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Partnered Post: Secondary Market Prices For Golden Knights Tickets Are Down 27% Since Start Of Season

A year after winning the Pacific Division and becoming the first North American professional expansion team to reach a league final, the sheen may be starting to wear off the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights. According to secondary ticket marketplace, the average asking price for a Golden Knights tickets have dropped from $271 at the beginning of the season to $199 – a decrease of nearly 27%.

Vegas fell from having the No. 2 priciest ticket on the secondary market in the first half of the season to the fifth priciest at the start of the second half. And the current $199 average asking price is the lowest in the team’s two-year history.

As of February 12, the highest average asking price in the NHL was $325 for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the lowest was $66 for the Arizona Coyotes. The Maple Leafs also started the season ranked No. 1, and currently have the only average asking price of more than $300 in the league. Arizona started the season with the cheapest ticket, and the average asking price has fallen just over 8% since the season opened.

For the first time since the Golden Knights came into existence, tickets on the secondary market are available for less than $100 for some home games. The cheapest game remaining at T-Mobile Arena, according to, is the February 28 game against the Florida Panthers, which is trending at $89. A total of four games have get-in prices under $100 between February 12 and the end of the season:

February 26 vs. Dallas Stars

  • Avg Price: $159
  • Get-in price: $90

Hard to figure exactly why this game is so cheap because as of February 12, the Stars were in sixth place in the Western Conference, behind the Golden Knights. The drop-off between fifth and sixth place is significant, though – Vegas had 66 points and Dallas had 61.

February 28 vs. Florida Panthers

  • Avg Price: $142
  • Get-in price: $93

As of February 12, the Panthers were in 13th place in the Eastern Division, and the teams have played only three times since Vegas’ inception. The Golden Knights beat Florida in Las Vegas, 5-2, on December 12, 2017, and lost to them at Florida, 4-3, in overtime on January 19, 2018. The most recent meeting was on February 2 at Florida, and the Panthers won, 3-1.

April 4 vs. Arizona Coyotes

  • Avg Price: $178
  • Get-in price: $98

This is the final regular-season home game for the Golden Knights, and they’ll be playing one of the weakest teams in the league in a game at the end of the regular season which may have no playoff seeding implication.

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  1. Pissed off season ticket holder

    Blame VGK on banning Stub Hub for resale of season tickets.

  2. Tiki Owl

    I thought the VGK rant was against all secondary market companies other than Flash Seats, NHL Resell, and now the VGK secondary site. I use Stubhub as a starting point for all resell tickets I buy nationwide and bought Knights tickets through them last year. This year used the NHL resell site for the one game we attended.

  3. One of The Pawns

    The Creator by trying to control the fan base is now feeling the chill. He may own the team but his greed in terminating subscribers who showed up when there wasn’t a team is telling. Some of us feel like pawns to the big Knight but he will learn that fame can be fleeting. Witness the many teams with empty seats who don’t cancel season ticket holders.

  4. Mike G

    I’m glad they are dropping. One of my favorite things about home games is seeing all the kids decked out in Knights gear. It was getting to a point that you could no longer afford to go as family. I am glad tney canceled season ticket holders who were using their privileges to make a profit on the secondary market and fans with the team jersey sitting in their seats every game. The only ones willing to pay those ridiculous prices are road fans that have planned their vacation around that game. What was the average ticket price for game 5 of the SCF?? And yet Caps fans from 2000 miles away took over T mobile.

  5. Ben

    They are increasing season ticket holders prices in the coming years by a drastic margin. Within 4 years unless you signed up for a 5 to 10 year plan ticket prices will be DOUBLE what we paid the first year. In fact by next season it will already be more then 1.5x the amount of the first season. #VegasGreedyKnights

  6. Doug Simpson

    That’s why they got rid of me. I had a 10 year contract and didn’t even get my deposit back.

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