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Odds Have Changed Around The Pacific But Not For Vegas At Quarter Pole

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The Golden Knights have their eyes set on being the third franchise to repeat as champions this decade. Through 20 games, Vegas looks fit for another deep playoff run. Overall, the title winners have recorded 30 out of a possible 40 points this season. Only the mighty Boston Bruins have more points (31) than the Golden Knights at this point in 2023-24.

As we know, analysts and oddsmakers tend to use Thanksgiving as an unofficial forecast for what’s to come in the playoffs. In the Golden Knights case, there wasn’t much of a need for adjustments. The reigning champions are still in the upper class of expected winners. At the sportsbooks and in certain insiders’ minds.

Many NHL fans use today’s standings at U.S. Thanksgiving as the barometer of who will make the playoffs and who won’t. I go by who stands where after games on Nov. 1, so it’s not as important to me. What I do check is my list of who I think can win the Stanley Cup.

At the start of the season, that was: Carolina, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Vegas.
Forty-five days into the season, four remain: Carolina, Colorado, Dallas and Vegas. The Hurricanes haven’t played great, but they’ll figure it out. Edmonton’s removal is self-explanatory. New Jersey and Toronto don’t defend yet as well as you need to, while Tampa’s going to need depth.

I’ve added four new teams: Boston, Florida, Los Angeles and the New York Rangers. –Elliotte Friedman in 32 Thoughts on

In Friedman’s preseason group of four, the Golden Knights have handled Colorado and Dallas in the Western Conference. Vegas will get their chance against Carolina during their three-game Southeastern road trip in late December. By then Vegas will have faced most of the updated contenders as well and will likely measure up with no concerns. However, going forward the creepers in the Pacific could be the biggest thorns in VGK’s side. Nope, Edmonton is no longer a threat to steal the division, but LA and Vancouver are.

Pacific Division Chase

  • Vegas (14-4-2) 31 Points: +21 Goal Differential, 69 Goals Scored, 48 Goals Allowed, .650 Points %
  • Los Angeles (12-3-3) 27 Points: +25 Goal Differential, 72 Goals Scored, 47 Goals Allowed, .735 Points %
  • Vancouver (13-6-1) 27 Points: +29 Goal Differential, 80 Goals Scored, 51 Goals Allowed, .650 Points %

Both LA and Vancouver have surprised many through the first quarter of the season. The Kings were expected to fight for the playoffs, but no one predicted five point-per-game players nor Cam Talbot’s .930 Save Percentage. The same goes for the Canucks. Sure, we knew of their high-end talent but based on the past it would’ve been difficult to forecast three 30-point players by November 25th. And let’s forget not the current Jack Adam’s frontrunner Rick Tocchet’s brilliant coaching. Either way, it wasn’t Vancouver the prognosticators were predicting would push Vegas for the division title.

My national bias means I also rank “The Best Canadian Hope.” That’s Vancouver. I don’t yet have them on my “Can win the Cup” list at this time. But, as someone who hopes to cover a Canadian Cup winner before Sportsnet fires my sorry ass, I want to see them show it. Their best players have been consistently great, and you need that to win. –Friedman in 32 Thoughts on

Now with Edmonton likely fighting for a wild card position, VGK’s path might be less predictable than expected. Based on the records in the Pacific, LA and Vancouver would be the teams to push Vegas to win the Pacific. All three have seen their Stanley Cup odds slashed and are being considered serious threats in the West. Maybe we should wait to see what the standings look like next quarter before we start crowning anyone besides the reigning champions.


Golden Knights Have Been Unlucky In Finishing Rebound Chances




  1. Jailbird

    Making the playoffs is a must. Winning the Div/Conf is a plus. The Knights will have a battle all season, I think, with LA & Vancouver for the Pacific and Colorado & Dallas for the W.C. It’s going to be fun!

  2. Jailbird

    In the East. Boston and the Rangers looking real good. Also, Florida is starting to roll. I wouldn’t count out Tampa Bay, when they get the Big Cat back!

  3. Richard Evans

    .650 Points% for Vegas?


    • Emmanuel

      CPA needed. Seriously though I wish we had the old ties are worth 1 point system. I count OL as losses and use Goal differential as a barometer of how good a team really is.

  4. knights fan in minny

    shea out tonight upper body

  5. knights fan in minny

    martini out lower body what the hell is going on

  6. Tim

    It’s a long season and I think our depth will prevail.

  7. Sorvino

    Next man up. Opportunity for Brayden Pachal.

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