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Our Newest Favorite Team Name Idea

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Previous here at we’ve been a fan of the name Las Vegas Silver if/when the NHL announces they are indeed coming to Vegas. The name works on so many levels and quite frankly, it just seems to fit in the pantheon of professional sports team names.

But today, via Twitter (thanks @TVsGGreenlee), we were introduced to a new team name that has taken the lead as our favorite name. Ready? Here it is…

Las Vegas Rat Pack

Yeah. Pretty awesome right? Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, those other two guys.

I’ve stated in my bio that there’s nothing I love more than the city of Las Vegas. There’s nothing that screams Vegas more than the Rat Pack, so why not name the team after the iconic legends.

Everyone heading into the stadium is already going to be taking Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra drives to get there, and Sammy Davis Jr. just got his street right around the corner. It’s perfect.

The logo design that was presented to us is incredible. The jersey idea… not so much. We’ll have to work on that.

I can already see the five mascots hanging around the arena only to finally get on the ice for the 2nd intermission “Rat (Pack) Race,” in which the caricatures race from once side of the rink to the other.

I’m not even a fan of that type of music (guess I’m too young), but there’s no denying that there’s nothing more Vegas than the Rat Pack.

The team and the league are likely to shy away from gambling, so Aces, Blackjacks, Luck, Chips, etc. are all unlikely. The name Black Knights still leads as it’s The Creator’s preferred name, but there’s just something about redefining the name Rat Pack that’s incredibly appealing.

I’m completely on board with it, so now what do I do? Make a GoFundMe page? Isn’t that what people do when they want something?

But seriously, Las Vegas Rat Pack is the best name I’ve heard yet, and until someone beats it, I’ll do anything I can to make it a reality.


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  1. jf

    I can think of a few. Obviously we stay away from gambling oriented names, and if Jason Feinberg mentions wanting to call them The Strip again on Fox 5 in the morning I will lose it.

    Las Vegas Black Knights (already established in the rumor mill)
    Las Vegas Roadrunners
    Las Vegas Coolers (kinda gambling centric, but obscure enough to work i think)

    • Have you listened to the podcast? We went over like 100 names in there. Coolers is a new one for me. Heaters is interesting too.

      • jf

        Just found the site today so I haven’t listened to the pod yet. I’m more of a soccer guy, but I’ll definitely get more into hockey and support the vegas team when it gets here.

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