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Parking/Traffic Not An Issue Whatsoever At T-Mobile Arena

Remember the nightmare we thought traffic and parking would be at the arena tucked way back in between New York New York and Monte Carlo? Yeah, you can wake up now, cause the nightmare is over.

Parking was a piece of cake directly in front of the venue (NYNY, Monte Carlo), down the street either way (Luxor, Excalibur, Aria), and across the street (MGM Grand, Tropicana). And even more impressively, there was almost no traffic at all after the event. Like literally, none. I pulled up the map, and couldn’t find a single stretch of “red” traffic anywhere within five miles of the Strip.

I parked at MGM Grand, sat in the upper deck, left the arena with the crowd when the show ended, and it took me less than 30 minutes to get from my seat to my car and out of the garage.

Jason parked at Aria and had a similar situation.

It took me about five minutes to reach the Toshiba Plaza. After the concert, I pulled out the parking lot with little traffic. I drove west on Harmon, and after passing the Cosmo I was clear. From there I head up Trop, and was home in fifteen minutes. -Jason Pothier,

But wait, there’s more.

Honestly, it was incredible. Everyone thought traffic was going to be a disaster exiting the arena. It wasn’t, and I have to give props to one of the few people who consistently told us and the rest of the media not to worry about it, Rick Arpin. MGM’s VP of Entertainment has been tooting the horn for parking and traffic around the arena, and despite me giving him the opportunity to take a shot at all of us with a good, “I told you so,” Rick took the high road instead.

We are very pleased with how traffic and parking went, and we still will be learning with each event as they are all different. I am really proud of the team for its dedication and thousands of hours of work to prepare a plan and execute it. Also appreciate the great help of Metro and other agencies. -Rick Arpin, MGM Senior VP of Entertainment

Fine, then I’ll say it for you. We were wrong, you were right. Traffic is not a problem, and honestly, you’d be hard pressed to find anything wrong inside the building either.

Just wait hockey fans, when this place hosts the NHL, we are all going to be in for a treat.


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  1. jason skjonsby

    Of course there wasn’t Traffic. It was a Wednesday. Just wait for the first major event on a Saturday.

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