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Oilers on Golden Knights: “It’s Nothing They Did”, “Nothing To Worry About”

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

As you can imagine it was a frustrated visitor’s locker room after Wednesday night’s Game 1 loss to the Golden Knights. Edmonton’s players, including imaginary third-star Leon Draisaitl, were vocal answering questions bluntly and honestly. The Oilers center put on a dazzling one-man show but his four-goal performance failed to overcome Vegas’ pressure in the series opener. Not only were the Oilers disappointed with the outcome but felt they played their way out of the game.

After Game 1, Edmonton solely blamed their performance for dropping the opening game in Las Vegas. The Oilers didn’t fully come out and downplay the Golden Knights’ execution, but they didn’t praise them either.

It’s nothing they did. They’re a good team we know that but nothing we can’t handle. This is just on us not bringing our best game. Different looking team, different system but overall, we weren’t good enough. That’s not even close to how we play. Got to move on and we’ll be better. -Leon Draisaitl, Oilers forward

When asked about his momentous night, Draisaitl scoffed at the idea that four goals in a postseason loss was an accomplishment. It sure looked like it to the rest of us but not to a player more concerned with tying the second round series with Vegas. Edmonton’s star was disappointed by the loss and highlighted the mistakes made by his team as to why his team lost, not because of what the Golden Knights were able to do to them.

Again, the Oilers weren’t entirely ignoring the challenges the Golden Knights presented but they certainly weren’t worried.

They got a lot of skill so if you turn it over, they’ll make you pay. They are a good puck moving team. That’s something that we have to be better at. Later on, we were all over them. That’s usually the game we play from minute one. We’ll get back to that, regroup, learn from it and move on. We’ve got a lot of great players that can really play with anyone. Nothing to be worried about. -Draisaitl, Oilers forward

Easy to say for the player that scored four goals in a losing effort, but Oilers’ coach Jay Woodcroft echoed Draisaitl’s post-game comments. It’s not how Vegas won; it was how Edmonton lost.

We did some things to shoot ourselves in the foot. We can be better and will be better. We don’t run away from the things that we have to correct or improve, and I think there are things that are within our control that we can handle better. -Jay Woodcroft, Oilers coach

Most of Edmonton’s players felt the same way after Game 1. They were displeased with their performance, blaming themselves for making costly turnovers and poor decisions with the puck. Going into Game 2 the Oilers have a different mindset of focusing on cleaning up their mistakes and defending Vegas’ biggest threats. There were subtle cross-checks, jabs, and pokes to the back of Mark Stone in Game 1 and the visiting team plans on continuing the (cheap) playoff physicality as a way to slow down VGK’s top line.

We did see it but it’s not something that we talked about or anything. I mean, he is a net-front guy, and a bigger guy. So, the way that you move him is by getting your stick in there. I know if I stand in front of the net, I’m getting it. I don’t think he’s changing his game to avoid that. -Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Oilers forward

Oilers winger Evander Kane had to deal with extra-curricular activity in the first round against the LA Kings. Like Stone, Kane dealt with targeted cheap shots to make it more difficult to get in position or take shots. It’s unlikely that Stone’s impact will be dampened by Edmonton’s abuse. Sure, his ongoing back issues are public, but he’s held up through six postseason games and it hasn’t affected his production.

He’s a world-class player. Everyone talks about Connor, but Leon is a hell of a player. So, we have to be aware of when he’s out there. Even though he scored four, it could have been worse, as odd as it is to say. -Laurent Brossoit

Bottom line, Vegas is in the driver’s seat going into Saturday’s Game 2. Coach Bruce Cassidy has his team confident and prepared, and isn’t publicly ignoring the potency of the Oilers’ offense. Edmonton may be focusing on its self-inflicted wounds but ignoring Vegas’ strengths could come back to hurt the visitors. For the Oilers to even the series, they’ll need to take better care of the puck in both zones. The Golden Knights took advantage of sloppy mistakes, won puck battles, and matched the special teams battle. Oh, and they did that while allowing four goals from one of the world’s best players.

If Vegas can overcome four goals from Draisaitl, what will the outcome be if they limit him to two?


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  1. David Thew

    He is, IMHO, arrogant and disrespectful towards the Golden Knights. He won’t give ANY credit to a Knights team that scored, not 1, not 2, 3, 4, 5 goals, but rather 6 goals. I truly hope the Knights continue to play with their momentum and stick it to the Oilers. Totally disrespectful comment on his part.

    • Satan

      This is Satan.

      Good morning David Thew on this beautiful Friday morning. I’m not sure Draisatl’s comments were that disrespectful. He is extraordinarily confident which he should be. The Oilers basically just lost for the first time in regulation since March 11. They are pretty awesome! Disrespectful or confident let’s just shove it down Draisaitl’s throat anyways.

      Here is a weird stat just for entertainment purposes. I don’t believe that past history is always an indicator of the future but just take this for what it is. It seems as though winning game two has been a very important game in the past.

      Here it is

      “If you rebound from a Game 1 loss with a Game 2 win, you’ve rebooted the series and have momentum. And if you lose Game 2 after losing Game 1, you’ve dug yourself a deep hole. Here are the stats: In NHL best-of-seven series, the winner of Game 2 has gone 381-150 — winning 71.8 percent of the series.”

      I don’t know if we needed that statistical info to realize that tomorrow’s game is important but perhaps it’s more important then we even think.

      Satan has spoken

      • THE hockey GOD

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  2. Roberto

    If not for Petro’s brain dead end of 2nd penalty to open Edmonton up on the PP for the third, would the game have even been close? Similar to VGK earning a penalty to open up OT in Winnipeg, that kind of stuff is huge mentally. VGK got some wind in their sails after giving up goals to get to OT. Edmonton got wind in sails after getting dominated for 40 minutes. Had Petro just chilled, Edmonton would have stewed in the mire for the 20 minute break, without clear reason for optimism coming back on the ice.

    There will be penalties against a team as fast and skilled at Edmonton. Just hope the team avoids the egregiously stupid ones like Petro’s.

  3. Satan

    100% correct Roberto. Satan’s blood pressure starts to rise every time Edmonton is on the power play. The last thing any of us needs is unnecessary extra power play
    opportunities for Edmonton.

    • THE hockey GOD

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      • Karl

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        • THE hockey GOD

          well he certainly isn’t an ANGEL of GOD, Karl. His prior posts and stalking is horrible, you can put lipstick on a pig, it’s a still a pig. You can put a tuxedo on a goat, still a goat.

          And I post more stuff about hockey, that is in depth and not shallow like this minion of satan.

          I will call out this POS every time he posts, get used to it.

          The devil and his work never sleeps, neither do I !!

          And Karl, buddy, don’t start with me. I love you buddy.

          • Karl

            You are really dumb, THE HOCKEY GOD. I don’t know what you mean by saying that you love me. Does this mean that I am not going to be go through eternal damnation? Please don’t answer dummy.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Did i say anything about eternal damnation ?

            Don’t put words in my post that aren’t there, and in words
            of immortal Red Foxx “you BIG dummy, you”

  4. Deadmonton Coilers

    Delusional 2 player franchise.

  5. John W

    The Oilers are simply joining the band wagon (pretty much the rest of the NHL and the Hockey Press included) in under-estimating (or even ignoring) the Golden Knights.

    Keep dreaming EDM guys. There is NO DOUBT who was the better TEAM on Wednesday – take out 29’s extraordinary night, and that game would have been a solid thrashing.

    Cassidy (over Woodcroft), VGK defense and Cup experience will carry the VGK to a series win in 6 games or less.

    EDM has to prove they can beat us, not the other way round.

  6. Jailbird

    Yes yes yes, great comments. Is Edmonton scary on offense, sure, but we are scary on what we do. I also think this game two is very important. We need to show them it was OUR play that determined game one, not theirs

  7. Let the talking heads continue to underestimate us.. whether espn or nhl tonight… oilers are the IT team.. vgk is just a stepping stone on their path to greatness…we played great defensively but we can be even better.. once marchy and smith finally break the ice we will be rolling out 3 strong lines along with a competent 4th line thst will be better if and when carrier gets his legs under him!!

  8. Rabbit

    I love Satan.

  9. TS

    Inside tip of the day: a friend saw McDavid, Draisaitl and other mates on the strip last night. McDavid was visibly limping. Favoring one leg..possibly knee?? Could this be why he didn’t score that 1st game? Look for it Saturday!

    • Rashaad

      Hi TS. It’s been reported up here in Canada that McDavid has been favouring his knee in practice during the first round. He is not 100%..

      • TS

        Rashaad, good info to know. By my friend’s observations, he ain’t getting any better! Draisaitl needs his partner… This may balance the scale re: Stone’s back issues. We kinda know Stoney’s hurting right now…

    • Karl

      draisitl got a acouple stitches at practice today… he might even have a shiner. possible face shield for saturday’s game?

  10. THE hockey GOD

    what’s an Imaginary third star ??

    IS that like all of TS ALEX, ALEX, Obvious, satan, minnie multiple “imaginary ” friends.

  11. Tim

    The truth be known the hockey world is so jealous of the Vegas Golden Knights WHY because we haven’t felt 50 years of pain like most of the NHL has and they can’t stand it. We were to good to fast and there to arrogant to give us our due. The only time they smiled was when we had that 5 minute penalty which cost us the series against San Jose. That bad call changed how they now review those type of penalties so it never happens again. Now this years playoff talk is an all Canadian Stanley Cup sorry to spoil your party Toronto is on it’s way out and Edmonton isn’t far behind.

    • Rashaad

      Hello Tim. I live in Toronto and what you say is correct to a certain extent. Many would love an all Canadian final, but most Canadians out of Toronto despise the leafs.

      • THE hockey GOD

        hence they call them the LOSER LEAFS


        SAY IT
        tell the whole story !!

    • THE hockey GOD

      finally a well thought out , in depth post from Tim.

      kudo’s to Tim. I have been saying the same thing. But you left out the flub by MAF against the Habs.

      Some progress is being made her, folks.

      Tim, have a cookie, oreo or oatmeal raisin, or one of those big white/black sugar cookies that everyone gets sick eating (like Jerry Seinfeld did)

    • GWNorth

      You have been in the league, what, 7 years? Your 50 years of pain is coming, believe me. Hopefully you still have a fan base when your team inevitably misses the playoffs a few years in a row. No NHL expansion team in history got the advantage’s LVK got. The Oilers won the Cup in year 5 of their franchise and they built from scratch. A playoff series is best of 7 for a reason and teams make adjustments after every game. Game one was by far the Oilers worst game of the playoffs, so far, and they were a shot away from overtime. Let’s see what Oiler team shows up tomorrow.

      • Satan

        GWNorth, Thank you for posting. Obviously you are an Oilers fan. This series is going to be a blast. I’m scared to death of the Oilers because if the VGK hypothetically outplay Edmonton they can still lose because of that absolutely murderous power play. Vegas played as close to a perfect game as they could and still barely won.

        Your comments do sound a little like sour grapes. As much as you feel that Vegas was in an advantageous position in their expansion draft, opposing teams were still able to protect their top 7 forwards, top 4 defencemen and 1 goalie. You have to admit that Vegas has exceeded everyone’s expectations by drafting every other teams rejects. I’m not going to list every single shrewd trade that they made as well to get Shea Theodore, Mark Stone, etc.. VGK fans would have loved the opportunity to have several early 1st round picks and draft no brainers like McDavid, Draisatl, RNG, but we have never been a horseshit team that had that opportunity. The Oilers have a wonderful history that everyone should be fond of. The 80’s were ridiculous.

        Your last sentence is very interesting, “Let’s see what Oiler team shows up tomorrow.” You say this because you are not sure. This Oilers team is still learning to win and don’t have that killer instinct yet. I see them winning atleast a couple of cups in the next five years, hopefully not this year. VGK fans are confident because they have played more playoff games since they entered the league then any team other then Tampa. We have the killer instinct. We are the only team to win the opening round in 5 games because when they opportunity was there to throttle the Jets we did not let them back up. You don’t have to respect us (eventhough you should) but you should not be surprised by our optimism due to our success in our short history.

        Good luck tomorrow

      • Satan

        GWNorth, I’m trying to be nice because there are some mean people on this site but so much of what you said is factually incorrect. For you to say that Vegas had the best expansion draft rules ever you do realize that Wayne Gretzky was sold to Edmonton in a sweet heart deal and never entered the draft. That kind of destroys your entire argument. The Colorado Rockies were the worst team in the league and didn’t get a shot at Gretzky. How was that fair?

        • THE hockey GOD

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          This poster is known hater, troll and stalker with multiple accounts using numerous alias. A truly evil poster, a servant of the devil. The devil’s followers does not have blood or pressure. They are the essence of pure evil.

      • Karl

        i see you are rattling off the narative set out by your media… which was seeded by your head coach, woodcroft. a crafty fellow that one is… reminds me more of a politician than an NHL head coach. in this interview where he announced the narrative, a reporter asked him about “defense”… woodcroft tried to define the word and i’ve never seen the man so flustered. he was tripping all over himself.

        the next morning headline reads: “edmonton beats edmonton 6-4, first time in 2 months”

    • TS

      Tim, agreed on all, esp the San Jose call that ended our run. Pound sand, Canada, we’re rollin’!!

    • bobo

      I wouldn’t say jealous; I think (at least for the first few seasons), the NHL fans outside Vegas were rolling their eyes at the entitlement and lack of hockey knowledge from VGK fans. That’s changing over time, but interesting to note that Seattle doesn’t have that same reaction on it – main reasons: the Pacific Division is actually getting stronger now (it was weak as heck when Vegas joined), and Seattle’s build style was more long-term than Vegas’ interesting play at trying immediate success.
      For the first few years, comments like “the Misfits are the best line in hockey” and “that shouldn’t have been a penalty!” when a Knight pulled a pick on someone and the commenter simply didn’t know the rules, were so common on this site that it was a bit hard to read.
      It’s the same logic when the press said this year that the Bruins have the all-time winningest record in the NHL. Which they don’t – the loser point only came into play with the advent of the shootout in the 00s, and we now play 82 games instead of 60-70 odd when the likes of the Canadiens and Isles had dynasties from the 50s to the 80s. Plug their numbers in the system and they have better records than the Bruins… but “all time winner” gets press, so there you go.
      Anyway over time the ratio of educated hockey fans to those who aren’t have improved drastically here (especially on the discord; this blog still stinks because of no moderation).
      As for the question as to how this series will go? Neither the Oil nor the Knights should underestimate each other. It’s a close matchup, and while the Oilers may have more gamebreakers the Knights arguably play just a little heavier and we’ll see how that goes.
      Just hoping for entertaining games!

  12. Karl

    Hey Satan, thanks for the information above about the record of a team that wins game two to tie up a series. I was wondering how many teams have come back to win a series when they are down 2-0. Because of course the VGK are going to win on Saturday we hope.

    Google searched it, and found this.

    Teams that have won both games to go up, 2-0, have gone 254-37 — 87.2 percent.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Karl , don’t lick satan’s butt. His stats are faulty and don’t include quarter final playoff series. He doesn’t know how to get representative sampling, not how to accurate sampling data. He’s satan, the father of lies.

      don’t forget it.

      GAme 2 , and Game 3, are important in quarter finals in NHL finals. You don’t need SATAN and his lies to give false stats to figure that out.

      Karl, buddy, you are flailing here. I had such high hopes based upon your prior hockey posts demonstrating a high hockey IQ. Don’t let us down in the future.

      • THE hockey GOD

        stats for all playoff series are not telling the whole picture, need to look at quarter final series stats only

      • Karl

        THE HICKEY GOD, if I pay you $1000 through an email transfer will you promise never to reply to me again.

        • THE hockey GOD

          counter offer

          If I pay you $1000 through your checking account, give me your routing number and checking account number, and use the money to form an anti Satan coalition. What do you say to that offer ?

        • THE hockey GOD

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          • Karl

            I don’t care about Satan. I have no beef with him. He’s never said anything to annoy me. I haven’t read anything from him say anything mean to anyone here actually. Whatever issues you have with him is your problem? I really don’t care about you or have any beef with you as well. Other than when you told me to not kiss Satan’s ass. Don’t tell me who to and not to speak to. You’re not my parent. When I told you I would give you $1000 to not reply to me, it was said tongue-in-cheek, but it was meant that I don’t want to engage in conversation with you. I would like you to respect that.

          • THE hockey GOD

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            No one is putting a gun to your head to post on the internet. But if you bash someone, like you do, and expect a “get out of jail for free card” then think again “you big dummy you”.

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            Peace and chill out dude. Beware the devil’s minions they are lurking on this site. And I will engage with anyone who engages with me, don’t tell me not to engage when you mock and insult me, call me dummy among other words. GET IT?

          • THE hockey GOD

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  13. Anand

    Good comments here by Tim, Larry, Satan and TS. McCrimmon should hire TS as an investigative reporter. Love the tip on McDavid. I’m surprised that more teams do not come back from 2-0 series deficits. New Jersey did it a week ago and Vegas did it to Colorado a couple of years ago. LETS GO GOLDEN KNIGHTS

    • THE hockey GOD

      you left out Karl, shame on you Anand.

    • TS

      Anand, what a nice thing to say! I’ ve always been curious. Had a P.I.( private investigator) thing going as a child, solving mysteries in my neighborhood! Curious minds need to know stuff!!
      GO KNIGHTS!!

  14. HockeyWoodman

    If they continue to Fu*# with Stone, then there’s only one way to stop a speeding bullet…put a body in front of it! Easier said than done, but if we can, then LAY HIM OUT! BOTH OF THEM, A Braiden McNabb hip check as McDavid’s entering the zone or an open ice CRUSH by Carrier or Kolesar! CLEAN HITS to McDavid and Draisaitl, EVERY TIME and EVERY chance they get to LAY THEM OUT, will be the key to a Vegas victory! WAY EASIER said than done, but hey, it’s the playoffs baby! With Boston, Colorado and now the Rangers out…IF Vegas can get past Edmonton, wholly shit it’s SO possible to win the cup this year! Everyone is forgetting about the drive the original misfits have after tasting the sweat of the finals their first year! They’re on a mission…Petro, Stone, Eichel, they are just extra pieces in the original misfits tool belts for the quest to Lord Stanley’s Cup!
    When Smith and Marshy heat up, it’s over! The key however will definitely be rolling those 4 lines and getting production from each line. Roy will come to life shortly as well. We still have the Ironman Kessel and welcome back Cotter waiting in the triage room for a nod to go? The Golden Knights year is
    THIS YEAR and almost like Bill Foley requested and predicted, that no one believed in (and still don’t) the forever underdogs and misfits! I love um dam it!
    Go Knights GO!!!

    • TS

      Hockey, your enthusiasm is inspiring!! I have this feeling that THIS season, THIS team, could be the CUP TEAM! I like our chances! Shut down Draisaitl/ Mcdavid, we’ll move on! ( if McDavid is indeed playing injured, he could be their Achilles heel– vulnerable, slower, sub-par play could hinder their team. And: if their players are targeting Stone with hard checks, then MCDAVID SHOULD ALSO BE FAIR GAME!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      welcome to jungle Woodman

  15. THE hockey GOD

    in the real world (some people here have their head up their butt so far they don’t know what is going on)

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    • Mike StG

      “If You Could Read My Mind”
      “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”
      “Rainy Day People”
      “Carefree Highway”
      “Beautiful “

      As a young man I grew up with his inspirational and affecting music and lyrics. What a voice and what a talent. Truly a gift to the world from Canada. Thank you.

      RIP Gordon.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Five star post of the week

  16. THE hockey GOD

    another filler article as we wait for real hockey game tomorrow. Oilers are in denial, they can’t recognize the real issues, they are doomed to repeat the same failures.

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    • THE hockey GOD

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    • Ricardo

      Climate change is a scam to make left-wing politicans very rich

  17. Rashaad

    I love Gordon Lightfoot

    • THE hockey GOD

      i am listening to this now

      Song by Gordon Lightfoot

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      • TS

        Thg, #2 on my best of Lightfoot list. I don’t know why, but I’m going to thank you for posting that. I actually listened to his music the other day…( oh, boy, did I just say that?…)

        • THE hockey GOD

          waa waa waa
          That post is not about hockey
          now march your shoes down to the principal’s office and
          wait for it

          that post is going to on your permanent record.

          • TS

            THG, OK!! I’ll take that. Diff is: one ( music)is a good thing, and the other( poltiics) is not. Btw, you have good taste in music… THERE. I said it. I said something NICE to you. Now ENJOY THE GAME!!

  18. Rashaad

    Great tune but I don’t know how I feel about having the same musical taste as a deranged mental patient.

    • knights fan in minny

      settle down sonny butch

    • THE hockey GOD

      rashaad only deranged people here are ones who can’t handle the truth, and you know who

      stalker satan creep and his minions.

  19. knights fan in minny

    settle down sonny butch

  20. Karl

    i had oilers winning game 2 in a low-scoring game.

    now that ive seen the lockeroom interviews of the coach and players for the last couple days, its obvious edmonton hasnt learned the lesson: don’t sleep on the knights. woodcraft through 2 interviews has not named one VGK player by name or even called the team by name. its like they think they can win, no matter who they play against. meanwhile, cassidy pretty much raddled off the entire EDM roster.

    statistically, vegas and edmonton are very closely matched… however, i think if mcd and drai are forced to play on the same line, they are a much less affective team… giving vegas the edge.

    vegas wins game 2 in a blowout. respect is earned.
    game 3 goes to edmonton.
    4 and 5 are vegas. vegas in 5.

  21. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Hey Karl. Hope you are right,

    Satan has spoken

    • knights fan in minny

      satan has spoken what have you spoken to the empty space in your head when are you going to come out and tell us you’re a nut job

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^^^^creepy stalker post alert^^^^

      This poster is known hater, troll and stalker with multiple accounts using numerous alias. A truly evil poster, a servant of the devil. The devil’s followers does not have blood or pressure. Nor do they speak. No one hears you speaking , moron. The essence of pure evil. SICKO.

      • THE hockey GOD

        clarification ^^^^ pointing to the son of lucifer, fallen angel post, not to KFIM

  22. Arnold Rothstein

    We’ll drink, a drink, a drink,
    To Lily the Pink, the Pink, the Pink,
    The saviour of the human race.
    For she invented Medicinal Compound,
    Most efficacious in ev’ry case.

    Take this 2 play parlay to the bank. Oilers to win and McDavid to go over 2.5 points that pays +275

    Thank me tomorrow. Cheers

    • Arnold Rothstein

      ^^^ fake ARnold post^^^^

      Arnold does not diddle in the middle with poorly written limericks !!

      The REAL
      “the brain” Rothstein.

  23. THE hockey GOD

    bottom line, article translation:

    “It’s me, not you. Wait a minute, it’s you not me”

    The George Costanza defense aka can’t stands ya (jerry steinfeld)


  24. Tim

    Talk is cheap examples New Jersey young and fast go tell Carolina that. Edmonton we’ll be back in game 2 show me. The hockey press is a joke they pick there favorite and like the Titanic when the ships sinking they jump ship. We get zero love and I can care less just go out again tonight and kick there ass and watch the rats jump ship. I’m so sick of there bias comments and beating them into the ground is our only satisfaction so let’s hang a 6 spot on them tonight.

  25. Lets play our game this afternoon…if we do we will be fine….roll 4 lines out there….once we get production from Marchy and Smith….and get Carrier to return to a hitting and forechecking machine…and ever get a Theodore to play at more than 50% there will be no team that can match up against us!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      shea has looked a little timed need some of those end to end rushes of his

  26. Jailbird

    Finally Saturday is here! Tired of all the talk, ready for the hockey. I know that what ever happens today, it’s only game two and series goes on. But, I have this gut feeling that whoever wins game two, will win this series. Anyone else feel like that? So boys, go play all out and show them who we are. Good luck guys, play hard!

    • Rashaad

      I kind of feel that way as well Jailbird. Satan pointed out in a post above that if you win game two to tie up a series, that team ends up winning the series 71.8% of the time. But, all Vegas does is defy the odds. Who could’ve imagined making the Stanley Cup finals in our very first year.

  27. Satan

    This is Satan.

    TS, I have said this before, you are a very kind hearted woman. The hockey God has been rude to you several times and once in a while you try to be civil with him, for example talk about Gordon Lightfoot and he still responds to you in such a horrible fashion. You are a better person than I am, because you exude more patience. I don’t like and particularly want to torment him because two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right but I have to say that I have enjoyed getting on his nerves because I do think he deserves it. And boy have I gotten on his nerves because he posts comments as long as a novel about me. Ha ha ha. I’m going to be 100% honest with you and tell you that I am not Alex. Let’s just say for a second that I was Alex. If that were the case, then isn’t God supposed to forgive? If I was once being a jerk, and now I am not isn’t that better than the hockey god always being a jerk, even when you try to reach out to him? Moot point anyways because I am not Alex. In fact, when the golden knights season comes to an end, and I hope that’s when they are hoisting the cup, I will then reveal who I actually am. I will reveal which former poster I am, who just changed their name to Satan to get on his nerves.

    I hope that all of you enjoy this afternoon’s game, whether you are watching it by yourself or with friends or family at a local establishment. I personally sometimes struggle to enjoy it live because I get really nervous. Fellow Knights fans, have a great day.

    Satan has spoken.

    • knights fan in minny

      what are you hiding chump

    • knights fan in minny

      change your post name how imature you are boy

    • knights fan in minny

      are you doc or daryl i miss daryls hockey talk

    • TS

      Satan, I am intrigued! I like a good mystery!
      Thanks for your kind words. And yes, I AM pretty patient ( Teaching 101). I don’t give up easily. I honestly want to get along with everyone, which I DO, but for one. Aside from that, Sinbin is quite entertaining! And: everyone KNOWS your name is just online name, as others have. Good grief, the flack you’ve gotten for that is ludicrous!! ENJOY THE GAME!

  28. Satan

    Kfim. I absolutely will as soon as the season is over as promised. I have never said one insulting thing to you by the way. I know Alex used to but not me. I think you just hate my screen name. I’m not all that crazy about yours by the way because I worked in Minnesota for three weeks in 2012 and it was freezing. Duluth.

    • knights fan in minny

      toughen up pussy

      • Satan

        Come on kfim, even you have to find a little bit of humour in this. You know that he is going insane right now scouring over months of old posts, trying to figure out who Satan is. All that wasted energy instead of just being nice to people.

    • knights fan in minny

      do not come back we don’t need nut jobs like you here

  29. THE hockey GOD

    When ThG posts an opinion about something, know this. ThG is never wrong. ThG doesn’t have a big ego, ThG tells the truth. From Facebook comments about ESPN hockey, copied.

    Colin Mann
    They think Hockey fans are as uninformed about Hockey as they are at ESPN


    Brian Wolff
    They didn’t label the cross bar… I was completely lost. Do better ESPN.


    Michael Marnell
    Steve Levy is not a play by play guy. He’s the worst. TNT coverage is better. I like Brendon Burke and he should be the #1 play by play guy, not overrated Kenny Albert.


    Jeff Roth
    I hate ESPN and their hockey broadcasts!! Crap announcers and stupid graphics.


    Aaron Forbes
    It’s to cater to less knowledgeable hockey fans, which is stupid, they will ruin the game for people who like it to begin with in order to get a few more viewers


    David Schmidt
    God bless SN and CBC, and my local cable for carrying them. ESPN is a joke.


    Top fan
    Justin Powers
    But they don’t tell you how many shots on goal each team has


    Jim Buhrke
    ESPN needs to get the hell out of the hockey business. They are just awful.


    Doug Blowers
    While we are it; Are those people slapping the glass the same ones that shout “in the hole” when a golfer is teeing off on a Par 5?


    Jessica Lee
    It’s incredibly distracting. And unnecessary. Just call the game, people!


    Kristen Fordyce Wiley
    It is so distracting! The line following the puck and moving ads on the boards makes it worse!


    Paul Maestas
    This is the all time best hockey announcer!
    May be an image of 1 person


    Kate Ryan
    Can we at least agree Emily Kaplan is the worst? ESPN coverage is terrible, they have to add her on? (From a very pro-women-in-sports woman)


    Adam Matheos
    The players have name bars and giant numbers on their backs for a reason. Plus the play-by-play announcers say their names when they have the puck or do something important. We don’t need to make it look like an EA game.


    Top fan
    Jason Ellis
    It’s awful. You don’t see this in football coverage during the play. Not only that but the game is way too fast for this type of thing. If you want to know who has the puck maybe just pay attention to the giant numbers on the jerseys?


    Thomas Dumas
    I love it !!! Bring back the glowing puck !! That was the best ever …
    (oh and in case it went over your head, here’s your sarcasm flag – ⛳)


    Robert Dill
    Hey ESPN there’s a reason the jerseys have numbers and names on them! We don’t need to block out the game with your added BS, just look at the jerseys to see who’s on the ice! We’ve been doing that for years!!


    Jesse Lynch
    Bunch of puck watching mouth breathers in the comments how about you try following the play instead of the puck then maybe these *somewhat* helpful graphics won’t be so distracting!


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