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Not So Fast On Knights, Black, Grey, And Gold; Change Certainly Possible

Remember when it was a foregone conclusion the name of the team would be Black Knights or Knights and the colors were the “non-negotiable” black, grey, and gold? Yeah, we do too, it was yesterday. Well, things have changed a bit.

This is not to say that The Creator has stopped pushing for his dream vision for the name, logo, and colors to come true, but comments like this one from Gord Miller are premature, and at this point, inaccurate.

We’ve had conversations with many in the organization about the team name and the consistent answer has been that the process is a lot more complicated than they ever imagined and The Creator getting his way may not end up happening exactly as he planned.

So here’s the process as we know it. The moment the team was announced Adidas (which owns Reebok) was in contact with the Las Vegas organization. The Creator essentially said, “I want my team to be named the Black Knights, and I want them to wear black, grey, and gold.” The folks at Adidas turned around and began their practice of researching anything and everything about the name, the colors, and the city.

They run market studies to see how well the name will play in Las Vegas. How well will it do in the US, Canada, and internationally. They research everything in relation to colors. From how individual threads will look in jerseys to the color of things like Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, or the Stratosphere to come up with the absolute perfect color scheme for this city and this team.

All while this is going on, the NHL legal offices are combing over trademarks trying to figure out which names are available and which are not.

The issue we are having is trademark issues and trade name issues that are registered that are registered. So we are working our way through that process with various athletic teams, entities that have a name we are interested. So we are working with the league and Adidas and Reebok and we are working our way through it. Our goal is to have a logo and a team name ASAP but we’ve got to do it properly we’ve got to do it in conjunction with the league and we’ve got to make sure we’ve got the right trademarking. -The Creator

Problems have apparently risen with names like Black Knights (Army West Point athletics), Knights (a hockey team in London), Aces (minor league baseball in Reno), and many others. It really should come as no surprise as the most recent additions to the NHL were Thrashers, Wild, Blue Jackets, and Predators. Other leagues have added the Pelicans, Whitecaps, and Timbers. And don’t even get me started on minor league team names.

Silver Knights is one they can get, but The Creator doesn’t like it. He said to a group of media after the press conference it just doesn’t have the pizzaz and doesn’t invoke the powerful feel he’s looking for.

As for the colors, he also mentioned they may change. I asked, “how drastically? Cause a month ago you seemed dead set on black, grey, and gold.” His response, “we’ll see,” with this look on his face trying to tell me “it’s really not up to me.”

And amazingly enough, it’s really not. The way it works is he’s there to give direction and the apparel company that nets more than $15 billion per year selling things like NHL jerseys will put in the work and spit out something that not only looks great, but that people everywhere will buy.

I’ve been one to criticize how slowly things have been moving since June 22nd when the team was announced, but as I learned more and more about the inner-workings of selecting a name and colors, I have to say, even targeting late September seems ambitious at this point.

In the end, the name may well end up being Knights, or even Black Knights. They may indeed wear black, grey, and gold, even though they’ll probably be called Valley View Black, Vegas Strip Grey, and Spring Mountain Gold. But this is one where it’s simply not The Creator wants, The Creator gets.

Well we had a lot of names in mind but a lot of the names I really liked are trademarked so that’s a bit of an issue. I’m happy to take any suggestions anyone has for a name, particularly one that’s not already trademarked. That would be terrific because we are really having a problem with trademarks and trade names.  -The Creator

So yeah, they were asking us for names at the press conference yesterday, and I think in all honesty, they were serious.


**If you have a new name you would like to recommend, post it in the comments. We’ll collect them all and send them to the team. They may just go with it.**


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  1. pfh64

    I still like that whole Rat Pack concept, but what do I know? I’m just some 52 year old with whitening hair.

  2. George King

    Still favor Las Vegas Paiutes. Local, nongaming flavor with plenty of color choices. I’m not affiliated with the Tribe — blue-eyed boy from Baton Rouge before Vegas — just think it would be a cool name. Like the Chicago Blackhawks. Likely could do a reasonable naming rights agreement as it’s a win-win for the Tribe and team. (let the pics scroll on the home page for color shots)

  3. Charles

    Las Vegas Nighthawks? Vegas Battalion? Vegas Brigade? Vegas Hellcats? Las Vegas Desert Storm?

    Vegas Rush? Vegas Thrills? Vegas Glory? Vegas Orbits?

  4. Sin City Hockey Fan

    Never liked the name Black Nights for Las Vegas.

    I like Thunder (former team), Thunderbirds (military base), Wranglers (former team), Mustangs (prevalent in the area), Scorpions (tons here in the Valley) Atoms, as names that reflect southern Nevada. Now if they want more “forceful names” Crushers, Commanders, Squadron, or Force. Hell, I’d settle for Knights at this point.

    I’ll throw out a crazy color scheme:
    dark green, burnt orange, silver, & white.

  5. Cappy

    Posted mine a few days back. I still like Silver Spurs.
    While I like Thunderbirds –an obvious nod to those planes at that nearby base, as well as a mythological creature in Native American lore (don’t think it would be insulting, but one could check)– there is a Seattle WHL team with that name.
    Vegas Blackjacks.
    There’s always Vegas Mafia, could refer to them as “The Mob.” (Betting that would go over well at NHL HQ.)

    Duplicate names aren’t new. Used to be a football team named the Houston Oilers, and whenever I hear Rangers, I think hockey, not baseball.

  6. Michael

    I think it needs to be a name that can be shortened, and something that has some relation to Las Vegas. I like Thunderbirds and Roadrunners, which can obviously be shortened to T-Birds (or Birds) and Runners. I like Mustangs too, though a shortened version is not as obvious.

    Scorpions has issues, as it cannot be shortened (Pions, anyone?) and the mascot would give the kids nightmares.

    It also has to have a ring to it. Many of the names suggested just don’t flow well.

    • Dan

      Scorpions is usually shortened as “Scorps”.
      That’s how the eponymous band is nicknamed by their fans, and that’s how Albuquerque media called the New Mexico Scorpions of the WPHL/CHL.

  7. Stephen (@me_so_hungy)

    I will go back to my suggestions from the spring…Vampires.

    Though Monsoon and Venom have to be up there too (love alliteration)

  8. JK

    Las Vegas Hammers- construction and building reference plus it has a tough conotation

  9. Robert Krupp

    Ghost Riders. Plenty of Ghost towns in Nevada. That would incorporate Northern Nev into the party. Horse could be a cavalry horse. Grey could be the outline of the ghost.

  10. Sue Brown

    How about Las Vegas Coursers. A Courser is a Knight’s War Horse.

  11. Eric

    Peregrines. Pere-friggin’-grines.

    Sure it sounds weird, but I’m sure the Maple Leafs did when they started too.

    It’s the fastest animal in the world (240 mph).
    They’re found in and around Las Vegas.
    They can live in the tundra or the desert.
    They’re cool looking.
    They’re freaking predators.

    Plus, prior to games instead of having a Knight pull the sword out of the stone we could have a real GD falcon swooping around the arena.

    That would be awesome.

    Peregrines, ladies and gents…get on board.

    It used to be a joke, now it’s serious. :)

  12. vinny

    Second Peregrines! Awesome unique and powerful! Next choice Silver Knights and Stealth, another great one.

  13. Colby

    With all the names being shortened with abreviations how about the team name Las Vegas X it will be the first team with just a letter

  14. Larry Fisher

    Could any of these work or be appealing to The Creator?

    Las Vegas Chaos
    Las Vegas Legends
    Las Vegas Luck
    Las Vegas Hustle
    Las Vegas Action
    Las Vegas Prowlers
    Las Vegas Sinners
    Las Vegas Rebels
    Las Vegas High Rollers
    Las Vegas Wheelers
    Las Vegas Vultures
    Las Vegas Shine
    Las Vegas Scorch
    Las Vegas Sting
    Las Vegas Vision
    Las Vegas Rise

  15. Larry Fisher

    Las Vegas Rush is another one I like but it already belongs to a lacrosse team in Saskatchewan of all places.

  16. Tom1

    I’d vote Peregrine as well. I like Silver Knight too, good compromise and available!

  17. TD

    I think Stealth is good, Silver Knights is powerful, heck any Knight is powerful and Peregrines is also a good choice. As far as I can tell none taken.

    Peregrines, Stealth or Silver Knights, the other I am seeing are corny tbh.

  18. Matt

    What about the Las Vegas Silverbacks. I think it sounds awesome and the same fits the area. Im not sure what the color scheme could be, maybe grey, blue, and black, idk.

  19. Mikial

    The Las Vegas Vendetta

  20. ron

    So Silver Knights is available, liked, pays respect to Nevada and gives him his Knights….what am I missing here? Dooooo iiiiiiiit!

  21. JAY T

    Introducing Your Battle-Born… LAS VEGAS LEGION… For We Are Many!

  22. Greg

    Have always been in favor bringing back the LV Thunder

    How about LV Ice Dogs (remember long beach in the IHL back in the day)

  23. Christian

    Personally, I enjoy:

    The Outfit
    The Ice Rackets
    The Racketeers
    The Sindicate

    All ties to local history the team could have a lot of fun with.

  24. DB

    I like the idea of Peregrines as well, second choice and logical is Silver Knights imo.

  25. Mike

    Teamy McTeamFace

  26. CA

    How about the Las Vegas Sandstorm or Sirocco? OR…
    harken back to the Strip’s origins?
    In order from more serious to less so:
    1. the LV Stardust
    2. the LV Dunes
    3. the LV Sands
    4. the LV Sahara
    n. the LV Pink Flamingos
    n+1. the LV Castaways (as a product of expansion would be pretty funny)

    Also loved the one from Tim Dahlberg of the AP, the “Las Vegas Flying Elvi”

  27. Jorgen

    Las Vegas City Knights

  28. Bill Sinclair

    How about The Las Vegas Strip. Whenever the home team is being beaten handily they can re-create the final scene from the movie Slapshot!

  29. Michael

    Last Vegas Heroes.

  30. Michael

    Make that LAS Vegas Heroes…

  31. Michael

    Take a deep breath, let it sink in, and say it out loud…Las Vegas Heroes.

  32. RP

    I’m good with Knights, but my son has a better idea….”Las Vegas Revenge”. Awesome.

  33. KJ

    they should be orange. No one else is orange. They silver/black thing is too similar to the Kings imo.

    Can they get licensing to be the LV Nightcrawlers or Night riders or Goonies?? That’d be cool.

    • Hammer

      The Philadelphia Flyers are orange.
      Has to have Silver in the colors to pay homage to the State of Nevada.
      I like Knights. I have had some good Las Vegas nights in my travels.

  34. Scott

    Apparently nobody remembers Las Vegas’ first professional sports team, from the CFL, and a perfectly fine name that I’m sure is available now.

    Las Vegas Posse.

  35. chris

    I kind of like the Badonkadonks but maybe that’s just me

  36. Just Me

    Best name by far – Las Vegas Mustangs

  37. Omy Park

    How about the “Bandits” its not “One Arm Bandits” so its not a gambling reference. heh.

  38. Matt P.

    A few ideas:

    GUNNERS – Nellis (before it was called that) was home to an aerial gunnery school during WWII.

    NEON KNIGHTS – not “Black” or “Silver,” but 100% Las Vegas.

    BIGHORNS – I’d prefer “Rams,” but that’s not an option.

    PRONGHORNS – excellent vision and they can easily outrun Coyotes.

  39. BigP

    Las Vegas Unicorns
    Las Vegas Horny Steedz

  40. J

    Has no one thought about the fact that Knights used to bow to and work for Kings? Since LV will likely be in the same conference as LA, it may not be a good choice.

  41. Hawk

    It’s indigenous, it’s funny
    A high roller, also referred to as a WHALE, is a gambler who wagers large amounts of money. High rollers often receive lavish “comps” from casinos to lure them onto the gambling floors, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use and use of the casinos’ best suites.

    I know there was The Hartford Whalers and the Connecticut Whale but an ex team and a small fish (see what I did there) women’s team can’t Be too hard to deal with trademark wise.

  42. Jay

    The LV Dark Knights

  43. BKNG


    Leaning to LV Stealth!

  44. Colin Mazzella

    Knightmares, Silverbacks (maybe salmon arm might be trademarked but give it a try)

  45. barbara benn

    How about “Las Vegas Fury”

  46. BadCheckBob

    Las Vegas Redemption or Las Vegas Atomics. The Atomics logo would be easy. The colors could be bright blinding flash yellow and strangely glowing green. Add in a touch of cinder ash grey and there you have it! A really nuclear explosion of colors and high energy. The arena can be named the Hazmat or the NWD (nuclear waste dump)… the dump. Ooh wait, wasn’t there a punk band – Atom Ant and the Atomics? Could be a problem.

    • Colin Mazzella

      As much as I love the idea, I don’t think society would view that in a good manor sadly

  47. lenny levin

    Several names come to mind:
    1. Las Vegas Gamblers
    2. Las Vegas Hoover Dams
    3. Las Vegas Desert Foxes
    4. Las Vegas Strippers
    5. Las Vegas Lyras (the constellation where the Star Vega is found)

  48. lenny levin

    How can I apply for a job with the team?

  49. rumr

    Las Vegas Stealth, rumor any way.

    • wonderbar

      Makes sense, ties to airbase, military connection, tm available, people like it and cool logo theme possibility. Las Vegas Stealth!

  50. Chris

    Las Vegas Bandits would be really cool in my opinion.

  51. Noah

    My personal dream for this team is to go with the state fish of Nevada, the Cutthroat Trout. I would love to see my local Penguins up against the Las Vegas Cutthroats. Big trout on the front of the jersey; silver, blue and red for the colors. Mascot is a big, plush Clint Malarchuk.

  52. Kenny

    How about the Las Vegas Sting (a play off of scorpions) , or The Las Vegas Pioneers

  53. Kenny

    More of My List : Las Vegas =


  54. Ally bonds

    Las vegas Night Riders

  55. RACHL

    LV Stealth, checks all the boxes!

  56. Murrayyyyy

    Las Vegas Spirits.

    It could be a double entendre. Have the mascot as a ghost for all the ghost towns around the area and it also plays to the distilled beverage that can be found ever 2 inches on the strip.

  57. Karen

    Vegas Valor.
    ‘Valor: great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.’ Foley can use the a Knight theme, and keep the black, grey and gold.

  58. Blake

    Surprised no one thought of this yet.

    Las Vegas Sevens

  59. VD

    A LOT of suggestions but the only few that seems to hit the marks he is looking for are Stealth, Peregrine and maybe Silver Knights. The others are tacky, odd, unbrandable or already in use elsewhere.

  60. Perry Horwich

    “The Silver Strike.”
    You can thank me later.

  61. Mike Jekyll

    Las Vegas Vultures
    Las Vegas Peregrines (would need a lesson on how to say the name though)
    Las Vegas Silver Knights

  62. Mike Jekyll

    I have to admit though I’m starting to like the name: Peregrines. (Just not sure how to pronounce it.)

  63. Mike Jekyll

    I do not like: Stealth. How do you even draw a logo representing stealth?

  64. Mike Jekyll

    Neon Knights is way too cheesy!

    Nights is dumb! It’ll be like the Minnesota Wild …lame!

  65. Michael Perfetto

    The Las Vegas Silver. Drop knights from the name and incorporate it into the logo.

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