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Pacioretty Understands How Glass Is Feeling With Final Cuts Coming

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It’s fair to say Cody Glass is in limbo. The young center is clearly ready for NHL action but chances are the organization will send Glass to the AHL. Not ideal for an already patient prospect, but with Vegas’ center depth, it’s been the reality for him for the past two years and appears to be once again this year.

Years back another highly-rated NHL prospect was in the same situation as Glass.

Yeah my first year. They even told me when they sent me down that ‘you deserve to be here, but we just didn’t have room for you.’ -Max Pacioretty

Pacioretty was selected 22nd overall by the Montreal Canadiens in the 2007 NHL Draft. The following training camp, in 2008, that he found himself on the roster bubble.

Then I went down and I started off the season slow.-Pacioretty

Pacioretty was eventually pulled up that season and ended up playing almost half of a season with Montreal. He would go on to finish the year with 11 points (3 goals, 8 assists) in 34 games.

Whether you make the team out of training camp or not, there’s going to be so much made of the guys who do make and the guys that get sent down. All that can change in a matter of days, hours, minutes. So don’t get stuck on that decision and don’t let it affect the way you play. Whether you’re up or down take each day as a day to get better.-Pacioretty

The Canadiens would send Pacioretty back to the AHL a few more times before he became a full-time NHL’er in 2011.

Things change so quickly, especially now. So many teams have so much depth, like we do. If someone goes down with an injury or someone isn’t playing well and you’re showing your stuff in the minors, then it’s no different then making the team out of camp.-Pacioretty

Glass may be heading to Chicago but he should take Pacioretty’s advice with him. As Golden Knights fans quarrel over who made the team and who didn’t, the youngster should handle his business, dominate in the AHL and patiently wait for his call up.

The question isn’t “if” he’ll get the call this year, it’s “when?”

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  1. Barbara Maxwell

    Max has a good heart. Good encouragement to a young player

  2. VGK2018

    I think the bigger question is “will he” dominate in the AHL or will we be making excuses a few months from now about his line mates not being skilled enough, how the AHL is a “grinding” league that doesn’t suit his style or whatever else. I remember when Tuch and Theodore went down. Now they Dominated! Love to see Glass do the same but just don’t see it in his game.

    Could he be playing elsewhere on the NHL this year? Yes, absolutely. But the bottom line is he had his shot and if he were good enough he would be playing for Vegas and they would find a spot for him. Most likely that will not be the case.

    • Mike StG

      Glass did dominate when he joined the Wolves late last season. He tied for most points in the postseason. He’s terrific on the PP, but is adjusting to NHL speed play at 5-on-5. No reason to think once he adjusts he won’t be phenomenal. There was an article in the Athletic (not by Jesse) where the writer provided an in-depth analysis with videos showing why Glass is a special talent. Plus read Patch’s comments recently about him. He’s only 20 years old and made it out of juniors just 6 or 7 months ago.

  3. JV

    Glass will be back. He just has to wait for Stasny’s annual injury that keeps him out 20 games+. Glass can then step into 2nd or 3rd line center.

    • Mike StG

      JV – Don’t know where you get your stats from but here are his last 6 years, starting in 2013-14: 71, 74, 64, 66, 82, 50. Last year was a freak incident where Eichel dove toward the net and landed on the back of Stastny’s outstretched leg. He’s been durable and not injury-prone. That said, it’s a tough sport and unpredictable.

      • Cupin3

        1 full season played over the past 6 seasons equals injury prone…

        • Richard

          So you are saying the entire Golden Knights player rosters from the first two seasons are injury prone. No wonder the Knights are the worst expansion franchise ever.

    • Chris

      Idiotic comment … totally false

  4. Cody

    Pulkkinen lit up the A and never got a single call-up. Still bitter. Team makes the Final year one then decides to change half the roster. Chemistry dude.

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