Home teams in the NHL win roughly 7% more often than road teams and 85% of teams in the league have better records at home than away. This is called home-ice advantage, and it’s very important for success in the NHL.

Because Las Vegas is such a tourist trap destination T-Mobile Arena is expected to be a hot bed for visiting fans. While the organization is likely focused mostly on the bottom line (i.e. making money by selling all the seats) we’ve confirmed they are indeed taking measures to ensure as many butts in the seats are cheering for the home team as possible.

We very much want and hope to have local support coming from our individual game tickets so fans that cannot commit to the ticket plans due to schedule or cost will have the opportunity to see their hometown team play in the state of the art arena for a handful of single games and to preserve home ice advantage. – Todd Pollock, Director of Ticketing, Black Knight Sports and Entertainment

First of all, the fact the main ticket sales guy is saying the term “home ice advantage” is a fantastic sign. It means the organization has had conversations about it and they aren’t willing to sacrifice it in the name of making a few extra bucks.

Single game ticket sales are actually a more profitable option as the price is higher, people coming to individual games spend more, and the team has the ability to dynamically price the tickets for hotter games.

The organization has to know that out-of-towners are going to want to come to Vegas to support their team. However, it doesn’t appear the team wants to be reliant on these people. Instead, they are pushing to sell every seat physically possible to local Las Vegans willing to buy seats to each and every game.

Take notice Gary Bettman, Las Vegas is selling out… to people in Las Vegas.

Take notice Las Vegas, seats are going quickly so the best way to ensure you can see your new favorite team is to buy season tickets.

Take notice out-of-towners, this is one entity in Las Vegas that is not pandering to you. Want tickets? Better start getting familiar with the ins-and-outs of the secondary market.

And finally, take notice NHL, The Creator and his team are in it to win.