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A Tough Way To End


  1. Darin

    I can’t say anything better than 81, but I will try. Worst horseshit call I’ve ever witnessed in the NHL.

    I’ll go as far as saying Eaks play shouldn’t have been a penalty at all.
    Heck, his goal, which was reviewed for a potential high stick, was more questionable.

    For the refs who did not see or call anything at the time, assume he was cross checked in the face (what they explained to Gallant), and to take liberties and make a judgement call is a travesty. I’m embarrassed for the sport I love, mad for the team I applaud and adore, and hate the NHL for it.

    Think about this, would they have made this phantom egregious call if it was any different circumstance? Like the score not 3-0, 10 minutes to go, star captain player, and the game practically decided?

    In other words, if it was a tight or tied game, opening minutes of the game or period, any other player on the ice, would they have made this call?

    I think not. The refs probably thought they had to call something with all these factors and more (like VGK killing penalty after penalty) what the heck! By the way the final stats indicate PP chances SJ 9 VGK 2. Not exactly even and fair, not even close.

    It never should have come to this. The NHL has to respond with a real explanation. And they have to correct this moving forward. Just as the NFL has done with last season’s PI no call.

    I grew up having witnessed the Miracle on Manchester. This was being Screwed in San Jose!

    • Mike

      Awesome post, couldn’t have said it any better…Played hockey up until HS, and have been watching hockey for 44 years, haven’t seen a call made in a game 7 ever…I’m embarrassed for the sport, our team, and fan base, which Bettman salivates Over when he’s counting his $$$$$… I won’t watch another hockey game this season after that call…Bettman, the NHLOA, and all his cronies in Toronto should be absolutely embarrassed

    • Kimberly Kelly-Reed

      Thank you DARIN!!! I’m still so spittin’ mad…. It’s ridiculous!!! The refs totally cowtowed to Thorton… Screaming like a friggin’ baby ‘THAT SHOULD BE FIVE!!! THAT SHOULD BE FIVE!!!” Shameful… and the Sharks I hope will get their asses handed to them by the Avalanche… They deserve to go NO FURTHER!!!

  2. Jeff Jacobs

    Sorry / Giving up 3 goals in a span of 5 minutes is shitty penalty killing. Blame yourselves not the refs!

    • Darin

      Worst comment ever, and wrong just like the refs call, as it was 4 goals. And why would I blame myself. I put the initial blame on the refs deeming that a major penalty when it wasn’t. By the way the PK was perfect to that point, but a 5 minute kill is an entirely different animal. Not to mention a play unseen therefore penalty unjustified!

    • Mike G

      Jeff if you are going to troll at least get your facts right. They gave up 4 goals in 5 minutes.

  3. Mike G

    The problem with blowing that call and making it a major is that it eliminates the goal rule applied to minor penalties. They had a 5 minutes shooting gallery, scoring 4 goals on it. I believe that it is where most of Marchy’s frustration is coming from. Additionally without Bellemare in the lineup, and Eakin in the locker room we are down two of our best PK guys. This isn’t on the refs. Marchy isn’t even blaming the refs, he’s blaming the system that allowed them make that call based on circumstances. VGK did not rise to the adversity, and Sharks had an adrenaline surge and took advantage of what was given them. It’s a bad look for the NHL, but had the roles been reversed I don’t think we would be apologizing for anything today. Either way it’s a game I’ll never forget. Biggest emotional roller coaster I’ve ever been on!

  4. Vic

    Mike G nailed it as the Sharks took what was theirs. Game 5 was understandable. Game 6 was very sad with the Sharks outplayed all the way, and then what were the odds that a shortie would end it? Game 7 was as close to being a masterpiece for 50 minutes, and then the impossible….Eakin hits Joe P with the crosscheck heard round the world resulting in a chain of events beyond agony. What were the odds of that happening? I’d say about the same as Haula being knocked out for the season on a check from someone who almost never throws a check..Patrick Marleau. The boys will survive, but there will be a few more sleepless nights around the valley before this sets in. It will be sad to see some players go, but we’ll need even more youth and speed to prevent teams like the Sharks from swarming around at will.

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