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Pat McAfee Commits To Donate $100,000 To Charity If Fleury Scores A Goal

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Vezina frontrunner Marc-Andre Fleury joined former NFL punter turned radio superstar Pat McAfee’s radio show today in what became a must-hear interview.

Fleury chatted about pranks he’s pulled on the road, hitting guys in the balls when the refs aren’t looking, Stanley Cup celebrations, and so much more.

Near the end of the interview McAfee, while showing off his puckhandling skills, tells Fleury he’s willing to donate $100,000 to a charity of Fleury’s choice if the three-time Cup winner scores his first career goal this season.

Ah jeez, you’re going to get me trying every night now. -Fleury on Pat McAfee Show

The interview is about as good as it gets if you are a fan of Fleury and/or the Golden Knights. Give it a watch, you won’t regret it.

**Starts at 00:27:30**

We’ve never seen a bandwagon we wouldn’t jump on, so we’re adding $1,000 to the pot if it happens. Plus, people on Twitter have been committing to even more themselves. Join the party in the comments, let’s match McAfee’s $100,000.

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  1. The Noodle King

    The Noodle King is in for a couple hundo.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Due to the CHICOM (Chinese communist red china leaders of mainland China) Wuhan (lab and city where the Chicom’s unleashed this biological (weapon) hazard) Bat (some say it was a bat, others a rat, yet still others blame it on Wung Hun “Wally” Lui’s Orange Chicken left in the oven too long, and later delivered to Panda by mistake) Plague . Ok let’s start over it’s getting bit complicated for ‘some’ people to follow , and not trying to be insensitive here, just stating the facts and rumors.

    Rewind (zzzzzippp)

    Newsflash: Governments imposed travel restrictions (and lock downs) between Canada and the great nation known as the United States of America caused by the CHICOM WUHAN BAT / RAT BioHazard Plague, the NHL announced today that the NHL is considering that for the 2020/21 season the NHL MAY issue TWO Stanley Cups trophies this season (and maybe next). With one trophy for the winner of the Canadian and (first peoples nation**) division , and another for winner of the America First Divisions because of fear of allowing travel between
    the two nation teams be resumed.

    Bitter in- fighting within the NHL top executives has been leaked debating the two cups. In one camp the French Canadians and Canadians are arguing the trophy provided to the First Nations** Canadian division shall get the “real” Cup. Known as Lord’s Stanley’s Cup. And “another ” cup should be awarded to the winner of the USA competition. Some want to name for the president of USA ; the Memorial Donald J. Trump Trophy sans all the prior teams with players names that Lord Stanley’s Cup traditionally has now it (making the Stanley Cup weigh over 100 pounds , although in recent years older teams have been dropped off) .

    Furthermore, should the VGK win it others are advocating that it should be in shape of a gigantic shiny globe or golden helmet with a Mandalay Bay or Trump like “tower” on top of it with the players/coaches names inscribed all around the tower of the trophy.

    —->Canadian icon, and former coach of Bobby Orr, Don Cherry was fired by Hockey Night in Canada last year for calling the First Nations, among others, “you people” as a side note). So “you people” had better be paying attention. I guess if it’s not “my people” or “our people” it’s “you people”. Down south we just said “y’ll” or “you all” to avoid any perception of insult to sensitive people who just have ants their pants and complain and whine about everything. Que up the wieners, (in tone of Lawrence Welk) anna on , anna two……etc.

  3. DC

    I wouldn’t call it “hitting guys in the balls.” There could be legal ramifications for such a thing. I would just say “hitting guys with my goalie stick.”

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