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Pacioretty: Excited To Join An Organization “Trying To Win Now”

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

When forward Max Pacioretty was acquired in 2018 the Golden Knights added a sharpshooting veteran to an already strong offensive team. Pacioretty was coming over from an icy situation in Montreal freeing himself from the heavy scrutiny he dealt with as Canadiens captain. It was a fresh start and a chance to help a Western Conference finalist.

With Pacioretty’s scoring ability the Golden Knights made two deep playoff runs, which probably should have been three. In 224 games the top-line winger posted 194 points and was three goals shy from scoring 100 with Vegas. All in all, Pacioretty did what he was paid to do.

When you’re around the league a little bit longer people will start reaching out when they hear stuff. I thought that it could be a possibility I was going somewhere. I didn’t know specifically where. When I found out that it was Carolina, the GM of Vegas called me and we spoke briefly. I got confirmation from Don [Waddell], Rod [Brind’Amour] and even Tom [Dundon]. Once I spoke to everybody about how they wanted me and how I fit in, it was really exciting to join an organization like this and a team that is trying to win right now. – Max Pacioretty during Hurricanes media availability

The 14-year veteran sounded genuinely excited to begin his next NHL chapter when he spoke with Hurricane’s media last week. His departure from Vegas didn’t sound contentious, in fact, he received a call from VGK’s front office, a courtesy that pal Marc-Andre Fleury didn’t get.

It was just a weird year where it seemed like everything went wrong. My injuries were really one offs and bad luck. It was a broken foot and another bone injury in my hand, and then it was a little bit of a core situation there but it didn’t keep me out too long. I hope that’s in my past. I’m doing everything that I can to move on from that. But in reality, as a group we had a lot of tough luck on the injury front and a lot of goofy or fluky injuries. Mine were no different from the rest of the guys in that sense. -Pacioretty

Just like Mark Stone, Reilly Smith, Alec Martinez, Robin Lehner, and the front office, Pacioretty would like to put last season behind him. When he was on the ice there’s no doubt the sniper’s shot was the most lethal on the team. Which will be difficult to replace.

I’m 100 percent. I had the foot that I spoke about and the hand, those got corrected right away being bone injuries. And then there was a little bit of trouble diagnosing the injury at the end of the year, but once we did it only really took about a week and a half and I finished out the year and felt better about my game than ever before. I’m excited about how I skated at the end of the year, and I’m looking forward to keeping that momentum going into this year. -Pacioretty

The former Golden Knight wasn’t exaggerating, he was producing and skating hard minutes down the stretch. In VGK’s final six games Pacioretty jumped over the boards for 137 shifts, took 27 shots, registered 7 points (3 on the power play), and averaged 18 minutes per game. Pacioretty’s hand must’ve felt strong enough to whip 8 shots on net against the New Jersey Devils in mid-April. Battered and bruised the newest Carolina Hurricane barely showed it.

Every time I play against Carolina our whole pre-scout seems to be around how this team is going to outwork you. This team’s got character. This team stands up for each other. I don’t expect to go in and feel any animosity or negativity. It’s a different situation where a lot of the guys have already reached out. And it’s ‘we want to win. We’re so happy that you’re a part of this thing.’ Wherever they put me, I just want to do my role to help this team win. At the end of the day, this team is close. Any way that I can contribute, I’ll do whatever it takes for that. -Pacioretty

Several times Pacioretty mentioned how close the Hurricanes were to capturing the ultimate goal. Coming off a mentally and physically challenging season I’m sure his teammates will get a motivated, recharged forward. It’s possible that Pacioretty is the missing piece in Carolina. Oh, and defenseman Brent Burns of course.

Yeah, there was a lot of animosity between me and Burnsy. In fact, last night I got a Facetime call from a number that wasn’t in my found book. I had my wife look it up, and it was actually Burnsy. I called him back, and we had a little bit of a virtual meeting. We spoke about one time when we got into it pretty hard and gave each other some cross checks. Yeah, it was one little crack of a joke about him saying how now he can win the Lady Byng because he won’t have to try and cross check me in the face again. We went at it pretty good last year. -Pacioretty

After the awkward ‘I’m sorries’ the two salary-dumped players bonded over playing for coach Pete DeBoer and his staff.

I think. Playing for Pete DeBoer and Steve Spott, they tell me every day Burnsy stories. As soon as they found out about the trade, they said ‘you’re going to love this guy. He’s a great team guy.’ I’m really excited top play with him. -Pacioretty

Sure the Golden Knights organization feels comfortable making up Pacioretty’s production through an internal committee. However, it will take several career-type years for the group production strategy to work out. While Carolina has added offense by trading for Pacioretty and Burns, the Golden Knights are crossing their fingers that injuries won’t plague another season.


When I heard rumblings that it was maybe Carolina and I saw that Burnsy signed, it seems like every offseason Don [Waddell] and all the guys there in Carolina are trying to add pieces to help them put this puzzle together to ultimately come up with the ultimate prize. I really got excited about what’s in front of me with this opportunity. -Pacioretty

Of course, the writing was on the wall that there would be cap casualties this summer. Unfortunately, trading Evgenii Dadonov and Pacioretty put Vegas in an offensive hole. And remember, the pledge ends after this season. Somehow, the Golden Knights will try and replace 50 goals, make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup.

The Creator’s #CupInSix was made clear five years ago and it hasn’t been forgotten by local fans. This is why many are puzzled by the moves the Golden Knights front office are making. VGK fans understand the cap complications but they’re also greedy and want to win. The only thing they see is their favorite team trading away top-line scoring while another Cup contender is scooping up 30-goal scorers and a 6’5 power play aficionado for free.

It’s almost as if they were given away in an expansion draft.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    good luck to max

  2. Ulf

    Well Patches ended up in a good situation – one that he frankly wasn’t in in Vegas.
    He doesn’t have to be “the man” – he can simply be a strong complimentary scorer on a team with superstars like Aho.
    Patches has never been a consistently strong playoff performer, but in Carolina he doesn’t have to be. And with other teams trying to shut down the Canes’ top players, Patches will be up against a second D unit and could thrive.

  3. I wish Patch all the success in the world and truly hope he proves the splash brothers wrong again. Not sure how many more mistakes Foley will continue to put up with from those two as this very well could be another for the record book. Theya essentially have taken a SC contender team from the penthouse to the shit house chasing every shiny toy that came around. Max prove them wrong again and get your name on the cup with Carolina.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what “more mistakes” ?? The buck stops with the grape stomper, he makes all the calls at the end of the day. Should he FIRE himself ?

      I read into this what Jason is quoting Max to say ” I am happy I was dealt to a ANOTHER team that is ready to win, instead of BUFFALO. Like Tuch and Maynard C. Krebs were traded too”!

      these frick and frack writers can’t pass up a chance to misinform and bash; that is pure evil. Us sophisticated fans aren’t falling for this, like majority of Americans didn’t fall for the last six year of trump witch hunting.

      • THg – that’s Intesting coming from you – you who said Foley knows nothing about hockey and is depending on a couple of morons who profess to be experts in their own eyes – just ask them they will expound on how great they are. Foley needs to surround himself with people who not only understand the game but also are good managers of assets and money. You can’t keep buying high and selling low and in a couple of cases getting absolutely nothing in return. Even you would have to agree that is stupid. You know the definition of Insanity doing the same thing over and over that didn’t work and expecting different results. Like l stated long ago this Eichel mistake has had and will continue to have far reaching devastating consequences.

        • THE hockey GOD

          hd , do not put words into my posts that are not there “you who said Foley knows nothing about hockey and is depending on a couple of morons who profess to be experts in their own eyes ”

          I did say the grape stomper lacked the credentials to run a sports team; I never said he is depending upon a couple of morons, etc.” I never called the FO morons.

          For a ship to sail the seven seas without going aground a strong captain is needed. This ship does not have a strong captain. You can have the best officers in the world, but the ultimate sailing of the ship resides with the captain.

          Examples of strong leaders in sport world. Al Davis. Eugene Kline, and the owners of the AVs/ Rams. All the same people. Stan Kroenke and his group. As well Stan Kroenke Kings/ LAkers. All the traits of these owners have one thing in common: athletes in sports entertainment venue. The grape stomper has none of the necessary attributes. He completely flubbed the MAF situation with his naive response to saying MAF would retire in Vegas.

          He has one mandate, win now. He has no idea how to do it. If VGK were ever to win a SC it would need to have a strong leader, not someone who is clueless on the NHL , it’s rules, athletes, the nuances of the game. IT is one thing to be rich and delegate authority. It is quite another to be able get involved on daily basis, know what it takes in an athlete to win games, know the good players from the pretenders. I have been around long enough to say that I wouldn’t have made some of these deals. I see LA Kings and Detroit Red Wings picking up really good players. I have to ask myself why doesn’t the grape stomper step in and say get those players ? Instead he just makes on wrong decision after another. I am sure that the FO gives him more than one option. So much for your statement that he “depends upon them”. In running sports business the FO always put options forward. The people who pay the bills make the final decisions. So far the grape stomper has 1) run into a spout of BAD LUCK these past two years in a) injuries b) covid c) injuries d) over the cap and 2) covid completely upsetting the NHL schedule LAST year in which BETMANN put the CANADIAN division right smack in middle of road (yes a road block) for the VGK to make the FINALS. Remember VGK beat the AVS. In any normal year that would mean a trip to the finals. But no, Bettman had to have the CANADIANS DIVISION (after all Hockey is national sport of canada) as stepping stone to the SC finals when normally all the canadians teams would be down at bottom. And the HABS would have had to face the BOLTS. Rigged ? Yes, as rigged as the 2020 election. So the VGK really would have made the finals TWICE in first four years !! By all rational thought processes.

          And still the fans are whining bunch of idiotic fools believing whatever writers frick and frack, and mob media put forth.


          BAKDERDASH !

          PS trump won.

          • THE hockey GOD

            opps my bad I mean Philip Frederick Anschutz and Roski, owner of Kings/lakers

            i stand corrected

      • Yeah, you’re right. The Jan. 6 Attempted Coup/Capitol Attack didn’t really happen, right?

        And Foley and McPigglet didn’t really ruin a beautiful thing in Vegas in just a matter of months either, right?

        Keep burying that bloated head out there in that sand, amigo. There’s plenty of it there in the middle of the freaking desert.

        Hockey Wasteland there now, too. Enjoy!

        • knights fan in minny

          oh know some politicians got scared big deal

        • What has any of this to do with january 6th? Stick to the subject at hand and go do your politicking some place else. Unless by some stretch of imagination you are referring the 2 vgk ‘s morons to sleepy joe and how his administration is running this once great country into the ground.

          • THE hockey GOD

            i think a better analogy would be the owner to slo joe, at least the grape stomper doesn’t 1) wear big boy poopy pants 2) doesn’t wear depends 3) doesn’t shake hands with people who aren’t there 4) isn’t ruining the economy on purpose putting party / politics over country 5) isn’t farting in front of queen of England 6) isn’t running to Saudi Arabia making a complete fool of himself and getting nothing in return 7) letting putin run around like Adolf Hitler. I can go on and on and on. Biden has been a disaster, a train wreck. Missing Trump yet ? Vast majority of AMericans are.

      • Which of these Crap Things is The Crappiest?

        *Foley’s Wine
        *THE hockey GOD’s Whine
        *McCrimmon’s “Team Building”
        *THE hockey GOD’s Politics
        *tRUMP’s Day-Old Adult Diapers
        *The VGK 2022-23 Offense
        *Eichel’s Compete Level
        *The VGK 2022-23 Overall Record


        • knights fan in minny

          what about blunder joes depends plenty of oil right here in the good old usa and this idiot joe blunder has to go around the world to beg for oil gas at 4 bucks inflation at 9 you must be a proud democrap

        • ulf

          answer to @Dylan (good question by the way): all of the above. Although I do expect Eichel to be just fine, I just don’t know about the supporting cast anymore.

  4. Erik V.

    Sounds a bit like a slap at the Knights. Pacioretty was already in an organization trying to “win now.”

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ erik
      Patches wasn’t taking a shot at Knights, as stated, the writer is.

      Subtle difference.

  5. Tim

    THG, We’ve got the Grape stomper routine time for some new material. I’ve watched this team go from shinning light in the hockey world to what the fuck are you doing. Say what you want but check around the country and the Knights aren’t well respected. You can say winning cures all but in this case they’ve lost there identity. Stupid trades, stupid use of the draft picks, and now there trying to sell a bill of goods that everything will be fine. We have no young talent in the pipeline I mean players not bodies and once again they’ll pickup some rethreads and hope they catch lightning in a bottle. It’s sad but by year 6 most are questioning the team makeup and management. As the old saying goes you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken feathers. I dom’t know about the rest of you but I used to get bummed out when we didn’t play well last year and for me will continue watching but the thrill is gone. This is a bought team that didn’t spend there money wisely.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tim, every team is bought; and VGK are not hated. Envious fans from around the league wish their franchise did as well as the knights did in four of five last years.

      • Right. And All Americans just LOVE them some Traitor TRUMP too, eh?

        You live in Fantasy Land, bro. Enjoy.

        • knights fan in minny

          he is better then joe blunder who cant ride a bike walk up airplane steps he shakes invisible peoples hands and cant put a sentence together and deystroys the usa dylan you fool

        • THE hockey GOD

          Dylan, the real insurrection was on NOV third, and days thereafter. 2000 mules (not debunked) and continuing stream of daily facts and evidence proves what SloJoe said before the election “The democratic party has the largest voter fraud organization in history of USA”. Trump was ahead by wide margins in MI, WI, PA, GA and even AZ at the end of night. Then someone gave the order to stop the counting. Who gave that order ? Now we see it’s likely come down from Obama. In Wi we had over 20,000 votes from nursing homes from people with dementia . All for sloJoe. Wisconsin audit subsequently led to ban on zuckerberg drop boxes. PA, and GA banned them too. IN Ga , states witness said he dumped thousands of ballots into boxes- that is illegal. Also in GA there were over thousands of voters who did not live at stated address, under age voters, and voters from out of state. AZ found ballots in 100,000s without a chain of custody which was required by law. IN PA the DEMs threw out GOP poll watchers which is illegal. IN MI , WAYNE county they not only threw out GOP , they boarded up the windows, and at 4 am vans of ballots were unloaded, AFTER the polls closed. Which is illegal. Also, in PA a truck containing 100,000 ballots drove across state lines. This is illegal. COURTS are noW recently RULING that PA and WI illegally changed the voter laws. Here in NV, the Chief Elections official of Clark County illegally changed the signature verification to a level set lower than manufacturer’s recommendation. The SOS illegally changed the NV mail in ballot requirements which the legislature is supposed to do for the primaries. The name of chief elections official is Joe Gloria, when NV Clark county was sued. He avoided service for weeks, until after the grace period. Anyone who says biden got 81 million votes has rocks for brains, he may have gotten 81 million ballots, not votes. And most of them illegal.

          GOP in TEXAS just passed a resolution that Biden is not legit. WI is considering it too.

          Trump was right about the massive election irregularities. there were enough ballots to switch the states of WI, MI, AZ, and GA or PA to give him the victory.

          As far as contesting the election, the election is NOT FINAL until the ELECTORAL COLLEGE SAYS IT IS FINAL. There is procedure in the constitution to allow contesting by the VP, by a House REp and by a Senator. There is no truth to the constant lie that Trump or anyone tried to “reverse the election”. The election is not final until the Electoral college vote count is FINAL. And that is done in the HOUSE. Also, for the last three gOP won presidential elections the DEMS have protected during the electoral count each time for Bush43 twice, and Trump45 once. So anyone saying now that Trump tried to reverse anything is a hypocrite.

          NExt up, the second set of electoral voters. 2020 was not the first time an alternate set of electors was set up. In 1870s election the same thing happened, it also happened in 1960. hawaii had two sets of electors.

          All this J6 is , is just another side show, nuthing burgers. Trump didn’t break any laws, unless sitting in front of TV watching people protest is breaking a law ? Beside trump asked pelosi for more security, she denied it. And the Capitol cops let people in. now we are finding out that there were FBI agents, BLM and AntifA operatives in the crowd instigating the crowd. Less than one percent of 45,000 hours of video tape has been released. There were many social media video tapes calling out BLM, and antifa, and a half dozen calling out FBI. With protestors calling them out. Too bad the media isn’t the media anymore and refuses to report what is really going on.

          • Too many pucks to the dome back in the day, eh?

            Hope you heal. Good luck.


      • Tim

        THG, Not to kiss your ass but I know your intelligent but there’s times your comments are head shaking. If you read hockey news from around the country like I know you do you know it’s not jealousy or hate for the Knights but not making rational decisions which have left us where we are. Personally I’m glad they traded Patch if for no other reasons health and then you can throw in his age, and cap hit. I think we can all agree that Carolina is a lot closer to a Stanley Cup then we are so I wish him the best.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Tim you are spinning two different yarns 1) alleged hockey “hate” towards VGK, which I see as envy not hate. First you say hate , now you spin to ‘not making rational hockey decisions”. You spin so fast, I can not keep up 2) then you bring Patches into the fold. You are entitled to your opinion. I felt he was damaged goods this past year. This article is not about who’s closer the SC , VGK or Canes, it is about a deliberate attempt by author to spin something said into something that wasn’t meant by the player.

          The VGK is limited in decisions it can make , or not make due to NHL Sal CAp and a weak owner who is clueless on when to step in and make the right call.

          • You are wrong…we hate the Knights. We disliked them before.. The Fleury trade sealed it. They’re situation is hilarious.

          • Lots and lots and LOTS of time on our hands, eh?

            Get a life. Troll.

            Hell, run for Political Office!


  6. Harlan Johnston

    What the hell is the front office thinking of. No way they replace Max!!

  7. We are in deep trouble. We are way too top heavy. Think of Dolly Parton instead of Linda Carter aka Wonder Woman. Teams don’t win with this formula. Carrier, Roy, Kolesar are the keys along with a 40 goals Eichel. If those 4 don’t produce, it could get ugly quick. I tend to think we have a couple of dark years. Our key to getting back our winning ways is our taxes, that’s an edge that we can exploit. No more flashy toys, it’s been a terrible thing to see, the dismantling of a once in a lifetime team. Soon, we will be asking what happened ?? I hope I’m wrong, we all do !!

  8. Ken

    Ken best of luck to patch!

  9. MARK

    The real truth here about the Golden Knights is this team totally sucks right now PERIOD!!! Everyone can try and believe that this team is going to actually replace the 50+ goals lost by the team’s idiotic moves of trading away Dadonov and Pacioretty blah blah blah however it’s NOT going to happen. Let’s be realistic here. Jack Eichel had artificial disc replacement surgery last year and will never ever again be the Eichel of old. Yes he will be very good however he’s not going to ever score 50 goals or anything like that. He’ll be fortunate to give you 25 maybe. Mark Stone will have a bad year because he lost his wingman in Pacioretty. Team chemistry among hockey players is super super important. Stone & Patches were like peanut butter and jelly out there on the ice since 2018. That’s 4 straight years of playing together on the same line side by side etc… Your not just plugging in some new body to replace that chemistry. Also Stone is coming off a serious back surgery of his own. So yeah this team is in serious trouble offensively. Then you have the VGK’s other problem they still have not fixed and that’s Mr. Robin Lehner in net who gives up 4-5 goals every single game. So on a night where Lehner gives up 4 goals, how are the VGK going to score??? They won’t be able to keep up and they will lose those games. The sad truth is this team is getting worse and worse the more they make these silly moves. The #wininsix is dead. It’s going to be #WIN IN SIXTEEN now. Lol but good luck trying if Foley believes this team has ANY shot this year proves he’s an old bag who is really really stupid and knows nothing about hockey. This VGK team right now will get totally blown off the ice by Colorado. This team right now isn’t even playoff material let alone anywhere in the galaxy close to a Stanley Cup contender lol lol lol. This front office is a bunch of clowns and morons.

  10. Mark – sounds like you agree with my assessment.

  11. Tim

    Like I mentioned the other day about other management teams I’m familiar with are far more creative then the Knights. To give credit where credit is do they started off with a bang but then lost there way. We were fortunate the Pacific division was down for a few years but it looks like most teams are on the upswing where were on the down slide. Grabbing these two kids that played in Russia is just another indicator of the lack of confidence in our farm system. Of coarse they have to hype the team or ticket sales would go to shit but you can only hide the truth for so long. I think Alex Martinez will be the next domino to fall.

  12. The splash brother morons have no clue what to do next. They single handedly have destroyed what was initially built pretty well. Apparently they were lucky at first and have run out of luck as it sure had nothing to do with being talented and smart. They continue to prove just how inept they truly are. From the penthouse to the shit house five short years. You cant buy the Cup regardless how you try. Buy high sell low a great plan to fail which they have proven in spades

  13. MARK

    Why don’t you go fuck yourself Ken!! How about that!!! I can follow anyone I want and I can go anywhere I want too. If you don’t like being told the honest truth about the VGK, then go fuck yourself. The truth often hurts now doesn’t it Mr. Ken hmmm don’t get mad at me for speaking the truth about the Vegas Golden Knights current situation. If you want to get mad at someone then why don’t you point your little finger at the man responsible for all this mess. Mr. Kelly McCrimmon!!! You’ll see how bad Vegas is this year. When Vegas is battling for dead last in the pacific division with the Seattle Kraken, Anaheim Ducks and San Jose Sharks!!! You’ll see very soon.

  14. MARK

    Why don’t you remind everyone what Vegas did so far this NHL off-season hmmm??? Soo the VGK traded away great scoring for FREE right?? Over 60 total goals lost and went out the Window for FREE in trading Dadonov, Pacioretty, Coghlan and letting Janmark leave to Edmonton. Ok So what did Vegas add?? Ohhh yeah Reilly Smith is back, ohh boy that’s going to take you far. Sorry but NOPE it’s not. Ohhh wait Vegas added 4 AHL guys with amazing potential and a KHL Olympic gold medalists ohhhh wow that’s going to help Vegas win the Stanley Cup right??? Sorry but NOPE it’s not. So I ask you again…what did Vegas add this off-season and I answer….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! The truth is the VGK got worse this off-season and not better. So I’m very sorry to tell you but the VGK will not make the playoffs or be any kind of contender what so ever with its current roster as is. It’s just not going to happen. It’s nice that some people on here live in lollipop land but for real people who have a brain, this VGK roster as of right now sucks. That’s just reality

    • Man, it’s the other Mark not MARK. This all hurts very much. I’m trying to remain optimistic, but we lost so much, so quick. It was so fun kicking everyone’s butt, it just seems like we lost our way. I personally like Ken, he’s knowledgeable. This is all opinion here, most of us are spitballing. But, we got rid of so much production for nothing and paying one guy not to play. It just seems wrong. I’ve watched alot of sports, and this top heavy roster just seems disjointed. Now we all are fighting because we were a great team and we rallied around our guys and most are now long gone and we are left holding the bag. I want to be surprised. Our $750,000 to $2,000,000 million dollar guys and Eichel are key. No production we fade away into oblivion and we spend our days talking about “the good ole days” of 17/18.

  15. DC

    “Somehow, the Golden Knights will try and replace 50 goals, make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup.” The downward spiral into mediocrity continues.

  16. Obvious

    Where was PAC and stone when Vegas played Montreal in the playoffs and they didn’t put up a point?

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