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Ownership’s Decision To Take More Vocal Role Could Be Best Solution For Golden Knights Identity Problem

What was once the best story in professional sports has turned into arguably the NHL’s most loathed. From the subjects of a heart-warming documentary to the butt end of collective hatred from fans across North America, the Golden Knights have done a complete 180. Now, they enter an offseason in which they have to decide what’s next.

The Golden Knights are at a critical juncture regarding the state of the franchise as a whole. It goes much deeper than just missing the playoffs or finding themselves in the middle of a few eccentric situations over the course of the turbulent 2021-22 season.

This franchise must figure out what it was then, what it is now, and what it wants to be moving forward. And this offseason stands as the most important in team history as they attempt to do just that while untying the complicated salary cap knot they voluntarily stepped into.

From the outside looking in, it’s clear how different things have become. But from the inside speaking out, there appeared to be a bit of a murkier view.

Comments from the general manager, head coach, captain, and many key players indicated a bit of a woe-is-me-type atmosphere. For each question about what went wrong, the solution was always the same, better health. Or in other words, better luck, something beyond anyone’s control.

That was until The Creator stepped forward recently in an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal’s David Schoen.

We’ve got to get better. And we will be better next year. We might have lost a little personality over the last few years with some of the things that have happened. Our goal is to get back to this identity of never giving up, never giving in, and being a team. I believe we did move away from that identity somewhat with all the changes that have been made and the constant machinations. –The Creator to LVRJ

The Golden Knights’ owner vowed to be much more hands-on in solving this problem.

I’d say we’re going to be a team now that we’re ‘Ready, aim, fire’ not ‘Ready, fire, aim.’ We’re going to be careful. That’s a big priority for me, and I’m going to be involved in it. I’ve got a few specific ideas of things that I believe need to be accomplished. If I’m being very transparent, I’m going to be active. –The Creator to LVRJ

It’s a stark contrast to the words of one of his top lieutenants, general manager Kelly McCrimmon.

At the conclusion of year-end media availability, McCrimmon “flippantly” offered an opportunity for members of the media to “talk about the dysfunction.” He then commandingly batted down any such disorder despite bringing it up himself without prompt.

(Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

It stunk of insecurity and following a press conference brimming with excuse-ridden answers, any idea of self-awareness of the problems at hand seemed out of the question.

The Creator clearly does not see it that way though, and his decisive reassurance of McCrimmon’s job security indicates the GM must not actually either. As Pete DeBoer said after the last game of the season, “you’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution.” It’s clear which The Creator sees of McCrimmon and President of Hockey Operations George McPhee.

Ownership stepping in to take a larger role has historically ended poorly in the world of professional sports. The examples are endless and they span every major sport both here in the United States and across the globe.

However, as unlikely as it may sound right now, it could be just what the Golden Knights need.

Just having some things like (the Dadonov trade snafu) that weren’t quite right this year. I’m going to try and fix that. I’m going to try and do better next year. We need to make a few adjustments. There’s not going to be the crazy kind of stuff you’ve seen in the past. –The Creator to LVRJ

This is a man who was educated by the United States Army, has successfully run a Fortune 500 company, and later tried and triumphed in various industries such as hotels, golf courses, wineries, fast-food restaurants, and most recently an online payment platform used for video game purchases.

He knows what success looks like in business and he knows when it is slipping away. His expertise could help reinstall an identity that will lead to overperformance instead of the opposite.


He could dabble in something unlike any business he’s ever run before.

Professional sports are unique. Results are much more tangible, people are much less replaceable, and scrutiny is on another stratosphere due to the fanatical nature of the “customers” (that’s a fancy way to say, there are fans of the Golden Knights, there’s aren’t of Fidelity National Bank).

Like many overbearing owners in the past, this newfound willingness to step in and demand it be run his way may spiral out of control.

Time will tell.

But for now, the Golden Knights appear to have moved past the stage of denial and into one of repair. That is a massive step in the right direction.

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  1. Mike B

    I find it hard to believe that all of the actions of the last few years have taken place without the owner’s input and/or approval. He has never struck me as the type of “hands off” leader. His comments and personality have echoed the “buy the biggest fish” mentality that this front office has had to put themselves in this current cap situation, and his support of the GM despite these mismanagements, also indicates that he’s been in on these moves. If it’s gonna be more of the same, I fear it’s going to get worse before it gets better. We need accountability and transparency, not more excuses.

    • Pistol Pete

      He’ll learn from his “mistakes” imo. First five years in the history of a new franchise. Safe to say he’s still new at this relatively speaking.

    • I can’t agree more.

  2. The big Zzzzz

    Isn’t this what he pays the GM and FO for? Why bother having them off his ideas are “better”. This isn’t going to end well.

  3. Galdom

    Another well written article Ken but I have to say that I believe this is not what the Golden Knights need.

    If the front office is incompetent I want the owner to find the right people to do the job not try to do it himself. It was nice to hear Foley at least say something other than blaming injuries.

    • Pistol Pete

      Hard to imagine an FO that went Cup Finals, playoffs, Conference Finals, Conference Finals in their first four years is incompetent. Mistakes have been made they always are. Learn, adjust and move on.


        Before you can learn from or correct mistakes you first have to admit them and start to change.The FO hasnt so maybe its good .At least SOMEONE AT THE TOP sees it besides the rest of the nhl (players ,fans,media

      • Aric

        Hello Pete. I respectfully disagree with most of your comments. Being new the first 5 years doesnt excuse these issues, nor does it make since that thier first 5 years of winning means that the FO’s incompetence is somehow excused. If the players made these mistakes they’d be gone in a heartbeat. We should keep that same energy for the FO if we’re being consistent.

      • Galdom

        Pistol Pete, Yes it was hard for me to imagine as well. Then I saw that they couldn’t manage a salary cap, treat staff with respect by telling the truth and as Stephanie said they can’t even admit they made mistakes. You just admitted it FINALLY by saying, “Mistakes have been made they always are. Learn, adjust and move on”, but McCrimmon won’t say it.

      • PP,

        I agree with you they should move on from KM!

  4. George L.

    This is like my ex wife. She used to pay maids to help clean the house. Since they didn’t do a good job, she would then do it herself.

    Every month was the same cycle. Nothing changed.

    This type of leadership never ends well.

    • Pistol Pete

      Really? Leadership that won more playoff series in the last four years, their first four years in existence, than any team except TBL, never ends well? Do we inhabit the same universe lol?

      • Tommy

        Huh? They made serious mistakes in trades and signings. This wasn’t a fluke season and remember McCrimmon got rid of Fluery for nothing to save $2m. You’re not seeing the whole picture. The team has gotten worse every year.

      • THE hockey GOD

        clearly some posters here live on Planet Stupidia

        • knights fan in minny

          well thats funny hockey dunce your the leader of planet stupidia

          • the Hockey God

            I am pretty sure you are

        • James Wright

          Not helpful, but if that’s the best you got, you do you Forrest.

      • PP,

        Are you talking about the leadership who got rid of the goalie who won all those playoffs games. Everyone knows 3rd winningest goalie in both playoff and regular season NHL history.

        Yes, Pete great job by management how many playoff games have they won with out MAF?

  5. knights fan in minny

    foley can talk all he wants now he has to produce results wait and see

  6. Julie

    The TBL -TOR game is getting good.

    Maybe Foley is speaking in code about what he will do. He is not going to come right out and say he wants to get rid of anyone.

    • Blitz

      Exactly he is not going to say that. I feel like he said what needed to be said and that is that he acknowledges the chemistry and problems with the make up of the team, and that chasing shiny objects affected the team in other ways. It was a little cryptic, but it should be. He doesn’t need to call out folks. For me I don’t care about the injuries or even the losing as much as I care that the team I felt good about is completely gone. I feel by his words he gets it. Personally I feel the #1 move is to send Lehner packing. I don’t think he got a fair run at the job, so that sucks for him, but fact is it has long caused a riff in the fans, and sounds like coaches for sure, and maybe even players. You must remove the black mark to start over, whether fair or not. Truth be told I am sure RL has to feel the same way. And I don’t know why I am responding all of this to your post, but I got on a roll. 🙂

      • The problem with Lehner is that he hasn’t realized himself that he is not a 1A starting goalie. He’s never played enough games in a season to be “the guy”. The other problem is that McIdiot purchased this unproven goaltender with off ice issues, no stability and has averaged only slight more than half of the games in any NHL season.

        The problem IS Kelly McCrimmon.

        • THE hockey GOD

          so you are mind reader now?

          your posts are way over the top today.

          Take mother out to nice pancake brunch, relax, and have a cookie.

          • knights fan in minny

            you say RR posts are over the top look in the mirror hockey dunce man you need couch time boy

          • the Hockey God

            the racist ranter

            talking about coach time, that is a stretch

  7. Bryan

    Isn’t this the same guy who stated he looked Flower in the eye on an elevator ride and told him he was going to retire as a Knight…….. ?? Hmmmmm……

    • Stephanie

      He got convinced of that

    • Tommy

      Unfortunately, McCrimmon felt different and despite what Foley wanted it was the GM’s call.

      • the Hockey God

        so Foley is paper owner ?? I don’t believe that for one second.

  8. From The Creator, “There’s not going to be the crazy kind of stuff you’ve seen in the past.”

    Okay, but you could argue that we are wayyyyy past crazy. They’ve flushed a fantastic roster that won 13 playoff games in year 1 and did it very quickly, very very quickly. When you look at the top tier teams, sure they may roll the dice on the bottom 2 lines, and maybe 1 piece in the top 6. That’s not what happened in Vegas the past 4 years. The team that had identity and personality got flushed by McCriminal. Getting rid of Gallant and bringing in “The Clown” was probably the worst decision.

    So, what’s Foley going to be able to do? He’s got a psycho General Manager whose ego is so big that he would arrogantly stare down the media and dare him to ask a question about dysfunction. And, he’s stuck with a Head Coach who has zero answers regarding fixing the offense.

    Here’s the deal for me. When the Commanding Officer has to step in to be hands on in your department on a ship (say Engineering, Weapons, or other) that is a signal to that Department that he’s lost trust & confidence in him. It’s rare to see it in the Navy. Normally the Department Head is fired, his or her career is over and he may be reassigned to a desk for the remainder of his career.

    In this case, the very fact that Foley is becoming more actively involved means he’s lost confidence. That message is going to sit in the locker room like a smelly fart on the front office, coaching staff and the players.

    Sorry, Mr. Creator, you’d be better off to clean house. This is a decision that you’ll undoubtedly regret at the end of Season 6. Mark my words. I am copying it and saving it for the end of next season.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R, Foley wants to get out and do some positive PR to try and restore the team’s image as a well liked team. Want my opinion? The VGK coming out feel good story was never going to endure. Have you noticed most hard core fans devoted to one team tend to hate about every other team? Furthermore many NHL fans became jealous of VGK early and enduring success. They were looking for any excuse to begin hating us after the first year and Oct 1.

      If you think McCriminal as you call him sucks so bad where is your point to point criticism of his Locker Clean presentations. I though it interesting that none of his haters weighed in. Imo it’s because they were humbled as they listened an accurate accounting from the GM vs. the amateurish talk from us fans.

      He explained at the start the organization made the determination the success of season 1 was not sustainable so they set in motion the strategy to acquire marquee players. That strategy can be contested not that I am a critic of it—I take his word that Craven, McPhee and himself are in a more qualified position than I to make that call. Some people must think these guys are stupid or something.

      • Pete,

        He, McCrimmon decided that it was unsustainable. Well fine. Results? Chemistry, team personality, coaching, goaltending – all evaporating or gone.

        What “The Creator” said, and maybe you didn’t hear it is that he was going to be more personally “involved”. Where I come from, that’s a sign that your boss has lost confidence and trust in what you’re doing and he needs to be more “hands on”.

        I am not arguing your points. What I am saying is that your listening to the noise and not Foley’s message. That message is that the ship better be put back on course very quickly – or else –

        If it weren’t for the injuries and Eichel coming in so late without a preseason, this front office and coach would already be unemployed. That is exactly what I am predicting today. McCrimmon’s legacy is junior hockey, and DeBoer is what Gallant said he is.

        That’s exactly the message. The rest of it is all noise.

        • Pistol Pete

          Hi R-R I realize the injuries become an excuse but then they are a pretty legitimate one in terms of making the postseason. Do you not agree if Stone and Pacioretty did not miss 88 games, yes that is 88, we would almost certainly be the playoffs? That would be playoffs all five years including one Final, two Semi-finals and one pending. Ineptitude and a sea of mistakes? Really?

          As for Foley he’s 100% with McCrimmon and DeBoer, in part because McPhee is. His message is about getting out and fixing the team’s image.

        • RR,

          Everyone else gets your points they are all well thought out and well written many of us feel the same. Pistol Pete is just a puppet for management. He brags about how they have won more series and games than every other team in the league the except TB but he leaves out the fact MAF was the guy in net and we basically have less playoff wins than Columbus without MAF.

  9. Unlike many here, I think we have the foundation to be a contender. The health issue is big, we need a healthy Mark Stone or we need a change and I love the guy. Tuch and Krebs really bothered me, alot. That neck surgery Eichel had is very tricky and his Cap hit is huge, he needs to be a beast to make up for those two guys, otherwise, it could sink is. We need Smith back, to me that’s key here, no Smith, we are in the darkness, that should be our #1 priority.

    • the Hockey God

      @ Mark , I agree, I give it to January before the grape stomper, Foley . Steps in.

      Foley will want to get involved every day but he’s clueless, he wouldn’t have stopped the Dadenov situation because he doesn’t know anything about NHL trade clauses or how they work, or how the process flows. The guy is going to make matters worse, not better. He’ll get caught in double talk. He’ll be the guy up their like Donald Trump saying smart things, and Fauci and other clowns in CDC will have deer in highlight look because they are robots who don’t think outside of the box. Foley will drop a bomb shell and everyone around him will say WTF is he talking about. The message will be garbled until the FO will say, ok you go out there and make the statements. Then every day they will have to “roll it back”.

      Wait for minute. The entertainment value in Vegas will pick up, it will be entertaining like one of those comedy shows on the Strip.

      • I think Foley will demand the Smith re-signing. Why ? He’s tired of losing guys that were part of that magical year. I know for a fact, losing Nate Schmidt really was a kick in the balls for Foley, he took it hard and the Fleury thing probably was the last straw. Alot of the moves the FO made really had to bother Foley, they all played their balls off for him, they kicked ass and took names and they got traded, which he didn’t like. His statement was all about rallying the troops, letting everyone know, he’s got everyone’s back. He’s older, he could be getting more sentimental with age. True, he’s not a NHL guy but I think he’s a good judge of character, players love him, he’s got a common touch which is rare for a billionaire. McKrimmon will have no choice but follow his calls when he steps in, which I think will be fairly rare. Smith will stay, Foley, I think, will not let that guy go.

        • Pistol Pete

          I would like Smith to stay and Karlsson to go but damn Karlsson has five years remaining at $5.9m. That’s going to be a challenge. If I had my druthers I’d rather keep Karlsson as he may be able to get his production back up but the cap calls.

          Karlsson, Dadonov and Brossoit will get them pretty close depending on the cost.

      • SLW

        Why must you always bring up something political in your comments? Stop it! You obviously think Trump is awesome. I think he is evil and disgusting! We don’t care what your political beliefs are, what your opinions about climate change are, or that you were binge watching Ozark! I gotta say, though, you did offer a very funny joke when you said “Donald Trump saying smart things”. That has NEVER happened!

        • knights fan in minny

          open your eyes slw

        • the Hockey God

          Trump is a multi billionaire and became president, he’s no dummy; unlike your ilk who elect know nothing “commie organizers”, and ‘dementia” poopy pants anti american candidates to office. REpeatedly.

    • Pistol Pete

      Mark agree with most if that. They move Dadonov and Brossoit and another $5m piece. I would prefer Karlsson and keep Smith but Karlsson’s $5.9m for the next three years (or is it four) will be tough to move. They got an little aggressive on that signing but when a guy scores 43 goals as an expansion draft acquiree it puts you between a rock and a hard place.

  10. Maybe it’s his way of saying shape up or ship out l have some replacements in hand. I believe he knew he had to say something positive during the press conference otherwise people like post on this site are thinking oh well same old shit. Successful people like Foley surround themselves with knowledgable staff – they don’t do hands on they are smart enough to know that isn’t the solution. It wouldn’t surprise me ou if the splash brothers are on a very short string and could be shown the door. Actually surprised it hasn’t happened already. Just something to think about going forward.

  11. the Hockey God

    i agree Mike B, 100%, he’s just spinning this to make it look like he didn’t make any bad decisions (who signed the checks ?) . Or maybe he’s trying to spin it to take pressure of FO and management.

    Either way his lack of professional sports experience, and specifically anything at all about hockey, is very telling.

    The one time he publicly tried to gets hands on was the MAF situation, exposing his lack of experience in sports by saying he would retire in vegas. That there told me this guy was a clown, worse than Steinbrenner. Or Charlie O Finley. He’s falling into category of Jones owner of Cowboys. AT least the former two had multiple championships. And the Jerry Seinfeld program was an epic satire on Yankee ownership. I liked the episodes where 1) George left his car in parking lot for weeks and Steinbrenner thought George was dead and Frank Costanza goes off on Steinbrenner for trading Jay Buhner 2) where George put a bed under his desk and Steinbrenner thought there was a bomb in it 3) billy martin, billy martin, billy martin; you didn’t hear that from me.

    • knights fan in minny

      billy would not use a bomb he would use his fists ask the marshmallow salesman

      • THE hockey GOD

        ask the marshmallow salesman

        Del Griffith ?

        oh wait he was the used shower ring curtain sales man lugging around the massive trunk

  12. the Hockey God

    Foley is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    You need a hockey man at the top , that knows hockey and knows sports.

    VGK have a grape stomper, nothing more nothing less.

    I don’t see any FO change , changing anything stated above. And if they do make a change now it will be knee jerk reaction (VGK will officially be laughing stock, Betmman will have egg on his face for trusting Foley) , and it will take years for results to come. The new football team and baseball team will take fans away. And VEGAS will soon be on the road to REGINA, HAMILTON, or QUEBEC. Yellow knife? Fort Dawson? Halifax? Oak Island ? Thunder Bay ?

  13. Galdom

    Story of these playoffs so far has been special teams. Lots of power-play goals.

    Wonder how Vegas would be doing if they had made the playoffs since their power-play is nonexistent. ROTFL

  14. THE hockey GOD

    IF PDB is let go, the Detroit Red Wings will pick him up in a new york minute.

    IF McPhee or GMGM are let got, they will be picked up immediately too. GMGM
    has a pipeline of prospects from Wheat Kings. Like Logan Thompson, among others.

  15. knights fan in minny

    nhl network today said boudreau is not a hundred percent back with nucks

  16. knights fan in minny

    flower with another strong game guerin new he had a lot left in the tank merril playing well to

    • Contact Tracer

      MAF may very well be hoisting another cup KFIM.

      “Fleury won his 92nd Stanley Cup Playoff game to tie Grant Fuhr for third in NHL history behind Patrick Roy (151) and Martin Brodeur (113)” and vgk tossed him like a used taco bell wrapper. Shame.

      The Hockey Turd will be eating donuts in his mom’s basement repeating “bad ice”, “bad ice” over and over again all day long ……

      • THE hockey GOD

        I really don’t follow players after they leave a team, if MAF “lifts another Cup” good for him.

        He didn’t for VGK, and that is all that matters to me. When he was here he
        failed. Failed in the CAPS finals allowing them to score at will, failed in next year letting in goals in game 7 with less than five minutes in game, failed in bubble when he was whining about not getting any playing time, failed in HABS game with billy buckner moment, and failed when he was told he was going to be traded decreasing his own trade value allowing the franchise to get no more than sal cap relief. MAF did no favors to the VGK organization or for the fans. I say good riddance to him and best of luck elsewhere.

        And as for bad ice comment, I guess you missed the OT game the other night in which the ice was so bad the start of OT was delayed.

        Your post is nothing more than proving the ‘unsophisticated’ fan base in VGK is alive and well.

        And as for comment about 88, his play declined exponentially. When the first year STrat had him as an elite shut down d man rated a 5 out of 5, less than a half dozen players in whole league that year got a 5. AFter the Dallas series in which he was repeatedly face planted into the ice in front of his own net minder his rating that year dropped to a 3. With Vancouver it was a 1. NHL players do not keep playing at same level as their career moves on.

      • CT,

        LOL, there are a few people on this site who give MAF little credit the true hockey fans appreciate the 3rd winningest goalie in NHL history.

        There are a few clowns on this who blame MAF for everything which is a joke. They forget how we would be basically have as many playoff wins as the Blue Jackets with out him.

  17. JoeInHendo

    Gallant firing never should have happened. Pete “I don’t know” DeBoer has now taken 3 cup contenders and slammed them in reverse without winning squat. There’s an obvious pattern there. Whine and cry about injuries all you want, all NHL teams have injuries. A real coach wins with what they have, not makes excuses about what could have been. Fire DeBoer and show McCrimmon the door too. Put McPhee back in as GM and let’s see if he can work the same magic he did with the original Misfits.

  18. Pistol Pete

    It’s already been pointed out NJD and SJS did not spiral down on account of DeBoer’s coaching per se. I am not going to provide the rundown again.

  19. Galdom

    That is true Pistol Pete. I have mentioned how it is totally inaccurate and non factual that DeBoer ruins good teams. He is a good coach, maybe not the right coach for this team and if and when he gets fired he will get hired right away just like he had from his previous jobs.

    Also have mentioned how I cannot imagine the original expansion entry draft could’ve gone any better than it did. It was masterful.

    But I absolutely despise liars. DeBoer and especially the front office are the biggest lying scumbags probably in the history of humanity. They literally make me physically sick. There is nothing that comes out of McCrimmon’s mouth that is true. it would be more difficult if McCrimmon lied half of the time and you had to try to decipher what was true and what wasn’t but at least every single word that comes out of his mouth is a lie which makes it easier since you basically just take what he says and believe the opposite of it to be true.

  20. NickD

    What really happend. The FO tried to fix something that was not broke period !!!

    Its time for some overpriced players and underachievers ( we all know who they are) to change zip codes. This ship needs to stop listing and get righted fast. Im sure our former players are laughing inside at seeing this implosion and complete meltdown by a Team that yeah looked great on paper but reality set in.

    Latest Rumors we need some Humor with these Rumors…LOL

    Ray Charles has signed a PTO as a Goalie for 2022/2023 and hes Dead Rumor is he will back up LT

    Ricky Smallwood has signed a contract as an elite center for 4 million. Smallwood stands 4 ft 1 from the midget league and can skate under the legs of opposing players

    Betty Boobiesbig has signed a contract making her only the second woman to play pro hockey. Her stats are 44 goals 24 assists 36 Pims. Scouts say her stats are great and opposing players are mystified by her skills

    Coach Jack meoffer is in the mix for a job as head coach. Meoffer is a Hands On type of coach

    To all the Mothers out there have a great mothers day. Stay safe everyone…

    • THE hockey GOD

      you missed story on today’s Russian free agent signing Boris Kutzurnutzov

      • knights fan in minny

        hockey dunce they did not sign the ruskie it says they are linked to him did you have a brain fart

        • THE hockey GOD

          excuse me
          do the math minny, I know some people are slow here, but
          say the name, really really really slow. I am not pouncing on you for this. Swing and a miss.

          Kutz ur nutz ov

          come on MAN , you are smarter than that !!

  21. ulf

    This is actually accelerating the end.
    Foley is not a god.
    In fact he doesn’t know much about hockey. Other businesses? Maybe so.
    Meddling owners are never good in the NHL.
    Hire the best people (he didn’t) and let them work. Learn from them and your colleagues at the BOG.

    • THE hockey GOD

      there is only ONE GOD !!!

      • knights fan in minny

        brag about yourself no wonder people on here do not like you

        • THE hockey GOD

          minny ? Me bragging ? NEVER. There is one GOD is not bragging, just
          telling it like it is.

          like me
          more than they LIKE RACISTS LIKE YOU. Go troll someone else, you have turned to the dARk Side. Luke use the force, turn MINNy back to the good side.

          What is good side of the force called ?

          It is called the “Light Side” of the Force, though “good side” is also acceptable. More often it is simply referred to as “the Force”, “the way of the Force”, or “the way of the Jedi”.Dec 20, 2015

          Something to think about.

          • knights fan in minny

            the hockey dunce there is only one god listen to yourself your a pathetic human i bet you were beat up as a kid bragger boy

  22. Tim

    Bill Foley is in cover your ass mode. You can trust him or the rest of the front office but not me. The old saying of screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me applies here. You all can believe there bullshit but a leopard as they say doesn’t change his spots. I’m sure Gallant and probably the players have to sign a non-disclosure so after they leave Vegas they can’t talk about what they really know. For you dreamers my prediction on the Pacific Knights take 6th with Anaheim 7th and Seattle 8th. I think Patch and Stone are probably done and that’s 16 million shot in the ass plus everyone a year older equals good luck. If you’ve been watching the playoffs it doesn’t take a genius to see were light years away our window is officially closed. Not much talent in the AHL, no first round draft pick it’s not good my friends. I know my heart isn’t in it anymore we are barely 50% on home ice the fans are going to love coming to see us taking a beating half the time. Another saying to close on is ( We had it all just like Boogie and McCall ) but that train has left the station.

    • Galdom


      I think they are a playoff team next year but nowhere near a contender. Not even close.

    • THE hockey GOD

      it’s bogie and bacall

      and I just saw them in Key Largo, what a movie . Great. Had lots of friends over for Sunday NIght Noir, pizza and salad, drinks, dessert. Lots of fun all around. Dan Blitzerian didn’t show up, which is a good thing.

      Edgar G = Johnny ROCCO , classic.

      • knights fan in minny

        what color is the sky in your world you babbler boy

  23. THE hockey GOD

    and the FUTURE of FRANCHISE was on full display this week
    as the HSK silver knights were not even competitive in two game
    sweeping them out of playoffs.

    this is the future to come for this organization

    even the many draft picks they have NHL level have not panned out to date. Maybe one so far , but that’s it.

    • Galdom

      Which is why it’s pointless to rebuild with nothing good coming. Run out the same roster and don’t do stupid stuff like give up a 2nd round pick to get rid of Dadonov or 1st round picks to move Lehner or Karlsson.

  24. Galdom

    Suppose you get Reilly Smith for a hometown discount of 4.2 million which may not be likely. Why even entertain that? The contract will likely have a 5 year or more term. There is a term price to pay for a lower cap hit. You don’t want Reilly in his late 30’s. This has to stop.

    Say good bye to Smith and Janmark.

    Nic Roy is a RFA so he doesn’t hold too much leverage. Offer him 2.1 million which would represent a 280% raise and he doesn’t accept it he can hold out. Time to start playing hard ball. I think 2.1 gets it done.

    We keep Dadonov. His 20 goals will be worth more then anything we would get for him. Infact, we might have to give up something to get rid of him. Makes no sense.

    Keegan Kolesar and Brett Howden are also RFA’s. $900,000 will be enough to retain them. They can’t get significant raises after injury riddled seasons.

    I believe Nic Hague at 1.4 million is what it will take. He doesn’t deserve the Whitecloud money. Hague is still a work in progress.

    The only guy under contract that they have to move is Laurent Brossoit. That’s doable.

    Here is your realistic cap compliant team for next year. The cap goes up to 82.5 million and “my roster” adds up to 83.193 million. Very easy to get under. You don’t have to use a 23 man roster or you could cut Coughlan.

    Jack Eichel 10.000
    Mark Stone 9.500
    Max Pacioretty 7.000
    William Karlsson 5.900
    Evgeni Dadonov 5.000
    Jonathan Marchessault 5.000
    Chandler Stephenson 2.725
    Nic Roy 2.100
    William Carrier 1.400
    Keegan Kolesar 0.900
    Nolan Patrick 1.200
    Michael Amadio 0.763 TOTAL 5.767
    Brett Howden 0.950

    Total Forwards 52.438

    Alex Pietrangelo 8.800
    Alec Martinez 5.250
    Shea Theodore 5.200
    Zach Whitecloud 2.725
    Nic Hague 1.400
    Ben Hutton 0.850
    Dylan Coughlan 0.763

    Total Defence 24.988

    Robin Lehner 5.000
    Logan Thompson 0.767

    Total Goalies 5.767

    TOTAL 83.193

    Call ups / Depth

    Jonas Rondbjerg 0.807
    Ben Hutton 0.750
    Paul Cotter 0.760
    Daniil Miromanov 0.843

    • Galdom

      I know the old saying, “definition of doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity” but I don’t think we want a rebuild. We lack the prospects and draft picks to do so. It would take way too long. I think we have to run this roster one more time. If it’s bleak by the trade deadline then you start the rebuild.

      Pacioretty and Dadonov will be in their final contract years. If they have 30 goals and 20 goals respectively then you can high draft picks for these rentals.

      Potential lines with my CAP compliant roster

      Marchessault – Eichel – Dadonov
      Pacioretty – Stephenson – Stone
      Howden – Karlsson – Amadio
      Kolesar – Roy – Carrier

      Pietrangelo – Hague
      Theodore – Martinez
      Whitecloud – Hutton


      • Mike StG


        If VGK is playoff bound at TD they won’t be trading Patch or Dado. They’ll probably resign Reilly since Stone is likely to spend a lot (or maybe all) of the season on LTIR. And if Stone does return then trading Dado or another piece might be in order to get cap compliant.

        • Galdom

          I know. What I am saying is that you go in next year with the same roster and if they are not playoff bound and look like they need to rebuild then they can make changes at the trade deadline.

          • THE hockey GOD

            what’s better for all around ?

            a three million dollar contract for ten years

            or a

            six million dollar contract for five years or a five million dollar contract for six years ?

    • Pistol Pete

      Looks good Galdom. I kept Smith and move Karlsson, Dadonov and Brossoit. Yours is move Smith, Janmark and Brossoit. Is the cap going up because you are @ $83.193m? Are you also not short of 23 players by one?

      I like your way in keeping Karlsson and Dadonov. I just thought Smith has become an all around better asset than Karlsson. Karlsson would be hard to move with five years at $5.9m.

      My roster moving Karlsson and Dadonov lowers the cap more than your Smith and Janmark but they are much easier—Smith is a free agent Janmark would be easier than Dadonov.

      I’ll tell you what though. McPhee and McCrimmon are smart with this shit. They’ll figure it out.

  25. Mike StG

    It’s possible they will go into next season with basically the same roster. No major deletions. Keep Smith, maybe don’t resign Janmark, and trade Brossoit. How would that be possible?

    Stone’s recent comments sound as though he will need some sort of medical procedure in the off-season. Undecided on what that will be yet, so the rehab could very well put him on LTIR for a good portion of the season. That’s 9.5M of cap space.

    • knights fan in minny

      janmark has not shown much if they keep patrick someone should be fired lb would be no big loss amadio deserves a spot

    • Pistol Pete

      Mike StG would be tough to be sans Stone! That was the difference maker this season.

      • Pistol Pete

        Mike StG on second thought would they not want to clear the cap for Stone so he can be activated without trading players?

        • Mike StG

          Pete, if you knew you were going to play a substantial part of the season without Stone would you just clear cap, or would you put the best team you could on the ice and deal with activating Stone when and IF he can play?

          Both Patch and Dado will be UFA at season end so they’d have trade options and the possibility of other players being on LTIR at that time.

  26. Mike StG

    The first paragraph of the article is pretty melodramatic. Vegas is not universally hated. I have many friends who are fans of other hockey teams and if anything they just wonder what is going on.

    It seems that the vocal haters the article refers to are in large part those who always resented Vegas’s Year 1 success (plus Kings & Sharks & now Avs fans for obvious reasons). Now that SEA’s poor season disproved the claim that Vegas’s success was due to unfairly favorable expansion rules, they look for any and everything to criticize and hate on the team.

    I don’t think it should be a concern for Vegas fans or the team. For the most part it’s a media construct, advanced by a few in the local hockey media. Eastern Conference fans barely follow Pacific Division teams & games due to the time difference, and don’t care one way or another.

  27. Obvious

    Ha ha ha priceless!!!

    Let McGoof gut the team, the culture, etc then decide to get involved???

    This just keeps getting better

    There goes all hope

    • THE hockey GOD

      it takes more than 9 months to have a culture

      the team never had a culture to gut in first place

  28. Pistol Pete

    Our announcers sound good over there at TNT Avs vs. Preds. Hope it’s not an audition where we could
    lose these guys lol (probably not). Do they work for the VGK on an agreement with AT&T Sports Net?

    Second playoff game for Glass (0 pts/-1). 1 A/0 in 8 regular season games.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP good riddance I say, they are not the best one guy bores us with inane facts we don’t care about over and over, never says who is on the ice or what is happening on ice. The other guy is well fatalistic all the time.

      we can do better just as long as they don’t hire a purple haired gender bender who really never played in game

  29. Vic

    Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda are excellent together. What is not needed at any of the playoff games is the 3rd person to provide extra comments. These ‘3rd people’ add nothing and force me to turn the sound down. Then we see The Mask running around interviewing people. Insane.

    Back to the topic at hand….Foley will add nothing. His job is to provide capital and hire a strong FO. What’s he going to suggest…..bring back the calendar to year one? Put the US Army in the ice? Rebuild the lost chemistry? That will take time if ever. Can the VGK get some sort of magic back? Maybe. Then we will see if they will play more like the Caps and Stars (older vets and young goalies playing hard against higher rated opponents), or dead meat like Nashville?

  30. Larry Swaaley

    Mr. Foley is part of the problem, what he did to Marc Andre Fleury was wrong and now i am a Minnesota Wild Fan and I live in Oregon. It’s okay, we don’t need to go to the games in

  31. have another donut

    so, the basic message from Foley is status quo, but better quotes from him.

    got it.

    the team will be borderline mediocre again, just scraping and hoping for a wild card spot ….with lots of injuries again to aging, declining vet players on huge contracts.

    wow, sounds like apathy will prevail, inaction will prevail, and the FO Mc-architect of the demise will act smarmy and smug again as he addresses the fans next year and tells them more bullshit to cover his ass.

    I say once again, if the same Gm, coach, and goalie all return, then you have another season of failure on the horizon, Mr Owner.

  32. Obvious

    So Foley says he vows to be “more active and involved”

    Implying the 2 MC’clowns in charge can’t be trusted

    Yet he keeps them implying other heads will be chopped

    This just keeps getting better everyday

    Surprised he didn’t give the MC’clowns he can’t trust a big raise

    In true investment banker form as long as the tickets are selling who cares

  33. THE hockey GOD

    here’s how I rate the players based upon this years performance
    1= top line, 2= second line 3 = third line 4 = fourth line

    eichel 1
    stone 2
    patches 2
    karlson 3
    stephenson 2
    amadio 4
    roy 4
    kolesar 4, marches = 2, howden 4 patrick 5, janmark 3 boris dadonov 3,
    carrier 4

    petroangelo – 2, hague =2 , whitecloud 3, theodore 1 , coghlin 4
    martinez 3, mcnabb 2, hutton 4,

    lehner 2
    logan thompson 3
    broissant 3

    As you can see the team has too many bottom to middling players, and not enough top tier players. There is no number 1 forward line, and most of the forwards would end up as third and fourth liners on other teams.

    • knights fan in minny

      good thing your not the gm hockey dunce

      • THE hockey GOD

        minny, the only dunce here is you, and your hate / trolling proves it.

        nothing of value to add

        no value added posts, only hate
        followed by more hate

        get a clue your racist piece of shit

        • Obvious

          Too bad your brain isn’t as big as your big mouth

        • knights fan in minny

          you tell people to have a cookie what are you 5 years old

          • the Hockey God

            “you tell people to have a cookie”

            that is not an insult, that is a badge of honor. And I tell them relax, have a cookie. Boy you are clueless, you don’t even know what an insult is !!

  34. JoKay

    Foley is making a mistake keeping McCrimmon and McPhee. These two are the problem and have lost credibility not only with the league and players but the fans!! Vegas has become a cluster and it is these two men who are at fault. They dismantled and destroyed this team not only physically but mentally. Nothing will change until frick and frack are gone

  35. Jkg

    Foley is making a mistake keeping McCrimmon and McPhee. These two are the problem and have lost credibility not only with the league and players but the fans!! Vegas has become a cluster and it is these two men who are at fault. They dismantled and destroyed this team not only physically but mentally. Nothing will change until frick and frack are gone

  36. THE hockey GOD

    another worthless , misguided measure form pres. poppy pants

    hTe White House announced Sunday that the United States will bar Russian companies and citizens from using U.S. accounting, marketing and consulting services as part of a new package of sanctions designed to further punish Moscow for its war in Ukraine. etc etc etc

    Hurts regular people, does nothing to Vladof Putinhitler

    • knights fan in minny

      now your cnn rubber rooms are ready get in one they have cookies

  37. have another donut

    from Sin Bin Pothier on May 4—

    “Since January 1st, the Golden Knights were statistically one of the worst teams in the NHL. Over the last four months, Vegas finished in the bottom ten in; Wins, Regulation Wins, Goals For, Goals Per Game, 5-on-5 Shooting Percentage, Losses When Outshooting Opponents, Wins When Outshooting Opponents, Goals Scored in 1st Period, Goals Scored in 2nd Period, Power Play Percentage, Penalties Drawn, Hits, Shootout Win Percentage, and Wins When Trailing First.”


    iow, they stunk, they folded, in those 4 months…..and when they got somewhat healthy down the stretch, they looked even worse. like the home loss to NJ for example.

    That is why it is necessary for fans not to buy into the Coachspeak, the injury excuse, or any side issue.

    That first paragraph says it all. it was a monumental failure and collapse, and key heads need to roll, or else say hello to annual mediocrity.

    anyone who thinks that Stone or 67 or 23 or 90 are going to get better and healthier, and play 82 times with advancing age and deteriorating recent evidence, is deluding themselves, just like the clown behind the bench does.

    Bottom line= McCrimmon said recently that he expects his team to play better in the last half of any season, but that the Vgk played worse, and he says that is not acceptable.

    Ok, then you and your coach ought to resign, cuz you are right, it is not acceptable.

    • THE hockey GOD

      donut, the man game losts were taking a toll,

      the fact that PDB had them in the hunt is a testimony to his coaching ability.

      “stinko” yep see my player ratings in post above.

      • Nah…the games lost due to injury are nothing more than baking soda covering up the stench that lies beneath.


  38. Obvious

    As long as the tickets are selling Foley could care a less how the team does…. Typical investment banker… fleece everyone and anyone while telling them how good you are

  39. Mike StG

    Wow, Trotz just fired by Lou/NYI. Well there’s a players coach for you. If Foley wants to make some changes that might be a place to start.

    • the Hockey God


      unfortunately the RED WINGS will pick him up in a NY MINUTE if they are smart !

      • Mike StG

        THG – probably he’ll sign elsewhere, I agree. Not so sure about DET though. There’s been some talk that he’d like to transition into GM position and with Yzerman there he’d have little chance of that.

        But there are other places he’d probably prefer over Vegas.

  40. Galdom

    Front office should definitely go after Barry Trotz. I hope that if asked they deny their interest in Trotz. Because obviously since they lie about everything that means they are going after him.

  41. JV

    Trotz would be a good fit here. He hates young players and VGK doesn’t have many. They are in bottom 6 roles which Barry will at least tolerate. He destroyed Barzal, Bellows, and Whalstrom in NY. Don’t forget he almost succeeded in driving Burakowsky back to Europe when in WSH with his treatment of him. If he brings Korn along it would help develop Thompson.. The PP wouldn’t get much better, however.

  42. Galdom

    Last year the Islanders had the 12th ranked power-play and 4th ranked penalty kill.

    • JV

      The only time in Trotz’s 4 years they finished
      with a top 20 PP.

      • Galdom

        That’s true. I fact checked you. LOL

        Trotz has been very successful as defence usually gets you far in the playoffs.

        Is he the right fit for Vegas? He could be the right fit everywhere because he’s such a great coach but the fact that Vegas can’t score and has a horrible power play, maybe Trotz isn’t the guy.

        Could all be a moot point anyways. I think if they were going to fire DeBoer they would’ve made that decision already.

  43. FormerSeasonTicketHolder

    Leaving mgt in place screams to me, “We aren’t the problem. We lost because of injuries.” Please. Mike Babcock may be an A**, but he could make an injury ridden team win. Deboer is a joke. As for Foley’s involvement, I 100% believe he has been involved, and HE is a huge part of the problem. What other owner features himself in a video during EVERY HOME GAME? Like he’s the savior of Vegas. He brought Vegas a team. Thank you for that. When have we paid enough? The past 2 years have felt like they could not get rid of fan favorite players fast enough. Screw you, fans. You know nothing. I will say ONE huge thank you to the FO… the pathetic handling of MAF came one day before partial season plans renewals were required to be submitted. Made my renewal decision easy.

    • Obvious

      Agreed. Foley was the one who approved kicking fleury to the curb after personally telling him he would never trade him. Just like the 2 Mc’clowns Foley is a 2 faced rat who can’t be trusted. The whole organization is an untrustworthy cabal reminiscent of the investment banking industry. Say one thing and do another regardless of who gets ran over in the process. Regardless foley put up the $ for the team so he can do as he pleases even though you can trust or believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Thus the reason the 2 Mc’clowns are still there as they fit in with him like peas in a pod

  44. Galdom


    Sounds logical to me.

    Lying cocksuckers working for a lying cocksucker.

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