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Not So Fast On The Pacific Division, Las Vegas Could End Up In Central

For a while now we’ve just kind of figured Las Vegas would be placed in the Pacific Division with the likes of Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, San Jose and the western Canadian teams. However, with the probability of Quebec getting an expansion team seemingly hitting rock bottom, it’s not that far fetched to think Las Vegas could end up in the Central as the NHL eyes the future.

The history of realignment in the NHL is a long and complicated one. It’s best illustrated in this wonderful infographic from Puck Daddy. Tack on this perfect map from and you’ll be completely up to date.

The only real information we’ve gotten from the league has been neither Detroit nor  Columbus will be placed back in the Western Conference. Aside from that there have been a few quotes here and there, but most of them were in response to questions about Quebec City, so they are hardly relevant anymore.

The possibilities involving massive realignment are endless, just check out all these scenarios. But it seems much more likely since the big realignment in 2013 that the league would prefer to simply add to the existing divisions.

Clearly in adding Las Vegas and only Las Vegas it would make the most sense to add Vegas to the Pacific and worry about it later. That’s exactly what I think will happen. But, what if they do decide to get creative and set things up for the inevitable adding of Seattle as the 32nd team? (We have zero knowledge of this actually happening, but it’s apparent the league wants it so play along.)

Geographically speaking, and not moving anyone else, Vegas would actually make make more sense in the Central than Seattle. (See the table at the bottom) The difference of 2,536 miles is significant compared to the 774.

It’s certainly not the best case scenario for The Creator and his brand new club, but it could happen, and like my professors in college always used to tell me, you know what happens when you assume.

Las VegasSeattle
Vancouver1267 miles142 miles
Calgary1303 miles674 miles
Edmonton1491 miles790 miles
San Jose521 miles844 miles
Los Angeles269 miles1140 miles
Anaheim251 miles1168 miles
Phoenix277 miles1395 miles
Pacific Division Total5379 miles6153 miles
Colorado754 miles1327 miles
Dallas1215 miles2074 miles
Nashville1792 miles2396 miles
St. Louis1611 miles2088 miles
Chicago1752 miles2069 miles
Winnipeg1703 miles1403 miles
Minnesota1665 miles1671 miles
Central Division Total10,492 miles13,028 miles


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  1. Garrett

    This is ridiculous. More likely is that Edmonton and Calgary go to the Central. Las Vegas and Seattle replace them in the Pacific, and Colorado crosses over into the Pacific, a much better fit for them anyway, to balance the divisions

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