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Organization May Lean On Brossoit When Fully Healthy

Many Golden Knights fans would like to see Logan Thompson named as the starting goaltender for the 2022-23 season. It’s a strong argument considering how well Thompson performed late in the season when injuries promoted him as Vegas’ number one. So, are Bruce Cassidy and the Golden Knights coaching staff leaning towards Thompson? He’s confident, skilled, and younger but he’s not as experienced or expensive as the other goalie on the team. Which could lead the organization to eventually select last season’s planned backup, Laurent Brossoit.

Our last update from the organization on Brossoit was promising. The 29-year-old is rehabbing from his offseason surgery and is feverishly working his way back to form. There is no announced date or timeline for his return, but many assumed it would be awhile based off the limited information we’ve received over the summer. Last week reporter Kevin Woodley reported Brossoit could be available sooner than later.

He isn’t ready to be on the ice yet, but there was some talk that he isn’t that far away from skating. All indications are he is ahead of schedule, but that doesn’t mean he will be ready for opening night. It could be a few weeks into the season. –Kevin Woodley,

Woodley participated in an NHL goaltending camp which happened to be presented by the agency that represents Brossoit. The Golden Knights goaltender wasn’t in attendance, but representatives gave Woodley some positive news about the veteran’s potential return.

The camp that I was at last week was put on by his agency and LB wasn’t there. Not ready to be on the ice yet. There’s a lot of examples of guys having it done in the same window. Having this exact surgery and being back by training camp. Maybe not the beginning of camp but on the ice and doing drills early in the season if not for the start of the season. -Kevin Woodley,

The former Winnipeg Jet and Edmonton Oiler built a strong reputation for being active and keeping himself in top shape. When healthy, it’s certain Cassidy will take advantage of Brossoit’s motivation to get back on the ice and compete for a starting NHL goaltending position.

Dating back to his Edmonton days, when it comes to working out and taking care of himself, he’s been near the top of the league physically for years. This is a guy that sets the standard. It’s frustrating for some of the other goalies just how easily Laurent Brossoit rips through some of the hardest exercises they’re asked to do. When you take care of yourself to that degree it gives you a better chance to heal. Usually, being in better shape provides a better outcome in terms of recovery. -Kevin Woodley,

Like Thompson, Brossoit had success in fill in roles up in Winnipeg. An open competition could elevate both goalie’s level of play which the Golden Knights would greatly benefit from.

Is he ready for game one or does he need a little time after the season starts? Barring a setback, we’re not looking at anything longer than that. -Kevin Woodley,

Either a 50/50 split or a clear number one, it doesn’t matter. Vegas will desperately need consistency in net without Lehner. Thompson is the early favorite but expect the organization to give Brossoit every chance to win the position when he’s fully healthy.


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  1. Richie-Rich

    Give me a break. “Lean heavily on” Brossoit? He’s a good back up goaltender. Thompson is young and still unproven.

    VGK is looking at 4th place and likely won’t make the playoffs. Now, they have to prove me wrong. All my predictions last year came true.

    • Pistol Pete

      You must have predicted the injuries or were basing your predictions on how things were shaping up after they began to mount up. No doubt in my mind they made the playoffs if healthier. Here’s to hoping Stone’s back has been fixed.

  2. Emmanuel

    They’ll pick up a cheap G sooner or later “ just in case” After experiencing the Hamburglar I’m convinced G are all nearly the same and streaky. Getting a pricey G is about league GMs CYA.

  3. Tim

    If there counting on the goalies we have I don’t think it’s a stretch we better score 5 goals a game. Everyone I’m sure saw Paul Stansty sighed for 1.5 million we were in on him but he chose Carolina. You can argue there closer to a cup contender or he wanted no part of Vegas. If you check around the internet people have a low opinion of the Knights. How the mighty have fallen except in Vegas where all the hacks just tell you how wonderful everything is it’s kind go sad no objectivity except Sin Bin. Whether you agree with Ken and Jason or not you have a chance to state your opinion and I think we all appreciate the site. Listen to Gary Lawless if you really want a laugh you want to talk about a writer in La La Land.

  4. What purpose is served by starting another issue where goalies are concerned. You have a young healthy one who the players seem to play well in front of him and he has proven himself to be dependable under pretty adverse circumstances. He’s gotten where he is because of a winning attitude hopefully that attitude will run off on some more of the team. He is similar with something to prove like the team of year one.

    • Julie

      Hey, HD – hope you are doing great! I agree with you on Logan. He stepped in when the circumstances were very intense and did great. It’s true he isn’t as experienced, etc., but isn’t this where that whole re-building and developing of players comes in? At least with Logan you know he wants to play.

      • Hi Julie – how goes the battle? – while experience is fine and the team is loaded with those type of player, unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily bring the attitude essential to be winners. LT has worked his way up and deserves to be recognized for that and be recognized as the starter. IMO. YOU don’t get experience sitting on the bench. Like you said give him a shot they will go further with him than anyone else at this time.

  5. Chuckles

    I’m counting on some of the rooks to have a decent year. Otherwise another pawn season if the team falls back. Also perhaps Football Rebels play as Knights with good old reckless abandon. As Vegas did prior to those disappointing Conference back to backers. Counting more on Cassidy then previous coach to Light the fire!!

  6. Erik d

    A thought from back east and being a giants fan I’m gonna make a comparison, my giants have Daniel Jones and tyrod Taylor at qb, one is already known to be a backup at best the other is young and has the potential to be something more, while the team may be better with Taylor at qb in the end, their only hope is for dj to reach that potential, they must start him, I feel the same here, Thompson may fail but the only one with any hope of making them contenders he is. There are a few obvious differences both work for the vgk, vgk is a better team then my giants and Thompson hasn’t really ever played consistently bad in the nhl where as dj has. If this team wants to compete for a cup like they say they do, you must do Thompson at least 60-40 and gamble that be is good enough, brossiot is a solid backup but he won’t get you there

  7. Obvious

    As psycho lehner sits back with his crack pipe laughing how badly he fleeced McPhukup and fat bastard

    Put fat Phil in net … he covers a LARGE area

  8. Kenny

    Christ! Give our goalies a chance. May be some ruff moments with LT, but he showed he can play well! You negatives complained about Lehner, and I said a few weeks ago that with him gone you would jump on another to bitch about! It was totally predictable. As usual here!

    • Kenny, it’s the AMERICAN WAY to whine and bitch, dontcha know?? LT should do well this season..the pressure of having to carry the team at last season’s end will not be there now. The question of who will start this year is decided, so LT can focus on his game.
      I think he’ll be fine…considering the Lehner mess last season. NO PRESSURE, RIGHT?

  9. THE hockey GOD

    i like a good breakfast croissant every so often to start off the day.

  10. Tim

    Well here it is Sunday not much going on in hockey but my young Guardians of the Galaxy as THG refers to them are doing just fine in baseball. I don’t care about football or basketball with all the kneeling showing disrespect for the flag and me being a disabled vet they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. With that being said my two teams are the Vegas Golden Knights in hockey and the Cleveland Guardians in baseball being I was originally from Cleveland in another lifetime. This gives me a perspective on how these two organizations are run. First we have the Knights players long in the tooth probably middle of the pack. A management team that has zero quality players in the farm system and with an unproven goalie we’ll be on the edge of our seats every game. Now on the other hand the Guardians have the youngest team in baseball and as of now are holding down first place in there division. Then we move to there farm system which they say is third best in baseball but I’d argue it’s the best. To put it in perspective not only are the Guardians the youngest teen in baseball but also younger then 29 of baseball teams minor league. The only team younger then the Guardians in the minor league if you haven’t guessed it is the Guardians minor league teams. You want to talk about management and how one team has stripped the team of not only there identify but have put them in a position to fail in the near further. On the other hand you have a management team that have built a system that between the pro’s and minor league are three deep in every position and 95 % are 25 years of age or younger. I wish the Knights would have just a little of there common sense they would have a much better team. If your not a baseball fan you could care less but if you are compare the two organizations it’s shocking. That’s why I take anything the Knights say with a grain of salt because there not even in the same ballpark when it comes to managing.

  11. Jailbird

    Almost two months Togo before real hockey starts again. But football back up in less than two weeks. Can’t wait!

  12. Obvious

    “It’s the goalie’s fault” ……. que up the excuses

    Can’t score a goal… “it’s the goalie’s fault”

    Lousy power play…. Yup, “it’s the goalie’s fault”

  13. Ogie Ogilthorpe

    Not a popular opinion I’m sure but honestly, LB played pretty damn well in the first half of the season when he was healthy (not good in the second half when he obviously was NOT healthy). I don’t have a problem at least STARTING the season with the LT/LB tandem and seeing where that takes them.

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