This man paces VGK blue liners with 24 points. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Over the past three games, Golden Knights defensemen have tallied 12 (2G, 10A) individual points, including a big five points last night. Overall this season, the Vegas blue line has produced 106 total individual points, which is in the top percentile of the NHL, and top four among teams in playoff position. The three teams are getting slightly more production from their defense are Nashville (109), Tampa Bay (107), Toronto (102). When it comes to point distribution, the Golden Knights get (25.67%) of team offense from their backend.

Percentage of Total Team Points by Defensemen

Nashville 31.5%
San Jose 28%
Los Angeles 27.7%
Toronto 26.98%
Vegas 25.67%
St. Louis 25%
Washington 25%
Tampa Bay 23.9%
Winnipeg 23%
Boston 21.4%

As important as it is to get offensive help in the regular season, it’s even more essential in the playoffs. Successful teams in the past have counted on their defense to add 23% or more of team offense. Here’s the final four teams in the past four NHL playoffs.

2017 Final Four
Pittsburgh 23.7%
Nashville 32.7%
Anaheim 31.06%
Ottawa 28.4%

2016 Final Four
Pittsburgh 24.37%
San Jose 25.25%
St. Louis 26.15%
Tampa Bay 22.9%

2015 Final Four
Chicago 23.28%
Tampa Bay 25.7%
Anaheim 29.81%
New York Rangers 29.77%

2014 Final Four
Los Angeles 25%
New York Rangers 22.85%
Chicago 30.86%
Montreal 26.47%

When NHL teams get close to a quarter of their point production from defensemen they tend to succeed in the postseason. In 46 games, the Vegas defense has shown the ability to create chances, and get rewarded for it. Nine different defenders have at least one point, and six have 10 or more points. Offensive balance is just another element of the Golden Knights winning formula. At 25.67% Vegas defenders are on track to continue their success into the playoffs.