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Creator Confirms Golden Knights Will Have Two Mascots

The name and logo are all good and well, but now it’s time for them to come to life in the form of a mascot, or as The Creator shared with, two mascots.

We’re going to have two mascots. One fan-friendly, kid-friendly mascot and there’s going to be one awesome, mean mother… the guy you don’t want to meet in the woods. -The Creator

First off, describing one mascot as a “mean mother…” might be the greatest thing that’s ever come out of The Creator’s mouth. It’s a shame he didn’t realize he was in the R-Rated space of talking to and finished off the thought with what he really wanted to say.

He went on to speak about his dream, which I heard for the first time in April of 2016 and have heard many times since, of the mascot skating in his full suit of armor and pulling Excalibur from the ice to kick off the season. Expect that mascot to be a true to form human knight plucked right out of the medieval days.

The other mascot is a bit more of a mystery. The only description we got was “kid-friendly” which leads me to believe he (or she) will be your classic fluffy oversized bobblehead looking mascot. Think this, or this, even something like this.

A female/male combo?

Nah, I think we’ll go… Well the male is going to be the Golden Knight, and I’ve got a lot of ideas for him, then we have another idea but I can’t tell you about it yet. -The Creator

My guess would be an apprentice-type, or even the son of the Golden Knight.

Hopefully holding a sword from the Sword Star logo, wearing an oversized VGK helmet that doesn’t yet fit, and acting like a child trying to be like his father, but doesn’t yet have the skills, but no one asked me, so who knows.

Either way, not one but two mascots will be roaming the rows of T-Mobile Arena come October when the team finally hits the ice for the first time. As for when we’ll get to meet the literal faces of the franchise? That’s still unknown. Could be any time between next week and late July.


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  1. PhiSig 150

    For the kiddie one I want to see a goofy dragon in a knights helmet. For the badass one I’m thinking something along the lines of Sauron in full armor at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring

  2. RJ

    May I propose the Knight Sir Sal Sagev (make sure he has white hair, or a “snow capped peak”) and his pet lady dragon Sagebrush. Perhaps his trusty steed Battleborn can make an appearance.

  3. Dwayne Lucyk

    For the kids, how about a Knight Owl mascot, a snowy white owl at that, to start depicting some snow and ice features during the winter hockey season. Plus, an owl is the only “true” bobblehead that can swivel its head from front to back in real life. Think of including the kids as part of the current fan base, because they have the potential of being the next generation of season ticket purchasers, if developed the right way, such as having their own family fun section.

  4. Michael

    Whatever the mascots, I hope the penguin guy from ‘Behind the Mask’ gets one of the jobs. I know he said he is going to applying for any opening here.

  5. Phisig150

    I’m surprised with the budgetary restraints that the Knights can afford two mascots.

    • RJ

      Well Foley SAYS we will have 2 mascots. What he means is we will have a mascot and an Army recruiter. The second one is for the kids.

  6. Markiplier

    Am i the only confused about the last 2 words of this article “east july”. Someone want to take a stab at explaining that one.

    • Good ole typos. Was supposed to say “late July.” However, as we now see, it’s October 11th, and we still haven’t seen them. Apparently, my subconscious was trying to save me from putting out an inaccurate timeline 8 months ago.


    Who was the idiot who thought a venomous lizard was kid friendly? Someone didn’t do their homework.

    • Bryan Lanier

      This gila monster mascot makes absolutely no sense! The knight/medieval theme had so many great possibilities. Weird and terrible branding for this team…it seems like a corporate committee interfered in the whole creative process

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