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Pacific Division’s Pace Of Scoring Catching Up To Vegas

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This season the Golden Knights are 5-7-2 against the Pacific Division. They’ve lost six straight and have dropped eight of the last nine. Yet when asked about why Vegas has struggled so much against the division, it still remains a mystery.

After VGK’s fast start, divisional clubs are feverishly trying to catch up in the standings. It could be desperation, familiarity, or simply clubs in the Pacific can straight up score on Vegas.

VGK Goals Allowed vs Pacific Division

  • vs ANA: 1.50 Per Game (1-0-1)
  • vs. CAL: 3.00 Per Game (0-1-0)
  • vs. EDM: 4.00 Per Game (0-1-1)
  • vs. LAK: 4.00 Per Game (1-2-0)
  • vs. SJ: 3.50 Per Game (1-1-0)
  • vs. SEA: 3.00 Per Game (1-1-0)
  • vs. VAN: 4.50 Per Game (1-1-0)

Even VGK coach Bruce Cassidy seems puzzled by the difficulties his players are having against divisional opponents.

It’s new to me this year. Some of the division rivalries, I’m asking about. Having said that, I still know this was an important hockey game. I don’t have to know the history. We will have to emphasize it more clearly. But if I have to emphasize that we’re playing a division team, then shame on the guys and the leadership group for not recognizing that. -Cassidy

Cassidy is well aware of the importance of affiliate matchups and based off his own words, his players haven’t taken them seriously enough.

For example, Jack Eichel has only two goals against the Pacific this season. He’s suited up for 12 of the team’s 14 divisional battles, so we can’t solely blame injuries. He’s an overall -4 and totaled a paltry 2 power play points in a dozen games. Stephenson has posted points, he has seven, but he’s a -6 in the 14 division games. Their production inside of the division hasn’t been enough.

While Vegas averages 3.26 goals a night, it hasn’t been enough to survive high-scoring Pacific battles. In fact, the Golden Knights have a -8 goal differential in those 12 clashes.

VGK Goal Differential vs Pacific Division

  • vs ANA: +3
  • vs. CAL: -1
  • vs. EDM: -2
  • vs. LAK: -5
  • vs. SJ: -1
  • vs. SEA: +1
  • vs. VAN: -3

On top of missing his emotions, impact and leadership, the Golden Knights are missing Mark Stone’s divisional production. The captain has held up his end of the bargain, notching six goals and four assists against Golden Knights rivals. Unfortunately, Stone was out on Saturday against Edmonton and possibly future Pacific division games.

Vegas, along with Edmonton, LA, Seattle and Vancouver, are all in the top 12 in the NHL in scoring per contest. For the Golden Knights, it hasn’t been enough to combat their rivals. Bottom line, the Golden Knights need to find more offense against Pacific division teams. It’s possible Cassidy’s postgame comments seeped into the locker room and we start seeing better results in the future.






  1. THE hockey GOD

    possible solution:

    The Detroit Red Wings placed goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic on waivers Sunday after he recently finished a conditioning stint with the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins. Here’s what you need to know: Nedeljkovic posted a 3-2-1 record with a 2.30 goals-against average and a .920 save percentage in six games with the Griffins.

    • THE hockey GOD


      Detroit Red Wings G Alex Nedeljkovic clears waivers, opens roster spot in Detroit

  2. Former season ticket holder

    Simple bad math for f.o. jack 15 …tuch 21

    • Not a surprise – f.o. will live to regret that trade given the dollar differential. Eichel unfortunately is not worth 10 mill a year far from it. This home situation is a real puzzle. Vgk are good enough to beat any team when they play thg their A game which unfortunately they have difficulty with particularly at home for whatever reason. Even with the injuries they have had they have continued to win on the road more often than not. When Seattle piles on 14 points in seven games l would think that would be a wake up call for the knights. Having to play from behind doesn’t speak well to their preparation or attitude looking at it from the outside. Time to figure it out or they very well could be looking from the outside let alone worrying about any play off appearance.

  3. Richie-Rich

    I’ve bee very quiet for a while. I predicted VGK would place 4th in the Pacific. The quick start has faded, injuries have played a factor.

    The Kraken have won 8 in a row. So keep an eye on them as they cruise on by the VGK.

    EDM, CGY and the LAK are all playing well too.

    I may have to revise my prediction from 4th to 5th place if this slide continues.

    At this point I can feel pretty confident that they’re not going to win the west or go more than possibly the 1st round in the playoffs.

  4. THE hockey God

    funny how the loser posters come out on when the team is in slump or when a full moon comes out

    another knight bites the dust today, no 23 :

    paging dr shemp howard, dr fine, dr curly howard
    dr fine , dr moe howard , dr fine, dr curley joe howard

    to the ER

    more doctors to ER

    more COTTON

  5. THE hockey God

    last game the revenge of janmark


    the revenge of PDB & S Spot

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