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Pacificly Speaking – Episode 5

Finally, the podcast has a name, and that name is Pacificly Speaking. This episode we re-live the Kings/Golden Knights series, look ahead to Round Two, and argue about why people still can’t figure out that the Golden Knights are a pretty darn good hockey team. Plus, Jesse ends up agreeing that William Karlsson is a legit Selke candidate. The podcast is hosted by Ken Boehlke of and Jesse Cohen of All The Kings Men.

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Next Man Up, Just Not Yet


The Goalie Matchup Doesn’t Get Easier In Round Two


  1. Mark

    The ending kind of made me laugh

    All teams Need a star player but not only take Fluery, but here’s a second round pick too. Oh, Garrison will be there for the draft so we will also give you Gusev and a pick to go with him.

    I understand the lazy narrative of different expansion draft rules, but the truth is the reason they did so well is

    1. Salary cap- take Reilly Smith please, we will leave Marchessault open. Take Stoner and we will give you Theodore. Here’s Gusev, please take Garrison.

    2. GMs panicked- Not Dumba, here’s Tuch to take someone else. Don’t take Ullmark, here’s a 6th to take Carrier instead.

    3. Change of scenery- Karlsson, Haula, Miller

  2. William

    The intro about the differing cities was almost unlistenable, who cares? Otherwise, good stuff!

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