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Other Postseason Teams Not Sounding As Confident As Vegas

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As we near the end of Phase 3, the Golden Knights confidently continue to prepare for life in the bubble. Coach Pete DeBoer and his players have expressed their goals throughout training camp and sound as if they are already in postseason mode.

We’re not going there for vacation. We’re going there for work and a goal in mind to win the Stanley Cup. –Alec Martinez, SiriusXM NHL

The message is clear from this organization that while their surroundings will be unique, nothing has altered their objective. The chatter from the Golden Knights since training camp has been focused and positive, more so than other clubs. And it starts with the head coach.

Even if we had a first-round opponent, through this portion we would be spending 90% of the time on our game anyway. I’m a big believer that if our game is in a good place that we throw that out there and let the other team adjust to us. –Pete DeBoer, NHL Network

While the local team feels good about their playoff chances other franchises are still trailing in preparation. The clock is ticking for some to get their act together before traveling to their hub city destination.

The Blue Jackets have a qualifying round matchup with the Toronto Maple Leafs, however, neither seem to be feeling as confident as Vegas. As most fans already know, Tortorella never holds back and he isn’t now. Maybe it’s motivation or maybe he’s legitimately concerned that his players aren’t ready for August.

You’re playing against the guy that you’re having lunch with an hour after the practice… Although one team beat another team 6-0, and that team may say something different, I just didn’t like our energy level at all today. -John Tortorella, CBJ coach

It’s not just in the Eastern Conference. The Winnipeg Jets have some highly-skilled forwards that need to catch fire in order to advance. Last week sharpshooter Patrick Laine didn’t sound like he’s gained his shot back when he spoke about preparing for the playoffs.

Still kind of far away… It’s kind of hard to see myself playing playoff hockey in two weeks. But just trying to make the most out of it and trying to be as well-prepared as I and as we can … just try to work hard these next couple of weeks so we’ll be ready when the puck drops.-Patrick Laine, WPG Forward

You haven’t heard comments like Laine’s coming from Golden Knights camp. In fact, Vegas players have felt ready to hit the postseason ice for weeks.

It’s possible other clubs are as confident as the Golden Knights, and it’s possible that some are more worried about what to bring with them to the bubble. Either way, the games begin in one week and there’s no reason to believe Vegas won’t be more than prepared.


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  1. The Noodle King

    Great news the Team is so focused. Stoked Krebs made the cut. What an experience for him at 19. Wishing them all good health and nothing short of bringing the Cup home. Can’t wait for the parade !

  2. Tim

    Team looks good and on defense I think they kept the two best Dylan C. and Nick H. both 21 and Jimmy S. and Jake B. at 25 it was a no brainer. Peyton Krebs was a nice surprise the other forwards they kept will just be eating popcorn.

  3. Doktor Hockey

    I want to drink the kool-aid and agree all looks good! Attitude means so much and it seems the boys have the right one. One concern is “Patch”. Is no one else concerned? I know we got guys who can fill in, but come on, if he is not on the ice, it will hurt our chances critically! And pasta, hash tags? Cool! 🙂

  4. Wily Andara

    Reid Duke is on the roster. Unbelievable. Not that Schuldt would get used in the playoffs but Reid Duke has zero present or future value to the team. At least with Schuldt in the group and practicing they could see if he’s got any shot at being a contributor next year.

  5. DH -you didn’t think we would agree on anything – they need Patch ro make it happen.

  6. Idontwearhockeypants

    What a ridiculous article . These guys are all professionals with a lifelong dream of winning the Stanley Cup. Every team will be ready to give it everything they have . Also , what a bunch of classless A,- holes in Vegas mgmt canning a smart / successful coach like Dave Prior , which is one thing . But to lie and say he’s still with the team , when in fact he hasn’t been since the end of Feb is classless. Maybe the guy would have liked to put his name out there for other employment after he was fired. Unreal.

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