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Guest Post: One Fandom, Under Foley, Indivisible, With Hockey And Molson For All

On a day in which the team selected a superfan to send to the All Star Game, we thought it might be nice to hear one of the most passionate fans of Unfortunately for Jerry we don’t have All Star tickets in a luxury box, so I guess seeing his name as the author of a website that draws 1.5 million fans a day will have to suffice as a consolation prize.

It’s the pledge of allegiance, VGK style, from Jerry “Phi Sig 150” Tomeo.

There’s been a tide of excitement slowly building for almost two years. First there were murmurs, then rumblings, then rampant rumors which were followed by full scale speculation until the glorious day finally arrived when it was officially announced that yes, what we had been hearing was true, Las Vegas was indeed getting it’s first pro sports team. Die-hard hockey fans rejoiced. Locals swelled with pride over the giant step our burgeoning city was taking. The Internet and Las Vegas locals alike played the name the team game for months fueled with occasional teases from Foley. Deep down in our hearts we knew he wasn’t lying when he said that Knights would be incorporated in some fashion but what if it was an elaborate ruse to throw all of us off the scent? What if he’s actually planning on playing a wild card? What if he’s naming the team the Rat Pack? Or better yet what if he’s going with a name that was actually good? Then the name came out. I’m sure somewhere out there must be a small group of Renaissance faire performers that flipped their medieval lids over the name. Most locals were indifferent, content with the prospect of hockey and pro sports in Las Vegas. There was, however, a very vocal group that hated the name. I mean really, really hated the name with a level of loathing usually reserved for Isis or Bettman. I’m not going to rehash the arguments pro and con Vegas Golden Knights for the thousandth time but suffice to say a Golden opportunity was Las.

There exists a significant segment of our fan base that feels disenfranchised. They want to be like the rest of us snapping up shirts, hats, and especially those sweet, sweet lanyards. The disenfranchised long to get lost in the excitement but for some reason they just can’t. Some of these fans helped get the team here in the first place by committing to season tickets. Some still intend to buy tickets once the puck hits the ice. There are unfortunately a few that have completely written the team off over the naming process. The disenfranchised feel the name isn’t representative of the city they love and feel slighted that they weren’t included in the naming process. Despite some of our ultimately fruitless fantasies the name isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So the question becomes how do we get these fans back into the fold? The solution: the creation of an identifiable fan collective.

The Cubs have the Bleacher Bums. The Raiders have the Black Hole. Cleveland has the Dawg Pound. Manchester United has the Red Army. The Knights need to take a cue from other sports, futbol in particular, and create our own rowdy hard-core fan base. A major roadblock we had to overcome in getting our team was the misconception that Las Vegas doesn’t have enough fans to support a professional franchise. The wildly successful ticket drive quickly put an end to that myth. We still need to show the world that T-Mobile isn’t packed full of casino comps and Blackhawks on holiday. We need to rep our team and rep it hard. Our crew needs to be passionate but not obnoxious, easily recognizable (more on merch later), slightly drunk but not sloppy, loud, proud, and rabidly loyal. We won’t start any fights but we won’t be taking any guff from Boston, Philly, or New Yorkers either. Elitist fans from other cities don’t think we deserve a team (how many stupid “Name the team Nordiques they’ll be there in 5 years anyway” type comments did we have to read during this process?). Let’s show them how wrong they are. It may take a while but like a virus our club will eventually spread section by section until we overtake the entire arena. Some group needs to start the chants right?

I hear a lot of people saying that they’ll go to the games but they refuse to buy merchandise. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity. can give these lost fans something to identify with while benefiting financially in the process so they can keep giving us the content we’ve all come to love. Think of the awesome (Sparky Chewbarky original designs) shirts, hats, sweaters, jerseys, stickers, and of course lanyards that can be cranked out. People that have been buying Knights merchandise will have even more to buy while people that so far have avoided all things Golden now have options. Next comes the hard part. Coming up with the nickname for our club (just ask Foley).

First things first, we need to learn from Foley’s missteps. The city identifier clearly has to be Las Vegas not (Las) Vegas. The name will be put up for a fan vote (this time it will actually happen) right here on (Ken, make this happen). That being said I do have a few suggestions. My personal favorite is The Las Vegas Drunk Tank, which is a play off San Jose’s Shark Tank. Let other fans boast about their Stanley Cup chances and rub it in that we’re in the cellar. We know we can drink those fans under the table. So we have that going for us, which is nice. If we want something Knight related we should go with Squires (Squire Squad, Scrappin’ Squires) who faithfully support Knights. Expanding upon medieval themes there’s always King Slayers that serves as both a direct shot our rival and a nod to Game of Thrones. We can steal a page from soccer with a name like Las Vegas United, Firm, or Golden Army. Looney Bin sounds menacing. We could pay homage to our favorite hockey blog with Sin Bin Lunatics, Goons, or Bullies. Finally Las Vegas has a wealth of possibilities. Outside of the obvious like Knights I suggest Black Jacks, One Eyed Jacks, Hard 8s, Aces, Fightin’ Aces, Sinners, Mafia, All Nights (a riff on the popular All Blacks), Night Owls or the Battle Born. This being a democracy we should be open to any and all suggestions and put the best five or so up to a vote. We all have a play a small part in not just luring the team here but also keeping them here for good. It’s time we unite as one fan base. If we can’t do so under the golden flag of knighthood then let’s use the Drunk Tank (just like our team the trademark is pending).

-Jerry Tomeo

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**Step one in creating the Fan Club is to come up with the name. There’s a comment section right below this sentence. Once we do that, we’ll move into the phase where makes money, I like that phase. Thanks Jerry!**


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  1. John Formerly From Vegas

    Platinum Wenches

  2. Jeff Deimeke

    For the Fan club name the LVGK Swordsmen

  3. D Morrissey

    If sticking to the medieval theme…
    The Round Table
    The Gauntlet
    The Paladins

  4. sparky chewbarky

    “What if he’s actually naming the team the Rat Pack? Or better yet… what if he’s going with a name that was actually good?” I almost coughed up a fur-ball laughing at that one.
    Actually, “Rat Pack” wouldn’t be bad for a fan club name.

    Great write-up Jerry! This could be a lot of fun! So many options!
    The name should have “Las Vegas” in the official title!

    Whatever you guys decide on… If you want, I’ll to do up a kick-ass logo for you guys…AU GRATIN!!! (hang on…that’s got something to do with cheese)
    …I will to do up a kick-ass logo for you guys….GRATIS!! (FREE).

    -Las Vegas SinBinners
    -Las Vegas Rat Pack
    -Las Vegas Wasted Knights
    -Las Vegas Knights
    -Las Vegas Ice Force (with Aces logo)(“join the Ice Force”)
    -Las Vegas SwordStars

    I’m in Phi Sig!

    • Phisig150

      I was just giving Ken a hard time I actually love the Rat Pack. I’m part Italian so of course I grew up on Sinatra. My son’s middle names are Francis Dean. Wasn’t sure Rat Pack would work with a younger crowd but it seems to be popular so far. I think you could do some cool stuff design wide and nothing is more Las Vegas than the 60s era Rat Pack (well maybe Elvis but I’m a Sinatra guy so my apologies to the King but you gotta go with the Chairman of the Board). I still like my drink tank, also like your Sinbinners and Ice Force ideas. Glad you’re into it this should be fun.

  5. Jon Parr

    I’ve always like Rat Pack for a fan group

  6. Cameron Cole

    The Rat Pack.

  7. pfh64

    Jerry, as Ken will tell you, I am a big fan of the name Rat Pack. I admit I have no “skin in the game”. I’m an Islanders’ fan. Ken will also tell you that I have been all into LV efforts to get a team. Don’t try and force the in game stuff…Ken talked about it too in the podcast, and I’m screaming at my phone…just let it happen. I am not a wrestling fan in the slightest, but the YES! YES! YES! Chants grew out of nowhere and is the best chant at Isles’ games.

    Full disclosure, I’m a fifty two year old grump, who hates forced chants/cheers. That includes ones for my own teams.

    Go Golden Knights, unless they play the Islanders, of course.

    • Phisig150

      Wrestling is kind of a different animal. Chants get to be much more organic. Crowd participation seems to be heavily encouraged.

      Another vote for Rat Pack. I like it. We can throw rats on the ice after big wins and hat (rat?) tricks.

  8. Jason

    Rat Pack is good.
    I like The MOB.
    Sinbinners is strong too.
    Meet everyone at the Drunk Tank in October!

  9. A Fan

    Rat Pack for the team name no way, but for this…perfect. Rat Pack!

  10. LC19

    Staying along the theme here too:

    – The Vanguard (or Vegas Vanguard)
    – The T-Mobile Nobility
    – The Order of Puckheads
    – Cavalry of The Creator
    – Camelot Crazies

  11. LC19

    One more…

    The Knights’ Watch.

    Couldn’t resist a Game of Thrones tie-in.

    • Game of Thrones connection or not, that name is pretty amazing.

      • Phisig150

        I love me some Game of Thrones so Knights Watch is pretty awesome. I guess it comes down to do we want something Las Vegas specific or a name that is Knight related?

        • sparky chewbarky

          Why not offer up both?.. A medieval style KnightsWatch product and a “Las Vegas” themed Rat Pack line.

          • PhiSig 150

            I like both. Really solid options. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Either one will turn out awesome I’m sure.

    • Mickey B


      The Knights’ Watch!


    • Jason

      The Knights Watch is really good! For sure top 2. I really like that.

  12. Sparky just sent me a few logo options for Knight’s Watch. Holy balls they are good. Let’s take suggestions for a few more days and then we we work on putting it to a vote. I was trying to be patient, then I saw the logos and now I’m giddy.

    • PhiSig150

      Knight’s Watch is brilliant. I’m a Game of Thrones nerd so I can’t believe I missed it. The nights watch in the books and show wear all black which looks great on everyone and have an oath that we could have a lot of fun with. I know Sparky could do a lot with the crows imagery too.If we go the medieval route it almost has to be Knight’s Watch now. Love the double meaning. Bad ass protectors of the wall (arena?) and it will be literally what we’ll be doing. Watching the Knights. Again F’n brilliant.

      If we go the Las Vegas route Rat Pack (Ice Rats?) is popular, more so than I thought it would be. I love how eternal the appeal of my hero Frank is. Great Las Vegas association. Nothing is cooler than 60s era Vegas when Frank, Sammy, and Dean owned the town. Can’t really see any Las Vegas theme than can top the Rat Pack.

      Aces seems to be the most popular name that our team never really put serious consideration into. So I like something incorporating the Aces theme and a nice nod to Nellis. Ice Force sounds really cool. Especially if we’re actively recruiting fans to join us (moreso than our team apparently). Think Sparky could really do some great things with this concept.

      Something honoring the place we all go to for our Knights news ( and helped some of us get super into the team to begin with) would be nice too. Las Vegas (Sin City) Sinners (Sinbinners). Hockey is kind of a fringe sport in a way and Sin Bin is a fringe to that fringe. So what’s more fanatical than a group forged from that (Sin Bin Lunatic Fringe?). So those would be my four plus Sparky’s Wasted Knights nice play on words and kind of has my drinking concept (Can the Drunk Tank at least be a meet up spot?) 5 seems like a good number for a vote.

  13. A Fan

    Not everyone is a Game Of Thrones fan. (me included) Since we didn’t get a Las Vegas team name, Aces, Scorpions, Mustangs, etc. Let’s at least keep this more of a local name like Rat Pack or something like that.

    • Phisig150

      That’s a real good point (not Game of Thrones which after Breaking Bad is the greatest tv show of all time). There was a big backlash against the Knights name and not going with something local. Maybe we should stick to something Las Vegas centric (the Battle Born should be in the mix too). Fortunately this will be up to a vote and we got a great designer on it (better than the corporate drones at Addidas in my opinion).

  14. Will

    Rat Pack isn’t bad.
    A few vague (definitely open to revision) suggestions which immediately come to mind.
    1. Bugsy’s Club
    2. Knights of the Golden Circle

    • Will

      P.S. I also really liked the Camelot direction, I think the suggestion of The Round Table or something grounded in Arthurian lore could end up being a fun identity.

      • Phisig150

        I like for medieval potential names Knights Watch, Knighthood, Scrappin’ Squires, Pendragons (Pendragon Psychos?), Swordsmen, or Battle Born.

        • sparky chewbarky

          The name of the fans’ club could be “The Knights’Watch”.
          Their motto could be “Battle Born”.
          They meet at “The Drunk Tank” for their “Wasted Knights”.
          …You could have it all…

          • PhiSig150

            That’s why you’re the man Sparky. Knights Watch is super cool if we stick with Knight theme. I suggest maybe going with The Rink Pack (apparently the Panthers already have a kiddie Rat Pack) if we want a Vegas theme. Makes it more ice centric but we could still capitalize on all things Rat Packish. Can’t wait to see your designs.

  15. Mickey B

    Folks, the Florida Panthers already have dibs on the Rat Pack name. Last thing we should consider is copying them.

  16. Haz

    .02 from a Knights fan and STH in CA. Our house will be completed in Henderson in a couple months…won’t feel like such an outsider then. 🙂

    I like the name ROUND TABLE for T Mobile Arena. Total theme tie in for the Knights.
    As for Fan Club names, I am not partial to any of the Game of Thrones stuff (not a fan.)
    Rat Pack is way overused in Las Vegas reference.
    Aces is cool, but Winnipeg doesn’t need an extra psychological edge when they come into OUR house!
    I am thinking along the lines of Sentry, Centurion, etc. One who guard our house.
    Or we can keep with the Nobility theme and be The Jesters!
    The new season cant get here soon enough!
    Go Knights Go

    • PhiSig 150

      Surprised how many out there don’t like Game of Thrones. How would you feel if it was the Rink Pack instead of Rat Pack? Any other Las Vegas suggestions? I think some people might want more of a Las Vegas theme than Knights. Knights I really can only see going King Arthur or Game of Thrones theme although Battle Born leaves lots of options and has roots in Nevada heritage. I pitched Squires themes no one seems to be a fan of. How about the Scrappin’ Sirs instead? In any event it’ll be up for a vote soon on Sin Bin.

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