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Pacioretty Unleashed His Wrist Shot In 2019-20

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Golden Knights winger Max Pacioretty was one of three players to accumulate 300+ shots in the regular season. The two other players were Nathan McKinnon and Alexander Ovechkin; prestigious company. However, when you break it down by types of shot, Pacioretty led the entire league with 192 wrist shots. A shot in which #67 is known for.

Pacioretty must’ve come into the season focused on letting his wrist shot go more often than he did 2018-19. In his second year with the Golden Knights, the 31-year-old forward released 94 more wrist shots. Which worked out nicely for his club.

Not only did his wrist shot release go up but so did its effectiveness. Pacioretty added nine more wrist shot goals in 2019-20 and ended up having statistically one of his better seasons. His 0.93 points per game was a career-high for the 12-year veteran.

2018-19: 66 Games, 98 Wrist Shots, 12 Wrist Shot Goals
2019-20: 71 Games, 192 Wrist Shots, 21 Wrist Shot Goals

Pacioretty totaled 30 SOG in last season’s playoffs series against San Jose, scoring five goals in seven games. Unsurprisingly, 23 of 30 were wrist shots, and four of his five goals were from wrist shots. Any goalie should know what to expect from Pacioretty, the problem is whether they can save it or not.

Pacioretty’s pinpoint lasers create challenges for opposing goaltenders, especially when they’re being screened. His goal in Game 4 against the Sharks’ Martin Jones illustrates exactly how nasty and nearly impossible his wrister is to stop.

That play also shows the strong chemistry between Pacioretty and linemate Mark Stone. The pair perfectly pirouette into position setting up for a nifty drop pass, and a quick snipe for the score.

Last year against the Sharks, the pair scored 11 out of the Golden Knights 21 total tallies. If Pacioretty’s wrist shot is effective and Stone does what he does, then Vegas’ offense will be tough to stop. And I haven’t mentioned Reilly Smith, William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault or Alex Tuch.

Hopefully, the pause doesn’t affect the timing of Pacioretty’s wicked wrist shot. If it’s anything like it was in the regular season and I’m coach Pete DeBoer, I’d tell him to let ‘em rip. The numbers show the more he slings the better.


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  1. Patches reminds me of Chris Kyle, the American sniper. He is just deadly with his wrist shot. Another guy he reminds me of Nolan Ryan, he’s just amazing, shooting one wrist shot after another. Goalies look a little apprehensive when they see Patches unleash another blast. He’s a great player !!

  2. Doktor Hockey

    No question he has a great “wristie”. My wife watches all the games with me and even she commented about his shot. The pause could affect a slap-shot timing, but I don’t think it will affect a much more controlled wrist shot at all.

  3. THE hockey GOD

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    I wonder which playoff team got the elitist selection ?

    hase 1 of the 2020 NHL draft lottery is complete, and the first overall pick is still up for grabs.

    Picks Nos. 2-8 have been determined, but the top spot was claimed Friday evening by a still-competing team. That means we’ll have to wait for the NHL’s play-in round to be completed, after which the eight teams who have been eliminated will have an equal 12.5% chance in a second lottery draw for the top pick in the draft.

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    the hockey GOD

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  4. Pierre Martin

    Wow. I came here to read about Hockey and get to read this ranting. Keep up the good work Jason and Ken. Never mind the troll.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Pierre Martin > i post useful information about draft lotto, you post nothing. Sounds like you are the troll…..
      ta gueule frenchie , pepe le pew . Plus they picked up on it and posted an article about the draft. I think I will comment again on it.

      • HC

        Hockey god eh? I guess everyone needs something because when it comes to intelligence you’re apparently not even a mere mortal. JFC

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