right. And I copied a bunch of posts from the archives that proves that the IDIOTS above, defending DOC, lied about his posts on this site. Oh Doc didn’t bash anyone. Post one, shows that he did. Oh Doc and ThG didn’t like each other. Another post from me praised Doc. Oh Doc never talked politics, another post shows that he did. More often than not Doc and I were on the same page about a lot of things.

          How is that shit you are eating now, tasting ?
          Buzz off and stop putting your words in my posts that clearly are not there.

          How would you like it if I dragged out some of those old stalker posts about you and posted them here?? Showing what kind of person you really are? There was a lot of HATE coming from you in those posts.

        • THE hockey GOD

          TS you are just a lying, spinning, whiney, cry baby, lib tard that hates conservatives and every thing that they stand for including freedom, liberty, the national anthem, and constitution. You can’t stand the first amendment or free speech. I suggest you move to North Korea. You will get along just fine there.

          • Thg, then WHY is it that so many are constantly pissed at YOU?? You find yourself in that spot a LOT. Maybe, just MAYBE it’s because of your VOLATILE POLITICS on this HOCKEY SITE. YA THINK??

          • THG, Do you actually keep people’s posts? That’s kinda CREEPY…

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS so many ? There are a lot of lib tard idiots in world.

            Keep posts ? No, see archive section.

          • Thg, I think we ALL want to get along with our fellow VGK fans. Right? I personally want to get along with you, but you make it pretty damn hard when you keep bashing and offending with your extracurricular POLITICAL BS.
            This is not about free Speech here. It’s about keeping incendiary politics off this site, so we can focus on the sport and team we ALL share a love for!! Come on, just TRY to keep it civil!

          • Thg, btw, all your name- calling does is remind me that some “adults” just never grow up. This is absurd, coming from a grown man! As you love to say to others, ” GROW UP!”

          • THE hockey GOD

            TS its not my problem that
            1) you can’t handle the truth
            2) you hate the constitution
            3) when others are exposed for doing worse things, you trash me.
            4) grow up

      • THE hockey GOD

        Mike STG

        “I don’t know how you dragged me” I didn’t drag anyone, I copied a post that you made. If you want to see the whole thread go look in the archives. I was pointing the hyprocrisy and lies regarding those posting here who say Doc never trashed anyone.

        If you don’t like it , tough shit. Grow up. The posts reveal the truth. And if you can’t handle it , then that is your problem.

        “disingenuous ruses designed to excuse abusive and unwelcome speech.”

        that is disingenuous statement in itself, hypocrisy abounds in the unbalanced mind of liberal idiots like yourself. Unwelcomed by whom? You left wing lib tards that can’t handle the truth? Vic put your sorry a$$ in place. And you still can’t stand it.

        Fuck off, you have been pwn’d. The past comes back to haunt you , and Doc, and SMH, and all the other anti american leftist scum on this site who can’t stand free speech or the constitution. You all are why there is so much division and hate in this nation. And it started when you all elected Obama. You know it.

        • Mike StG

          ThG – don’t assume everyone who disagrees with you to be a liberal, or whatever childish name-calling alternatives you have been using.

          I’m NOT a liberal and I couldn’t care less about Roe v Wade, Trump, Biden’s son, or any other political issues you or anyone else decides to drag into this HOCKEY forum.

          Your response is very Christian, full of vulgarities, contempt and obvious hatred. Jesus said to love your enemies, and I’m not your enemy. Yet your comments to me do not come close to being even decent and respectful, much less loving. Tsk, tsk.

          Ever heard of the “fruits of the spirit” (Gal 5:22,23)?

          • THE hockey GOD

            you sound like one,
            if you don’t like my posts no one is putting a gun to your head.

            so take your spin elsewhere, it won’t fly here.

            Hypocrite, interjecting religion on a hockey site ? You won’t hear me complain about it. But the Satan worshipers and far left wingers might. Did you know that the DEMOCRATS actually took GOD out of their platform in their last two national convention platforms? These people elected Biden and OBama. says a lot about them.

  21. THE hockey God

    and now you say Doc didn’t talk politics ?

    now this gem, after seeing this, some people here are zzzzt out there.

    Have you been drinking??? Just look at how many ppl lost their jobs in just one day. Look at how women’s sports went away in just one day. My taxes will now go to find abortions (don’t care what someone’s take is but my taxes should pay for it). Look at what he did to Indian costs in just one day

    And Doc and “God” are the exact same on this board just from different spectrums of political sides

    JANUARY 29, 2021REPLY

    DOC (ha ha)
    The spectrums you’re talking about are REALITY vs insane conspiracy’s.

    JANUARY 29, 2021

  22. Original 6✅

    Just found out my best friend son who is the Goalie for the golden knights P wee AA age 11/12 has a new teammate Bruce Cassidy son has joined them ! I enjoy watching these kids play. Hockey has turn this gambling town into a great thing for so many girls & boys to play & enjoy. And were in the desert ! I Luv this Game Also never knew till tonight Bruce was drafted and played his career with the Blackhawks. only played 36 NHL but still a Blackhawk. I like the guy already !

  23. I agree that a wait and see is the right approach. When all of us at work heard Lehner was hurt, there was a sense of relief not concern, not a proper way to hear of the news, but a realistic one, were the endless soft goals and lack of concentration where the puck was when players were scrambling in the back of the goal caused by injury or by Malcolm Subban syndrome??

    I am hopeful Thompson is the answer, he sure looked like Fleury at times last season, his reflexes and concentration are excellent, I think he will be a surprise to many how he handles things and performs.

    I think 2 lines are set in my mind:
    1) Marchy Stone Eichel
    4) Carrier Howden Kolesar
    2) Karlsson Smith and ?
    3) Stephenson Roy and ?

    Stephenson HAS to play center…no wing for him! I’m not a big Amadio guy though I think he will probably be on the 3rd line as an off wing.

    I was happy to see Cotter was signed, I am hopeful he will make the roster as the left wing on the 3rd line, I have no clue why he wasnt brought up towards the end of the season . He obviously has a great shot that can create goals, yet we kept giving Leychsyn and Rondberg play, I can only figure Cotters D was not great or PDB was blind, or ignorant as was the case with Steve Noshots on pp Spott.

    On the subject of defense, we have a good crew, which when they sign Hague will make us deeper and stronger. My hope is Cassidy can instill some toughness into Hague, his size should be an attribute for VGK and a message giver to opposing forwards in the corners or in front of the net.

  24. JV

    So much for possibly getting Reimer. According to Sheng Peng, SJ is asking for a 2nd round pick….LMAO. Looks like they are going to carry 3 goalies unless they come down off that.

    • JV,

      I think the Sharks are full BS they are over the cap and still have to two RFAs to sign. I don’t see them carrying 3 goalies on a team that is in a rebuild. VGK could try and claim a goalie through waivers prior to the season starting.

      VGK in my honest opinion should not over pay on an average goalie. VGK needs to stand pat and find out what they have with LT and make a decision if necessary in November.

  25. Vic

    LOL. Happy to add ‘Post of 2021’ to my trophy collection. THG provides lots of entertainment here because he’s (I think he’s a male) a mixture of H.L. Mencken, Don Cherry and Lou Costello. He pushes your buttons, and if you don’t like it, ignore. Isn’t that what people say about censorship, just turn the dial instead? Kudos to Ken for keeping things open. There are several excellent posters here and only a few to be ignored. I differ with THG’s opinion at times, but he remains required reading. Training camp next month, thank God.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Vic, sorry if I pissed you off.
      Seems like I piss every one off. Oh wait a minute. Only people that have a thin skin !

      I am going to training camp, and I am going to the rookie tournie in San Jose !

      You are right, as usual, no one is forcing anyone to read anything on this site.

      Stay the course !

  26. Jailbird

    It seems this Doc, did turn the dial! Good for him!

    • THE hockey GOD

      he posts here under other aliases. IT is known.

      • Jailbird

        You are just a idiot . It is known!

        • THE hockey GOD

          perfect example of someone trashing me, I copied and pastedt some of the hypocrisy on this site that disputed the lies posted by others. That makes me an idiot?

          You need a cookie, and maybe a hug ?

  27. NHLBoy36

    I agree with @original6. Sort of. Thompson is young, and he should be Vegas’ starter. Hutchinson should be The Silver Knights starter. Get a new goalie like Allen, Gibson, Varlamov, or oettinger. Oettinger or Varlomov would be the best choice

  28. Galdom

    TS and Mike StG. If you don’t like what The Hockey God has to say then you should consider just leaving the site. Complaining about it is pointless. Trying to fix it is even more of a waste of time.

    This is my first post in weeks and it’s just to tell you this. I probably look at this site once every couple of weeks to read an article but I won’t do that anymore. There are several other better places to go. I used to be a regular poster. By the way, I agree with everything that both of you are saying and also would like to just talk about hockey rather than politics. I think as a Canadian I care about it less than most people do. It’s a weird political thing you guys got going on down there. Just posting on this site I’ve been called right wing conservative and left-wing Democrat and I can’t even vote because I’m not American and I don’t care.

    The one thing I disagree with is that I don’t believe this is a hockey site. The comments are not regulated at all by the creator of this blog. The hockey God is right that he can talk about anything he wants to on here because again this isn’t really a hockey site or a VGK site.

    I like to talk about hockey and the VGK. I do not have even the slightest interest in politics so I have made my choice about not viewing this site anymore.

    • Mike StG

      Galdom – I noticed you weren’t posting much any more. I normally don’t engage on non-hockey topics but my name was dragged into an issue and I decided to speak up. I appreciate your comments and advice. The problem is that I do like what SinBin publishes in their articles, on PCs, Periscopes, YouTube, Twitter, etc. I follow a lot of other media, but most of that is dead this time of year. Also, most of it is not VGK specific.

      I’ve seen some other sites that claim to follow VGK, but SinBin seems most in tune with the team, yet unbiased or at least not beholden to VGK as their sponsor. I do like their SinBin’s new Discord chat(?) product, although you need to be on it when others are to get the best interaction.

      Hope to run into you on other sites as I find them. Your comments are always interesting and well thought out.

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