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Pacioretty’s Commitment To Improving Himself Paying Off Early This Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Max Pacioretty is known as a streaky scorer. When he gets hot, the goals come in bunches. But never before has he been as hot as he is right now.

Pacioretty has scored in six straight games and has 10 goals and 17 points in his 10 games this season. He’s tied for second on the team in goals despite playing 12 fewer games than Jonathan Marchessault and he’s only behind Chandler Stephenson, Reilly Smith, Alex Pietrangelo, and Mark Stone in points, despite playing at least five fewer games than all of them.

Sometimes they go in and you’ve got to be prepared for when they don’t. Playing with great players always helps and getting the opportunity to score always feels good but you want to win. -Pacioretty

This isn’t the coincidence he’s making it out to sound though. Pacioretty is a hockey junkie and he never stops trying to improve his game.

I live and breathe training, nutrition, any little advantage I can get by making the right decisions. As I get older in my career this is an area I have to try and explore to try and last as long as I can and keep my speed as best as I can. –Pacioretty on Agent Provocateur podcast

Recently he’s spoken about working on his game with Golden Knights’ skills coach Misha Donskov in an effort to fit more into Pete DeBoer’s offensive system.

It’s a lot of different areas of the game I’ve never taken into account, but as you can see when you add that to your game you definitely get rewarded. We know what I’ve got to work at and we’re all on the same page and then me and Misha go out there and work at it. I think it’s definitely helped my game tremendously, not just in my offensive game but skating all over the ice. -Pacioretty

Skating is something he’s been trying to improve on all summer as well.

I was in Montreal training with Tampa Bay’s strength coach and he talked about their skating coach. He said it brought Brayden Point from an average skater to one of the best skaters in the league. So I said, can I get her number. I didn’t end up working with her but I have worked with a few other skating coaches. Lars Hepso is the one I recently worked with the most. Shea Theodore, the best skater I’ve played with brought him in and it was just amazing the stuff I learned. I sent my kids out there with him and just saw such a difference in their skating. I thought if this works for them let me try this out and I noticed a huge difference in myself. –Pacioretty on Agent Provocateur podcast

This commitment Pacioretty has to constantly improve every aspect of his game is paying off in a big way. He’s always been one of the most dangerous weapons the Golden Knights have had, but this recent run of success has to have opposing teams terrified of what Vegas will look like if it continues.

The goal streak will eventually come to an end, and he’s probably not going to put up 17 points every 10 games this season, but there’s no doubt Pacioretty keeps getting better and better and the recipe is work, not luck.






  1. EK

    You have to admire a guy who has had an excellent career but still wants to get better at all aspects of the game. It’s great to see the hard work paying off for him.

  2. From what I have seen in some Eichel videos, he has similar aspirations to Pacioretty when it comes to maximizing one’s potential and he’s a lot younger. I don’t think this approach is uncommon among pro athletes but’s it’s encouraging to see Pacioretty hitting it harder than ever. As usual Ken, good coverage.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    I just hope he isn’t “peaking” too early in the season and has something left in the tank when the “real season” starts. And that is an optimist post.


    ahhhhhaaaaa, that is sound of choir of angels singing praise in the background.

  4. Tim

    Here’s an interesting thought on Patch when he returned they interviewed him and this is what he said. He credited his doctor or trainer or whoever he said they did an amazing job on his recovery and he felt stronger then ever before. So what ever program he was on looks like it worked. I’m sure Karlasson was on the same program.

    • THE hockey GOD

      it was PDB’s team trainer , he said that he’s best he ever worked with and everyone injured on the team uses the trainer. It helps them get “game ready” faster than any program he was ever on before. And some people think PDB’s staff is just him, but in realty, it is a whole team of people reaching for the same goal.

  5. Ulf

    Unfortunately come playoff time, I bet we are back to a .05 point per game Patches as he has been for most of his long career (with 2 post season outliers).
    Counting on an ageing Patches to be a key ingredient in the post season is a risky move.

  6. A producer, a terrific player. Gave up a young stud to get him, Suzuki, but a great move. Everyone in the league knows about his sniper ability.

  7. Tim

    Interesting story about @Nick Suzuki when he was with he was considered at best a second line center and probably a third line center. Last year he played well and was given an 8 year 64 million dollar contract which is a considerable amount of change. This year things aren’t going near as well was he a flash in the pan or is he legit only time will tell. If he’s not what they expect there saddled with a big time contract for mucho years. I’m glad we got Patch and let the chips fall where they may.

  8. Tim

    What to do with Jack Eichel? Misfit line works well, Stephenson is playing out of his ass do you break up that line? Tough choices and hard feeling coming.

    • You put him between Patch and Stone–that line needs all the goals they can possibly score especially in the post season. It seems one on the Misfits Line will be moved for the cap–assuming that I would expect Dadonov to be the replacement. Assuming it’s Smith and not Karlsson who’s traded, that leaves Stephenson as 3C and Roy as 4C. The second line should be high scoring and the third and fourth with Stephenson and Roy centering will provide additional scoring depth. Eichel should be the missing piece for postseason scoring and if that line works, Patch and Stone should be more productive in the postseason. Stephenson is playing damn well, on a higher level than ever before with some cause to believe it’s permanent, so who knows, perhaps management will keep him on the first line and use Eichel on the second but I have trouble seeing Karlsson moved down to the third. However they work it, they know more than us what is best imho.

    • knights fan in minny

      love chandlers game nothing fancy works his butt off

  9. Tim

    They will never trade Karlsson being a center. The most logical would be Dadonov he has no real ties to Vegas. Reilly Smith smart player a Misfit but with an exspirering contract. Would they try to lock Smith up for 2 more years and trade Dadonov that seems possible. Right now until Eichel isn’t close to coming I think they’ll ride it out with what we have. Management I’m sure have given this a lot of thought and they know the best way to go. You have to trust them to make the right decision.

    • Tim – it will be theirs for sure and they are playing it close to the vest and keeping their mouth shut for a change. “You have to trust them to make the right decision” is a strange remark from you – obviously hopeful thinking as they have made a few blunders. Not sure Eichel is as close as some on this site thinks he is. He could very well be the dark horse like Tampa Bay pulled off assuming the knight make the playoffs. Their major concern at this moment should be how to correct the screw-up they created regarding the goalie situation. The current arrangement is not by any stretch of imagination a positive one.

      • Way to early to call a goaltender screwup. They are 5 games over 500. Just because Lehner is in a slog does not mean he’ll remain in it with a GAA 3 and higher. One only has to look through his career stats to see why he’s rated a starter—his playoff numbers are excellent. As much as I like and admire MAF I do not think his part alone can lead VGK to a Cup so with Lehner we are not worse off IMHO.

        • I will say this biker, if it can be shown goaltending prevents VGK from winning a Cup, you’re right, there would have to have been a better move than Lehner 2019-2020. They were bound to a big contract with MAF and felt he would not work and I don’t think he would have. That was the predicament.

          • Tim

            Pistol Pete, We may have still had a problem if we kept Fleury but this was the news going around the networks when we signed him to a 3 year 21 million deal. He loved Vegas and we could have signed him for 5 million but they went gong ho and gave him 7 million another management mistake. Would Fleury at 5 million be better then Lehner if you asked Ken and Jason at the time they liked Lehner have they changed there minds you’d have to ask them.

        • Tim

          Pistop Pete, It looks like Lehner gives up 4 goals a night so every night we need 5 to win that ain’t going to cut it.

    • They’ll try to wait as long as they can up to where they can plan the date of Eichel’s activation before they make the cap moves. One can be certain they have a clue what their options are already. They’ll be ready.

  10. knights fan in minny

    covid hitting nhl hard time to shut down olympic puck marchand out covid

  11. Tim

    To answer the Olympic question as loony as Lehner can be at times he was smart enough to drop out of the Olympics. He should be the beacon for not going.

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