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Nosek Adjusting Well To His New Life Outside Of Hockey

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Juggling responsibilities can be tough for any parent in Las Vegas. It’s a balancing act between their families and their professional lives. Especially, for a first-time parent. So what is it like for a professional hockey player?

Tomas Nosek and his wife welcomed in a son earlier in the season, and it’s been nothing but joy for the young family.

Yeah it’s a new life for sure. Sometimes it’s hard but I love it so far. It’s a great experience and a great moment in my life. -Tomas Nosek

However, just like every other new Mom or Dad, it took Nosek some time to adjust. Although he gives full credit to his wife, the center still pitches in when he can.

So far he’s been sleeping well for a baby, I think. I try to stay up after the games. I can’t sleep either way so I try to stay up after games. Before the games I get my sleep and my wife takes over. It’s not big of a change with my sleeping, but it’s a huge change for everything else on our lives. -Nosek

Imagine playing a bruising, 60-minute hockey game and coming home to a crying baby with a soiled diaper. It might sound tiring but it’s not a big deal for the depth centerman. Nosek surprised himself how well he handles the difficult tasks. If he can handle the nastiness of an NHL game, changing diapers must be a breeze.

Honestly I thought it would be a lot worse but when I changed the first diaper it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe I thought it was going to be more smelly, so far I don’t have a problem with that. He loves to take his baths and it’s always fun to see him play in the water. My wife breast pumps so I can feed him too. So it’s nice.-Nosek

There’s always one enjoyment that a new parent misses out on after their child is born. For the Noseks, it’s dining at their favorite spots on the Strip. Date night became home-cooked meals with a bib and a high chair.

I love food. Probably the thing I miss most is a good dinner. I always love the great restaurants on the Strip and right now it’s hard to get out. It is what it is. My wife is also a really good cook too so I don’t have a problem with it. -Nosek

Most fathers will agree that having a child is life-changing, for the better. Nosek is no different. When talking about his son, he smiled, spoke with emotion but couldn’t find the right words to describe his feelings.

The first time I saw him… no words. No words. -Nosek

There are no words necessary. Parents know exactly what you mean.




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  1. DOC Williams

    Nice story Jason ,,, It hits home with all us fathers, sometime during our life. As for Nosek, he is such a nice guy who plays 100% EVERY game. He’s paid for it this year with getting physically knocked around & his face taking a beating with pucks, high sticks etc….. I’m afraid he might be on the outside of the starting roster when PO’s get here. When we get all our players healthy, someone is going to have to be healthy scratch???????

  2. Tim

    I’ve always liked the way Nosek plays the game as I’ve said many times at 110%. He’s had life changes that we can’t imagine being born in the states. Where he comes from what was part of the Eastern Block under Russian control and the uprising of 1968 if you remember that. Flash forward and this kids living the dream married with a kid and the Vegas Strip at his feet. Only in America my friends and don’t ever forget that.

  3. Frank Nosek

    Please do a favor for me. My name is Frank NOSEK, I am an attorney in Anchorage, Alaska and the Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic for Alaska.
    While my Czech family is from a town some distance south of Tomáš ´ home town so we are probably not related, we follow his career.
    Can you please pass our Alaska
    Congratulations to Tomáš and Wife on their new son as well as his hockey career!
    Thanks much. Frank NOSEK, HCG

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