Who says Las Vegas isn’t a cold weather city? I felt a chill in the air tonight walking around town. No one was wearing shorts, only sweatshirts and long pants. I saw people in a ski caps and scarves. I think I even caught a guy wearing a Triple Fat Goose. Rock on 90’s guy. Yep, it’s wintertime in Las Vegas.

See there really is no spring or fall. To me it’s either cold or hot out here. Sure it may be 55 degrees but that doesn’t mean we’re comfortable. That’s cold. Anything below 75 and the light zip-ups come out. We might be coming off like pansies, but the point is it can cold out here. Canadians if you moved here, trust me you’d be shaking in your Pajars come Thanksgiving.

The rest of the hockey world needs to realize Las Vegas is cold enough for hockey. They put a bleeping rink at Dodger Stadium. If it’s cold enough for successful hockey in LA & Anaheim, than its cold enough to work in Las Vegas.

I can’t believe we still have to convince people this is a good location for the NHL. It’s so tiring, it’s like watching Congress try to find a bill.

I’ll continue to play along with the doubters. So here we go. Wanna get nuts? C’mon, lets get nuts.

What’s cold weather anyways?

Snow? We got snow, check out Mt Charleston. Guess what, we can even ski and snowboard there. It even snowed on the Strip last December 25th. Holy s**t a White Christmas.

Slippery roads? Anytime it rains, sleets, or the few times it snows the roads are brutal. Granted drivers don’t see poor weather often, but Las Vegas roads get slippery and dangerous.

See your breath in the air? Take a look at the cab line outside the MGM on New Year’s Eve. No one sober is walking the Strip that week. Cab lines are full of freezing tourists breathing in the frigid air. It looks like the back of a non-smoking bar in Duluth.

Ice skating? Check out this sweet place to lace up.
Just don’t go with Ken, I’ve heard he’s one of those a milk crate skaters. What a boob.

Las Vegas has fireplaces, hot chocolate, and Christmas light competitions. It’s plenty cold for hockey. Hey protagonists, it gets cold here. For a few months a year. It’s a long three months, but we manage to get through it. I know poor us right? We’re hoping it’s not a brutal winter like last year. We couldn’t put our shorts on again until late February. Haha Suckahs. Enjoy the cold, and give us our hockey in the warmth.